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By my side

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: say Yoongi gets up in the middle of the night cause he randomly got an idea for a song so he goes out to the living room to work on it. And his girl comes waddling out wearing his shirt and some cute frilly panties rubbing her eyes and whining like “Teddy~” and he’s all like “Teddy wtf” and she’s like “Cause you’re my teddy bear~ And I can’t sleep without my teddy bear~“ 

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In the middle of the dream you weren’t having something started to wake you up. You felt the bed shift but just assumed that your boyfriend had turned over in his sleep. You reach out to hold him closer but your arm lands on the empty bedside next to you. Your eyes start to open and of course, Yoongi’s missing. As you sit up you take notice of the bright light coming from the living room peaking out from the cracked bedroom door. When you open it you find him sitting on the couch with his laptop, typing away. Your steps cause him to look up at you.

“Teddy…” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes in front of him.

He tilts his head in confusion. He’s almost distracted by your cute attire but he tried to stay focused as he hears what you called him. Yoongi just assumed you were still half awake.

“Y/N maybe you should go back to bed-”

“No. I’m not sleeping if you aren’t. I need my teddy bear to sleep next to me.”

Yoongi’s face flushes with a pink undertone when he realizes your new nickname for him. 

“I wasn’t trying to wake you up. I just got an idea so I came out here to work.”

You reached your hand out to him.

“You can do it in our room…I just want you to be next to me.”

He nods, standing up with the laptop in one hand and using the other to hold yours as you lead him into the bedroom. He crawls back into bed, resting his back on the headboard with the laptop now in his lap. You got in next to him and rested your head next to him. Unable to fall asleep again you watched him type the words onto the document. You squinted since the screen was so bright but the more you read the words you started to notice something familiar. 

“….Is this song….about us?”

He shyly smiles. “It’s noticeable, huh?”

“I mean, to me it is but shouldn’t you write about something related to your fans or youth experiences?”

Yoongi shrugged. “I only write about things that are important to me and right now you’re the most important thing to me.”

You grew quiet.

“What is it?” He asked.

You reach for him once more. “I want to kiss you but i’m too tired to sit up again.”

“Now you sound like me.”  He laughed, leaning down to give you a light kiss. 

“Please try to go back to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you up..”

You smiled. “I will but you better not think of leaving this bed again.”

“I won’t.” He said. focusing back on his writing.


He let out another tired chuckle. “Yes, I promise.”

He continues to keep writing down all of his ideas, email them to Namjoon as well as the other lyricists at BigHit, and shuts down his laptop to set it down next to the bed. He tries to get comfortable in the bed, seeing you already fast asleep. Yoongi’s hand comes out to rest on your face, moving his thumb gently on your cheek. You winced, causing him to freeze. He was afraid he woke you up again but you just continued to lightly snore. He lets out a sigh of relief and kisses your forehead. He can finally rest for the night knowing your slight neediness for him that he found so adorable. He hoped you’d never get tired of being next to him because he planned to be there for quite a while.

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Mileven for the OTP?

Who accidentally falls off the bed in the middle of the night?
Mike Wheeler has accidentally fallen off the bed more times than he cares to admit. He always brings a glass of water to bed—just in case he or El wakes up thirsty in the middle of the night—but he keeps that glass at the far end of the night table, no where near his alarm clock or the latest novel he’s reading. As such, on the nights that he does wake up, groggy and clumsy, Mike tumbles out of bed with a clatter, reaching for that water. 

Who gives the other piggy back rides?
Mike loves giving El piggyback rides—he has since he grew tall and strong enough to carry her. And El absolutely adores Mike scooping her up and onto his back as they trod through Mirkwood in the autumn or search for something down the aisles of the grocery store. Mike even gives El a piggyback ride when they get lost in the corn maze at the Hawkins Harvest Festival.

Who tries to act tough but is really a giant sap?
Both of them, but mostly Mike. El doesn’t really have to act tough. She has a glare that will stop mean words in throats and bullies in their tracks. And every time Mike finds himself standing up for El—even though he knows she’s very capable of standing up for himself—he ends up feeling the need to apologize to her for his behaviour. 

Who almost burns down the kitchen trying to bake?
Definitely Mike, even though he’ll deny up and down El’s claims that she once saw an actual flame in the oven that day Mike tried to bake her a birthday cake. Still, Mike tends to stick to the toaster or the microwave when he’s in the kitchen alone. El is the baker of their happy little family, having inherited (and mastered) all of Karen’s best recipes.

Who sings lullabies to their kids?
Mike, who grew up with his mother singing him to sleep. Sometimes, he sings the same songs to his daughter that he used to sing for El over the phone to help her fall asleep. El listens fondly, cup of tea in hand, while she leans against the door frame with a content smile. 

Morning person vs dead until they get their coffee?
El is the morning person. She’s up early to go for a run, make herself breakfast, and shower. By the time Mike rolls out of bed, she’s curled up on the sofa with a mug of tea and a book of poetry. He joins her, eyes half-closed, with a cup of coffee—graciously prepared by El—and waits for the caffeine to kick in as he watches her read. 

Who initiates cuddling?
Mike, usually right after that morning caffeine kicks in. He’ll shift over, right next to El, and squirm until he’s managed to get her arm draped over his shoulders. Once he’s settled, El will look down at him over her glasses, smirk on her lips, and ask if he’s comfortable. He then proceeds to read that poetry along with her, pausing every so often to ask her interpretation of certain lines. 

Who cries during sappy movies?
Mike is far more likely to cry during sad movies and, if truth be told, not-so-sad movies as well. He’s a blubbering mess during The Lion King and has to leave the theatre when he and El go to see Titanic in their late twenties. The one movie that made them both cry equally as hard, polishing off an entire box of tissues? The Fox and the Hound. They watched it once at fifteen and have been unable to do so again since then. 

Who wears a billion layers because they get cold easily?
El—and most of those layers belong to Mike. Most often, El doubles up on socks; a pair of her own polka dot ankle socks underneath a pair of Mike’s striped crew socks. 

Who hogs the covers?
El loves blankets and routinely ends up pulling all five of the blankets she and Mike keep on their bed to herself. Mike routinely wakes up at 3 a.m., chilly, and glances over to see El, comfortably cocooned. Instead of disturbing her, Mike gently and quietly reaches over the side of the bed to grab the blanket he keeps folded there, hoping that El won’t manage to steal that one as well.  

Who would fall over their own feet while trying to seduce the other?
Mike, of course. He and El have agreed to never speak of that incident, though—mostly to save Mike the embarrassment of remembering that time he literally tripped over his own feet during that grand romantic gesture (that may or may not have been a proposal…) 

Thanks for the ask! Also for @deeplysunkissed who also requested MIleven (thank you!)

Castle Ficlet: White Fences 1/1

Warning: Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage

White Fences

Post 8x22, Angst/Tragedy, (possibly AU)

Although this is short, I’m putting it entirely behind a cut to make it easier for anyone who doesn’t want to read mentions of a sensitive subject to scroll.

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No One Comes Friday

Paring: Derek Hale/Reader

Tags: female reader, fluff, humour, teacher!reader, pack family, Derek is a good boyfriend

Summary: Reader just wants five minutes more. Derek does his best to get her off to work. But it’s Friday…

Word Count: 935

Posting Date:  2016-05-23

Current Date: 2017-05-12

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It's five in the morning I just woke up AGAIN and my body has been doing this to me for the past week I am exhausted :(

I’m so sorry, lovely! I meant to respond to this WAY EARLIER - but fucking LIFE™ got in the way. Have some teeth rotting fluff (edit: whatever this ended up being) as my apology. I hope you’ve been able to sleep well since.

[EDIT] As a quick side note now that I finished writing it, I am super tired and just realized I changed tenses a million times - please forgive me if this or the characterization OR THE ANYTHING doesn’t make sense. XD I tried.

It’s common knowledge that Percival Graves does not sleep. The aurors tell Newt that the man’s blood is made of coffee. He ingests more cups of black, soul crushing coffee than he does water; or food, for that matter. One might even call it an addiction, if they really didn’t give shit about their job or their life. 

