The Sound of Her Face

She was my first love and my last. My first kiss and my last.

Our first kiss wasn’t even a kiss. It was just her blowing pot smoke towards my face as we sat in her parents’ dim basement, autumn light slanting through the tiny window, pillars of pot smoke dancing in the beams. We’d skipped school to get high, unable to stomach one more day of Mr. Carruthers’ horrid take on world history (“Those who aren’t learning from stuff in the past will have to do history again”). The kiss came soon after.

Love followed, promises of undying, eternal love. One thing was different – our thing. We always kissed before and after we went anywhere, even short, minutes-long trips; the store, the gym, work. A kiss before leaving, a kiss upon return.

“Life is uncertain,” she’d always say. “I never know when I’ll be able to kiss you again.”

When the contagion came, what the media were calling The Virulence, we stuck it out, this time in my basement, minus the pot. We had one window that we could see the outside world through, one small window that let in a little natural sunlight. Walled off from the world, armed with only each other, protein bars and the water in the toilet tank, we waited for the global panic to subside.

It didn’t.

We each made trips out for provisions and to look for something to protect our little basement fortification. She made trips by day, when the virulent were less active, mine usually at dusk. We came back with armfuls of what we could carry: cans of beans, bottled water, once an AR-15, picked from the car of some unfortunate who’d been eaten. The virulent were fast, insatiable, unkillable. Even decapitation didn’t render them harmless; they’d keep marching forward, arms swinging in wide arcs while the head still gnashed and snapped its teeth on the ground. Stupid, lying zombie movies.

She was bitten on one of her sorties. We’d kissed before she went out. She came back for one more.

She leaned in towards me, skin already ashen, eyes dead, the tendons in her neck stretching and creaking as her jaw opened wide, wider, wide enough to black out the sun, the little window, and everything I could see.


         …..Victoria met his eyes, then said, with a note in her voice that made Melbourne tremble, “Do you really mean to forsake me?”
              Melbourne looked away, unable to bear the directness of the appeal in her face. When he spoke, he found himself talking to her hands, which were clasped tightly together. “I am afraid I have no choice, ma’am.


Gif source:  Kol  |  Salvatores

Imagine being a Salvatore and hating Elena, so you want to help Rebekah kill her in the school. Kol is in on it, too, but him being near you makes you unable to concentrate and the two of you wind up alone in a classroom, your brothers finding you with Kol between your thighs and kissing you passionately.

——— Request for anon ———

Dammit, you needed to concentrate. You were supposed to be helping Rebekah kill Elena right now, but that was the furthest thing from your mind! Why did Kol have to be such a distraction?

He knew exactly what he was doing, his hands holding you against him as he had you pressed between him and the teacher’s desk in this empty classroom, solely because it was bigger. You had to take your share of the blame, too, however, especially since you were currently kissing him just as passionately as your thighs wrapped themselves around his waist, locking him against you.

The sound of your name has you letting out an annoyed groan at the interruption, Kol mischievously pulling back only to snap, “Ignore them and they’ll go away.”

“Believe me, they won’t,” you roll your eyes before lulling your head to the side, feeling the cool wood of the desk against your cheek as you look directly at your brothers standing in the doorway of the classroom, looking a mixture of pissed off and shocked to find you and Kol Mikaelson in such a position.

“Pardon us, but what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Stefan asks before Damon more animatedly scoffs.

“At least have some standards, sister!”

“I could say the same for the both of you!” you shoot back, sitting up on the desk as Kol licks the taste of you from his lips with a pleased smirk at troubling your brothers. “I mean, really? Elena?”

They shoot back, “Kol, really?”

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For the meme thing: a case which cannot be solved

The fic I would write for that title would be a very simple one. So simple I’m actually writing it.

The Case Which Cannot Be Solved

“Molly, I need your help.”

“Of course, Sherlock, what is it?”

“A case.”

“Right, is John not available? Or do you mean you need me to watch Rosie while the two of you are off chasing the bad guys?” Molly smiled to show she wasn’t upset if that was the case; watching her god-daughter was one of her favorite things to do.

Sherlock shook his head and stepped closer. “No, it doesn’t involve either John or Rosie. Just…you.”

Molly felt her breathing get a bit rough as she stared up at him. “So what does this case involve, exactly?”

“It’s an old case, one that I’ve been unable to solve for about, hmm, seven years now,” he replied, and Molly’s heart beat faster. He reached out and stroked his fingers along the side of her face. “And if it wasn’t for my sister, I doubt I would have ever come even this close to solving it, since I wasn’t aware it was a case until she forced us to speak those three little words.”

“So the unsolvable case is…”

“You, Molly Hooper,” he replied, tilting her head up and holding her gaze. “And I hope never to be able to solve it.”

