I personally think that INTJs are more prone to giving up on MBTI than INTPs are. And it’s a really easy explanation.

INTJs like to see results. MBTI, a lot of times, doesn’t give correct or conclusive results. Since MBTI cannot be perfect and absolute, INTJs turn away from it. Imperfect, unabsolute data isn’t useful to an INTJ because they can't do anything with it.

And all INTPs care about is exploration, theory and predicting. Results? Pft, who the hell cares! If an INTP is given something that isn’t conclusive, they say “Well, I guess I’ll just wait until I find something that will make sense,” or if someone breaks all of their current understanding of a Type, they say “Amazing! Next time I will surely take this into a very small account in regards to that Type.”