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hey shut the fuck up

Oh. My. God.

Did… Did someone open The Fuck?

The Fuck is open?

Oh shit. We’re all dead. 




Anon… are you saying it’s my mission to close The Fuck? 

So the world is not destroyed by evil forces?

But… I’ve got exams!

And papers!

And Doctor Who is starting in a week and a half, and I am not missing that!

Sorry, Anon Giles! I just can’t fit that into my schedule right now!

So two days ago I saw my white next door neighbor outside grilling chicken...

Now I’m taking my trash out to the trashcan which is in my back yard and see my white neighbor grilling chicken. Out of pure curiosity and the fact that I’m petty af I ask him what he uses to season his chicken before putting it on the grill. Son, I promise to y'all on everything that I have…(actually let me chill, all I have right now is a great sense of humor and an increasing student loan). Let me rephrase that, I promise to y'all on everything that I hope to have that this man responded back saying “Olive oil.” Now I’m waiting for him to continue naming at least one kind of spice but no that was it, just olive oil. Now as soon as he said this the conversation was over from my point of view but apparently not his. This nigga just kept going on. He’s like “yea I sprinkle a bit of salt on it then lather it in olive oil for the chicken to just soak up its flavor a bit ya know? Then I just put that bad boy on the grill and we’re good to go.” Now I’m thinking to myself “where Tf you going? You better go to Walmart and find some chicken seasoning b” this shit is unacceptable.

The writers: I know we killed off Poussey but you’re still watching next season right? Me:

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So after watching this, I decided I didn’t really like the reaction Rhys had when Vaughn got stabbed- So I gave him a PROPER reaction


( Don’t you mean how do you….

PEEL…about oranges? BD

Oh come on. What’s that sour look for? *Orange* you glad you got a pun so apPEELing? Eh? Eeeeeh?- [sits in the trash can indeed] )

They’re also good for you! Eat your greens! -oranges! Orange greens! Eat your orange greens! Think of what I said when you see an orange green and AVENGE me for its insulting existence! Mmmm!

Drake and Meek Mill’s beef just went way beyond a silly Twitter war – because an alternate version of a Drake hit was just leaked … and it features the alleged ghostwriter’s vocals and verses.

The song is “10 Bands” … and Quentin Miller’s version is damn near identical to Drake’s. Funkmaster Flex first played it late Wednesday on NYC’s Hot 97 … throwing gasoline on the fire Meek started by accusing Drake of not writing his own raps – a HUGE insult in hip-hop.

Full TMZ Story

EXPOSED. Case closed. Hit the link and Play Quentin’s version.

I just got off the phone with my homie who was managed by Drake’s old manager too and he told me a whole bunch of shit (doesn’t matter if you believe that or not). Drake is a fake bro. This shit is UNACCEPTABLE in hip hop. Drake, you are now strictly a pop artist.

Before you get co-writing and ghostwriting confused you guys need to read up on copyright law and intellectual property while in a recording session. Everybody has multiple writers listed on albums, including Meek, this even dates back to the “golden era” of hip hop. If you are in a session and make a suggestion that makes it to the record, technically, you are supposed to be listed as a writer. But getting reference tracks and having other rappers help you with the bars in your verse is looked down upon in hip hop.

Kendrick, an artist who is winning in 2015, said it on “King Kunta”, remember? “I can dig rappin’, but a rapper with a ghostwriter? What the fuck happened? I SWORE I WOULN’T TELL! But most of y’all sharing bars like you got the bottom bunk in a 2 man cell.” Lol.. I wonder who he was talking about. Meek is claiming that he writes his own verses and considering that Meek came up off of being a battle rapper, I believe him. I’m not hating on Drake or saying he has zero pen skills, and I’m still gonna bump his shit. I’m only saying that he needs to be viewed more like Beyonce or Rihanna in the sense that he has a talent for picking and performing dope shit that other people have written. (Go to Lupe Fiasco’s IG, he expresses my views almost perfectly on his “The Haunting” posts.)

What’s even more frustrating to a person who loves hip hop music is that Aubrey is going around saying he’s the best in the game when he doesn’t even write all of his own verses. THIS IS HIP-HOP. This is the one genre of music where that matters. But since you guys love Drake so much you don’t care just as long as he keeps choosing good reference tracks to cover, and that’s fine. But I DO care about the integrity and authenticity of hip hop.

Do you think Kendrick is letting niggas write ANY parts of his verses? Jay Z? Lupe? Eminem? J. Cole? Nas? Logic? If they are it’s most likely less than 10%.

