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I wouldn’t have survived without the help of @overdrivels thenks bb u3u <3

and i maybe also realized that i might have a thing for hospital scenes hahaha;;;;;

Follow up of this ol’ thing!

If his upbringing had taught Genji nothing else, it was to be observant. It was a necessity at the time, after all, but it had proven itself useful in other situations. It was how he had finally gotten his brother to stop being a moony-eyed loner after all.

He still felt rather proud of himself for that, giving that nudge for Hanzo to actively seek his own happiness. It was a wonderful sight, his brother and his lady, the man looking a touch less emotionally constipated than he usually did. Hanzo wanted to think himself hard to read, but he could be painfully obvious to anyone who knew what to look for; as siblings, he was especially vulnerable to Genji’s keen eye.

But his keen skills, unfortunately, were not perfect, and alerted him too late that something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t until he saw you alone, rushing into an empty meeting room, visibly upset.

That Hanzo wasn’t with you set him on immediate alarm.

On recollection, he hadn’t seen his brother at all that day, and seldom the evening prior. His gut reaction was worry for Hanzo, but if something had happened to him, surely the rest of the base would have been notified by now.

He wasn’t about to search out his brother, not to start with at least, so that left him to approach you, as much as he didn’t really want to. Emotional comfort wasn’t a particular strength of his – that was more his Master’s realm of expertise.

But with Hanzo nowhere to be seen, and you no longer your usually exuberant self, Genji sighed – though he was not entirely exasperated – and set out to right things. Again. He wondered how he let himself caught up in this.

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I’ve been drinking tonight so here’s a rambly hamburr mermaid fic.

Humans were annoying. They were supposed to be frightening, terrifying beasts of danger- death incarnate, ender of lives. But Burr knew better.

“Please! I just want to see your tail again! It’s so beautiful, if I can paint it I’ll be whole again!” ALexander Hamilton, human and all around try-hard, perched precariouly close to the slippery edge of the rock.

Burr gave him an unimpressed stare from the surf. Below the water, his long, slender, not-for-human-gaze fish tail keeping balance below the water’s edge. “I don’t have to give you anything.”

“No, you’re right!” Hamilton exclaimed, shifting even closer. Warily, Burr stared, Hamilton’s knees dangerously close to the slippery section of rock, perpetually wet from the constant waves. “You don’t have to, but I would really, really appreciate it!”

Burr considered it. It was vital to his species survival to avoid human contact, avoid any method of being recorded. Painting was strange, but defnitely included. “What’s in it for me?”

“Uhh, my eternal gratitude?” Hamilton smiled too widely. Burr wondered if he’d get a cramp, forcing his muscles that much.

It wasn’t exactly a tempting offer. Especially not when put against the greatest rule of the Mer race- to not be seen or recorded by humans. “Not good enough,” he said. Then, Hamilton moved forward, his knees resting solidly against the slippery portion of the rock. “Don’t fall in!”

Hamilton paused. “Wait, why do you care if I fall in? Don’t you hate me?”

“What?” Burr wrinkled his nose. “Hate you? I’ve spent all this time trying to convince you to go home. If I hated you, I could have drowned you, or run away.”

SLowly, for some reason, a smile broke out across Hamilton’s face. It looked genuine. Burr was confused. “So, you don’t hate me? Do you like me?”

Something leaped into Burr’s throat. “What!? Of course not, what are you talking about? Just because I don’t want you to drown, doesn’t mean I like you. Stupid human.”

“You do like me!” Hamilton shot up, one leg slipping. With a yelp, he tried to steady himself. Burr thrust forward, tryinng to catch him. It was too late, and with another shout, Hamilton fell into the surf.

Burr wasn’t sure why, but panic gripped him. Without even thinking, he dove for Hamilton, pulling him easily above the waves. “Idiot! WHat do you think you’re doing!?”

Hamiltong, the confusing, strange human that he was, burst out in laughter. “You saved me! Oh my god!”

“What are you on about now!?”

“No, no, I mean,” Hamilton coughed, his laughter slowing. “We have fairy tales about this exact thing. The prince gets saved by the mermaid princess. It’s perfect! I’ll be inspired for weeks, months even!”

