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SDCC Steven Universe Panel Highlights

I thought I’d summarize some details on the San Diego Comic Con panel for anyone who wants it.

The panel at SDCC opened with a live singing of the theme song.

Zach Callison is the moderator. He introduced the guests: Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), Estelle (Garnet), AJ Michalka (Stevonnie), and of course Rebecca Sugar. He gives her congrats on the Emmy nomination (which is for “Mr. Greg” if you didn’t know). Then he asks the other cast members some questions. This is all paraphrased, not direct quoting.

Zach to Michaela: What Amethyst quotes do you use most in daily life?

Michaela says that when she wakes up, she makes noises that sound like her Gem is cracked. Then she says maybe she should change her answer to “womp womp.”

Zach breaks in with “Which way to the baby war?” as his favorite.

Zach to Deedee: What songs do you sing around the house?

She responds “Which do I NOT sing?” She likes “Love Like You” in the shower. “Steven and the Stevens” when she’s doing dishes, and “Peace and Love” a lot lately. Her kids are learning the songs on piano and ukulele, so there’s lots of SU tunes happening in her house.

Zach to Estelle: How has the popularity of the show affected your music career?

Estelle basically says a new generation of people are noticing her music and realizing she is the singer on songs they encounter in the wild. Zach says he grew up on “American Boy.” ;)

Zach to AJ: How has Stevonnie changed since their first appearance?

She says Stevonnie has learned a lot, and has more confidence now.

Then the cast does a great little line read of the scene when Stevonnie first appears, beginning with them barging in with “Pretty cool right?” The voice actors all say their parts and perform it slightly differently, which is cute. Then they do a version of “Here Comes a Thought” with Estelle and AJ!

Zach to Rebecca: What’s next on Steven Universe?

(Of course she laughs.)

Rebecca says the show has recently had so many huge events, so there will be lots of fallout, like a roller coaster from here on out. Then they show a clip. It’s sort of like a trailer. It’s all about Lapis’s conflictedness not wanting to get caught in another war, Homeworld’s future actions, Pearl being unable to properly explain the context of everything even though she wants to, and Greg not knowing his place in all this.

Zach says he hadn’t seen it yet.

Then they talk a bit about the Save the Light game coming out. A trailer for the game pops up and it includes footage that hasn’t been seen. Including a new character: Squaridot, a Peridot from Homeworld.

Rebecca was very involved in the making of the game. She says having a console game is a dream come true because they could do so much more than with the small mobile game, Attack the Light. There are Fusions and original characters, and the mechanics are relationship-based, and Greg is a player character who can play guitar. She likes that Squaridot is a Peridot who hasn’t made the kind of progress that Peridot has made. They segue to say Shelby Rabara (Peridot’s voice actor) is taking over social media for the week.

Then they talk about the Art and Origins book being out, and how there’s a SDCC-exclusive version. Launching also is the podcast, a 10-episode production, about the production of the show. McKenzie Atwood is the host. Rebecca and Steven were Episode 1–I’ve already heard this (and I seem to recall there wasn’t really a lot of new info except that the Gem writing in the Kindergarten will say who each section belongs to if you can read it, and that a lot of Ishtar imagery was used, including the 7 lions and the stars). Rebecca did episode 1 of the podcast with her brother, and says she wishes she could do everything with Steven. Zach and Grace are Episode 2.  

They talk about how the soundtrack Volume 1 is out, and announce that a vinyl version is out in fall! A limited-run Stronger than You and Love Like You vinyl single is out for SDCC.

Then they play a name-the-song game with SU cosplayers. They complimented a Pearl cosplayer’s cool spear too. They read lyrics, tell what song it’s from, and if the player gets it right, they win a vinyl single. Quiz songs included “Love Like You,” “Wailing Stone,” “Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart,” “Steven and the Stevens,” “It’s Over, Isn’t It,” “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue),” and “Comet.” Most people got them right, but if they got it wrong they got to try another one.

Then there’s a Q&A, which I’m paraphrasing the 12 questions:

1. Audience member: Fluorite is a polyamorous relationship, right? What inspired it?

Rebecca said she went to an LGBTQ center in Long Beach and chatted about what stuff they really wanted to see. Poly relationships came up. (So yes, that’s confirmed, though in my opinion it really didn’t have to be since they were pretty clear about it!)