On “10 Bands” Quentin says “I can tell you not a rapper, you niggas sellin’ swag.. I ain’t gotta open up the package”, almost dissing Drake. Then Drake uses it, like he’s not BUYING SWAG. I know Quentin came out and said he doesn’t ghostwrite for Aubrey, but why would he say otherwise? You think he wants go back to baking cakes? He’s employed by Aubrey and there’s probably a good chance that he’s under contract. It seems as if every person in the industry trying to defend Aubrey stands to benefit from him. It’s right there on tape, everyone. Aubrey uses GW’s. This nigga is a way more talented version of Nick Cannon. (Nickelodeon teen actor > I want to rap > Realization that his raps are cool but others are better > Employs Ghostwriters) Lol.. That statement may piss some people off, I know.

Like.. C’mon, you guys. I know you love Drake, but c’mon. This is Hip-Hop. We’re supposed to be the realest. Y’all really okay with Hip-Hop taking this L? For Aubrey? Really? Again, I’m not saying Aubrey isn’t talented, just saying he tried to front like he was one of the best lyricists of our generation and he got caught red handed using Ghostwriters, which in turn diminishes his perceived dopeness. He needs to take his hip-hop L and keep it pushin’..



you know what the most fucked up thing is about hp? i’ll tell u. the worst thing about hp is that in-canon barely ANY of the really troubling shit that children go through gets addressed as A Problem or Abusive. Like, ha ha, harry lived in a cupboard! that sure makes ron feel better about being poor. but u know like. he lived in a cupboard??? when visiting the zoo he felt bad for the snakes bc at least HE got to visit the rest of the house sometimes!

so when kids read harry potter and when this coincides with their own potential mistreatment, be it neglect or emotional abuse/manipulation, being made to feel worthless or only as valuable as their accomplishments, having affection withheld by guardians or authority until requirements are met (usually academic), 

there is nothing textually in those books to say to those kids: “this behavior is wrong. you are being abused and/or mistreated.” 

survivors of abuse: we are allowed to be angry, we are allowed to not forgive those who mistreated us. not accepting our own mistreatment does not make us bad people or unloving or cowardly. maybe if i had read a book as a child that had been like “hey this shit is unacceptable” it wouldnt have taken me 20 years to realize i was more than an emotional punching bag for the people around me.

anyway *links this post into the doc of reasons i Have to fight jk rowling in the street*

A Stray’s New Home

Part 7

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 68, 9, 10, 11

Fandom: The Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat, Adrinette

Words: 5,948

Summary: Adrien is kept from Marinette by a fashion show. He’s worried what kind of affect it will have on her thoughts and vows to go to her as soon as they land. While he is gone, trouble brews, and he isn’t there to help.

Notes: No excuses, I’ve been sleeping and trying to recover so this was pushed back. More will be coming I promise, I just may be taking longer with the chapters. Thank you to everyone that sent my prompt words to help with my creative process. And I warned you guys these chapters were going to be getting longer.

“Three days?!” Adrien nearly screamed as he stepped out of the limo.

When Nathalie had come to collect him that morning, waking him earlier than usual, he hadn’t given it a second thought. He’d gotten enough sleep to understand that he had to go to a photoshoot and had to leave early—it wasn’t that uncommon of a thing. When he’d found a suitcase already packed in the trunk for him as he’d thrown his bookbag down he’d wondered at luggage, but hadn’t found it odd enough to comment on.

Then they had passed the normal modeling studio and turned on the road for the airport. That’s when he’d become suspicious of this being more than a normal trip. Then Nathalie had told him the truth he had come to try and deny as they’d arrived at the airport.

“Why are we going to be gone for three days? Where are we going? What could possibly be that important?”

His mind was racing. How would he get all of his school work done when he got back? How would he get the school work in the first place? What was this about? Was his father coming? What about the funeral? It was tomorrow!

But his mind mainly went to Marinette. How was he supposed to talk to her? He needed to explain things and talk to her about what happened last night. He couldn’t even imagine what she’d think if he didn’t say a single word to her for three whole days.

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me when my favorite player misses a goal: oh, come the fuck on! you’re killing me. you have to be better than this, jfc. completely unacceptable. get your shit together. this is absolutely ridiculous. god, you’re shit today.

person beside me: yeah, he really is pretty shit.

me: hey, you shut your filthy mouth. he’s perfection.

The whole culture of women acting like it’s funny to be psychotic/crazy/jealous/controlling - abusive in general - to their boyfriends is absolutely disgusting. I see posts on Instagram and twitter all the time that are always something along the lines of going through his phone (invading his privacy), acting mean and distrustful when he’s out with his friends, etc. and that shit is unacceptable. If you’re one of the women propelling a culture of honest to god abuse against your significant other, you need some serious mental help and I just pray that your boyfriends realize your toxicity and cut all ties with you. 

