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Hey hey robo I got a very important question for ya. You mention in the last couple of art posts that you have a "Graffiti WidowTracer AU" ? What are your ideas??

Hey mizu~! Thank you for this question! :) I’m calling this a Graffiti Tracemaker AU because this didn’t happen in canon..and we probably won’t find out exactly what’s in canon until years from now. Or maybe we will never find out because Blizz might want to keep things very open-ended? ^^;;;

BUT! I was full of happy feelings seeing the very obvious “Tracemaker” text on Graffiti Tracer’s guns..and while I know it also refers to a Rainmaker paintball gun…it seems kind of impossible that Blizz wouldn’t have considered at all how it sounds like Tracer + (Widow)-maker? Well, I might just be a diehard Widowtracer shipper…but it was a small detail that made me really happy..and it made me so happy that others immediately had the same idea too. Many people still love this pairing…all it took was a tiny detail from Blizz! :’) So naturally, I wanted to draw something sincerely happy - of Graffiti Tracer & Amelie being happy (basically “Tracemaker”) together.

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whenever someone asks me something irl and i don’t immediately have the answer, i reply by softly saying ‘interesting,’ and furrowing my brows, thus tricking the other person into thinking i’m very wise

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I finished reading TINR recently (Late to the party as always whoops) but I was wondering how did Anthony and Chet meet?

You know, I’ve never even thought about it XD

I created the characters together a long time ago… like a REALLY long time ago


[ I was like 16… don’t judge me XD ]

Point is, they were just always together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

idk just rambling but the unnamed alter that’s presumably not ‘mother’ seems to be an avenger/protector sorta guy,, and mother’s definitely a perpetrator since she’s so heavily modelled after Norma’s negative traits and projects these into others instead of inward to Norman (miss Watson, Sam loomis, etc) she doesn’t start really wanting to protect Norman until like around season 3 time, at least that’s when she kind of starts talking about it.

Mother and the unnamed alter seem to integrate with each other when mother starts talking abt how she needs to protect Norman/hates men and needs to harm them/but still very much is a caricature of the bad parts of Norma.

Idk I’m just thinkin


Some scraps and WIP’s from 2014.

pd: I’ve been so wrapped up in my aunt’s stuff that I’ve been unable to reply all of your beautiful messages. I’m really sorry my darlings, I’ll reply as soon as I can. 



YEAH god and it’s so hard to meet other girls who like girls anywhere without hook-up based apps, then on the off chance I do they’re either in a relationship or someone I’m not interested in smdh


I feel that we haven’t talked enough about this line right at the end of His Last Vow; particularly by wondering about all the other occasions Mycroft might have said something of this nature to Sherlock.

☯ ☯ ☯

     Oh Neji what have you done?

     This thought rests in his head as he feels tears prick at his eyes. He couldn’t believe he let himself just lose it like that. And for what? Certainly not the ravioli, no, not even giving him a chance to see how things wpuld have even went with Tenten. Why did he let his anger get the better of him. The one person who made him feel free, now it made him feel trapped again. Trapped in his own thoughts.

     What had he done?

     And now, Naruto was in the hands of the Akatsuki, no hope of getting him back. Guilt surged through each part of his body and he felt his chest tighten.

     Naruto was going to die, and it was all his fault.

     ’ I’m… So sorry… Naruto. ’ The Hyuuga’s knees buckled underneath him, sending him crashing to the ground, with his hands barely able to support him either. ’ I was an idiot– I’m so sorry. ’

His Art Room

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Requested by anon; Jungkook scenario (angst - fluff please) (im not creative with plots, so imma just give you some key words)(in no particular order) bath tub, scissors, painting, bed sheet, jealousy, piano and darkness. Thank you! I hope this is okay (?)