2. Audience member: Fan theories–do they influence you or do you have a master plan?

Rebecca says she loves fan theories, but they work way further in the future, so no, they really don’t influence what the story does. She has loved reading the theories about the trial, because some are onto something, and some are like way off. Zach says the good stuff gets downvoted a lot.

3. Audience member: Says a favorite character of theirs is Rainbow Quartz, and wants to know will we see a version of her with Steven?

Rebecca says of course she can’t give spoilers, but that Rainbow Quartz 2.0 would inevitably be different. Then she quickly says, “Forget I said that.”

4. Audience member: How old is Lion? Have we seen all his powers?

Rebecca says it’s a good question and can’t say exactly. The episode “Buddy’s Book” gives a hint at the general time when Rose was spending time with seven lions. That’s a gauge for how old Lion is. She implies that Lion does have more to show us about what he can do.

5. Audience member: Regarding the “Off Colors” episode, which Off Color do you relate to?

Rebecca immediately says “Rhodonite, the neurotic.” Then Zach says he relates to Padparadscha because he’ll trail off in the middle of a sentence. Deedee says she relates to that too.

6. Audience member: On writing music for the show–any challenges?

Rebecca says it’s very challenging–they’re given no extra time to work on the songs. “Mr. Greg” was most challenging of course. Zach is glad the Emmys recognized Rebecca’s extra hours. He said he had a hard time when his voice changed. “Puberty is a thing,” he says, while talking about some songs he struggled with.

7. Audience member: Will there be a Blu-Ray?

Rebecca would like it. Making it happen will take more moments like this (the panel, people showing up for the show).

8. Audience member: Did Yellow Diamond shatter Pink Diamond?


Zach: “We won’t tell anyone what you say Rebecca.”

Rebecca just says she’s really excited about the next run because it was a chance to do a real murder mystery.

9. Audience member: What inspired you to use gems/rocks?

Rebecca: “Aesthetic! It’d look cool!” But she learned a lot about myths. Smoky Quartz was fun to learn about gem trivia for, building important symbolism into their character. Estelle said gems are just really pretty, that’s enough of a reason.

10. Audience member: How often do you write a song and then build an episode around it or vice versa?

Rebecca says it depends. Character stories will need a song when dialogue just isn’t enough. “Here Comes a Thought” was unusual since it came before the episode. She wanted it to be a tool to teach kids about mindfulness meditation.

11. Audience member: Do you anticipate what’s going to be popular on your show?

Rebecca says on the inside they focus on loving what they’re making. Team ideas that are spur of the moment seem to catch on most with the fans too. They discuss Padparadscha’s immense popularity. Sapphires are sort of Zelda-like, Rebecca says, and she wanted one who reminded her of Peach. Lamar Abrams came up with the idea of making her hair kinda look like a crown to increase the feeling that she has a matching vibe.

12. Audience member: On Lars’ development: was it planned initially?

Rebecca says it happened naturally. He’s one of the oldest characters in the show, and she was drawing him in college. Lars-n-Sadie comics are older than SU. (This was already known but apparently some people didn’t know they predate the show.) So of course they were always going to be important. (Zach says Lars was important in the pilot for calling Steven names.)

Using Ne

- random bursts of energy that can last anwhere from 10 seconds to 10 hours

- getting bored easily

- acting like a hyperactive child when we find an interesting subject to discuss

- being indecisive because of all the perspectives we have to consider

- also being unable to pick one side of an argument

- forgetting basic stuff like eating and sleeping

- being unable to explain anything coherently and linearly

- wanting to explore everything, learn everything and do everything, because the world is so full of possibilities and wE MUST EXPERIENCE THEM ALL

I write, I try as much as possible to write everything out. It’s never enough though, but at least it helps. And I don’t write because I want to, I write because I need to. I need to let all these hidden feelings out, I need to free my mind from all those terrifying thoughts that are eating it up. I first thought speaking up and saying everything inside me would help, but every time I try and open up, either no one listens, or I become completely unable to explain what I feel. Hence I knew that writing, and only writing, is the only way to get through this.
—  highlypoetic 

Title: At Last
Summary: The day Sakura found out she was pregnant was quite one to remember indeed.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: That Day
Rating: M
A/N: While I don’t believe they planned to have a baby on the road, this is still a fun and cute scenario to think about. I had lots of fun writing this :)

It wasn’t exactly how she’d ever pictured she would find out: sitting in the middle of a forest, tending to a campfire, watching the love of her life training aggressively against the trunk of an old tree, the warmest smile to her lips—and then, a faint thrumming sensation, odd and completely unfamiliar, sparking low in her belly.