Then he kissed her, and Molly found herself agreeing with his logic for the few, brief seconds she remained capable of rational thought.

Love - Baekhyun (18+)

‘I love you.’ He whispers with a fondness clear in his tone, making you smile and flush even more than you were as you turn your head to finally meet his molten eyes, biting your lip at the rush of feelings you’re hit with.

It had started off being strictly fun, being a release for the other since you weren’t interested in a committed relationship, or picking up an STI from a random stranger in a club, thus leading you to the sexual comfort of each other, having been close friends for as long as you could remember.

Baekhyun moves a hand away from the pillow to brush your hair back, unable to help himself as he lowers himself down to kiss you tenderly, the action far too loving as it had been over the last few months, something changing between the two of you. 

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Tell Me We Didn’t Part 2

Josh Dun x reader

Read the rest: Part 1

Summary: Josh and Y/N decide what happens next after randomly getting married the night before.

A/N: I know I just posted the first part a few hours ago but I couldn’t wait to post the second, so here it is. Also I just want to say there will not be a part 3 to this because, to be honest, I like the ambiguity of the end.

“No, no, no this did not happen.” Y/N whispered to herself as she paced around the room. Josh continued to sit on the bed, still unable to process that he was married. He absentmindedly, fiddled the ring in between his fingers.

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I think that the persistent questions about why colorless cards can do things individual colors can't stems from the generic (not colorless) mana cost. Hybrid costs are only on effects both colors have access to, so logically, generic costs should only allow effects all five colors can do.

Then generic mana would be unable to do anything.


     I present to you the first ever livestream I have done for writing~! Thank you so much to everyone who came to see, and interest of those who were unable to attend. I hope to host more of these in the future. If there’s anything you’d like to see next time, different writing scenarios, games, questions, or otherwise, please let me know <3

I'm going to be gone for a while

Daddy here again, I’m sorry for the bad news, but my little princess is going to be absent from the page for a pretty good amount of time. Anyone who hasn’t had a question answered, I apologize, but some events are taking place in her life right now and she’s unable to make time for any social media currently. Thank you all for supporting her in all the ways you have, and have a good day. 💜🐻


“Hey… Connor?”

They were heading over to the food stands to get something to eat when Elijah spoke. Connor flicked a glance over his shoulder. “’Sup, Apples?”

“Your mom… she said you had a dilemma. What is it?”

Connor stopped, turning to face Elijah, his expression lilted with uncertainty. “I, uh… can’t tell you.”

Elijah’s face fell. He’d been… almost excited to be able to share a secret with Connor. But it seemed like either Connor didn’t want to tell him, or that…

“Is it my fault?”

Blinking, Connor was unable to reply for a few moments. “Your…? Well - I mean no! No. No, it’s not your fault -,” he stopped, though, when he saw Elijah drop his chin to his chest and nod, his fists hanging at his sides, clenching and releasing. Connor recognised the movement immediately: it was a tick Elijah had when he got stressed. Scrubbing his hands over his face, Connor groaned.

“I’m sorry,” Elijah said, his voice cracking as he tried to sound unaffected. Connor’s heart very nearly broke at the sound. “Don’t you have work soon? You should… go.”

“Are you -,”

Elijah shook his head vigorously, and Connor knew he’d said enough.

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How about Titus' s/o discovers he's Glauca. Their heart shatters into a million pieces as they lost their family too to the Nifs so they just slump there, unable to move, numb and empty. Knowing most likely they'll be killed for what they know they just quietly beg him to just make it quickly. They're in enough pain as it is.

Anon, I internally screamed then combusted a bit when I read this. ALL ABOARD THE ANGST TRAIN, WOO WOO

I spent a lot of time on outlining and working this one out, so I hope you enjoy! It’s fairly long, but I had fun with it! I also went with a fem s/o to make it a bit easier to read and added kids for dramatic effect lol.

Medal of Betrayal

The noise of shuffling papers filled the early morning air. Titus had been at work all night and her children were to be going off to school soon.

“Did you find it?”

The anxious voice of her eldest daughter reached her ears. She straightened up and looked over her shoulder, shaking her head. Her daughter had a field trip next week and the permission slips were due by the end of the day. Of course, it had been lost somewhere in the piles of forms and reports Titus brought home daily.

“Let me go check your father’s things,” she said with another sigh, “Go make sure your brother is ready for school.”

Her daughter hurried off into the kitchen; she could hear the voices of her two children arguing within a few moments. Fifteen and thirteen years old. What had she gotten herself into?

With another deep sigh, the mother walked to her husband’s study. She attempted turning the doorknob, but it was locked. Grumbling to herself, she reached up and felt along the top of the doorway, her fingers landing on the key. She unlocked the door and let herself into the study.

