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unacceptable nsfw: straight people havingn nasty sex but its in an Artistic way
acceptable nsfw: pictures of people in full body fetish gear standing in a corn field in the middle of nowhere and theres a time stamp from 2003

The white response to the Dear White People trailer is really telling. They immediately jumped to boycotting Netflix and called it racist and said it was calling for white genocide. When all that happened in the trailer was that a black woman on the radio (sardonically) told white people it’s unacceptable to use blackface. White people literally can’t even bear to hear a black person address them when speaking. They think it’s too aggressive they don’t want to hear black people speak. This is so ugly and they don’t even have the balls to hear that.

And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.
—  Iris, Goo Goo Dolls.

religion should not be:
- a reason to shame others
- a justification for dismissing other people’s human rights
- forced upon anyone

atheism should not be:
- a reason to shame others
- a justification for dismissing other people’s human rights
- forced upon anyone

The Three Pillars theory of Azula

Azula is one of the most fascinating and complex villains in children’s media, or indeed in any media.  She is both abuser and victim, both deeply cruel and deeply afraid.  Often, discussion of her breaks into two camps, either she was born the way she is, or that she was abused, and she was made into the character we see onscreen by that abuse.  Either she is a “psychopath” (an outdated term that has been widely misunderstood and keeps shifting in meaning), and she was born the way she is, and she either wasn’t abused, or abuse didn’t affect her, or she was abused, and how she was raised made her into who she is.  I don’t think either of those positions are correct.  There is no code that says that predators don’t abuse other predators, and there is nothing in the world that makes abuse magically not damaging.  I have spent a great deal of time figuring out what makes this character tick, and what made her stop ticking at the end.  So how did nurture and nature come together to make Azula?  Bear with me, it’s a bit of a story.

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repeat after me:

lydia martin is not weak nor is she useless just because she cried over the fact that the boy she’s in love with is lost to her.

lydia martin is a strong female character who is allowed to express her emotions and it’s important that she does so - it’s healthy to, it’s normal and we get to see her perspective, her real feelings.

lydia martin and female characters in general should not have to be subjected to this internalised misogyny in which they are immediately labelled as weak simply because they are expressing how they feel.

On tolerance, inclusiveness, and semantics in the Sherlock Holmes fandom

I’ve been hesitant to post this big wall of text because I wasn’t sure if it’d be worth the shit that will inevitably follow from those insecure enough to be offended by a random person’s opinion on the internet, but I’ve decided that self-censorship is a shitty thing and mob mentality shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what people feel safe about publishing. (The fact that I have to say that in 2017 illustrates a point in itself, what a time to be alive.)

There’s something I’ve been waiting to see addressed for a while now but I haven’t seen it happen. Maybe the perception is that there are so few of us that it doesn’t seem worth it to speak out, or maybe I’ve just missed it, but I suppose a few extra paragraphs from me can’t hurt. I want to talk about the marginalisation of minority interpretations in the Sherlock Holmes fandom on this site. By and large, I think Tumblr is a liberal website. People talk a lot about tolerance, about diversity, about representation, progressiveness, and inclusion, and the Holmes fandom is no exception.

But my question is, how can people claim to care about inclusiveness when they have “JOHNLOCK IS CANON” emblazoned on their blogs as if that is the one true and correct interpretation and everything else is wrong and unacceptable? How can people claim to care about tolerance when the mere sight of a post making an asexual interpretation of Holmes is apparently so repulsive to them that they have to immediately unfollow the person who dared put that on their dash? How, I ask, can people claim to care about diversity when they conclude that anything which excludes the possibility of Johnlock must be homophobic, as if homosexuality is the only other sexuality in existence? Let’s be totally honest here, bisexual interpretations of Watson are only a popular thing because of his “inconvenient” marriage to Mary (forgetting for a moment those who go so far as to assert that he is in fact just gay and his marriage was just denial or something). If he hadn’t gotten married to a woman, nobody (this is an hyperbole) would think to make him bisexual. Nobody thinks to make Granada Watson bisexual. Why bother? He only needs to be gay so everyone can have their two male protags get it on and live happily ever after. Is that caring about diversity?