Bemused, Sakura looked down on herself and blinked, touching a palm to her abdomen. An infection, perhaps? she mused, brows furrowing. Shaking her head, the thought was dismissed near-instantly; no, that wasn’t possible—in all her years of experience, she knew with certainty that infections had never been capable of throwing chakra paths off route so much.

Growing evermore perplexed, Sakura simply summoned forth the most basic of her medical techniques, setting about a curious exploration to her body. It was only seconds before she found herself stiffening rigidly, brilliant mind blanking and green eyes snapping wide, rendered entirely speechless by her discovery.

It wasn’t an infection—she’d been right about that. And it wasn’t an instability in her chakra channels either—in fact, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her.

No, she was simply… pregnant.

Her heart stuttered in her chest. A flurry of warmth washed over the whole of her. Pregnant, she thought again, feeling the sweet pulse of this new chakra.

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Damian Wayne being a child/adolescent.

Damian Wayne liking playgrounds, for reasons he is unable to explain or defend.

Damian Wayne eating cinnamon rolls and getting icing all over his face.

Damian Wayne liking Looney Tunes and cartoons in general.

Damian Wayne being fascinated with cowboys.

Damian Wayne going swimming and scoffing at brightly-colored arm floaties and life jackets, but half-admiring the slide, which he goes down fifteen times in a row.

Damian Wayne falling asleep at the drop of a hat.

Damian Wayne in cuddly pajamas.

Damian Wayne being introduced to large, plush stuffed animals.

Just…little bitty Damian Wayne.

My Love’s So Strong

Pairing/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Dad!Tony
Warnings: stalker behaviour, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, angst, fluff
Summary: You’re a very valuable team member of The Avengers and that means you have fans. Some fans just don’t know their boundaries.
Word Count: 2.5k+  
A/N: I deadass know nothing about Philly only that my mom’s real brother live’s there lmao


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BTS Reaction to You On Your Wedding Day

GENRE: flufffff


A/N: thank you so so much i seriously love you with all of my heart! you are so kind and i cannot express enough of my feelings towards you!! hope you enjoy!!!



@picture-me-this said: Hey it’s me again! I’ve been holding off on requesting more, but I saw you needed more requests and I couldn’t help myself! Could you do them reacting to you on your wedding day? Literally love you and your imagines so much!!!





— There would not be one disappointed face in the audience as you walked down the aisle, your arm wrapped in your closest parental figure’s. Jin would be unable to hold the smile back from his lips at the sight of you, admiring your choice of clothing, makeup, hair, everything. Jin would easily be the type to cry at the view, accepting a tissue from one of the boys who stood by his side wearing grins. Jin would be shaking from how beautiful you appeared, carefully taking your hands in his only to have you have to remove one of your hands due to the tears falling from your eyes.

The day had finally come; the day that both of you had been waiting for since the day you became acquainted with one another. Through the many nights spent away from each other, to the endless calls in which someone was sobbing, every second was worth those moments when you were standing in front of Jin. He would mouth the three little words to you, ensuring you that you wanted to be his partner for eternity. The crowd would be unable to peer away, observing the ceremony with respect and joy.

“I love you.”




— The small ceremony would have caused both of you a ton of stress, desiring the day to be perfect with no exceptions. Many arguments formed over disagreements, but the thought of calling the ordeal off was never an option. You had been worrying the entire day, having one of your closest friends constantly messaging one of the boys to ensure that they were on schedule. Your lack of sleep contributed to your stress, but despite that you still felt beautiful staring at yourself in the mirror. The feeling was rare, and you allowed a quiet sigh to escape your tinted lips.

Yoongi would stare at you in awe once you came into focus, his lips would part at the sight, being unable to hold them together. Soon, a smile would form on his face and he would glance away, subtly wiping the tear that attempted to escape. You would clutch onto the arm of your loved one, truly feeling as if Yoongi has outdone you with his attire. As you approached him, your hands intertwining, Yoongi would look you in the eyes; that was all you needed to calm the nerves pulsing through your body.

“I do with all of my heart.”




— Nervous Hobi would come out of his shell, which explained why he saw you in your outfit before the ceremony. Wandering around the reception, he would “accidentally” sneak a peek through one of the doors and see you surrounded by your friends wearing a large smile. Your outfit suited your personality and being more than anything else did, and Hoseok was in major shock. Before your eyes met his, he rushed out of sight to ensure that you would believe his tears were caused by his first reaction.

