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The women’s march, the world over, has already made a difference, and I will tell you why.

I was at Obama’s inauguration in 2008. It was freezing cold out, and I couldn’t see for shit; just packed into a crowd with half a million of my closest friends, unable to even lift my arms. And everyone was so happy. So hopeful. So ready.

I saw some of that today. Instead of gleeful cheers we had righteous yells, and sassy signs, and angry hearts. But there was hope in peoples’ eyes. And I haven’t felt hopeful for even a second since cheeto voldemort won the election, but today I got my hope back. Today we lifted each other’s spirits and reminded the world that we are strong and we can still fight. And I don’t know about y'all but that is something I desperately needed to see. A rebellion built on hope.

me, unable to go even one day without making someone mad at me because i have, no control over my emotions and i always say the wrong thing, Apparently

things that Dont Make Sense

  • jumping out of an exploding two-story building through the glass without any injury at all
  • running out of an exploding two story building down several flights of stairs without any injury at all
  • smashing a coffin into splinters and pieces with your bare hands without any injury at all
  • being chained to the bottom of a well only to be able to climb up once a rope is thrown in
  • being a medical doctor unable to identify human bones (even in the dark because honestly…. honestly)
  • getting three unconscious people and yourself from a remote island in the middle of the ocean to your childhood home
  • being able to construct a makeshift cell in the front yard of your childhood home when you’re having a psychotic breakdown for Dramatic Effect
  • having a gun that’s inside of a sword that’s inside of your umbrella that won’t fire
  • working in the government and being fully comfortable with human torture as well as having seen corpses and cadavers before but uncomfortable at the sight of a dead body

please feel free to add more because im sure there are plenty

kubo-sensei likes that both men and women had heart eyes at victor when he winks at his fans

she doesn’t like the thought of athletes being injured, let alone dying 

she’s unable to write villains even when she tries

she was really happy that people were able to cheer up when watching YOI and that ppl could watch it over and over again without feeling stressed

“who knows, someone having a hard time might find the strength to go on after looking at victor’s ass”

Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is one of a cluster of conditions defined by symptoms of anxiety and fear. It is the most diagnosed personality disorder and is found equally in women and men. Unlike other disorders, it appears quite late – typically in early to middle adulthood.

The specific, identifying symptoms include:

• Being emotionally dependent on others; feeling they can’t take care of themselves

• Investing a lot of time and effort in trying to please significant people

• Displaying clingy, passive and needy behavior

• Avoiding disagreements for fear of losing approval and support

• Experiencing separation anxiety and intense fear of abandonment

• Finding it hard to be alone

• Putting the needs of others before their own

• Tolerating mistreatment and abuse for fear of disapproval and abandonment

• Being crushed, and feeling helpless, when relationships end – and forming new relationships as soon as possible

• Being unable to make even the simplest decision without the input and reassurance of others

• Rarely taking the initiative

• Avoiding personal responsibility

• Avoiding responsible jobs and careers that require independent, autonomous functioning

• Being over-sensitive to criticism

• Feeling negative and pessimistic; expecting to disappoint and fail

• Having low self esteem and lacking confidence, including a belief that they are unable to care for themselves.

The cause of disorder is still unclear, and probably includes both a genetic and environmental component. Some researchers have speculated that it could be linked to an authoritarian or overprotective parenting style – which acts as a trigger for a genetic predisposition.

Treatment is usually initially sought for some other problem or concern – such as feeling overwhelmed – so that they can’t cope with life. Also, sufferers will often have a mood disorder so they seek help for depression or anxiety at first.

The normal treatment for this particular disorder is counselling or psychotherapy. However, the emphasis is short term therapy so the person doesn’t form a dependency – and then look on the counsellor to take care of them. Prognosis with support is generally good.


beware, beware, be skeptical
of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold
deceit so natural
but a wolf in sheep’s clothing is more than a warning


Unanswered questions have been nagging at me. Kim is like so many other women, it seems to me, who have grown up with trauma. And yet there is no talk of the long-term effects. I decide to put the question of sexual abuse to her plainly. She tells me that yes, something did happen in the home of a relative when she was a girl, but she doesn’t want to get into the details. She has never talked about this before. She doesn’t want to dwell on the pain. I am saddened by her admission, and the fact that so many years later, she is still so clearly devastated.

And I am saddened that even here, in a place for relaxation and nurturing, she is unable to divest herself, even for a few hours, of the blue contact lenses and blond wig.

