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15/? favourite fictional males : Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

“because if we save ourselves, who’s going to save everyone else?”


생일 축하해, 전보람!! ❤ [March 22]

Happy birthday to our most beloved Jeon Boram. Thank you for showering queen’s with love and ‘aeygo’, your smiles and ajumma laughs. No matter what decisions you make in the future, know we will always be behind you, supporting and watching over you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for being a part of T-ARA ♛

i’ve been thinking about ramses’ whole “you’re useless” thing @ juno regarding his eye and man… fuck. is it really any wonder juno agreed to help him? like imagine you’re juno, you’ve lost one of the main skills you used to always bank on, you’re depressed, you feel like you can’t help anybody, and this mf comes along and straight up goes “yeah. yeah you suck and you can’t help anyone, but i have a quick and easy solution to help you so long as you help me” like… that’s shady as fuck, especially since he makes a point to not reveal his actual goals, but dude. if i were juno, i absolutely would’ve taken my fucking chances with the solution being offered

it’s smart and clever in the sense that is is targeted and manipulative and plays on weaknesses ramses knows juno has, as well as reaffirming beliefs juno already holds (and it’s a different reaffirmation than say, mick, yelling at him and telling him to pick himself up and pull himself together. with mick, it was genuine, ‘people want to help but they can’t until you stop being such an asshole and help yourself’, whereas ramses only puts juno in that vulnerable place to essentially sell him something). it would sound, to juno, like ramses is confirming the truth, saying what other people are too afraid to say, but you know the thing about people working for profit is they are… rarely sincere or completely honest in their message or how they say they’ll go about it. any means justify the ends kind of thing, and you really get the vibe that he looked juno up and he was going to say/do everything in his power to get juno on his side (especially when juno agreed and he said “i knew you would” or w/e like yikes! red flag #83478)

and my guy. my dude. i would never, ever trust a smooth talking politician who says exactly what you already think as well as spouting ideological but physically impossible rhetoric like “clean the city”, but the problem with those kinds of characters is they do not make it easy to hate them (or i guess, you can hate them but because they’re saying what you already think, you don’t think they are WRONG). that’s like, the whole goal.

what i’m saying is i think ramses is a liar and snake, i think we don’t know any of his motivations (and the ones we do know sound like this guy walked straight out of gotham city ffs), and i am both very intrigued and kind of terrified to see if he ever drops the mask of saying exactly what everyone wants to hear.

                      ( ~ ♫ Everything concealed under the cut~!  ♫ ~ )

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shoutout to @lionmettled for receiving and answering my tumblr message of ‘ok but what if they were really jedi before Rogue One happened’ at 12am

the essentials: Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe are Jedi Masters who are deployed in joint-command over a Battalion (their first experience as Dads) during the Clone Wars. They defect from the Jedi Order right before Order 66, because of their ‘attachment’ to each other, relocating to their home-planet Jedha wherein they take up positions as Guardians of the Whills (better title than ‘Imperial disruptor’).

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HxH Instagram Headcanons

So tonight’s been a bad night for me. To brighten up my day and others, I will bless you all with @thekillua and I’s headcanons for the gang.

Leorio: Group photos of his best friends, he loves taking them and being in them. If you refuse to take one with him, he’ll just fucking photobomb you and insist he be tagged.

Kurapika: They rarely post but when they do, it’s really ambiguous shit. No one has any idea half the time what the picture is of. “a guitar strap? Is that a goddamn plant?” They manage to get several dozen likes anyway

Kurapika 2.0: A separate account entirely dedicated to the most blurry and unflattering pictures of Leorio with the captions “LOCAL CRYPTID SPOTTED!”

Meruem & Komugi: They share a single Instagram like the lame ass couple they are. With tons of selfies. Meruem posts pictures of Komugi with hashtags like #bae, #beautiful #lookatmyqueen. Sometimes Meruem will forget to post and Komugi will remind him when they go out to dinner. “Hey babe, you gonna Instagram that?”

Alluka: Hands down, the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram you will ever find. She knows the right filters, the right coloring and angles. She’s damn Instagram famous.