I’ve been on this site for one and a half years and very rarely have I ever felt excluded, but in every one of those few instances in which I have, it’s been in relation to Johnlock. Now, this isn’t saying that all Johnlock shippers are exclusive or intolerant. But it’s no secret that Johnlockers do make up a large majority of the Holmes fandom on Tumblr, and it gets to the point where those who are not Johnlockers sometimes don’t feel like they’re welcome. One more time for those who didn’t get it the first time, I am not saying that all Johnlockers are exclusive or intolerant. ‘Most apples are red’ doesn’t mean ‘all red things are apples’. But the point is a problem exists, and for those of us in other minority groups who prefer other readings, it can feel particularly alienating when you can’t even disclose that you don’t interpret the canon a specific way without fear of being sent hate.

Personally, I have one specific thing to raise. I don’t think it’s a huge thing to ask. Please, do not say “Johnlock is canon”.

Firstly, it’s simply a false statement. “Canon” in this context means the original works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In these works, Holmes and Watson do not have a romantic or sexual relationship. It’s not in the text. Johnlock is not canon.

Secondly, and more importantly, it’s exclusive and intolerant of other interpretations. Johnlock not being canon doesn’t mean it’s a stupid thing to be invested in. You can theorise all you want about why you think canon points to a gay interpretation, you can discuss subtext, you can make your fanart, write your fanfiction, revel in your interpretation with those who share it. But at the end of the day it is still an interpretation. Wishing fervently it were canon does not make it canon. Having a popular opinion due to demographics does not make it canon. But you shouldn’t need it to be canon. It is not more correct than, say, an asexual reading of Holmes. To claim that “Johnlock is canon” is to unfairly place that one interpretation above all others. It says, “this is right, everything else is wrong”. It is not tolerant, and it is not inclusive. It’s not an argument to say, well, there can be lots of canons; that defeats the purpose of having a canon at all.

So please, be more mindful. “Johnlock shipper”? Sure. “Johnlock supporter”? Great. But “Johnlock is canon”? No, it isn’t, and there’s no reason why that fact should diminish the value and enjoyment of your blogging if you are a Johnlock shipper, but it makes a big difference to those of us who aren’t. 

French people, little reminder (FRENCH) YOUTH SCREWS THE NATIONAL FRONT

We’ve already been here in the late 80′s, and in no way we’re gonna accept that again. “NOUS SOMMES TOUS DES ENFANTS D’IMMIGRÉS, PREMIERE, DEUXIEME, TROISIEME GENERATION” (”We’re all children of immigrants, first, second, third generation”).

No one wants fascists ass at the head of our country. Just because some of us are scared by current events, doesn’t mean we should give up to the worst assholes out there, and sacrifice our freedom for a promised safety. They’re not going to give us safety. They’ll just shape the country with their twisted view, their hostility towards people who have never caused them any harm, except showing that humanity doesn’t come in one shape and color and that it’s not because we have different skin colors, cultures and languages that we can’t get along together.

The Le Pen family is a rich white and xenophobic family, who’s party, the Front National (often shortened to “FN”), is a far-right party known for the many scandals and other absurdities of its representants. Among its creators we can count ex-Waffen SS Léon Gaultier, ex-member of the SS Charlemagne Division (French unit which voluntereed in the Wehrmacht), Pierre Bousquet and many other people from extremist groups and militias.

Of course we also count the very infamous (no need to explain why) Jean-Marie Le Pen, among the founders of the party. This man was for a long time the reason why people were aware of the danger of this party, he was very open about his xenophobic and negationnistic views and was the leader of the party at the time Bérurier Noir sung the song above, chanting “Never again with the 20%” (FN scored high in various elections at the time, it was unacceptable for them - and we understand why).