He takes his biggest cup in the morning - it is also his strongest cup. The sharp, heady stench of black roast can be smelt all across MACUSA every morning from Graves’ cup alone. From there, he has another two before lunch time. Sometimes, he’ll eat a sandwich or hotdog. Usually, he’ll forget. He’s only got time to brew a cup or grab a bite before his 1 o’clock meeting, and everyone knows what he’ll pick.

There’s another large cup that comes around 3. Another before the end of the day, and finally - after his most painful Wednesday meeting - a cup of blonde roast with just one dollop of honey, to soothe his enraged throat after a meeting of enraged interdepartmental fighting.

Everyone knows that Percival Graves does not sleep.

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Breaking in the new bed ( Yoongi smut )

Type: Smut. don’t y’all kno by now

Length: 2853 words

Summary: Yoongi broke his last bed fucking you into it, but the new bed isn’t exempt. 

A/N: I wrote this on the holy day y’all pray for me 

“Mmmmm. This bed is so soft.” You mumbled, your hands running up and down the soft lavender satin that coated your king sized bed, feeling the large ripples in the pillow cup your neck like a cloud as you sunk deeper into the memory foam. You stayed like that for a little while, zooming in and out of consciousness as you laid in the middle, your mouth parting lightly as you felt yourself drift deeper into a sleep the bed pulled you in.

“Move over, I wanna try.” Yoongi whined, coming inside the room with a bottle of water that he dropped upon seeing you lain out on the bed, almost immediately coming to your side and shoving his hands under your solid body, trying to move you further from the edge. Instead, you didn’t budge, not even flinching as he prodded you in the cheek with his fingers.

“Y/n, move over, let me lay with you.” The pout was evident in his voice, and it almost made you roll over for him, but you couldn’t find the willpower to move yourself, instead opting to flutter open your eyes as he pulled annoyingly on your shirt.

“Hmm?” You struggled to focus on him, but you immediately started laughing once you saw his disheveled face staring into your eyes directly ahead of you, his nose inches away from yours.
Yoongi took your giggling as an open window to roll you over, his hands flipping you onto your stomach so quickly that you barely had time to register it, only realizing he had done it once you were face first in the satin and Yoongi was relaxing next to you. You picked up your head angrily.

“That was my spot.” You pouted this time, flipping yourself around again, and then just giving up and sitting up on the bed, your hand coming down to smack a fake sleeping Yoongi in the leg.
He peeled open one eye, almost mimicking you from before. A bored “hmmm?” Coming out of his mouth.
Your face sunk into a scowl as you watched him stare back at you, a slight smirk playing around the edges of his lips.
“Something the matter?” He questioned, his eyes closing again as he spread his legs further, leaving you a small patch of space in the corner, your legs turning up in response, instead opting place them over Yoongi’s stomach, reclining against the pillows as you made sure to dig your heels into him
“Ah not anymore.” You relayed back at him, closing your eyes in false content, the position was really fucking uncomfortable.

Yoongi opened one of his smoldering eyes, watching you with amusement as you pretended to be comfy, a sound coming out his throat.

“Liar.” He shot at you, picking his body up as he sat to face you, your eyes shooting open at his sudden contact.

“Get out my face, I’m resting.” You countered at him, ignoring his grape scented breath hitting your cheek in cool puffs.

“Why rest when we can break this bed in.” Yoongi wiggled his eyebrows, watching in amusement as a blush crept up your cheeks, dusting you a deep rose color.

“How about we not.” You mumbled, squirming away from his gaze as his fingers reached out to tickle your sides. You slid from under him and laid flat on the bed, turning your side to him, which, as you felt him creep up behind you, found out was a bad idea.

His mouth came up to kiss at your ear, his hands coming to pin your ass against him, your eyes drooping at the contact.

“Don’t be like this with me, we have to make sure we really like this bed, don’t we?” He mumbled along your neck, his member growing slightly, causing you to shiver.

“I…guess we do.” You breathed out, your resolve at him slipping as his mouth gnawed at the dip between your shoulder and neck.

“Yeah, we do.” He supplied, placing one last peck on your cheek as he removed himself from you, and before you had time to question why, he flipped your body on top of him, your mouth opening like a goldfish as your body reacted to his touch.

“But-” he began, his thighs rocking against your heated core, as his fingers came up to rip off your top, leaving you hot and clad in only your bra, “we can’t break it in too hard. This is a new bed.”

With his last statement hanging in the now stuffy air, he brought your mouth down to his, caressing the inside of it with his tough muscle as you whined again, the sheets crumpling around you both as Yoongi continued to grind up
Into you, your mouth struggling to keep pace with his desperately.

His fingers began to dig into your sides as you struggled against him, feeling his mouth removie itself from you and start to bite down your neck as you tugged at his shirt, Yoongi getting the message and helping you skin him of it.

“Your turn.” He smirked, grasping at the edges of your black tee as he pulled it off of you, his smirk only deepening when he saw your lack of support underneath.

“No bra?” He breathed, almost laughing at you as you blushed profusely, rushing to cover up your chest before you felt his hands smacking yours away.

“I like it.” He mumbled, and you smiled at him, removing your hands completely as you let yourself become exposed in front of him, the way he looked at you in awe still making you feel butterflies tickling your stomach.

“So beautiful.” He mumbled as his mouth peppered little kisses along your collarbone, his arms lightly flipping you underneath him, softly hitting your head against the pillow as your hair fell around you and you looked up.

His mouth reattached itself to the dip in your neck as he nipped at you, your eyes fluttering in delight at the familiar feeling of his tongue warming up your skin. You watched his lips move against you and tongue work circles along your soft (s/t) skin, his wandering hands positioning themselves at your sides while his mouth slowly diverted lower, causing you to groan as you felt his tongue slid across one of your nipples, feeling it perk up at the contact.

“Does that feel good?” He breathed against you, only taking his mouth off of your skin for a few seconds as he reattached himself.

“Y-yes.” You struggled to get out, eyes still glazed as you watched his left hand come and massage your right breast as his tongue still flicked and nipped all over your left.

“I wanna make you feel so good.” Yoongi moaned, leaving one last bite to your skin that made you yelp lightly as his knees scooted down lower, his cold hands suddenly back at the edges of your underwear as his bulge stuck out like a tent in his jeans.

Your anticipation began to build as his fingers dipped into your underwear, playing at the sides of your hips as you breathed rather wildly, staring at him with wide eyes and glossy lips.

“You’re so adorable.” Yoongi hummed, smiling as you blinked, your mind still hot from the pads of his fingers that were dragging against your skin.

His lopsided smile plastered Itself on his face as you watched in amazement still, as his head dipped, his mouth attaching itself to the skin at the very bottom of your tummy, goosebumps raising wherever his tongue slid across. Your mouth opened in a slight moan as you watched him, unable to form a sentence as his tongue dipped yet again in the waistband of your panties, your heat growing and pooling within you more by the second.

“I wanna taste you-” Yoongi began, his eyes making contact with your lidded ones as he slid your panties half off, leaving you gasping at the cold air that was suddenly wafting onto your heated core.

“Please.” You whined out, not able to take his eyes off his fingers as they gripped the fabric in his two fingers, gaping as you felt them scratch against your skin as Yoongi ripped them off, busting a few strands as he did, but you couldn’t find it in your voice to complain.

Scrambling, Yoongi removed his hands as he shimmied down the new bed, pulling you with him as he got closer to the floor and finally knelt down, your pussy completely exposed for him as he finally settled, his glowing eyes looking directly at you, and you surprisingly didn’t feel uncomfortable with it, feeling the love and adoration that radiated from his eyes.

He moaned lightly at the sight of you, his own hard on squished uncomfortably between his tight jeans only edging him on more as he looked up at you once more, before his head suddenly dove inside of you, causing you to buck up and one of your hands to fly to his hair, gripping it as yoongi’s tongue flicked harshly against your sensitive clit, and his lips smoothed against your lips, your eyes almost watering from the sudden intrusion.

“F-fuck Yoongi-” you tried, losing your last few words as his name erupted into a long moan when his eyes gleamed with a devilish tint and his teeth began to nip and suck your sensitive bundle into his wet mouth.