The boys would eventually find Hoseok, questioning him for his gleaming expression. Hobi would be unable to explain, knowing that word would get around. Once he returned to the dressing room, all of the stress he previously carried on his shoulders would melt away. The only thing Hobi could remember was you; and as he prepared himself to forever call himself yours, he hummed the many songs he had written in honor of you. The boys continued to be full of confusion, however none of them proceeded to ask due to the joyous mood of their member.

“What happened when you were gone?”




— The most calm member would definitely be casually singing along to his wedding playlist as he prepared himself for the first day of the next chapter of his life. The boys in actuality would be more worried than Joon, but that fact did not bother Namjoon the slightest. He understood that there was no doubt in his mind about you being his soulmate, and he knew that you felt the exact same. Humming, Namjoon would find himself confused once he discovered a secret note that had been delivered and managed to sneak past him into his suit.

The note would result in all of Namjoon’s joyous feelings to only rise higher, reading your handwriting with ease as you expressed feelings of excitement. Whenever the boys would question what the note said, Namjoon would not dare to answer as he read your words repeatedly. Sneaking the paper back into his suit, he vowed to savor the letter until his last breath, promising to never forget. Namjoon figured that you had one of your friends gift the note to one of the boys to place it in his suit, but he did not question it. Namjoon knew you meant every statement.

“That was sweet of you, babe.”




— Nerves would have the best of Jimin, but his excitement would cover up the majority of his fear. As he waited with the close guests you both had invited, he tapped his heel against the floor nervously. The boys stood close by supportively, having heard multiple conversations based on the day that was unfolding before their very eyes. Jimin smiled while turning towards the back doors of the building, hearing them open and watching you in awe. Your beauty outnumbered anyone else he had ever laid eyes on by a landslide, and anyone could guess that.

His mouth would gape open, and Taehyung would reach over and close it, chuckling. Jimin’s cheeks would redden as the guests giggled as well as you. Approaching Jimin, he took your hands in his and realized how nervous you must have been, feeling the shaking sensation of your skin. Almost effortlessly, Jimin calmed you down with a few words mouthed to you. The smiles on both of your faces would be unable to disappear as you recited the words that united the both of you.

“Breathe, baby; pretend you’re only talking to me.”




— The time difference between the arrival of everyone to the wedding itself was decent, and as a result Taehyung often found himself wandering. He conversed with the workers, thanking them for their work and ensuring the perfect scene for the wedding. Taehyung would hum as he walked around the venue wearing his suit and everything, wondering what you were up to and how you were feeling. Taehyung disliked the idea of you being stressed, especially due to the day partially being dedicated to you. The thought explained why he ended up at the door of your dressing room.

Your friends would crack the door open, their expressions appearing exhausted, as if they did not receive enough sleep for the occasion. Taehyung would grin warmly while stating his worries towards you, asking if he could have an update with how you were feeling. Your friends would then smile and talk of your excitement, and how your hair was almost completed and soon your entire attire would be perfect. Tae would smile widely as he thanked them for their joyous responses, only to hear your voice and then the door opening wider. The many exclaims from your friends resulted in Tae to gaze away speedily, giggling while declaring that he loved you endlessly for your clumsiness.

“You cannot take a hint at all, baby; i love you so much~!”




— The extremely small ceremony was nothing dramatic, which was what both you and Kook had desired since day one. Jungkook would be classically standing at the end of the aisle awaiting your arrival, and you stood out in the hallway with your loved one who in which was shooting words of positivity at you. They explained that they had never seen two with such a strong bond as you and Jungkook possessed, and those words easily brought a smile on your worried face.

Once the moment came when you walked down the aisle, many faces would turn in your direction as you attempted to keep your head down. That was until your loved one whispered to you to look up, and when you did you would never forget Jungkook’s expression. He was not typically someone who cried in regards to you due to the countless happy memories of one another, but once his eyes landed on you he began to quietly sniffle and eventually cry a few tears. You would smile as you reached him, quietly teasing Jungkook as tears left your own eyes.

“You baby.” “You’re crying too!”