“Think about it,” she confesses when I ask her to talk about her experience of skin color. “The girls that [men] dated when I was younger were light-skinned and tall. I’m short and brown-skinned. And I always wondered … how do I fit in?”

Did she ever overcome the feeling of being ugly?

“I really haven’t,” she admits. “Honestly, though, I think being Lil’ Kim the rapper helped me deal with it better. Because I got to dress up in expensive clothes, and I got to look like a movie star or whatever. I think doing photo shoots and seeing all the people respond to me has helped. [But] I still don’t see what they see.”

excerpt from the mask of lil’ kim (the washington post, sept. 2000).

*Jumps back into Star Wars Feelings mode* OKAY, SO I WAS RANTING ON TWITTER, which is much of my life these days, about Finn in TFA, which is all I ever want to do really.

One thing that reeeeeally bugs me is the assumption from both Finn’s detractors and even a lot of fans that he has or needs a “redemption arc”. I absolutely don’t agree that either narratively or from an in-universe perspective that what Finn goes through in TFA counts as redemption, for the simple reason that Finn has nothing villainous to be redeemed from.

When we see Finn in his introduction, the first thing we learn about him- literally the absolute first thing- is that he is a stormtrooper who on his very first mission is unable to kill innocents. Not even just unwilling, but seemingly unable. His defining moment is that he is not like the other stormtroopers there, who he is contrasted with in a lot of ways- visually with the bloodied helment, in terms of his body language, in his actions, even in how the camera focuses on him and humanises him. So Finn’s story is not framed from the outset as one of “the bad stormtrooper has a change of heart and goes to redeem himself”. It is, instead, that Finn is ‘not like’ the other stormtroopers, who are killing without question.

The question asked of Finn isn’t so much “can you redeem yourself from being a stormtrooper?” but instead “if you can’t be a stormtrooper, what can you be?”. That’s not a redemptive narrative so much as it’s a flat-out heroic one. Finn has no deaths to atone for or terrible deeds haunting him so much as he has to deal with the consequences of immediately jumping ship and going off to be a good person. He is, from the outset, liked and trusted by Poe, not judged for his being a stormtrooper so much as praised for running off to escape them. Finn might gain a lot of bravery and willingness to act and fight over the course of TFA, but he doesn’t have to earn his basic moral stripes; they’re shown to us the audience very early on.

There’s not really any point where Finn isn’t shown to be a fundamentally decent, kind young man with a likeable personality and the ability to make strong emotional connections! He’s just a hero on his hero’s journey, really, with an interesting twist in that for a long time the stormtroopers were entirely faceless and dehumanised in the movies, and he injects a sense of real people into that image.

So: Finn is not, even in the sense of what happened in-universe before the events of TFA, any kind of “redeemed antagonist”. He’s the guy who was groomed to act as the antagonist who didn’t want to and escaped before he was made to fulfill that role.

This ties in a lot to how I see people treat his relationship (narratively, not in the sense of character interactions) with the role Kylo Ren plays in the film. They’re almost mirror opposites of each other if you squint hard enough, in that Finn escaped that antagonistic role despite being forced into it while Kylo Ren chose and continues to choose it despite an explicit “pull to the light” and it not coming “naturally” to him. Kylo Ren is, of course, the actual antagonist of the movie, and a villain besides; he fits both roles unambiguously. Like, I am all for many interpretations of media, but I firmly believe they need to be textually plausible, and I can see no textually plausible reading of Kylo Ren as anything but the antagonistic villain.

My point is, it kind of frustrates me when I see people try and support Finn’s arc and presence in TFA with the idea that “Finn is everything Kylo Ren is, but better!”, because it misrepresents and even sells Finn short, IMO. They have totally different roles in the narrative, totally different arcs, and Finn’s arc and characterization are more than able to stand on their own without that comparison being made. He doesn’t need to be shoehorned into that role to make him seem “better”, he just IS a perfectly great and engaging character.

Likewise, I also disagree with the idea that from a storytelling perspective there is anything about liking the idea of a Kylo Ren redemption arc that *inherently* shifts focus from Finn onto Kylo Ren, or that Finn’s arc can automatically hit the notes narratively that a Kylo Ren redemption would? Finn is a protagonist as well as a lead. He is by default a far more 'important’ lead than Kylo Ren, because he is an audience perspective character and, well, a good guy in films primarily about the power of the good guys to overcome. Because Kylo Ren occupies that totally distinct narrative space, rather than it being one shared by the two characters, it’s not a matter of allocating resources from Finn’s story towards Kylo Ren’s, it’s just… a totally different set of narrative resources altogether.