His tongue flicked soft and hard stripes against your slit, one of his hands still gripping at your hip as his other made its way to your entrance, prodding at it, intermixing his skin with your juices and his own spit.

“Delicious.” He hummed against you, his word sending a shiver up your spine as you watched and felt in anticipation his long spiny finger slip inside of you, the feeling throwing you back on the bed as he filled you up but left you wanting for more as he worked a few more fingers inside of you.

3 fingers and his tongue fucked you into the bed, your hands holding harder onto the sheets than they should’ve been, and you could feel yourself slowly start to want to explode, the familiar orgasmic feeling he had given you countless times before causing you to squeeze your eyes shut and begin the clench around his soft fingers, but when Yoongi felt this, he pulled away completely and abruptly, your mouth opening into a needy whine as you looked up at him sadly, his own face still stuck in a permanent smirk.

“Shh, don’t cry baby,-” he started, your lips earning a wet finger pressed against them as he held it to your lips, leaning close to you as he climbed slowly onto the bed with you, his arms moving to cup you as he slid you up, a tear dangerously close to falling out from the pleasure that had been ripped away from you.

“I’m gonna take good care of you, fuck you deep into our new bed in a second.” He mumbled in your ear, another breathy moan slipping past your lips as you felt your legs slowly being parted open, your eyes closing as yoongi’s mouth went to your neck again, and his tongue licked circles around your skin. One of his hands slipped down to his own length, pumping himself a few times roughly, drops of sweat beading at his forehead as he took his mouth away just as quickly as he put it there and watched you move in anticipation beneath him.

Locking eyes with him for only a second, his attention diverted down between both your sweaty bodies, as your fingers played with the edge of the bed as you watched him grasp his length, and lay it across your uppermost core, sliding his cock between your folds as you twitched at the sight and feeling. Yoongi’s length massaged your clit as he rubbed all of your juices all over you and him, his own attention focused and his mouth open at the pleasure and the sight.

“Fuck, y/n.” He breathed, causing your arms to automatically attach to him as you pulled him back down, Yoongi placing his hands on either side of you as you reached up to his ear, unable to take it anymore.

“Just fuck me, please, I can’t take it.” You moaned, releasing him as you laid back down and Yoongi looked at you with lusty and hazy eyes.

“Someone’s needy-” he smirked, your mouth about to open to snip out a reply, before you shut it again, the sudden feeling of Yoongi’s cock slipping inside of you causing you to lose all focus.

“But you feel too good around me to tease anymore.” Yoongi breathed again, his length finally reaching base inside of you as you cried out lightly at his length hitting you, the tear you had built up finally falling as you breathed in wildly, feeling his lips attach themselves to yours as your tongues began to battle, Yoongi winning out as he sucked your muscle into his wet mouth, teeth grazing against it as he began to move, causing you to twitch against his hard body.

“You feel so-ugh, fuck, good.” He moaned as his body rocked against yours, your vision switching between him and his cock that slipped in and out of you at a slow pace, your mouth switching between his and his neck as he leaned down and propped himself on his elbows, beginning to fuck you deeper as you heard the first sounds of the bed dip underneath you, but you were too far gone to care.

“Oh my god, Yoongi.” You moaned, the closeness of your previous orgasm creeping up onto you as yoongi’s cock began to fuck into you at a pace that felt too fast and much to slow.

“Are you gonna cum baby?” He groaned out, leaving a bite against your shoulder as he pulled up again, watching your body beneath him in amazement as his hands went to grab at your hips, pulling you even harder against him, and the new position causing you to open your mouth wide as his angle caused an electric tingle to fly through your entire body as you squeezed your eyes shut.

“Cause I think I’m going to, you’re squeezing around me, fuck-” Yoongi gasped, his pace not letting up as he moved inside of you, your legs being open further as he smoothed himself roughly inside of you.

You didn’t answer him, instead trying to keep your vision as white began to cloud it, his member angling so deep into you you began to see stars, your moans uncontrollable as Yoongi grasped onto you harder and fucked upwards into you even quicker.

“Fuck, y/n, cum, please, I don’t think I can last any longer.” He pleaded, sounding needy for the first time since he entered you. You didn’t need him to tell you twice, suddenly feeling your vision go completely white and your stomach light into a fire as his cock continued to fuck up into you, and your fingers squeezed your own skin, Yoongi watching in amazement as you twitched and bucked and squeezed against him, your mouth creating moans that only edged him further as your orgasm ripped through you, your insides clenching harder as you felt the final effect hit you and your juices release around him, letting his name fall from your lips one last time as you fell back into the bed and opened your eyes up at him, your body still twitching as Yoongi finally came, his cock sputtering inside of you as his load buried deep inside of your wet walls, and his head came down onto your shoulder, his hips twitching against you as you both finished riding the ending out, only stilling when yoongi’s over sensitivity caused himself to pull out of you, a deep and heavy feeling surrounding you suddenly as he flipped next to you on the bed, your breathing still wild.

“Youre so perfect.” Yoongi voiced at you, grabbing at your body as he slid you on top of him, your naked skin connecting to his as you watched him with lidded eyes. You were about to respond, before you felt something wet slip out of you, and your face twisted into a face of disgust as Yoongi relaxed and giggled at your expression.

“Fuck, maybe I should’ve cleaned you up first.” He laughed, as you banged your head against his chest in defeat, knowing you couldn’t even get up to inspect the damage even if you wanted to.

“Whatever, fuck it, I’ll just wash the sheets later.” You reasoned, hearing his heart rate even out through his chest.

“At least we broke in the bed.” Yoongi hummed, but you didn’t respond, only cuddling deeper into him as he laughed at your sleepiness, a common factor after a hard fuck with him, and he sighed beneath your body, as he fell into his own sleep with you with his hands running up and down your smooth skin.

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chocobros favorite disney movies?

Another really fun request!! Hope you like it 😘

Like the fairy tales, he LOVES Sleeping Beauty. Lion King is his ALL TIME favourite though, it really really REALLY strikes a chord with him. Unfortunately he absolutely finds himself unable to watch it again after the events of the game – at least not for a very long time.

He’s a lover of classics and romances. Lady and the Tramp is his top favourite, followed closely by the Fox and the Hound. Never made it past the first ten minutes of Up – in fact he was so distressed he had to leave the cinema. He hasn’t attempted to watch it again ever since.

Gladio loves Monsters Inc. and Monsters University SO much. His favourite character is, of course, Sullivan, but he adores Boo and she reminds him of Iris was she was younger. Also you will never in a million years be able to get him to admit it, but he cried when he saw Moana.

His all time favourite movie is Mulan! Loves he setting, the music, and the characters - Mulan is his favourite Disney Princess as well. He also really loves the two Fantasia movies, and often just puts them on as background filler at home. Ignis has never cried during a Disney movie, but Brave came REALLY close and really pulled at his heart strings.

Travelin’ Soldier Part 2

Travelin’ Soldier Part 2
Summary: Reader is currently deployed in the army to an undisclosed combat area. She has been deployed for nearly two years. Anxiously awaiting her return is her husband and brother as they film for Supernatural. Letter comes informing the family that she may not be heard from for awhile and soon devastating news comes.

Characters: husband!Jensen x Reader, Jared x Reader (Twins), Gen, Shepherd and Thomas.

Disclaimer: I do not own the title of the song Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks at all. I simply thought it could be a little fighting. Not hate towards Danneel either, as this is simply fiction and not real.

Warnings: possible swearing, war and angst.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging a few at the end. I suppose I could start a tag list. Send an ask or message to @caitsymichelle13!

A/N:  I want to thank you so much for the support you have sent to Ash and I! I was reading the comments on part 1 and I sat there fangirling over every single note I saw! My heart was broken writing this part, and too be honest I didn’t know if I could write another part. I want to thank you @trustnobodyshootfirst for helping me in the decision. Let me know if you want more!