“He’d left with a smile and a wave and a promise to return, and Shouto had watched him leave from the shadows of the doorway. He’d watched and watched until Izuku had disappeared over the horizon and then he’d watched some more, unable to explain the warmth in his chest or the longing in his lungs.“ 

please read this amazing fic by @coffeedoodle !!! i love it so much igfdfhd

Delusion Masterpost

Delusions can be categorized in various ways. The following are not mutually exclusive categories; for example, a delusion may be both bizarre and systematized.

Bizarre delusions-are absurd and factually not possible. They may involve newly discovered gods or supernatural/space creatures.

  • feelings that one is dying, is already dead or does not exist (cotard delusion)
  •  feelings of different people being a single person (fregoli delusion)
  •  feeling like one’s reflection in a mirror is some other person (mirrored-self delusion)
  • feeling that family, partners, friends and / or pets have been replaced by identical fakes (capgras delusion)
  • feeling like the world only exists inside one’s head (solipsism delusion)
  • feeling that one is living in a reality TV show (Truman show delusion)
  •  feeling like one has an identical doppelgänger with a different (usually malicious) personality and life (subjective doubles delusion)
  • feeling like other people swap identities with each other without changing appearance (intermetamorphosis delusion)
  •  feeling like doesn’t belong to one’s body or doesn’t own parts of one’s body (somatoparaphrenia delusion)
  • feeling like a person, place, object, or body part has been duplicated or transported somewhere else (reduplicative paramnesia delusion)

Grandiose delusions-are beliefs that the individual has exceptional beauty, intelligence or influence.

  • feeling that one is a god or deity
  • feeling that one has magical powers i.e. mind reading, control over the weather etc
  • feeling that one is indestructible or unimaginably strong
  • feeling that another person or other people (usually celebrities) are in love with oneself

Persecutory (or paranoid) delusions- include that the individual is being harassed, threatened, watched or bugged. They often involve spies, bikies, God, Satan or neighbors.

  • feeling that one is constantly being followed / stalked
  • feeling that one is secretly being spied on by family, partners, friends, others, pets and / or inanimate objects
  • feelings of fear over being kidnapped. Usually by a stranger.
  • feeling that one is constantly being watched (by unknown entities or known entities)
  • feeling that one is being ridiculed by family, partners, friends and / or others
  • feeling that one is being spied on or monitored by the government, FBI etc.
  • feeling that family members, partners, friends, others, pets and / or inanimate objects are secretly conspiring to kill oneself
  • feeling like is being or will be poisoned by others

Delusions of reference- are the belief that the everyday actions of others are premeditated and made with special reference to the patient. Commonly patients complain about being talked about on television or the radio. Patients may believe that music played or words spoken on television have been specifically chosen to identify or annoy them. People crossing the street or coughing may be interpreted as making purposeful actions, performed to indicate something to, or about, the patient.

Delusions of control- involve the belief that others are controlling the patient’s thoughts, feelings or actions.

Nihilistic delusions-are the belief that part of the individual or the external world does not exist, or that the individual is dead (Cotard syndrome). Financially comfortable individuals may believe they are destitute, in spite of bank statements to the contrary. Patients who believe they have no head or are dead, are unable to explain how that could be possible, but still hold the belief.

Somatic delusions- are false beliefs about the body. These may be bizarre or non-bizarre. A bizarre example is when the individual believes his nose is made of gold. A nonbizarre example is when the individual believes he has cancer of the rectum, in spite of negative reports from a competent doctor who has examined the rectum.

Delusions of infestation/parasitosis- are not uncommon in dermatological clinics (Hylwa et al, 2011).

Delusions of guilt - that the individual is guilty of purposefully or non-purposefully damaging themselves, other individuals or important property. Individuals may believe they are guilty of causing the cancer of the lady who lives next door, or a drought in Central Africa.

Delusions of jealousy - the belief that the partner is being unfaithful, and may involve checking the partner’s underclothes for stains or foreign pubic hairs.

Erotic delusions (erotomania) - the belief of the patient that another person is in love with him/her (de Clerambault syndrome). This (among others) may be a motivation for stalking, and lead to contact with the unwelcoming central figure of the delusion.

Systematized delusions- are united by a single theme. They are often highly detailed and may remain unchanged for years.

Non-systematized delusions- may change in content and level of concern, from day to day or even from minute to minute.


“You’re working yourself too hard, H.”

You appeared from the doorway of Harry’s studio in your shared home, a slight frown on your face that you realized it was much later than you expected once you looked at the wall clock.