But recently the party leader changed to Marine Le Pen, Jean-Marie Lepen’s daughter. She changed the form of the party, the speech, gave it a little face-lift, but we most of us still know what’s still behind the mask, as the many members of the National Front never fail to get into a lot of trouble, quickly move from scandal to scandal, have barely hidden shady aquaintances. Most recent scandals involve fiancial fraud, and using her immunity as an MEP to avoid any judicial procedure (although she’s anti-euro as much as her party) and denying that the Vel d’Hiv roundup (mass arrest of Jews in 1942 who were confined in a winter velodrome in Paris before being sent to their deaths in Auschwitz death camps) was the responsibility of French governement. Spoilers: it was. But here we can see how she follows her father’s legacy of historical negationnism. And we all know were it leads, to forget or deliberatly ignore and/or modify History.

Sadly though, this doesn’t stop many French people to think that “it has changed with Marine”.

Now. I know a lot of our many parties and political representatives are neither clean or angels, may they be from the right or the left or every other part of the political spectrum. But voting for the far-right, especially when they’re crystal clear about their intentions, when we have books, websites, studies, archives (texts, videos) with the help of which we can understand, and see how bad these people are, it’s incomprehensible, unacceptable, to see people chosing this party over the rest. It’s unacceptable, for our country, to see such people rise again, 84 years after the election of a certain nationalist in Germany (The National Socialist German Worker’s Party was only socialist by name, so stop bringing that up), 78 years after the start of a war that will leave a considerable scar in our people’s mind and our own History (and all of Europe). For a country who has witnessed and endured such horrors, less than a century ago, happening to its neighboors and itself, I cannot understand how we can accept to repeat History. And to those who will tell me the FN is not like that, and that we’ve never tried it: you don’t need to taste shit to know it’s shit.

You might accuse me of reaching the Godwin’s Law, but just because some people are quick to use the “NAZI!” argument (especially on tumblr, oh god), doesn’t mean that everytime we try to warn people about fascism and rising populism it’s a joke. The National Front is truly a danger, a 45 old party, founded by xenophobic people, still led by the Lepen family, a rich, white and xenophobic family who still doesn’t understand shit (or wants to) about French people’s situation.

together, or not at all.

Recently, this fandom has been toxic. Perhaps some have genuine concerns but, the way these concerns have been dealt with has been appalling. There is a difference between constructive criticism and hate. The showrunners, writers, producers, directors, actors do not deserve the constant abuse being thrown at them. 

If you did not like the way a certain aspect, for example how Alec and Magnus’ first time was handled, insulting the creators will not solve it. Bring it to their attention in a mature way - they do notice, many responded acknowledging their mistakes. What is unacceptable is when people fail to take this apology and continue their barrage. They shot the show months ago - they cannot change the content they did shoot, even though they want too (both Todd and Darren have mentioned wanting this). They also shoot the scenes within each episode multiple different ways, as Matthew Daddario has previously said, - so if a still has been released and the scene plays out slightly differently from the single image we were shown from a certain perspective, it does not mean anything has been cut out, only a different take was used. 

What I think is also startlingly prevalent, is the constant comparison between the different medias. The books, the movie, the TV series. They’re not something we should compare - they should be seen as different medias, as different projects and each, should be respected for the hard work that has been put in to make them what they are. The movie, most likely, will never have a sequel. But the TV show is ongoing, it’s currently being aired and filmed - if you love these stories, these characters, this world - try to support it for what it is, not what it could be if they changed this or that. None of the actors from the movie and TV show are at odds, they are not a competing force. They all just share a love for the amazing original characters and story and wish, as Lily Collins put it, ‘to keep our Clary alive’.