Part One


Originally posted by alienhomegurl

Y/N woke up shivering in the cold room she was in, the chill was the exact opposite of the conditions outside. She wasn’t sure how much time had gone by since the failed mission. She believe it had been a long time given one of the bruises on her leg was now so faded she almost forgot she had it. Her lip was cracked from the split down the centre and from licking them so much.

Her head ached but never quite as much as her heart did. She had broken her promise to her family on coming home safe. She didn’t know if she would survive however long it had been. The only mercy her captors had shown was the food tray abandoned by the door. Y/N remembered a former soldier having been tortured for days on end and yelling in his sleep on the minimal food he got.

The chains around her bare ankles were rubbed raw from the struggles to break free. Long ago she had given up trying to get out of them. Instead she would sit on the dirt ground trying to draw up a plan to escape.

She regretted not starting a family with Jensen when she had the chance, but at the same time she couldn’t regret serving her country. It was in her blood with many members having fought in the world wars and the Vietnam war. She had struggled as a teen wondering what to do with her life, she wanted to do something that would leave a mark whatever the size. Jared, her twin brother, had gone on to be an actor. She had decided to join the army when a member of the army had came to give a presentation during the end of her junior year. She had never regretted her decision since.

She remembered having to sit down with her family near the end of senior year to give the news following the conversation with her parents. Her parents had been asking her about colleges and career decisions since the end of sophomore year.

April had come with balmy weather as to be expected, this was one of her favourite times of the year. It represented a change before school ended for the year. Senior year had gone by just as fast, if not more, as her parents had told her. It also brought complications with her future.

Y/N had always struggled in school to find her purpose. She wasn’t stellar as school work and math was something she didn’t have the best marks in but she had high grades. She enjoyed being on a few sports teams even if she wasn’t entirely dedicated. It was a shock when she got athletic scholarship offers from a few different colleges but even though her Dad hoped she attend one she wasn’t sure.

She knew what she wanted to do but she didn’t think it would go over well with her family. The minute that presentation on the army had commenced during her sophomore year she had known what she dreamed of doing. Well over a year had passed since that fateful hour so many moons ago. She had managed somehow to ask the right questions before deciding it was time to talk to her family.

That’s why her parents, older brother Jeff, her younger sister Megan and Jared were sitting in the well accommodating living room patiently waiting for Y/N to explain.

“I know you guys have been nervous about me. I’ve never given an answer as to what I want to do with my life. What college I should attend and what career I should do. I didn’t know for quite some time.” Y/N shakily explained nervously rubbing her clammy hands on her jeans.

“Where’s this going?” Her Dad, Gerald, questioned clasping his hands together.

“Okay, Jared do you remember that presentation back at the end of sophomore year?”

“Um…the one on drugs?” Jared slowly questioned.

“No. The one about…um…the army.” Y/N meekly said looking at the varying emotions flitting across everyone’s face.

“T-the arm-army?” Her mother, Sharon, questioned paling at the news.

“Yeah. It really hit home with me.” Y/N took a deep breath in, “I want to join. I’ve been inquiring on everything about it.”

“No!” Jared announced feeling the utter fear invade his body. He didn’t want his sister risking her life.

Sharon broke into tears at the news, she hadn’t expected this heart wrenching news. All she could do was huddle into her husband’s arms as the emotions rushed through her. Jeff and Megan sat stoic seeing the reactions happening before each let one tear fall down. Gerald was scared but proud at the same time.

“Are you sure?” He asked his second oldest. His little dragonfly had always been feisty growing up wanting to match her twin in everything.

“Yeah. I am.” Y/N smiled at her father, “I want to fight for my country. I’m joining no matter what and I’m sorry if it hurts but I have to do this.”

“I know dragonfly.” Gerald said hugging his daughter tightly allowing some tears to fall before pulling back and smiling, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” She whispered to her Dad before turning to her family.

“I’m doing this for my country. Please understand, I’m coming home everytime. I’ll walk in that door in one piece I promise.”


The Padalecki and Ackles families waited for any kind of news. One month passed with nothing, another passed. Soon summer turned to fall and the leaves fell creating beautiful colours on the ground. The boys, not understanding why their family was upset, would jump into the piles as their Dad raked them up.

They never gave up home on their soldier. It become mechanical to thank the fans at every convention, Jared and Jensen appreciated the support but it didn’t stop the pain. They went on with their days trying to ensure the young boys would remember their aunt. It was hard when the snow fell and thanksgiving passed by in the blink of an eye.

Jensen would have to leave the room whenever Shep or Tom brought up Y/N. He would have nightmares that caused him to throw up after. It become needed to have a bucket beside the couch, no longer could he sleep in their bedroom.

He had no recollection of time anymore. He still held out hope even after Y/N had been pronounced dead; a little over a year after her disappearance. No news came about her anymore and it was soon believed she had died. No body was found either.

He went about his everyday life like a zombie, he nearly a goddamn robot on set. He would wake up from a nightmare unable to go to sleep again, stay up watching the sunrise with a coffee that churned in his stomach. He would go to work, and come home to repeat the day again.

When she was pronounced KIA she was no longer brought up in conversation in fear of setting Jensen or Jared into a nervous breakdown. Overtime the memory of Y/N faded from her nephews minds; it wasn’t on purpose but they just didn’t understand.

Summer came and with that so did a break for Supernatural. Jensen loathed this because it caused a lot of time to think about his wife. It brought heartbreak when his friends tried to set him up on blind dates. God he remembered the first time it was brought up.

A month after the announcement of Y/N’s presumed death Jensen had been dragged out of a local football team. His friend’s son had a football game and he wanted Jensen to watch the opening game of the new year. He was watching dully as he pictured what his and Y/N son would have played. He almost didn’t hear Jason’s voice in his ear.

“She’s a nice girl. Very pretty and kind. She’s the new teacher at the elementary school.” Jason said clapping with the rest of the crowd, “Jenny bumped into her in the grocery store. Struck up a conversation. You should go out with her.”

“What?” Jensen snapped in shock at the words he was hearing.

“It’s a blind date. Y/N-“

“Don’t say her name.” Jensen croaked feeling tears well up.

“One date. You don’t have to propose to the girl. Just have a drink with her. Tonight, at the bar. She’ll be wearing a blue scarf and glasses. Her name is Eleanor.” Jason sighed.

“I c-can’t.” Jensen mumbled closing his eyes.

“Consider this the favour you owe me.” Jason stated before cheering for his son.

Jensen did as Jason asked and showed up on the dot at the bar. Within seconds he had found the dark haired woman sitting in a booth. She was pretty, he would admit to that. Kind face, and he didn’t want to be rude but he would probably describe her as on the plus side with rich chocolate skin. She was a mixture of confident and insecure. He ordered his favourite brand of beer and walked towards her booth.

“Eleanor?” Jensen cautiously questioned. He felt almost dirty even standing near her.

“Ugh. Ellie please.” Eleanor’s silky voice replied, “Always hated the name. I’m guessing you’re Jensen?”

“Uh-Yeah.” He mumbled sitting down in the opposite of the their booth.

“It’s nice to meet you!” Ellie grinned showcasing slightly crooked teeth and shining eyes.

“You-you too.” Jensen mumbled not meeting her eyes as his picked at the label on his beer.

The conversation was okay. She didn’t remind him of Y/N yet at the same time she did. She loved children and told funny stories of the the kids. However the entire time all Jensen could feel was as if he was betraying his wife, cheating on her or her memory.

“Wanna get out of here?” Ellie questioned. Her implication was clear as her hooded eyes drank in the view of the gorgeous man in front of her.

“No.” Jensen gulped feeling the tears well up.

“It’s okay to have fun.” Ellie calmly said putting her hand on Jensen’s arm, “It doesn’t mean you’re cheating-“

“This was a mistake.” Jensen choked out turning on his heel and quickly returning to his car. The car that still had the faintest smell of Y/N perfume.

He broke down in that car. He hit the steering wheel and screamed at himself and Y/N. When his head rested on the steering wheel, his broken voice pleaded to bring his Y/N back. He pleaded her to forgive him for yelling at her memory and meeting another woman.