(That’s not to say this doesn’t happen in *fanon*, mind you. It does; I’ve seen Kylo Ren get used as basically an outrageously OOC replacement Finn a million times over in fic, it’s ridiculous. But it is not actually an inherent demand of the actual, honest to god canon of the movies themselves, IMO.)

Again, for me this argument is actually not about Kylo Ren so much as Finn, and not selling his story short. Assuming it’s impossible to have a Kylo Ren redemption story (and I’m thinking less what fanfic tends to indulge in and more like… RotJ style Vader stuff here, ftr) without shafting Finn basically ignores what Finn’s real role in the story is, IMO.

And I care about that A LOT AS YOU CAN SEE, did you know Finn is my fave, anyway the point is FINN IS AWESOME AND HEROIC AND I LOVE HIM!!! ok, thanks.

Can’t Help It

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Minseok stood in the doorway of your bathroom and watched as you worked to apply the finishing touches to your makeup. He’d spent weeks begging you to accompany him to the company’s Christmas party but now that the time had come, the party was the last place he’d like to be. He’d tried so hard to get you to agree so that the two of you would be able to spend some time, if only a little, together after all of the year-end events and concerts he’d been forced to attend.

However, that plan flew out the window as soon as he made it home.

Minseok wanted to spend the first day that he was home making up for lost time but he’d been unable to get away from even more rehearsals and events. He’d been forced to spend his first night back in town in the studio working on the choreography for a concert when all he really wanted was to be at home with you.

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Pairing: Yuri Katsuki / Victor Nikiforov
Rating: K+
Warnings: Sleepy Yuris
Summary: After taking the lead in the first event in Beijing, Victor gives an exhausted Yuri a little TLC

For @victuurimarch

After the rush of adrenaline from skating and the excitement of taking an early lead with a personal best, Yuri is exhausted. He feels it bone deep, unable to stop yawning even through a late, post performance dinner at a nice restaurant that his coach had picked. When he almost falls asleep in his soup Victor laughs softly and pulls the spoon from Yuri’s limp hand, calling to nearby waitstaff for the check.

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After one of the most heart-breaking moment, overwhelm by despression, Sanji isn’t feeling broken because of his fate or his lovelife or he just being dumb, stab back by the one who he put his last hope in.

It’s him feeling in pain of powerless from being unable to protect his friends, even he chose to sacrifice himself.

From the very beginning of all this mess, all the thing he chose to do is to save the others, not even a little bit for his lovelife, his happiness.

He’s one of the kindest one.
And Sanji deserves much more love.

I hope the fandom have less hate toward him.

Back to the Start || Prologue

Synopsis: It’s hard enough to have to one you care for the most not notice you; however, it is absolutely heartbreaking for the one unable to even see you. As a guardian angel, your sole purpose is to watch over the one you have been assigned with, keeping them away from danger and bloom joy along their path. Though the day Jimin turns twenty-three, an unbelievable occurrence takes place and in his eyes, you’re there- the most angelic person he has ever seen.

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Pairing: Jimin x guardianAngel!Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst/eventual Smut??

Word Count: 2673

SERIES: Prologue

A/N: i decided to rewrite this series ^^ i wrote it back in late summer and lw abandoned it, but here i am bringing it back :’) here is the original ver. if ur curious LOL .//shivers

There has always been a fine line drawn to divide the world of the living from angels in heavens.

Taking upon the challenge of protecting humans from the gloomiest parts of the world, guardian angels play a great role in society. Invisible to the human eye, a day in Earth passes by like normal. Guardian angels are created and chosen when they are passing onto their next life and succeeds the test of a pure heart. It isn’t the type of pure where their sins have been kept in a bottle that has never been uncapped, it is the type of pure where they can accept every choice they made in their life- good and especially bad- without a second thought, genuinely. Luckily for you, you were one of them.

Well, perhaps it wasn’t as lucky as you thought it would be, for you fell for the man whose feelings can never be returned to you. It feels as if you had loved him for a lifetime- a lifetime of pain and sorrow, but also sparkling happiness.

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Walking on air pt. 1

AN: Newt Scamander has always had a crush on the reader, but they lost touch after he was expelled from Hogwarts. Will fate intervene and bring them back together?
Characters: Albus Dumbledor, Newt Scamander
Pairings: Newt X reader
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “newt comes home and visits the ministry, where he bumps into his old crush and they hit it off again?”