Prince? Princess? “You’re an idiot.” Burr sighed, unable to parse Hamilton’s meaning. “We don’t have royalty.”

Hamilton was quiet, finally, as Burr towed him to the rock again, boosting him up to safety. “Well,” he said, breaking the silence, “I’m not royalty either, so that part’s out, I guess. But we could always try for the other fairy tale staple.

Burr knew  it was going to be something dumb. “What’s the other staple?” He asked anyways. Damn his curiosity.

“You fall in love with me.” Hamilton said, smirk peeking out from damp strings of hair.

Burr turned around, flipped his tail so it slapped Hamilton in the face, and left. If he had a blush, well, that wasn’t anybody’s business.

Bonus: an epilogue situation

“Hamilton why are you a dumbass” Burr said, “literally all the time.”

Hamilton shrugged. “Because.. I’m the worst?”

“Damn right yyou are,” Burr snapped. But then, his frown softened. “But you’re still cute.” Burr reached forward and gave HAmulton a peck on the lips.

Hamilton stated. And then stared some more. “That’s gay,” he whispered quietly, something like awe in his voice.

Burr snorted. “It is,” he admitted.He loved his boyfriend.

jamthedingus  asked:

i'm always a slut for shunk :3c and maybe "humble" as a word prompt?

I adore the idea of Hunk being humble and Shiro being like LISTEN. This definitely could’ve gone longer but I kept it short and sweet haha. Enjoy!! 

Leaning against Black’s toe, Shiro curiously peered down at the intricate tangle of wires Hunk was navigating with ease. Black had complained the last two battles that her right hind leg had been bothering her; she was unable to diagnose the problem with her own information on hand, so Shiro had called up Hunk. From Hunk’s perspective, it had been a simple fix: the wires were touching where they shouldn’t. He just had to get in there and put everything back where it belonged.

Humming to himself, Hunk removed a knot of wires and began to sort through it, fingers quick and sure. Shiro leaned forward, unable to parse exactly what Hunk was doing. The ease with which he handled the wires was – intriguing.  Hunk ducked closer to the cables, brows furrowed as he untangled three and then flinched back when a spark jumped out. Black pinged alarm in Shiro’s thoughts. Hunk cursed.

“Uh –” Shiro started.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just startled me,” Hunk said. “Black, we’re good. You just had a bad tangle, that’s all.”

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A favor

During an evening visit, Jindosh asks to see the stars tattooed across Paolo’s back.  Paolo obliges him, but Jindosh is only half-present; something else is distracting him. 

Thanks to @carvedwhalebones and @whales-and-witchcraft for the inspiring fics & art featuring these two!


“For each…?”  Jindosh echoes, musing – the words are slow to come and wine-thickened when they roll off his tongue.  The question isn’t really a question, however, and so it’s no trouble when he doesn’t get an answer; instead, standing a few feet from the chairs and with his back turned, Paolo continues to unbutton his shirt, elbows bobbing and head down.  The Howler’s dark jacket – removed hours ago, sometime after the wine came out and brought with it a merciful end to the wasteful small talk – is folded over the back of the armchair to Jindosh’s left.

He’s very aware of it.

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tddk day 3; strengths/weaknesses

When Shouto graduated from UA, he thought for sure they would all separate in different areas and drift apart. It was common, wasn’t it? It happened with his middle school classmates. Class A had great memories and lived together for three years, but they were all going to be professional heroes. They were bound to be too busy to hang out.

Except. Of course Midoriya found a way to make it work. Having inherited the responsibility of being the new light of hope, Midoriya was always moving. It felt like he was everywhere. “You can always count on me,” he’d said to everyone, but looked right at Shouto like there was a hidden message in his words. (Shouto didn’t understand what it was even now.)

He helped all around Japan, never quite settling in one place. Everyone saw him at least once a week.

Shouto saw him almost everyday.

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Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 14 (NSFW)

Read it on AO3.
Part 13 here.
Part 15 here.

Summary:  You might have maybe made a little boo-boo when you looked through Kylo Ren’s stuff. He’s kind of sensitive about a few things. Oh well–guess it’s another lesson you have to learn.