Dear Y/N,

A year has gone by. Fall came, the boys love to jump into the leaves. God you’d love hearing the boys being Captain America and Iron Man. They’ve become obsessed with the superheroes. You wouldn’t believe how it happened.

Gen and I were in the kitchen talking about the baby. We had a beautiful baby girl. Born on your birthday. We named her after you, her middle name is your first name. She’s gorgeous with her beautiful eyes that remind me so much of yours. The day she was born was a time of both pain and celebration.

Anyway I’ve gotten off topic! We were in the kitchen when we heard a swear from the living room, in typical fashion we rushed into the living room. Tom had managed to turn the tv show to a movie of marvel. The one about the battle of New York I think. They refuse to not play as the heroes. It’s adorable. Reminds me of us pretending to be Power Rangers. God I miss those times.

Jensen’s going alright as much as he can. It’s painful for him you know. Jason, you remember him right? Well he’s been pushing Jensen to go on a blind date. You know Jensen though. Completely stubborn. Refuses to go but I also know that you would want him to happy and find someone. Don’t hate me but I caught a part of one of the letters you sent him. I promise in four years in he hasn’t found someone I’ll try and get to start to find someone. I promise.

Mom and Dad are doing good also. They’ve begun to return to their routine, both have pain in their eyes but we won’t give up on you. I would never give up on you. Jeff and Megan are dating some good people. You’d love them because you have the largest heart of anyone I know. Probably bigger than Sam Winchester! Anyway I better go.

It’s my turn to change my baby girl’s diaper. I’ll write you soon I promise.

With Love,

Your twin.

Jared wiped a tear away sealing on the many letter he had and placing it in a box to join the others. It was therapeutic for him to write letter for his sister. Helped him in a way and it find almost like he was communicating with you. God did he miss you and it broke him every night. You didn’t get to meet your niece and her eyes reminded him so much of you.

Part Three

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“Do Me Bad” (Pt10)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Member: Sehun from EXO (ft. Chanyeol, Kai and Xiumin)

Genre: College!au: Angst and fluff

A/N: Part 10 is finally here! I hope you all like it ;) again, asks are always welcome I love hearing your opinions and feelings after I post a part! ❤️ enjoy!

“Who’s the girl?” Jongin pointed out Sehun’s new arm candy as he was approaching their lunch table.

“I don’t even know anymore…I lost track after the 5th girl” Chanyeol took a sip of his soda.

The girl Sehun had with him was beautiful to say the least. He has been switching those girls everyday for the past week or so. When the girls at the campus heard Oh Sehun was single, they were practically dropping at his feet. After seeing him with that girl the other day, he quickly returned to his old ways. Using girls, drinking, smoking, Oh Sehun was back. The one thing that didn’t change was his leather jacket.

“What are you staring at?” Sehun laughed as he said goodbye to the girl and sat down next to Jongin.

“Nothing. We were just wondering how your dick hasn’t fallen off yet” Jongin let out, making Chanyeol burst in laughter shortly after an apparent smirk snuck on Sehun’s face.

“It is back in the game yes.” Sehun shot them with a wide sarcastic smile.

“Don’t act like it wasn’t in the game before. I’ve witnessed it in action, unfortunately.” Chanyeol burst in laughter once again from Jongin’s remark, unable to breathe from watching Sehun’s smug smile drop.

“You know what? She wasn’t even that good anyways” Sehun rolled his eyes.

“Sure she wasn’t. OH Y/N OH MY GOD DON’T STOP OH” Jongin yelled all over the cafeteria before Sehun jumped on him, covering his mouth with his hand meanwhile Chanyeol was dying next to them.

Jongin was busy holding his laugher against Sehun’s hand until his gaze focused on something outside. Sehun turned his head to face the direction Jongin was staring at. The minute he did, his expression fell short. Chanyeol shortly caught his breath and turned his attention to the window behind him, seeing Xiumin’s lips on yours as his hand traveled around your waist.

“Oh…that” Chanyeol awkwardly turned back around before Sehun cleared his throat and let Jongin out of his grasp.

After having that talk with Chanyeol last week you still haven’t found a good time to ask Xiumin about all the information you suddenly knew. You were gonna do it but no time was right and a part of you was also a little scared to know the truth.

“Hey!” you quietly let out as you approached the boys, sitting down next to Chanyeol. Sehun was sitting right in front of you but you didn’t make any eye contact. An awkward silence filled the area and suddenly even Chanyeol didn’t know what to say.

“I’m gonna get some fries” Sehun got up from his seat, leaving you Chanyeol and Jongin together. The minute he left, both of the boys turned their attention at you, all wide eyed and silent.

“Have you talked to Xiumin yet?” Chanyeol broke the silence.

“No… I didn’t find the time to yet” you said as you got up and headed to the stand in the cafeteria where they had all the forks and knifes neatly placed. As you made your way to the stand, Sehun crossed your direction with a hot fries bag in his hand. Your head shot up as an instinct and your eyes met with Sehun’s. His look was dark and emotionless, as if you really were just no one.

Coming back to the table you sat by Chanyeol again as the boys started chatting about something else. They were talking about some big party that was going to be held today at some girl’s house.

“Are you gonna come Y/N?” Jongin disrupted your thoughts.

“Yeah maybe” you nearly whispered.

“I’m coming.” Sehun confidently raised his voice.

“I don’t know if I want to go-“you hesitated.

“Guess I’ll see you there then” Sehun claimed as he interrupted you mid sentence. Getting up from his seat, he sent you another arrogant look and left.

What was that about? That was probably the first time Sehun has spoken to you since you came to his dorm. Why does he want to see you there? It’s not like you’re on good terms right now to party together. The looks on Chanyeol and Jongin’s faces as Sehun left were just as surprised and confused as yours

The day went by pretty fast; you had your regular classes and met up with some friends and by the time you knew it it was already dark outside. You were lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling and contemplating whether you should go to this party or not. On one hand you really did need something to loosen you up a little after all the drama that was going on around you but on the other hand, Sehun was going to be there and that just meant the night was not going to pass peacefully because drama follows wherever Oh Sehun steps.

Your phone suddenly lit up with a text, disturbing your confusion.

“I’m going to this party in an hour and you’re coming with me.” – Xiumin

Well here was your answer.

He then texted you to meet him there so you got up from your bed and shook the bad mood off your mind. Grabbing a short skirt and a white t shirt, casual but sexy was what you were going for tonight. It was a party after all.

Approaching the house the party was held at, your eyes suddenly focused on the guy that was waiting for you in front of the entrance.

“You look beautiful, as always.” A smirk snuck on Xiumin’s lips as he locked eyes with you.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” A laugh escaped your mouth as you saw him roll his eyes. He was wearing a nice pair of black ripped jeans and a white buttoned down shirt.

Wrapping his hand around your waist, he led you to the center of the party. It was loud and extremely dark with only a few red lights shining through the night.

“I’m gonna get us some drinks” Xiumin shouted against your ear, leaving you alone.

Looking around for a minute, you recognized what was Chanyeol’s broad back and Jongin’s beautiful blonde hair.

“GUYS!” you ran up to them, tapping on Chanyeol’s back and almost giving him a heart attack.

“JESUS DON’T JUST SCREAM IN MY EAR LIKE THAT” Chanyeol shouted at your direction, clenching his heart with his hand and holding a drink in the other. A smile snuck on both of the boys’ faces as they saw how smiley and energized you were. But before they could yell another thing at your direction, a hand placed itself on your shoulder.

“Is your boyfriend here?” Sehun’s broad figure hovered over you. His hand was as warm and big as you remembered, covering all of your shoulder with ease. He was looking down at you, his eyes only on yours.

“Uh yes he’s bringing us some drinks now” you blurted out, looking back at his face which was close to yours that you could feel his warm breath on your features.

“Excellent” he returned a wide fake smile before letting go of your shoulder and heading to where Xiumin was just coming out from.

“Was that just Sehun speaking to you?” Jongin raised his eyebrow as a laugh left his lips.

“Yeah…weird right?” you returned a laugh.

Chanyeol stayed quiet as you noticed him gulp and look away with a look that seemed to avoid you. Looking back at where Xiumin was before, no one was there anymore. You made your way through the crowd and snuck to the kitchen of the house where you assumed Xiumin would be.  