Newt was numb as he walked through the corridors of Hogwarts, unable to process what had just happened. He was expelled, he’d really been expelled.

Newt’s lip began to tremble as he made his way outside, wondering to himself how long it would take for the news to spread. The voice in his head whispered that he was a failure, that he was a screw up, and taunted him for being unable to make even this one good thing last. Newt collapsed onto the grass, away from prying eyes, and finally let his tears flow, shock and frustration boiling inside him.

He heard footsteps and looked up, afraid that it might be some of the boys who were known to harass him, and relaxed when he saw you.

“Newt, is it true?” You asked, your voice shaky.

Newt felt his heart drop at the tone in your voice. He’d adored you from afar for years, and it was only recently that you’d become friends. It was like a hammer to his chest, the sudden realization that he’d have to leave you now and that your blossoming friendship would probably be destroyed.
He forced himself to look you in the eye, trying to memorize the details of your face for later, when he wouldn’t be able to be near you anymore.

You watched Newt, your gaze following the lines of tears down his cheeks and feeling your hope vanish as he met your eye. Newt was not usually comfortable with direct eye contact, a trait that not everyone understood, but you found exceedingly endearing, and the fact that he was making such an effort now, seemed to confirm your worst fears. You sunk down next to Newt, feeling oddly hollow and rested your head on his shoulder.

“What’re you gonna do?” You asked, “Where will you go?”

You felt Newt shrug, “I don’t know Y/N. I really don’t know.”

You swallowed hard and turned to look at Newt, gripping his hand tightly with yours. Newt recoiled, shocked by the intensity in your eyes but completely unable to look away.

“You’ve got to make something amazing out of your life Newton Scamander, you’ve just got to. Write that book you’re always talking about. Promise me Newt, promise me you’ll write it.”

Newt nodded, swallowing, “I promise.”

“Good.” You replied, “And write to me, tell me about the world.”

“I-I will.”

You looked momentarily conflicted, as though you wanted to say more but couldn’t quite figure out how to, but then gave Newt a terse nod and stood, brushing grass from your robes and heading back up to the castle. Newt watched you go with untold confessions on his lips and his heart breaking with every step you took, but you never looked back. You never let yourself take a final look at the odd boy. You didn’t think you could bear it.


Newt Scamander breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped into the red phone booth that would carry him down to the ministry of magic. His book was nearly complete. All he needed now was a permit to study a rare breed of dragon he’d heard tales of in Northern Wales and he’d be done. Newt smiled as he remembered the promise he’d made to you all those years ago, and he traced the lines of his future dedication in his mind.

Right there, on the front page, in dark ink it would declare:

For Y/N Y/L/N who believed in a friendless boy, and whose promise I have now kept.
Sometimes Newt wondered if you even remembered that promise, the push you’d given him to follow his passion and make something out of his life, and he couldn’t help but hope that you did. His memories of you were some of the best he had, and he’d revisited each one so often that he’d begun to worry that they were fading. He could no longer quite remember the shade of your hair in the sunlight, or which of your hands you most liked to tap on your desk when you got bored but he remembered how important you’d made him feel and he remembered how much he’d adored you.
He’d never managed to write you those letters. For years he’d tried to, but at first he’d been too nervous and then too much time had passed and it just felt forced.

The doors opened and Newt found himself standing inside the ministry of magic, a buzzing hub of witches and wizards dressed for work and, in his rather flamboyant coat and scarf, he felt ever so slightly out of place.

“Um-excuse me,” Newt stuttered at the wizard manning the information kiosk, “do you know where I can find mister Understar I’m here to discuss with him-“

“Fifth floor.” The wizard interrupted, his eyes glued to a newspaper.

Newt froze, his words petering off into silence, “Oh, uh, thank-yes, thank you.”

He tried to look confident as he made his way to the golden elevators and began practicing his speech. He ran through the words he was planning to say to mister Understar in his head, muttering them under his breath as he squeezed the handle of his beloved suitcase. If everything went according to plan today, his dreams would come true and the world would finally understand the beauty and majesty of magical creatures. If not…..well, it’s not like he hadn’t done illegal work before, he was just hoping to avoid it this time.
His mind was buzzing with activity as the elevator doors opened and he strode out into the hall, his eyes searching for a specific office. Suddenly he stopped, causing a middle aged witch to walk directly into him and stumble off in another direction, mumbling irritably under her breath. Newt started to apologize, but his eyes remained fixed on the person that had so distracted him in the first place.
It was you. You were here and you looked…beautiful, older and slightly more tired than he remembered, but beautiful all the same.