Jungkook x You

Genre: Slight Angst & Fluff

i’m not creative with plots either anon, haha. i hope this scenario is good in terms of what you might of wanted. :) it was a bit hard since i was thinking something else when i first got this request, but trust me this scenario came out different than what i thought. ahaha. i hope you’ll like it! enjoy! :)

It wasn’t always the same anymore when you came home. Nowadays, you really hated coming home just to see Jungkook was working on another piece of his art but with another woman. It irked you so much that you wished he would take it somewhere else. But he never really listened to your complaints. It was like this every single day for the past month now.

“Jungkook?” You called for his name as you entered through the door. Your eyes directed to where you seem to hear laughters coming from.

“Jungkook?” You called once more as you slowly started to walk towards the noise.

It was coming from Jungkook’s art room. Not again. You thought as your hand rested on the handle of the door. Placing an ear to the door, you could hear the sounds of camera clicks coming from the room.

“What? That’s different.” You said to yourself, removing your ear away and stared at the door in confusion.

Twisting the handle open, you entered in, eyes widening at the sight in front of you. This wasn’t like the other times. It was different.

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im genuinely confused sometimes. about this whole “dont reply and then block” thing. like, yes, getting a reply from someone and then being unable to reply is anxiety inducing, trust me i know, but at the same time, some people do that because of their own mental illness/anxiety? like, what do you even do at that point. if it’s essential to your mental health to reply and block, shouldn’t you take care of yourself first? and people aren’t always aware of the state of the person they’re hypothetically blocking. i don’t know. 

Vine Control

Okay, so somebody asked about how to deal safely with Wisteria and Virginia creeper and Poison Ivy in a mix, but I’m unable to reply to replies so here goes.

I don’t have a magic bullet. I wish I did.

That’s a really nasty mix. Fire cures a lot of ills, but NEVER burn poison ivy–the smoke contains the active ingredient, gets in your lungs, and then there is sorrow upon sorrow. 

I have a lot of vines in my garden, mostly coming in from the woods, and of course they always arrange themselves so that fire is not the answer. (Otherwise, the Weed Dragon is your friend.) People will tell you that there are organic weed-killers that work–vinegar and boiling water or whatnot. I’m glad it works for them–it doesn’t for me. Boiling water’s never done anything much for me, and if you’re avoiding glyphosate because of frogs, I don’t think the frog is going to feel great having vinegar dumped on it either. (Full disclosure: In the early stages of reclaiming the garden from weeds, I used glyphosate on the honeysuckle that had eaten the fence, because it leafs out before anything else and you can hit it then if you’re lucky. But once off the fence itself, we start getting too close to ground that occasionally contains vernal breeding pools for me to be comfortable with even tightly controlled applications–the chemical that makes it stick to leaves will stick to frogs and smother them. You gotta figure out what will work on your property and what you feel comfortable/competent to use safely. This also goes for fire, which is ALWAYS a two person job minimum, and one of those people should be holding a running hose.)  

Okay, safety lecture concluded. Onward!

Virginia creeper is native here, and I mostly ignore it when it’s not in the middle of eating the house or something I am fond of. It is surprisingly not horrible, or else my standards have gotten warped from dealing with stuff like kudzu and catbriar. I’ll tear big swaths out when I have to–the old fashioned way, heavy gloves, sharp hand-shears, and a lot of sweat–but it’s not one of my bad weeds. That could possibly change, but at the moment, I can yank it up by hand where it occurs.

I get wild grape too, and Japanese honeysuckle. The grape I ignore or cut back as needed, the honeysuckle I tear out by hand, and in all honesty, I’ll never get it all. I succeed in keeping it mostly on the other side of the fence. About every two years in spring I do a massive honeysuckle slaughter and get it all away from the fence, but it always comes back. (Given what it was like when I started, however, I have reduced it enormously.)

Poison ivy is different. If it gets into a tree, I’ll cut the vine at the base and let it die. Otherwise, if it’s the woods I don’t touch it, and if it’s in the garden, I very gingerly use the shears to clip it off at ground level. The last use of any pair of garden gloves–I kill two to three pairs a year–is to pull poison ivy encroaching on the garden.