Opening the door slightly, the room was lit up and there was a conversation held between two men. Opening the door a little wider you were able to hear and see a little better. Xiumin was in fact standing right there with your drinks on the counter as he chatted with the tall man. You took one more look at the back of who the man was and it quickly came to your mind that it was no other than Sehun. You tried to listen in to what they were talking about but it was too hard to focus on their sayings with the booming music in the background.

“Are you gonna tell her the truth?” you managed to catch on to what was Sehun’s voice.

“No. I don’t think you’ve suffered enough yet.” Xiumin replied with a laugh.

What were they talking about-

“MOVE” a drunk guy pushed you through the door causing you to stumble at your feet as you got thrown just in the middle of the scene. Sehun and Xiumin stood at their places, staring at what was a very embarrassing scene. The guy walked between Xiumin and Sehun and grabbed another drink before leaving the room. Both of the boys crossed their arms as they turned around to face you, demanding an explanation with their eyes as to why you were pushed in here. But all you could do was laugh awkwardly at getting caught.

“Do it before I break your head into pieces.” Sehun’s face was red with anger as his gaze was locked on Xiumin’s relaxed posture. He sighed once before looking at you with an innocent look.

“Now.” Sehun raised his voice.

“Let’s go, he’s not worth the nerves.” Xiumin grabbed your arm and led you to the door.

“He’s using you” Sehun shouted at your back as you were about to leave the kitchen.

“What?” you turned your head around, looking innocently at his serious expression. You stopped your steps, making Xiumin stop with you. He wasn’t having any of it, trying to drag you away with him as you looked at Sehun.

“He’s using you. Why do you think he started dating you after he saw I was your ex?” he made one step closer to you, his gaze not leaving your eyes, arms still crossed above his chest.

“Come on” Xiumin pulled you with him one more time.

“Stop.” You let yourself out of his grasp as you took a step further from him.

“Chanyeol told me about him. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize him earlier but I sure do now. It’s true that I’ve done some stupid things in the past and even in the present. I did steal his girlfriend and I did hook up with her in the bathroom from what I can remember. But at some point you just have to learn to let go.” Sehun’s gaze shifted to Xiumin.

Earning only a sigh from Xiumin, Sehun continued.

“He has been using you this whole time to get back at me. He’s only dating you so he could get revenge for what I’ve done to him”

“Listen not all of this is true” Xiumin quickly interrupted. Your face was frozen and in disbelief. Was he really using you this whole time?

“Let me explain.” Xiumin took one step closer to you as you took one step back, your face set on the floor, avoiding his eyes.

“That moment you asked me to help you make him jealous I didn’t think of helping you but the moment I turned around to see you were dating Oh Sehun, nothing really went through my mind but ‘do it’” you looked up at Sehun as Xiumin continued.

“I didn’t let go after that because I thought it was the moment I’ve been waiting for since high school. Sehun is an asshole and he deserves every pain that comes in his way. Being a rich brat to other people doesn’t get you on everyone’s best side. So I wanted to use you to get back at him yes.” You looked back at Xiumin with the most disgusted look written all over your face.

“But as I got more into you, I actually found out you were the complete opposite from him and I started falling for you. I mean the sex was great yeah but your personality made me rethink things” he let out before Sehun cut him off with a laugh.

“He’s using you to get back at me, End of story.” Sehun uncrossed his hands as they made their way to his back pockets.

“I heard you say that Sehun hasn’t suffered enough quite yet so you weren’t going to stop now.” You claimed as Xiumin’s face lit up.


“You really did use me. And you were still going to?! You really were going to let me sleep with you as you got your revenge on Sehun on something that happened in high school?! You know what Xiumin? Maybe you deserved having your high school sweetheart being taken away from you because you sure as hell wouldn’t have treated her right.” You broke your silence, leaving Xiumin speechless and angry.

Before any of them could react, you ran through the door straight to the exit to leave this place as soon as possible. Not even saying goodbye to Chanyeol or Jongin, you ran back to your dorm and dropped face down on your bed. Tears were making their way down your cheeks and nothing felt right. You closed your eyes, trying to act like it would drive all the pain away and it did. You fell asleep for a few hours before a loud knock on your door woke you up.

Slowly your eyes opened without any strength, you pulled your body up from the bed and walked up to the mirror next to the door as loud knocks kept voicing themselves through your door. Taking one look at yourself, your face was a little swollen from the tears and makeup was smudged down your eyes. You looked like hell.

Loud knocks kept sounding off with every second that passed by. Who the hell is it and what does he want, was all that was going through your mind. You turned the handle to the right to let the door open past your face. Standing in front of you was only one person. He took one step further, letting himself in as a worried look led his face.

“I hate you.” You sighed, looking at his expression.

“I hate you too.” he nodded with a sigh. He let his hands cup your cheeks as he took another step to close the space that was between the two of you. Closing the door behind him with his foot, his lips pressed against yours. They moved in soft gentle movements, wetting your lips and lightly tapping passionate kisses on them.

“I lied” he whispered against your lips. “I actually love you”.

You took one look at his brown eyes before whispering back.

“I love you too Oh Sehun”.


2Cellos. On one cello.

I am just sitting and watching this over and over again, unable to comprehend the sheer level of skill these guys have. Not just to play like that separately, but to coordinate and play on a single cello, while supplying their own percussion section. I just cannot.

New Life - Part 2

Walking. Anywhere. That was the worst part. Feeling like such a burden to those around you yet caring very little because it was so difficult and tiring to walk anywhere with this large mass in your middle. Waddling from the bathroom back to the bed induced heavy breathing as you found your way back for what felt like the hundredth time in ten minutes.

“Can we just… get this thing out of me… already?” you asked, seeing Spencer rush to open the door for you.

“The doctor said it could be hours before you’re actually ready to go into full labour,” explained Spencer, aiding you to you to the side of the bed. “And induced labour would only be offered if the baby was put under stress by the extension.”

“I know but…” you started, pulling yourself up backward onto the white sheets of the gurney. “I’m so done with this.”

The wince that spread across your face urged Spencer to help you more before he realised that you were having another contraction. It’d been at least six or seven minutes since the last one, just to remind you that you had a long way to go.

“Y/N, it’ll all be over soon,” said Spencer with a smile. “And once it is, we’ll be a family.”

The simple smile that spread across his face made your heart melt, knowing just how happy all of this had made him and how much closer you’d both been. Leaning into him for both support and comfort, you could feel the warmth of his frame. It was as if his care took the pain away, even if only for that moment of senseless awe, till the pain flooded back and your grip on his hand tightened drastically.

The pain was like nothing else you’d ever imagined, let alone felt; like your body was trying to rip itself in two using its own strength. Crying out with each long push and breathing with every possible pause, you struggled on, encouraged by Spencer’s words as well as the words of the doctor. It was plain as day on Spencer’s face, just how hard you were squeezing his hand; but he dared not complain, breathing as you were breathing and comforting you as you pushed.

“That’s it, Y/N,” said the doctor, her head out of view between your legs. “The head is almost through. Keep going.”

It had only been an hour but it felt like days since you’d had to start pushing; feeling exhausted, tortured, humiliated and exasperated. Surely, this had gone on long enough, hadn’t it? Looking to Spencer, you saw the look of concern in his eyes as he stared down at the doctor. His lips pursed as he swallowed hard, the bulk of his Adam’s apple sliding up then down his throat before his eyes fell upon yours once more.

“Come on,” he said softly. “You can do this. You’re so strong.”

“I can’t, Spencer…” you whimpered, trying hard not to give up but almost falling back in weariness.

“Yes, you can,” he replied, squeezing your hand back to show his support. The look in his eye showed determination but deep down you knew that he felt scared and helpless, unable to do anything but watch. Nodding, you sat forward again.

“Ready?” asked the doctor.

“Ready,” you replied, taking in a deep breath and pushing as hard as you could, screaming into the back of your lips.