I am so fucking sick of ignorant teachers. Holy shit. It’s unacceptable. And I’m not just talking about the teacher who makes up their lesson as they go because they don’t know what they’re doing (we’ve all had one), I’m talking about the teachers who aren’t up-to-date on social issues. I’m talking about the teachers who don’t believe in social inequality because they’re in a situation where they can afford to be ignorant. I’m talking about the male teachers who don’t understand or want to understand that they have sexist patterns of thinking ingrained in their minds because that’s what our society hinges on. It’s not okay. It’s not harmless. When you are a teacher and you do not examine yourself for internalized discrimination, you are effectively telling your students that you don’t care about them.

Let’s take archaeology as an example. My archaeology teacher is an okay guy. He’s laid back, he’s funny, he just wants an easy class in the morning like everyone else. I won’t hold that against him. What I WILL hold against him is that he is, whether he realizes it or not, perpetuating the EXTREMELY harmful pattern of misogyny in the sciences. It’s not that he’s overtly sexist, it’s not that he objectifies or underestimates women at all– most people don’t!! It’s that he focuses solely on a male-oriented perspective in his teaching!!! An example: we were talking about Venus figurines the other day. They’re these little carvings of female figures that seem to have exaggerated sexual traits– disproportionately large breasts and hips, large bellies, and often blank faces or no heads at all. People have looked at these and said, well, obviously, it looks pretty closely tied to femininity and fertility, especially since we haven’t found any male figures like this. And that’s a totally sound explanation. BUT, by providing it to us as the ONLY explanation, what does it tell us? It tells us that as a species, we have always objectified women, that it’s in our nature, that we can’t be blamed for it now because it’s just what we do. Are you seeing how dangerous this is now? And THERE ARE OTHER EXPLANATIONS FOR VENUS FIGURINES. Some have proposed that they were carved by women as the first self-portraits– if you’re a person with breasts, look down at your body, and you’ll immediately see how an ancient woman could have gotten the proportions she did for a Venus figurine. It would also explain the lack of distinct faces– there weren’t many good reflective surfaces in the Stone Age. I brought this theory up to him the other day, and you know what he said? “Oh, yeah. I’d actually forgotten about that.” Wow. Just. WOW.

Another example: theories on bipedalism. Owen Lovejoy, that guy I want to punch in the face? He proposed that we evolved bipedalism so the men could go out, hunt, and carry prey back home to the wife and kids. Which does make sense– but is not supported AT ALL by science of any kind. The fossil record shows that, at the time our ancestors were developing bipedalism, they still had some sexual dimorphism– males were bigger than females in a ratio you would expect to see in, say, chimpanzees. It’s not as vast of a difference as something like gorillas, but it’s still considerable compared to humans nowadays having virtually no sexual dimorphism whatsoever. Why is this important? Because sexual dimorphism and monogamy are contradictory. Sexual dimorphism makes one sex larger and scarier than the other because one individual of that sex is going to be watching over a large group of individuals of the other sex. Male gorillas are so huge because they HAVE to be in order to maintain control of their group of females and offspring (and bear in mind that I use the term “control” VERY loosely here, because in reality, a group of females will overpower a single male every single time if properly motivated); if they were the same size, like lemurs, the males would have a MUCH harder time keeping rivals away. It would simply be too physically taxing for a single male to hunt and carry food for multiple mates and multiple offspring– evolutionarily speaking, that’s the stupidest idea imaginable. Not only that, but if Lovejoy’s hypothesis were correct, wouldn’t hominids be displaying larger and larger amounts of sexual dimorphism as time went on? So yeah. Even our textbook says that it’s an extremely unlikely scenario with little to no scientific support about two paragraphs after introducing Lovejoy’s hypothesis. My teacher has asked us about it twice. Once for the weekly reading quiz, once for the midterm. That is the only hypothesis on bipedalism we have discussed in the class. He has not once mentioned how unlikely it is, or that there are scores of other hypotheses on why and how we became bipedal.

Why is this a bad thing? Because it tells every single biological female in the class that they have evolved for nothing but giving birth and raising children. It tells us that the thing that sets us apart from every other living thing on Earth was by men and for men. It tells us that, since the very beginnings of humanity as a species, we have been good for nothing but fucking and feeding. It tells all the biological males in the class that it’s okay to think about women like this because it’s just how we evolved. It tells them that they were made to take great strides, while we were made to sit at home and clean up after them.

Are you seeing how dangerous this is? Are you seeing how harmful and disgusting and dangerous this is? People do not exist in a vacuum. This line of thinking fosters ignorance which fosters objectification which fosters violence. If you are a teacher– it doesn’t matter what grade or subject or style– YOU are the authority, YOU are the example. It doesn’t matter how old your students are; it is YOUR job to think critically and educate yourself, because everything YOU say is interpreted as fact. I am so goddamn sick of teachers not realizing this. It’s 2016. Be an adult, educate yourself, and take some fucking responsibility. The world won’t change when you keep telling everyone there’s nothing wrong with it.