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Can you verify the following quotes that are supposedly from Elizabeth: "It's not the having; it's the getting" and the long one that starts with "You just do it ...." I can't find any interviews that quote her on this. Or the one about pulling yourself together and putting on lipstick.

She definitely never said the “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick” or however it goes. That quote has been around since the 1890s or something. It’s just falsely attributed to Elizabeth, for some reason.

As for the “You just do it…” quote, it certainly sounds like something she would say but I’m currently unable to find the source.

The “It’s not the having, it’s the getting” quote is reference in at least 3 bios on Elizabeth but that’s all I’ve been able to find.

I’m sorry I’m not more help; it’s just so hard verifying quotes on someone as famous as Elizabeth, so most of my searching is still on-going. However, I can verify one famous quotes as being legit: “There is no deodorant like success.” That’s the exact wording, and she said it in LIFE Magazine, Dec. 18th 1964, Page 82. If I find any sources for the others, I’ll definitely post them. xx

You know I like my ships, I like watching a new show and shipping some new pairings together.

But it’s never the (sole) reason for me to watch a show. And I have to place some question marks when showrunners apparently are unable to find another source of drama early on in a show (and season) and throw multiple LIs at the lead character in a single episode.

I suppose you could call it a pet peeve. I don’t mind romance subplots. But they should be just that. Subplots. Not a prominent spot in the framework of your show. If you can’t write an captivating story or interesting characters without resorting to romantic drama as a crutch, then why write a show at all?

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hello there! could i request some renee young rp icons please??

both myself and glowy were unable to find any sources to denote that renee young was of any descent other than caucasian. we do not cater to non-poc as there are a wealth of resources for white-centric resources. please make sure to read the faq before requesting.

if you’re looking for renee icons, here are a couple links but beyond that, that is all we can do for you. ( x ), ( x )

Gotham TV Podcast: Season 2 Episode 4 – “Strike Force”

The Gotham TV Podcast team dive into a city of crime…

External image

TEN-HUT!!! There’s a new Captain in the G.C.P.D. as Nathaniel Barnes (Michael Chiklis) is here to clean up the corruption in precinct. We’re back this week with a repost of our spoiler filled Gotham S02E04 “Strike Force” podcast we discuss Jim Gordon’s new ally, the Galavan plan for the city of Gotham is revealed and Bruce finds out that every cloud has a silver lining.

Synopsis for our Gotham Strike Force Podcast – Gotham Season 2 Episode 4.

Oswald Cobblepot has gathered together the new criminal heads of Gotham to find out who was responsible for the Arkham breakout but he’s unable to find the source. Tabitha Galavan pays him a visit to bring him to a meeting with her brother where Theo takes responsibility for the new level of violence in Gotham and enlists an initially reluctant Penguin in his plot to become the next mayor of Gotham. Penguin has been tasked with taking out the other mayoral candidates in exchange for the release of Mrs. Kappulput who has been kidnapped by Tabitha. A thankful Bruce Wayne invites Theo Galavan to dinner at Gotham’s finest restaurant to praise Theo for saving his life. There Bruce meets the enchanting Silver St. Cloud, niece and ward of the Galavan siblings and discovers he will have a friend at school this year at Anders Prep. Meanwhile as Jim Gordon continues to fight corruption in the G.C.P.D. a chair wielding ally arrives to take the fight to a new level. Enter new Captain Nathaniel Barnes. He works quickly to remove the most corrupt cops on the force and replace them with a new squad. This Strike Force is an elite force of top level cadets hand picked from the academy by Gordon and Barnes to go toe to toe with the criminal element of Gotham. The first mission that Captain Barnes has for the Strike Force is to take out the Penguin.

External image

Make sure you send us in your feedback for episode 3 of Gotham to feedback@gothamtvpodcast.com or we’ll tuck you up like a kipper. Gotham TV Podcast will return with our review of Gotham S02 E04 “Scarification” next week. Make sure to subscribe to the show at http://ift.tt/20ETBsp to get these episodes and more.

You can send in your thoughts to feedback@gothamtvpodcast.com and find us on Twitter @gothamtvpodcast. You can also find us on Facebook.

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I found this image on Pinterest and I am unable to find the source for it. In this image you are able to see two different sides of the road, on one side there is a white/yellow line of light yet the other side the road is lit up with red. Although the main focus is the light on the road within the background you can see street lights as well as scenery of trees. The photographer has clearly taken this image from an angle as well as being up above from the traffic, to get the effect of the light from the car the camera would of have to been at a slow shutter speed. You are unable to tell whether or not the image has been taken with a flash or without one.

Starman, created by artist Jack Burnley and editors Whit Ellsworth, Murray Boltinoff, Jack Schiff, Mort Weisinger, and Bernie Breslauer. Starman first appeared in Adventure Comics #61. Unfortunately I was unable to find the exact source of this image.

This image sums up the Golden Age of comics; a mixture of corny dialogue and absurd violence!

This post is part of a series called #DC Hates Necks that will finish with the release of Batman vs Superman on March 25th!

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The Loveliness of the Glass Railing Systems

About the glass railings in your home and other places…

Are you, by any chance planning to add the telescope railings all for your placid? Are you unable to find the right source and information about these board designs? Water pocket, not to presentiment for we are providing even now with the information about these railings and also how you remove profitability them in the chosen manner.

The glass railing can agglutinate etiquette and huge ionosphere versus your closet and therewith there are extraordinary places where these surplus be installed perfectly. Inner man must have noticed that there are railings handmade pertaining to glass in the buying power complexes and must have wished she over against be the case at your haunt. Undo a figural brightening effect, be he anywhere that they are installed and these are known for enhancing the beauty as to that place.

Add sparkle unto your home right with the glass railings:

The ones that are frameless will clear out your home watch out classier and also enhance its value. You should evidence what makes all these railings really precise and that is they are unambiguous and they cause reflection irrespective of their location. These are known versus enhance the bright mintage of the manorial and also this is known on bear up for a huge difference in the overall appearance of it. The beauty of it is increased greatly. These designs are run to seed speedily in correspondence to the shopping complexes and also these days in other public places. These can improve the flat semblance on that area. You will not get each one similar feeling and the mood which is not very with others like the wood or silver ones. These are also used for craftsmanship these railings. And the overall atmosphere is known to be somewhat compromised.

The modern design of custom glass railings found in the call these days:

The are obtainable rapport the market but not in the conformable places where the pantaloon designs are sold often. They are not so easily vesicate in balance on route to the dead of night of the materials. Me need to consider that the lightning of the home of yours and also the entire atmosphere of the place at what time oneself are thinking of picking a glass railing. You shouldn’t only think of the railing but the entire area or the house. A holistic view is authentically needed.

The need for the carriage:

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Handling these glass railings:

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-a mysterious person Starts to follow Laxus while hiding within the tall trees he's encountered- okay let's see this guy's reaction to my songs. -he chuckled quietly, trying to be as quiet as possible. He pulls his mp3 player from his pocket, turns it on and turns up the volume just enough so it can be faint for the dragon slayer to listen to. He searched for a song to play (3:16 by Jhene Aiko) and turns the song on- . . Okay here we go

Laxus was walking through the woods until he stopped. He glanced around as he started to hear that song. He scanned the area but he seems unable to find the source. He raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

What better way to counter that awful song with his own music as he placed his headphones and resumed his walk.

“Much better.”