“One, two, three, four, five,” counted the doctor, letting you how long to push. “Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Relax.” The gasp of air that flooded from you was some relief, the pressure lifting just a little as you began to breathe again. “Okay, no chord around the neck, just the shoulders to go.”

Spencer leaned closer to you, a flicker of a smile as the doctor confirmed that it was almost time and that the baby was in no signs of danger. Closing your eyes and feeling his presence, you remembered just why you wanted this so badly. In the time you’d been together and married, you’d both grown as people and the only thing that could make you more whole was about to arrive.

“I’m ready,” you gasped, taking in a deep breath again.

“Ok, let’s do this,” announced the doctor as you began to push for what could be the final time. “One, two, three, four, five… there we go!”

In a moment that felt like it erased every moment of pain up until this point, you felt the mass slip from you. The pressure subsided and suddenly, this tiny pink figure was being passed over the skirt of your hospital gown toward you. He was covered in fluids and blood, he was wrinkled and wriggling but the second he was in your arms he was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen; sending fluttering heat through your heart as you beamed down to him.

Even with the child in your arms, hands were appearing, rubbing the baby boy’s stomach and dipping a strange looking pipet into his mouth to extract any blocking fluids. Then he found his lungs, screaming even louder than you had in his distress. This was your child, your baby boy, brought into the world by you both and nothing could have made you happier. A tear rolled down your cheek as you looked up to Spencer with a light chuckle. Spencer was staring in awe, unable to speak, unable to move as he took in this wonder before him. A few moments passed and he leaned closer, taking a good look at his first born son.

“Hi there,” he cooed, reaching out and stroking the baby’s limbs as he finally settled into your arms.

“Does baby have a name yet?” asked the doctor, who was writing out a small ankle tag. You both looked at each other, having spent so long debating the subject. Nodding, you let him know it was ok to say it.

“Mitchell,” he said. “Mitchell Reid.”

Having a name made it even more real, forcing tears of joy to burst forward as you laughed a little and stared into his searching eyes. Spencer was beaming too, staying as close as he could as the maternity staff continued to bustle around him.

“Would dad like to cut the cord?” asked the doctor, offering him a set of surgical scissors but the look of horror in his eyes answered the question.

“Maybe the next one, I’ll be braver,” he answered.

“Next one?” you asked, looking up in flustered shock.

“If you want that too,” he explained. “Maybe in a few years, he could have a sister?”

“I’ll let you both decide on that,” chuckled the doctor, who’d seen the exchange of looks.

After the cord was cut, Mitchell Reid was officially tagged and wrapped up in a blanket in your arms. It would be a long time before you’d be willing to let go, even to Spencer but he’d get his turn soon enough. Sleep would eventually need to take you and when it did, Spencer would get to take over as you took your well-deserved rest.

The look of fear in his eyes when you passed him over was hilarious, but the smile that replaced it was the last thing you remembered before sleep took hold. Utter joy. A joy you hadn’t seen since the day you were married. It was the joy of being a father.

Stealing (Negan P6)

Title: Stealing (Negan Part 6)
Pairing: Reader/Negan, Reader/Daryl
Summary: Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 4,473
Warnings: Language, violence
Author’s Notes: Again, if I forgot anyone in the tags, let me know!

Part 5 || Part 7 || Masterpost

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Love Really is Blind...or Just Clueless (Pietro Maximoff x reader)

Requests:  A lot of Pietro love

1. you and pietro are ‘frenemies’ but secretly really like each other. one day one of them says something too mean but in the end they make up and confess their feelings.

2. Imagine where the reader is in a bad car accident, and even though she’s going to be fine, their all still worried? Can you have the love interest be Pietro?

3. A request if they are still open. Maybe a Pietro x blind reader where the reader begs pietro to let pietro hold them and run with them because they love the feeling of the air and such and it can get pretty fluffy towards the end ^u^

“So, you just run for enjoyment?  With no destination?”  Pietro scoffed, “that sounds boring, (Y/N).  And you’re so slow.”

Looking up from tying your shoe, your expression changed to one filled with annoyance and finality at the conversation.  This kid had been nothing but a pain since he joined the team, and you always seemed to be the target of his harassment.  “Pietro, not everyone needs to break land speed records.  It’s relaxing; you should try a slower pace sometime.  You’d think that finally getting out of your lab rat cage would have you out and running all the time.”

“I wasn’t in a cage…exactly,” he paused, “but what do you know?  Not all of us grew up in the luxury of the Stark name either.”

Pietro knew how much you hated being called out on your family ties, having Tony as your cousin. Everyone assumed they knew all about you, now being in the public eye, but there were plenty of things that this guy would never know.  “Listen here, road rash, you don’t know the first thing about how I grew up,” you snapped, “the name means nothing outside of Tony’s life.  Some of us had to work even harder to make something of ourselves, to get out of that shadow.”  You threw on your running jacket quickly, pulling the sleeves down with a firm grip and yanking the zipper up so harshly that you thought you broke it.  Popping your earbuds in, you turned to him with one hand on the door and ready to leave.

“But what would you know, Maximoff?  Everything special about you came out of a bottle.”


Central Park wasn’t as relaxing as you had hoped, filled with people moving much too slowly and getting in your way far too often.  A handful of them had recognized you and asked to take a picture together, clamoring to get a moment with a real Avenger.  Running around the lake with your music so loud that you were sure passersby heard it, your mind was racing with how badly you felt about the last thing you said to Pietro.  It wasn’t true; there were many special things about him, but the jerk was so bothersome that you never had the chance or the desire to tell him so.    

You thought you saw a flash of silver pass by in your peripheral vision, but when you searched for it, there was nothing there.  Shaking it off, you continued on, finally coming to rest at The Met.  You stood next to the fountain, hands on your knees as you bent over to catch your breath, startling slightly when a man’s voice called to you by name from one of the food trucks.

“Hey, (Y/N), head’s up!” he yelled with a smile, throwing a bottle of water to you.  Maybe recognition wasn’t always a bad thing after all.

You caught it easily and thanked him several times as you drank it, feeling energized with each swallow. Pausing for a moment to look at the massive museum building and its ornate decoration, you made a mental note to finally return to see the artwork inside.  It was something you had yet to do since moving to the city at Tony’s insistence.

You were torn from your thoughts by a scream from a few feet behind you, spinning on your heel to see a mother yelling for her tiny son as he wandered towards the busy intersection of 82nd and 5th.

“Dammit,” you mumbled to yourself, dropping your bottle and breaking into a sprint to catch him.  Two steps into the street was all you needed to reach him and pull him back behind you, throwing him to safety and onto the sidewalk in a tumble.  Two steps into the street was all you needed to be struck down in his place.  That same flash of silver that you had seen before was now dissipating next to you, replaced by Pietro’s face near yours and his arms lifting you from the hard and abrasive ground.  

“How was I not fast enough?” he quietly asked himself in disbelief, pulling you to him as he frantically ran you to help.  “I’m sorry I was not fast enough, (Y/N).”  

His words were fading and distant as the pain began to set in and you watched the world flying past you turn black.


When you awoke later, hearing the uncomfortably loud sounds of monitors beeping and fluids being pumped into your veins, you were exhausted and your head was pounding.  The smell of antiseptic in the room almost made you nauseated, and you could still taste the essence of blood in your mouth from the accident.  Pietro saw you begin to stir and stood quickly to be at your side and take your hand in his.

“Don’t open your eyes,” he whispered to himself so quietly that you barely heard him.  “Not yet.”  His face was full of worry and anticipation of your reaction, but you would never see what that looked like.  You opened your eyes to…nothing.  Pietro caught the shock that immediately crossed your face and broke in quickly, the words spilling from him.  “They said that there’s some swelling in your brain from when you hit the ground.  It’s in the part that controls your sight.  It might come back, (Y/N), okay?  I tried to reach you in time.  I tried.”

You sucked in a harsh, deep breath, trying to hold in the shock, anger, fear and confusion that filled your mind.  “I know,” you exhaled quietly.  Blinking your eyes several times, you chastised yourself for thinking it would even help.  You put your hands over your eyes and rested your head back against the pillow, feeling the exhaustion growing again.  “It’s not coming back, is it?  Please, just be honest with me.”