If we want this story to continue; if we want this cast to come back as Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Magnus and Luke; if we want a season three: we need to stop taking apart every single detail we’ve been shown - I’ve seen people attacking Alec (and in turn the creators) based on a 10 second snippet. This cannot continue. It’s brutal and leaves the show and characters with nowhere to grow, because somehow their actions will disappoint somebody no matter what. If we want a season three, we have to show them a fandom that is behind them and one that supports and is willing to give these characters and this show’s take on this wonderful story, a chance.

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!

  • Peeta in Mockingjay: You rebels are destroying us and yourselves, you need to lay down your arms and call a ceasefire, nothing will be accomplished with violence, you are ruining your cause, the Capitol knows what's best
  • black Ferguson protestors: We're marching through the city and protesting against the white supremacist government that is killing our people with no accountability, black lives are more important than parades, we demand that we be treated as human beings
  • white people: You rebels are destroying us and yourselves, you need to lay down your arms and call a ceasefire, nothing will be accomplished with violence, you are ruining your cause, the government knows what's best

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Well.... Idk what to say. But I'm conflicted because some people think it's a good lesson to teach the kids but according to you it's .... misunderstood a bit? And redeeming Jasper would be a 180 Because she's loyal to Homeworld.

(follow up to the previous anon ask about jasper)

Don’t forget, Peridot is still loyal to Homeworld. That’s the whole reason why she wants to protect the Earth. She explains this directly to Yellow Diamond in Message Received, but Yellow Diamond dismisses any talk of Earth’s value. Peridot is completely correct to question Yellow Diamond’s objectivity when it comes to the Earth, but there’s no sign that she’s given up on eventually persuading her.

I don’t expect Jasper to join the Crystal Gems (not after she fought the war), but I do expect that, like Peridot, she will find a reason to care about the Earth. As with Lapis, though, this will require confronting a lot of pre-existing negative feelings for the planet. I would not be surprised if Jasper learns to love the Earth when she learns to love herself—and that’s not going to be a “180”, it will just be “character development,” something the show has been pretty good about.

As far as the “save everyone” message, I don’t know what more I can say that I haven’t already said (unless there’s a more nuanced argument about it for me to respond to somewhere?) But I’m happy to repeat myself (as many times as it takes) on this one:

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but why can't we just enjoy supercorp? i don't care for all this karamel discourse on our tags/blogs/spaces, being an anti to karamel only gives the ship more prominence

being anti karahell is not just about a ship war. is about being against toxic abusive relationships. we can’t just allow this to happen, people thinking that shipping something like this is ‘fun’ will lead them to think that in real life its something ok when its not (”but its just fictional”. it might be fictional but the impact is real). the worst thing is that theyre teaching young girls to think that being treated like crap by man, feeling uncomfortable, unhappy and getting disrespected in a relationship is normal. its okay if you want to just enjoy supercorp and not get involved in all of this. but this discourse is needed. we cant just stay silent about it while they glamorize an unhealthy relationship.

you know what i find to be bullshit? that it takes a suicide to change things. over a year ago, a friend of mine killed herself. and IMMEDIATELY after, the school put up posters saying “reach out”, “suicides not an option.” etc, you know the posters i’m talking about it. and they said they’d start taking action for the wrongs people did and the cruelty going on in the hallway and the pain people had to burden. but they never followed through. for a week maybe, changed happened. the hallways were silent. people watched what they said, people acted kind. but after a week or two went by, people stopped caring AGAIN. the people who weren’t directly impacted went back to being assholes and inconsiderate. and it’s a constant cycle of wrongness. people say they want change and they complain about the world being shitty but they never ever do anything to right these wrongs. they just sit by and watch and i’m tired of it. it should to take a show, or an actual suicide to prove that something is fucking wrong with schools, society, and just the world in general. something is wrong and it’s unacceptable. people are unacceptable. acting out to hurt people is unacceptable and i cannot stand people who just watch it happen. make a change. take action, DO SOMETHING about it. the world can’t change without your help. nothing will get better without you trying to take action.