unable to watch this again

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chocobros favorite disney movies?

Another really fun request!! Hope you like it 😘

Like the fairy tales, he LOVES Sleeping Beauty. Lion King is his ALL TIME favourite though, it really really REALLY strikes a chord with him. Unfortunately he absolutely finds himself unable to watch it again after the events of the game – at least not for a very long time.

He’s a lover of classics and romances. Lady and the Tramp is his top favourite, followed closely by the Fox and the Hound. Never made it past the first ten minutes of Up – in fact he was so distressed he had to leave the cinema. He hasn’t attempted to watch it again ever since.

Gladio loves Monsters Inc. and Monsters University SO much. His favourite character is, of course, Sullivan, but he adores Boo and she reminds him of Iris was she was younger. Also you will never in a million years be able to get him to admit it, but he cried when he saw Moana.

His all time favourite movie is Mulan! Loves he setting, the music, and the characters - Mulan is his favourite Disney Princess as well. He also really loves the two Fantasia movies, and often just puts them on as background filler at home. Ignis has never cried during a Disney movie, but Brave came REALLY close and really pulled at his heart strings.