Words: 5150

Warnings: dub-con, violence, choking, bloodplay(ish), inappropriate use of the force, inappropriate use of a lightsaber,

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N:  I’m so sorry this was so fucking long but I HAD TO WRITE ALL OF IT hopefully none of you are like “what the fuck is wrong with, you would have cut this off about 2k ago. Goodbye cruel world I have descended into Hell

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Decided to do a simple corner to corner since I’ve never done one and I admit, I had a hard time understanding how to get it started the fist time. Luckily, it only took me two tries.

When I start a [knit] entrelac, I have to be alone in silence and hyper focused or I fuck it up every time.

My toe hurts, and my back hurts, and my son was bad at school today, and I am crabby.

When my parents where here, I realized something.

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collar-phil  asked:

Hi! I really love the first chapter of listen, and I was wondering if you do tags on your fics? And if so could I please be tagged in the next chapters? Thanks! Love you! ❤️❤️

Okay, so this is a little embarrassing to admit, as I’ve been posting phanfic on Tumblr for a full year now … but I am literally unable to even parse your request, because I am 100% entirely clueless about the practice you’re describing. We’re talking no clues at all. None. Not even a little one. Not even part of one.

If you (or any other kind and patient soul) would care to explain in small words I might understand, I’d most likely be happy to do whatever thing it is that you’re requesting. And if it’s something cool, maybe I’ll start asking other people to do it for me, too!

Wait. It doesn’t involve cannibalism, does it?

anonymous asked:

Hi Criquette, how do you do it with the "diagonal"/curvy roads (not the deco pieces)?

Hello anon! Long read ahead, lol!
If you see a curvy/diagonal road, it’s 100% hood deco. There are two ways to fake a curvy road. And one way to fake a diagonal one.

Both of them imply good planning from the very beginning of hood creation.
You must know your road layout before you even run SC4 to create a .sc4 file. I usually create sketches or draft plans of the future neighborhood with all possible terrain features and, of course, roads.

Then you need to determine, which pieces can be done with ‘real’ in game roads. Here is an example (where black – decorative pieces, green – real roads):

Here is an in game example. Real road pieces were added at the terrain creation stage, decorative curvy roads were added at the stage of hood decoration:

Okay, and one more thing. To have an open road end in your neighborhood (without this dead end piece where traffic makes U turn), for better connection with decorative pieces, you need to add a small street piece to the end of the road in Simcity 4 (TS2 is unable to parse this type of road and leaves the end of the road open). Like this:

It also gives you possibility to plop a 1 tile width shrinked lot at the end of the road.

Hannibal Rewatch Drabbles: Œuf (s01e04)

Wet from his shower, Will curled up on the motel bed. The mattress was stiff with no give and felt good on his back.

He looked at the painting above his bed, a red boat on a calm ocean. Every room on the floor would have the same one. Over the years Will had learned that motels rarely varied. A ship, a flower, whatever non-offensive slightly abstract image that could be hung up for cheap–he liked it.

He turned the television on, clicking through the channels and found Jeopardy and lowered the volume, appreciating the background noise. It was quiet enough that he could hear the general sounds and unable to parse out the words. It was good to be able to zone out.

Will’s cellphone vibrated. It was a picture of his dogs asleep, all in their beds sent from Hannibal. It made him smile. His family was fine. Not that he’d been worried.

He hesitated, thumbs hovering over the keyboard and wondering if he should reply. Hannibal probably didn’t expect him to.

He could tell him about the crime scene and how his head felt like bursting. Or worse, giving him the olive branch that was in the form of his mother or lack of mother and mothering and parental figures in general that was being hammered home with this case. 

The image of staying up all night texting with Dr. Lecter was entertaining enough that Will was tempted and he was sure Hannibal would humor him.

His phone vibrated again. 

Goodnight, Will.

Two simple little words somehow managed to send a spike of warmth to his chest. Too tired and half asleep he didn’t think much as to why that was.

He stared at the text until his phone went to sleep, the letters still floating in his vision like a pleasant burn.