Before he even properly knew what he was doing, Newt found himself walking towards you, his heart pounding in his chest like he was fifteen again. Your head was bowed as you scribbled something onto a piece of parchment and Newt felt a breathy laugh slip from his throat as you cursed under your breath.

Tentatively Newt reached out and touched your shoulder, all thoughts of mister Understar and even Northern Welsh dragons slipping from his mind.


You cursed, crossing out another word in your already sloppy letter. You were writing to your old teacher, Albus Dumbledor, a man who had helped shape you, and who you tried to keep in touch with on a regular basis. Your job kept you busy, but today was a quiet day, and you were planning on going home early, your mind already halfway back to your apartment. You felt a gentle pressure on your shoulder and instantly looked up, expecting to see one of your colleagues, here to try and convince you to help them with a job. Instead your eyes were met with the sight of a familiar nervous half smile, and a pair of green orbs that couldn’t quite meet yours and instantly your irritation morphed into pure joy.

“H-hi Y/N, I’m not sure if you remember me but I-“ the man started, his nervous stutter bringing back years of memories.

You let your quill and parchment clatter to the floor and pulled him into a bone crushing hug, laughing as your eyes filled with tears of happiness.

“Newt!” You exclaimed, “I can’t believe it, you’re really here.”

Newt felt himself blush as you hugged him, your voice just as warm and comforting as he remembered and he tried not to be awkward as he hugged you back.

“Yeah, I uh, I have a meeting with mister Understar, what’re you doing here?” He asked, pulling away.

As Newt stepped back you had to bite back a slight feeling of disappointment, but let him, reminding yourself that he wasn’t always comfortable with extensive physical contact.

“I’m an auror now.” You told Newt, trying to subtlety rearrange your robes and fix your hair.

Newt’s eyebrows shot up, “An auror, wow I thought-you always said you wanted to be an explorer.”

“Well I did. But my folks wanted me to get a more stable, secure job where I could actually make money.”

Newt laughed, not unkindly, “Your parents wanted you to do something stable so you became an auror?”

“It’s more stable than being a professional nomad.” You pointed out.

“Fair enough,” Newt countered, “are you-does it make you happy?”

You shrugged, “I suppose. What about you Mr. World Traveller? How’s that amazing life you were working for? You know I never did get that letter.”

Newt blushed and looked down swallowing hard, “Yeah I-uh,”

“Newt Scamander,” a bored looking secretary called, “mister Understar will see you now.”

Newt felt his heart drop. What had at first sounded like an exciting meeting was now a completely unwelcome distraction from a much more pleasant conversation. He looked between you and the office, weighing up the options in his mind.

“You’d better go,” you suggested, “I hear he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

Newt nodded and walked away with a half hearted wave. In his mind he cursed his own awkwardness and hoped that that wasn’t the last time he’d see you. The last few years had been exceptionally solitary for him, but he’d never been lonely. He’d had his creatures, his book and his memories, but now, with you standing a few meters away, he wondered if that was enough. Was there a chance that Newt was missing out? Could there be a life for him outside of his creatures?

You, on the other hand, were wrestling with conflicting emotions. Seeing Newt again had reminded you of all the dreams you’d pushed aside, as well as bringing back all the affection and care that you’d felt for the boy. After all these years, he looked just as good, and just as kind as you remembered and it was difficult watching him walk away. He was moving forward, towards another exciting adventure while you stayed here. Stuck.
It was just like old times.

You sighed, running your hands through your hair and turned to leave, pausing as you heard footsteps echoing on the marble floors.

“Y/N!” Newt called, reaching out to stop the elevator from closing.

“Yeah?” You asked, trying not to let your gaze linger on his smooth lips.

“Do you-can I take you out tonight?” Newt asked, staring at the ground, his eyes only flickering to yours to gauge your reaction.

You blushed, “Um, sure. I’ll uh-where?”

“The Three Broomsticks at eight?” Newt suggested, “I’ve got some things to show you.”

“Okay,” you replied, smiling radiantly at the boy, “bye Newt.”

“Until tonight.” He countered.

You nodded, “Oh and Newt?”


“You look good.” You told him with an exaggerated wink.

Newt blushed deep red and your answering laugh followed him into his meeting with mister Understar. As he sat down and began to plead his case, Newt found that he wasn’t in the least bit nervous. He didn’t care what happened anymore, because he, Newton Scamander, had a date with Y/N Y/L/N, and he was walking on air.