(I’ll be honest, it’s a holding action with the poison ivy. I took out a few roots last week that should set it back a bit, but it’s all through the woods and I gave myself a very exciting rash pulling it. I have since received three bottles of Tecnu from friends and/or fans via Amazon–it’s great stuff and works really well getting it off, I just didn’t have any this time. If I ever have about twenty college students and a whole lot of ambition, I will make an ivy killing day and take it out.)

Wisteria is actually the easiest of the bunch to deal with. I don’t have it in this garden, though I’ve had it in others. It is much less prone to re-rooting than honeysuckle, so you can get in with shears and cut it and then track down the root, whereas if you just drop honeysuckle on the ground, it’ll re-root immediately. I’ve successfully cleared wisteria out of a lot before, which I can’t say about any of the others. 

So…that’s my experience. There’s no easy method. You MAY want to see if goat rental is an option in your area, although I am told that you have to pretend you want to keep it away from the weeds before it will consider eating them because goats are perverse. I cannot speak to this, but it seems plausible to me. Goats, however, are very difficult on other garden plants and not so good for spot-cleanup.

…that got long. Hope it helps, and if it doesn’t, accept my sympathy at least, ‘cos lord, I’ve been there. Solidarity!

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I guess the whole "they spent the 26th MIA and with eachother" is out of the window since he's at the Man U game and Nick Grimshaw is there too lmao. Spending xmas together. And Harry was also away for quite a large chunk of Louis' bday (pub in chesire and then the insta of that girl that said Harry was at that girl's apartment). I doubt Louis was even in the same city it was his birthday!

The pub in Chesire has been a tradition for years. From what we could see they have a very healthy relationship which means they are allowed to have friends and not attached to the hip 24/7. You should cut some slack for the guy, has been on the road for quite some time, let him meet his friends at home.

About the 26th: I referred to several posts where it is explicitly said that they have a date on the 26th for years, I did not say lunch, or breakfast, it is a date. 

You see your logic is:

  • 2 pics  = quite a large chunk. - you agree this is ridiculous, right?
  • You felt the need to stress Nick was there too. Why can’t he attend a footie game with his friend Nick?
  • you doubt L was in the same city - based on what?


  • they both have their respective families and you do not know how Xmas is spent, we know about the pub in Chesire, that dear is 1-2 hours. I for once have all the 3 days divided between my fam, hubby’s fam and us-time. Has been a tradition for years.
  • Just because someone posts a pic of H, who is an actual friend of H, does not mean L is not there.
  • if L is not there I am sure you would not crucify him for spending the Christmas Eve with his family.
  • Football game lasts 90 min plus 15 min half time. = 105 min (+ extra time if there is) Dec 26th as every normal day has 1440 minutes. 

I feel like you are trying to cling into anything you can just to prove they are not together, while the Larries work with patterns and their personalities. We are working with 4 years of patterns and you work with 5 pictures if not less.

He is sure as hell not in L.A. like antis predicted it. 

One thing that should have been learned with them  is that reality is often not what you see, you just see what they want you to see.

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tentoo/rose, 6?? :)

6. tongue-tied 


Rose sighs. Her laptop is open before her. It lives, rather inconveniently, on the dining table in the not particularly large flat she shares with her Doctor. And therein lies the reason for her sigh. There’s something she’s just learnt, that is going to make their not particularly large flat, even smaller. And though the Doctor is trying, so very hard, they haven’t had much luck finding a suitable new home.

The bathroom door slams open, and she turns to the source of the noise just as the Doctor rushes into the room. “Rose, I… We… Rose, are you? We… No. Well, maybe…” he rambles, apparently unable to finish a sentence. “I didn’t. Not yet…”

Rose tries to focus, but she’s distracted by the way his arms are flying about as he paces, still mumbling. It seems two words is his limit before another thought comes along. The Doctor stops for pacing, throws his arms open and turns to her, his eyes wide, unbelieving and so so happy as he exclaims, “We’re gonna need a bigger place!”