“Just need to get this done, love.”

He spoke hoarsely, switching from typing things in his laptop and writing on his notebook.

“You’re not forced to finish it right at this moment.”

“It’ll be quick.”

He replied without sparing a look at you, doing his work a bit too much that he didn’t see the sad look you carried.

“You said that for the past week.”

“I’ll be in bed in a few minutes, love. Just wait.”

You learned it the hard way, that Harry would be back in bed in a time much later than he promised, collapsing on it and being straight-out slept over.

You left, going back to your shared bedroom and getting a pillow, not hesitating to go in his studio this time.

You made your way to the couch where both Harry and Jeff and the boys sit down on when they’re giving a go to what they recorded.

You lied down on the couch, a sound being let out that Harry didn’t notice, hugging the pillow closer to you.

Although he did know that you went in again, only noticing it minutes later when he still felt another presence in the room.

“Y/N, go back to the room. I’ll be there in a second.”

Harry was confused when he heard the lack of a reply, his state being filled with sheer panic of what could’ve happened to you, finally taking his gaze off his screen and standing up, only to find a sad sight beside him.

It’s you fast asleep on the couch in Harry’s studio, something you didn’t deserve to sleep on since he wouldn’t come in the bedroom.

Also something that made Harry’s heart break.

It’s past midnight and you’re there, an adjustment in him being that he should be the one to maybe adjust in these type of situations and not you.

He stood in front of you, unable to explain himself. Given if you’re asleep or not.

He swallowed the lump on his throat, hand slightly shaking you that’s already enough to wake you up because of your ruined sleep schedule.


He didn’t wait for a reply because he knew better, and it felt better, regret coming in his vains.

He scooped you in his arms to your shared bedroom, putting you under the sheets silently with him doing the same, guilt not being able to shrugged off of him at the moment.

“I love you.”

What ADD is...

So I saw a post going around on what ADHD is and I thought I would make one for ADD as well, so people can understand the difference a bit better hopefully. First off I just want to say it is a spectrum and different types, and you can get burst of different types (at least from my experience with it!). This is my own Inattentive type experience and please do not take it as gospel!! <3

ADD is…

- Losing track of time and having no recollection of where the time went.

- Having impulses that are difficult to control 

- Having people ask you to do things and going to do them only to realize you’ve forgotten what you have to do

- Going to great lengths to try and not forget something but forgetting it anyway

- Only half remembering statistics or getting facts and other knowledge all switched around in your head which leads to thinking you are untrustworthy or gullible

- Knowing your side if the argument is completely right and would prevent bad things from happening but being unable to explain it properly.

- Tripping over your speech before just giving up on even talking

- Sometimes just not even having the energy to talk

- Sometimes being unable to drag yourself out of your daydream state

- Not being able to focus on many things at once because it mentally and physically exhausts you (unable to focus on socializing alongside work or other hobbies)

- Not having the energy to clean a lot of the time due to it taking too much energy you have already used on just focusing on things

- Not being able to think on the spot, like if someone asks you a simple math question out of the blue.

Just a little bit of my experiences with it! Let me know if you have Inattentive ADD and feel these as well!!

Air Signs

Affectionate, Indecisive, Curious and Inconsistent

Gemini represents two different personalities in one and you will never be sure which one you will face. Always ready for fun, playful and clever. Geminis are good communicators
one minute they’re playful, next minute they’re serious. They are extremely curious with everything. Geminis make amazing friends and are also amazing at making them!
They are open-minded, childish and fun loving. Always ready for an intellectual challenge, always faithful and determined. Geminis go through plenty of love interests until they find the right one to settle down with.

Fair-minded, Indecisive, Gracious and Self-pitying

This sign is ruled by Venus, making them amazing lovers. They are balanced, fair-minded and peaceful. Libras tend to avoid conflict and are usually in the middle of it.
Libras find their own inner personality the most important to them. Strongly intellectual like Gemini, Libras have their own opinions and do not like others shutting them down.
Libras tend to be good at hiding their feelings, unable to explain them but they are caring. They are charming, flirty and loving, always searching for a partner. Sometimes can be manipulative.

