Ted Kaczynski aka the Unabomber’s cabin in Lincoln, Montana.

Inside, investigators found bomb components, journals describing Kaczynski’s bomb making experiments, countless bottles and cans, some labeled with the names of chemicals, the original manuscript for his manifesto and one bomb ready for mailing. Kaczynski shunned electricity, he used an old potbelly stove and only had a cut out spot in the middle of his cabin as a toilet.

The first picture was taken in 1972. Kaczynski sent the first letter bomb in 1978, and was arrested 16 years later on 3 April, 1996. At that time, the FBI only had the linguistic analysis of the manifesto compared to Kaczynski’s earlier writings, but as soon as they entered the cabin, it became clear to them, that they had found the Unabomber.


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 987:
The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) Vs. Unabomb (w/ Al Snow)

SMW Superbowl Of Wrestling [August 4th, 1995]

Over two years before Kane unceremoniously introduced himself to The Undertaker at WWF Badd Blood, the two went head to head at Smoky Mountain Wrestling’s Superbowl Of Wrestling. Unabomb was the name Kane was known as, and he was one half of a tag team with Al Snow. The two were a despised duo in the ranks of SMW, especially after targeting The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, but when The Deadman came to town, things got very serious, very fast! I wonder if these two had any inkling of an idea that they would be known 20 years later as one of the most powerful forces in the WWE!


The ‘Unabomber’ timeline:

May 25, 1978: University of Chicago. One injured.

May 9, 1979: Northwestern University. One injured. 

November 15, 1979: American Airlines flight forced to land due to smoke entering cabin. No injuries.

June 10, 1980: American Airlines president Percy Wood is wounded outside his home in Lake Forest, Illinois.

October 8, 1981: University of Utah. Bomb disarmed without incident.

May 5, 1982: University of Nashville. One injury.

July 2, 1982: University of California. One injury. 

May 15, 1985: University of California. One injury.

June 13, 1985: Boeing Company, Auburn, Washington. Bomb safely disarmed

November 15, 1985: University of Michigan. Two injured. 

December 11, 1985: Sacramento, California. Hugh Scrutton is killed.

February 20, 1987: Salt Lake City, Utah. An eye-witness leads to the infamous 'Unabomber sketch.’

June 22, 1993: University of California. One injured.

June 24, 1993: Yale University. One injured.

December 10, 1994: North Caldwell, New Jersey. Thomas Mosser is killed.

April 24, 1995: Sacramento, California. The Unabomber’s third and final victim, Gilbert Murray, is killed.

June, 1995: The Unabomber sends in a Manifesto requiring papers publish it. 

September, 1995: After slight hesitation, the Manifesto is published. 

David Kaczynski turns in his older brother after his wife noticed similarities between the Manifest and his brothers previous work.

April 3, 1996: The Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, is arrested in his small Montana cabin, ending his reign of terror.

May 4, 1998: Theodore Kaczynski is sentenced to four life-terms.


A letter from Ted Kaczynski to his brother David.

Dave —

Of all the things you could conceivably have done to me, what you have done is by far the cruelest. You know it, and you knew it before you did it, even though, with your usual talent for self-deception, you never permitted yourself to be conscious of it. You know me well enough to realize that above all I need physical freedom, silence, and solitude, and that, to me, permanent imprisonment will be a fate far worse than death. That would be the case even if I were imprisoned under the best of conditions. But you know very well that in prisons there is a high risk of homosexual rape and of abuse by other prisoners, or even by guards; and that even without that prisons are noisy and crowded; and you are certainly aware that I can’t endure noise and crowding.

The FBI assured you that conditions in federal prisons were fine and that I would be happier in prison, but it is not conceivable that you could have believed this except by a particular egregious act of self-deception. You know me, and you knew that the FBI had very strong ulterior motives for giving such assurances. As a matter of fact, I was living rather happily prior to my arrest, and prison will be torture for me.

You tried to get the FBI to arrest me under conditions that wouldn’t involve risk of my being killed, and you urged the government not to seek the death penalty for me. But, as already noted, you knew well that permanent imprisonment would be for me far worse than death, so your effort to “save” me from death can only have been an attempt to salve your conscience by inflicting on me a punishment that in our society is conventionally regarded as less severe than death.

It is interesting that you asked the FBI to promise not to reveal your identity as the informant, and you were very upset when that promise was broken. Evidently you were ashamed of what you were doing. Why did you do it? To stop the unabomber? Hardly. You knew that the unabomber had promised to stop bombing if his manifesto were published, and you knew that the promise would be kept if I were the unabomber, since I am strict about keeping promises. Furthermore, if I were the unabomber you could have effectively stopped the bombings by warning me that you would tip off the FBI if I didn’t desist.

The real reason why you informed on me is that you hate me. You say you love me, and you probably do. But you have deep, unresolved and uncontrolled conflicts concerning me, and your loving me does not prevent you from hating me at the same time. This hatred has repeatedly revealed itself in your behavior toward me over the years. And what you hate me for is your own gnawing sense of inferiority, Your suspicion that I was the unabomber at last gave you opportunity to get a crushing revenge on big brother for being smarter and more capable than you are, while maintaining the illusion that your motives were “moral”.

Of course, you will not accept the truth about your own motives. I know from long experience that it is useless to reason with you where your emotions are involved, because you will resort to any sort of rationalization, no matter how far-fetched, to avoid facing up to difficult truths. You wear a kind of veil over your motives to keep yourself from being conscious of them, and it is this veil that enables you to live with yourself. But some day the veil will fall away and you will see yourself as you really are. And on that day you will go to hell, because, for you, seeing yourself as you really are will truly be hell.


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In July 1999, McVeigh was moved to federal death row in Terre Haute, Ind., and though prison rules blocked him from exchanging letters with Kaczynski, they kept up their friendship. Through a journalist at the Buffalo News, McVeigh sent Kaczynski a copy of “Into the Wild,” writer Jon Krakauer’s account of a young man’s hike into the Alaskan wilderness. (Kaczynski, who is particular about his books, liked it.) Meanwhile, the Unabomber asked his pen pals to send McVeigh magazines and articles, including a subscription to Green Anarchy magazine.

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Al Snow & Unabomb vs. Matt Hardy & Jason Ahrndt.