“Oh,” she whispers, biting her lip as she finally sees what he’s holding in his hand. “I was, well. Telling you… Yeah, I’m, we’re… Wasn’t sure…”

Grinning, the Doctor cuts her off by capturing her lips with his and she doesn’t mind at all. When he pulls away, he says, “I, you, we’re gonna be parents, Rose! We have so much to do!”

Rose giggles as the Doctor drops the little plastic stick he found in the bathroom next to the laptop. Scooping her up in his arms, he whispers, “I love you, Rose,” as he practically runs them to the bedroom.


All I Want for Christmas is You

This was another prompt that I filled from poringkiller (I don’t want to post the actual prompt cause it’d give something away) :D let me know what you think!! 

“Ugh!” Grace exclaimed staring into her empty refrigerator. “ Why don’t I have any food in my apartment!” She yelled to the empty house. “Fuck this, why the hell am I alone on Christmas.” She asked Goose, who had wondered into the kitchen upon hearing Grace’s yelling. The dog just looked up at her. “I don’t have food for you Goose. I don’t even have food for myself.”

Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk that ass. Grace’s phone was ringing from where it was sitting on the couch.

“Hey Hannah.” Grace said, already knowing who it was.

“Merry Christmas-Eve Grace!” Hannah greeted cheerily.

“Eh…I’m not really feeling Christmas this year.” Grace mumbled, rummaging through her cabinets until she found a box of instant mashed potatoes.

“What! Why?!” Hannah asked.

“Are you kidding me?!” Grace exclaimed, starting to boil water and butter. “Hannah, I didn’t go home to New Jersey because I was supposed to spent Christmas with you, my girlfriend, and then you up and leave for some stupid, random YouTube thing!” Grace was on the verge of tears, “Being alone on Christmas is a super shitty feeling Hannah.” Grace took a deep breath. “I just really wanted you here.”

“But Grace, you said you were ok with me leaving! I specifically asked you that before I let.” Hannah argued.

“Yeah, well, I lied Hannah.” Grace said, emotion clear in her voice. “I would never do anything to come between you and your career, or you and your fans, so I said ok. I’m just mad that I’m upset at all babe. Not at you for going. I feel like a petty, whiney bitch.” She sighed. “I’m gonna go Hannah. I just finished making dinner, and then maybe I can just sleep through Christmas.” Grace said, stirring the instant powder and milk into the boiling water then scooping the potatoes into a bowl. “Merry Christmas Hannah.”

“Merry Christmas Gracie. I love you.” Hanna replied.

“I know.” The blonde replied, unable to return the sentiment. “Bye.” And when she looked down at her phone to end the call, she ended up staring at the background picture on it for a long time. It was from last week when the went out to dinner with Mamrie, and the redhead kept giving them shit for how couple-y they were being, so she took a picture for evidence later. The tears started falling for the first time since she found out she’d be spending Christmas alone. She left the food sitting on the counter and padded into her room, calling Goose to follow her.

After climbing into bed and letting the dog jump up with her, she curled up, wrapping her arms around her puppy. “At least I have you Goose.” She sighed. “I really should be happy for Hannah, I just was really looking forward to our first Christmas together.” She fell silent thinking about all the corny Christmas traditions she had planned on doing with Hannah and soon cried herself to sleep.


Grace woke up with a start, scaring Goose off the bed. She looked over at her clock. ‘Who the fuck is at my apartment at 7 am Christmas morning?’ she thought, dragging herself out of bed to her front door. When she opened it though, no one was there, but there was a note on the ground. She picked it up to see it read, ‘Look Up.’ The only option she had was the frame to her front door. “Who the fuck put mistletoe above my door?” She asked out loud, a little annoyed by the fact someone was obviously messing with her.

“Take a wild guess.” Grace heard a very familiar voice say, followed by the appearance of the tiny girl from around the corner of her porch. Grace stood in disbelief, staring at Hannah, who was wearing a Santa hat and had a bow around her neck. The younger girl moved forward until she was standing right in front of Grace, under the mistletoe. “Merry Christmas Gracie.”

And in that moment when their lips collided, they both knew they would never spend a Christmas apart again.