Independent, Temperamental, Original and Aloof

Aquarians can be shy and quiet but also the opposite. However, Aquarians love helping other people. They are very deep thinkers, able to look at both sides of the story and can easily solve conflict.
They can also adapt to the energies that surround them but, Aquarians also need their time alone, away from everything else to restore themselves. Much like the other signs, they are intellectual and are mentally stimulated.
Aquarians thrive within a group and strive to be around others, strong sense for freedom. They can also come off as insensitive and cold, they need to learn how to express their inner emotions and learn to trust others!
They find intellectual conversations stimulating and attractive, they respect honesty and freedom within relationships. In love they are loyal and committed.

Hinami Facing the Reaper

The first thing I want to mention is that the parallels in this chapter are many, just like the last one. In particular there are a few dangerous pieces of foreshadowing surrounding Hinami. I’m not sure enough to call any of these death flags, nor do I even like that term so much so let’s just call them parallels. In 63: Ghoul, Kaneki’s fantasy about his friends being destroyed features Hide with pins in his face, Touka with one damaged arm, and Hinami’s head being cleaved clean off.

In this chapter, Touka has an arm that she loses function in.

In the previous chapter we had Hide reveal himself as scarecrow. The damage of course is not exact as we have no idea how much facial damage Hide has taken, but (this might be a stretch), In L Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow is a character whose given pins and needles to put in his straw head by the Wizard in order to give him the ability to think.

If it’s not that specific of a reference, I can see generally the pins in Hide’s head just foreshadowing the damage to his face that Hide would eventually take and then hide with a mask as Scarecrow.

Anyway, the parallel would seem to indicate as in this situation where Kaneki imagines his friends taking this damage, where Touka has lost use of her arm already and Hide’s face has been damaged, that Hinami losing her head would be the natural next step.

There are also two other areas where Hinami is foreshadowed to take damage specifically to the neck. In this piece of official art in which Kaneki is depicted in his black reaper form, we see Hinami with an obvious line through her neck.

There’s also the parallel, with her mother’s death. The world live, being cut off by the swing of a quinque.

I don’t think this means Hinami will die, but she might definitely be damaged in that area. There are a couple of other parallels in this scene in relation to Hinami that I want to talk about before getting to Juuzou so let’s discuss those.

Chapter 51: Dream ends with a character being beheaded in a similiar shock fashion to Hinami, only for Kanae to turn up relatively fine next chapter.  Of course the sicrumstances are different, Hinami isn’t being possessed by Takatsuki’s magical kagune so it’s unlikely she’ll be able to heal to that degree but I thought it was worth pointing out, especially since Kanae was plucked by Haise very soon before he turned into a black reaper. 

There’s also from the begining of :Re, when Hinami was Yotsume, her encountering the reaper and certain death in a similiar scene only to be taken as Haise’s ownership rights instead.

Similiar to back then, it was a situation where everybody else Ayato included who wanted to help her was powerless to do so, and Hinami accepted her own death. Only to be saved because the person fighting her was intent on capturing her rather than killing her.

There’s also one last scene that this parallels, this one from the original Tokyo Ghoul where one sister reached out for another, only to be unable to make it in time as Juuzou cut through them.

Considering Touka lost use of her arm in this scene, take your pick on the parallel really. 

Which is why I find this line so suspicious. “It’s useless, because you people are bait” says Furuta. The question is who is he referring to? With Furuta these sorts of things often have a double meaning.

He says first and foremost the purpose of the raid is to bait Kaneki into action. Even in his personal narration where he stresses the importance of him winning, he seems rather flippant about what will happen after the fact.

It’s likely the bait he can be referring to has two meanings as well. First the weaker tier investigators that he sent out after Touka and Hinami first to lower their stamina before Juuzou descended, and then Touka and Hinami themselves.

Bait to draw out the wrath of a dragon. Which is why I have been theorizing as of late that neither Touka nor Hinami would die, but at least one of them would be captured [x]. Which is why I can also see, if Touka is taken a Hinami left behind to explain what happened to either Ayato or Kaneki who stumbles upon the scene.

Imagine then too, Hinami taking throat damage without losing her head like all of the nagetive foreshadowing seems to imply. She would be left speechless and most likely unable to explain to Kaneki about how Touka was lost to her.

Which would make a stark parallel with this scene in 120: Vessel, where Akira and Hinami technically do make up, but Hinami barely has a voice at all in the scene and in fact does not talk to the whole chapter or even bring up the things she mentioned to Ayato. 

In parallel also, to the scene where Yomo confronts Arata only to have Arata completely unable to explain himself as to why he let Hikari die in order to protect the children. 

That could be one result of Hinami facing the reaper.