unabomber manifesto

It is important to understand that we mean someone
who sympathizes with these MOVEMENTS as they exist today in our
society. One who believes that women, homosexuals, etc., should have
equal rights is not necessarily a leftist. The feminist, gay rights,
etc., movements that exist in our society have the particular
ideological tone that characterizes leftism, and if one believes, for
example, that women should have equal rights it does not necessarily
follow that one must sympathize with the feminist movement as it
exists today.
—  The Unabomber Manifesto paragraph 229

Photograph of Ted Kaczynski as a child, also known as the Unabomber, with his father and baby brother David. David would eventually go to the FBI when the Unabomber’s manifesto was published, recognising the ideals and words of his brother. This ultimately lead to his brother’s arrest.