“It might.”


“No, sweetheart,” Tony interjected, entering the room and taking a seat on the edge of your bed next to you.  His fingers grazed over the top of your free hand as if he were studying it and committing it to memory.  “It’s not.”


“(Y/N), we’ve been at this for six months.  You’ve got this.  What are you afraid of?”

“I’m not afraid, Murdock,” you huffed, “I was just giving you a chance to back out.”  

Steve was on the sidelines of the gym, watching anxiously as you readied yourself to spar with Matt. You had studied with him incessantly since your return to the tower, committed to making yourself a viable part of the team again; if he could do it, then you sure as hell could too.

“Take him down, (Y/N),” Steve commanded.  “You have thirty seconds to pin and get a surrender.  And….go.”

You had never experienced such heightened senses, hearing his heartbeat, the expansion of his lungs with each breath, the stretch of his muscles as they worked, and the soft sounds of his clothes shifting with each motion.  It was amazing what he had taught you in such a short time; you were nowhere near his skill, but you could definitely hold your own and were well on your way.

Pietro, Wanda and Bruce had now joined, taking seats next to Steve as they watched with wide eyes and awe as you moved quickly and effectively, pinning Matt a few times but never with finality.  “Captain,” Wanda whispered, “are you really going to let her back on the team if she passes this?”

“Absolutely,” he nodded towards you, his eyes following every movement with a studious focus, “look at her.  It’s remarkable.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Pietro growled, standing again to leave the room, unable to watch you at all. His hand had just connected with the door when a loud smack to the mat caught his attention, turning to see you with Matt’s hands pulled behind his back sharply and your knee between his shoulder blades.  You turned towards where you knew he was standing, hoping he would approve, but he left without another word.

The others were all quickly at your side, Matt standing to lift you into a hug, spinning you around the room.  “You’re such a badass!” he laughed.  “Maybe I’ll keep you for myself?”

“That’s not gonna happen,” Steve snickered, grabbing your arm to pull you towards him.  “after you got through Stark, you’d have to get through me, Murdock.”  He held his hand out to Matt, his other still on you, “thanks for all your hard work. Both of you.”

You leaned back slightly, aiming your voice behind Steve and towards Wanda.  She took a few steps closer to hear you as you whispered, “where did he go?”  

“For a run.  But he’ll be back soon, (Y/N).”

“I thought he didn’t run without a reason?”

“Believe me, darling, he has one.”


When you reached the tower doors, you had prepared to wait for Pietro as long as it took for him to return, hoping to find out what was wrong, and why he was so against your return to the team.  How could he not know that even after your accident, you would fight for this until you got it?  It was the only life you knew now, and this wasn’t about to hold you back.

When the door finally opened about an hour later, you heard a fatigued shuffle in his feet and a heaviness in his breaths.  He sounded exhausted.  “You look like hell, Maximoff.”

“You can’t even see me,” he scoffed, but despite the attempt at humor, he sounded sad.

“So, are we going to talk about this, or just avoid it and hope it goes away?”

“The second one.”

“Sure, that seems like a reasonable plan,” you said with a shake of your head in frustration.

“There’s nothing to talk about, (Y/N).”

“Since when are you such a coward?”

“Since I met…you,” he replied sheepishly as his voice faded.  “Whatever it is that you’re doing to me, you need to stop.”

You shot up from your chair with your hands raised to him, shocked and exasperated now, “what I’m doing to you?  Oh, that’s hilarious.  You’re an arrogant smartass who flirts with anything that moves.  I’m not supposed to feel this way about you. You seem to have some weird witchcraft like Wanda,” you paused, waving your finger at him, “maybe your cages were too close together.”

“Okay, what are we doing here?  You want to talk about this, let’s talk.”  He pushed closer to you, standing almost toe-to-toe with you now.  “I love you,” he blurted out, very matter-of-fact, dropping his hands to his sides.  “There, what do you have to say to that?  Hmm? Where’s the quick comeback now, (Y/N)?”

You stood motionless, processing what he had just said, trying to make sense of it with your own jumbled feelings for him.  You hadn’t expected him to be so honest, so quickly.

“Well,” he pressed on, “aren’t you going to say anything?”

Your hands reached out and took his face within them, pushing yourself up on your toes to reach his lips with yours.  His arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you up, holding you this way for several minutes before you finally had to pull away for air.  “I think that’s all I have to say on it.”

“Well said,” he panted lightly.

After a few minutes of standing quietly together, neither of you knowing what to say, you finally took the initiative.  “Piet, can you do something for me?”

“Of course.”

“Will you run with me?” You asked the question and waited for the fast refusal, but it never came.  “I miss running.  I miss the wind in my hair and the freedom of just…going anywhere I want, until I can’t go anymore.”  Reaching down, you grabbed his hands and rubbed your thumbs slowly over the palms of each.  “I remember when you picked me up after the accident, and you began to run.  I felt it for just a few seconds, but…I want to feel that again.  I want to feel something fun, instead of all this,” you whispered, waving your hand around your face and eyes.  

He grabbed your hand from the air and brought it to your chin, lifting your head so that he could see your eyes.  “This is what I was talking about.  What you’re doing to me.”

“Is that a ‘yes’?” you smiled widely.

“I’m in so much trouble,” he chuckled.  “How will I ever say no to you?”  With a flash you were in his arms and flying through the streets, your head resting against his chest, listening to the quickened rhythm of his heartbeat.  You smiled at the sound and a thought that crossed your mind in your contentedness.

It belonged to you.

I know choosing a side is great and all but have we considered time traveling Corrin

A Corrin/Kamui possesses the power to turn back time through using some kind of mundane object (i’m personally fond of them using a shield a la a certain magical girl anime). Said object has an hourglass in it, and if they have enough sand built up in the bottom, they can flip it and turn back time. They can “save” before battles and turn back the clock to that instant (like a soft reset) if someone dies.

Imagine the suffering.

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Part 2

Original Request

Can I please get a reader is about to be jumped/raped at like 2 am and dean just so happened to be walking out of his motel room to see it happening?

Warnings: Being drugged, suggestions at intention of rape, blood.

Word Count: 1815

Summary: Reader is spiked by a guy at a bar, Dean comes to the rescue and saves her.


You walked towards the bar, your empty glass in your hand. You lent over some random guy, placing the drink on the side with one hand while the other was in his pocket taking his wallet. Life was difficult so yeah, you did a little pick pocketing on the side where you could. You placed the stolen wallet into your coat pocket as you made your way over to a table and sat down.

“Hello, beautiful.” You heard a male voice from behind you, you turned to look at him and he greeted you with a smile. “Pretty drink for a pretty lady?” he asks, sliding the drink across the table towards you as he sat down beside you.

“Sure, cheers!” You gave a little smile, holding the drink in the air before bringing it to your lips.

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anonymous asked:

What would Natsu, Gray, Loke, Lucy, and Erza do if they find their s/o (who's the same gender as them) crying because they're being bullied for their sexual orientation and for being with them?

to the anon that asked me to put Gajeel in here, I hope this is what you were talking about! thank you and i hope you all like it~

NATSU: He would pull them into a hug, gently stroking their hair. “As long as we have each other, then those other people don’t matter, right?”

GRAY: He’d pull his partner into his arms so that their head was resting on his chest, unable to watch them cry. “If they bother you again, just tell me and I’ll beat ‘em up.”

LOKE: Wiping their tears away with his thumbs, he would kiss them on the forehead. “Why don’t we go on a date tomorrow? We’ll show those bullies how happy we are, and that their words won’t ever break us apart.”

LUCY: She almost cries from seeing her partner cry and wraps her arms around their shoulders. “I know that people will talk, but we love each other, right? Isn’t that enough to ignore them?”

ERZA: Immediately, she goes to the bullies and looms over them with a scary expression. “If you make her cry again, I will not hesitate to do something about it.”

GAJEEL: Pats his partner’s head softly as their sobs tear his heart in two. “I’m sorry,” he apologizes, even though it’s not his fault. “I’ll definitely do somethin’ about this.”