Gon: A straight up mess. He has no idea what he’s doing, someone help this boy. Anything he’s excited about. A small aquarium in a restaurant? Blurry photo of the fish. He see’s a cute dog on a leash in the park? A picture of the dog’s butt cause Gon is chasing it and it’s running away. He posts videos of cool plants he finds, some he eats. The other half is of Killua. Killua waking up with a scowl on his face, Killua yelling and throwing up his hand to block the picture he knows Gon is about to take, a picture of Gon’s hand in Killua’s hair but we don’t see his face.

Killua: He isn’t even in charge of his Instagram, Alluka made it because Gon posted so much of Killua but was unable to tag him in said photos. So Gon and Alluka take turns logging into Killua’s Instagram to post pictures. Alluka’s posts are of the siblings posing together with cheesy smiles, pictures of the sights they travel the world to see. Gon’s posts are just selfies. That’s it. Straight up selfies of himself with the captions “look at my hot boyfriend. Gon is so wonderful, etc etc..” It’s a perfect mess of Killua’s friends, Alluka and Gon.

@decembercamiecherries @dailymeruem

29 reasons to ship sherlolly!

So I’ve been delaying to do this post of “29 Reasons to ship Sherlolly” quite for some time. As i was searching for the creator of this fanvid that got deleted earlier on You tube due to some copyrights issues. I, however, wasn’t lucky enough to find the creator so i’m unable to tag the name. Anyways, i’m making this post because it’s so worth sharing. It’s based on snapshots i took of the said video. Credits goes to the creator, i’m just spreading the love. *winks*

So here we go.

1. Because he is the consulting detective, the only one in the world.

And she’s one of the few people who will put up with him.

2. Because he treats her like this..but she’s still his friend.

3. Because only a few people in the world…

..can make him look sad.

4. And only one can make him apologize.

5. Because he sets her apart from all the idiots in the world.

6. Because he invited her to “lunch”.

7. Because she won’t let him deny that something’s wrong.. even when he insults her for trying.

8. Because he’s used to being the one that reads people..

..then she reads him.

9. Which makes him really see her, for once.

10. And when he realized what Moriarty was doing, the first person he thought of was Molly.

11. Because she’s always counted.

12. Because when he shows up as a fugitive, and says he needs her help..

“If I wasn’t everything you think I am, everything that I think I am… would you still want to help me?”

All she says is:

“What do you need?”

13. And all he says is: 


14. Because she helps him fake his death.

15. And let’s admit it, even if it didn’t really happen..

This kiss is freaking adorable.

16. Because she’s one of the first people he visits.

17. Because he invited her to have dinner solve crimes.

18. Because he wants her to be herself.

19. Because we all wonder what the hack he meant by that..

“And you really thought he was the one, didn’t you? The love of your life?”

20. Because Moriarty made a mistake. 

21.Because the real smile…

is so much cuter then the fake one.

22. Because sociopaths are her type.

23. …And now, she makes him feel awkward.

24. Because she saw him…


25. ..And sets him straight when he’s being an idiot.

26.Because he’s (not) sorry her engagement’s over. 

27. Because when he’s dying.. the first person he thinks of is Molly.

28. Because he needs her help to survive.

29. And last but not least! Because Moffat says so.

I see lots of weekly/bi-weekly/monthly fic recommendation lists going around, and I think this is absolutely wonderful exposure for writers from their peers and those who may not write, but sure do enjoy reading. 

A great thing about the lists I’ve seen is their focus on certain categories of fic - very ideal for readers to sort what they’d like to read; thing is, I haven’t personally seen one that focuses solely on the quality of the writing.

You know - Character dimension. Writing with clever readers in mind. Crazy crisp dialogue. Incredibly tight plotting. Big emotion.

So what’s the scoop on The Nail?  

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100+ Kink Challenge #11

Kink #50: Grace Kink

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 452

Warnings: NSFW, semi-public diddling, hints of Dom!Cas

Requested by: @totallypaletrash said: Can I request a female reader insert with Castiel and 48. Grace kink for 100 + kinks challenge 

Author’s Note: The list was renumbered after this request came in. That’s the reason the number doesn’t match but the kink does. 

Check out the other darling, kinky, wordy chickies that are abusing themselves with this much smut. @formidablepassion, @helvonasche,  @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell, and @when-the-day–met-the-night

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