Closing the door behind her, she took in the immaculate room with its mahogany desk, matching chairs, and a pristine sofa sitting beside a large bookcase. Titus’s many awards, honorable mentions, and certificates were hanging neatly on the wall, displaying his many achievements.

She walked over to the desk and crouched down, unlocking the bottom drawer. From experience, she knew all of the bills and family papers were kept in the top two drawers. If the permission slip got mixed in, it would have to be with his work things.

Pulling out a large stack of papers, she jumped slightly as the sound of something metal clattered to the floor. She lifted the papers to the desk, dropping them with a soft thud. Judging by the noise level, her children were still in the kitchen.

Looking around at the floor, she didn’t see anything that could have made the noise. She laid down to look under the drawer, immediately noticing the small metal object that had rolled under the desk. She reached out for it, her fingers pulling the cold, unforgiving object into the palm of her hand. Rocking back into a sitting position, she flipped the object over in her hand and ran a thumb across the now-dusty face of it before her stomach dropped.

An Imperial crest was looking back up at her.

She sat, staring at the Medal of Honor in shock, only the sound of the study door opening bringing her back to reality. Her daughter stood in the doorway, her son lingering a few feet behind her.

Standing up shakily, she stuffed the medal into her pocket before walking over to them. Running a hand over her daughter’s head, she sighed and shook her head to show she hadn’t found the paper.

“You need to go or you’ll be late to school,” her voice was much stronger than she had anticipated and she managed a half-hearted smile, “I’ll keep looking for the slip. Ask for another one to bring home if you can.”

The young girl nodded cheerfully, accepting a kiss on her forehead before heading to the front door of their home. The mother gently grabbed her son by the shoulder and gave him a hug, also kissing his forehead before sending him off after his sister. “Have a good day, babies.”

The front door clicked shut behind them. Time seemed to rush by. Titus would be home soon - he had been working odd hours due to the upcoming signing ceremony, so he would be there not much earlier than their kids. During the time she had, she quickly packed bags for herself and the two children, storing them in the trunk of her car so Titus wouldn’t see them when he came home.

It wasn’t long before she heard the front door open and Titus’s voice calling to her that he was home. Her entire body went numb. She was praying she had misinterpreted the medal. That she hadn’t jumped to the correct conclusion.

“Can we talk?” She called back, her voice rather obviously shaking.

He had just walked into the kitchen, draping his coat over the back of one of the chairs. “Is everything alright, dear?”

She drew in a breath, releasing it slowly before finally looking at him. “No. It’s not.”

Hesitating initially, she walked over to him, shoving the medal into his hand. He looked down at it then back up at her, a blank yet shocked look on his face.

“What sorry excuse of an explanation are you going to give me?” Her voice was barely more than a whisper.

“Y/N, you don’t understand,” he began, his fist tightening around the medal. He reached out a hand to touch her arm, but she swatted it away.

“Don’t you dare touch me,” she breathed, tears welling up in her eyes, “I… Titus. What… what the hell happened to hearth and home?”

Titus stared at her in the deafening silence; she didn’t even have the heart the properly yell at him. She was hurt, confused, and profoundly heartbroken. And he could tell.

“You know what they did to my family. They killed them. All of them. My parents, siblings, even my cousins…” her voice was soft and broken; it was obvious she was having a hard time even getting words out, “And you betrayed me. You betrayed your family. How could you do this to us? Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Lucis betrayed me,” he finally answered, his voice stern, “My father, my only family, died because of them. They destroyed my hometown. So I could say the same to you.”

We are your family! How could you destroy us? Who are you? How…,” she had begun in a whisper, but the volume of her voice gradually elevated, becoming steadier with each word, “No. You already did. You destroyed our family a long time ago. Whenever you decided to side with Niflheim. I trusted you! I… I loved you…”

“Y/N, don’t do this,” Titus growled.

“What? Are you going to tell me you don’t want to kill me? Why don’t you just get it over with?” She spat the words at him, the pain evident on her face.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he responded much faster than she had anticipated, “I’m doing this to protect you.”

“How is this protecting us? Turning our nation against us? Destroying our home? I was so wrong about you, Titus.”

He took a step toward her and grabbed her arm, despite her trying to back away and pull herself from his grasp. His grip was firm, not matching the sad look in his green eyes.

“Y/N… You need to leave. If the empire finds out, you and the chil-”

The sound of the front door opening made the two of them freeze. Titus immediately stopped speaking, releasing his wife’s arm. The cheerful voices of their children reached their ears as they came in, calling out to their parents that they were home.

Quickly, she walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up her car keys before heading toward the front door. Titus followed her, trying his best to act like nothing was wrong.

“We’re leaving,” the mother said, her voice matching the warm smile she had plastered onto her face as she ushered their kids out the door, “Go get in the car. Your bags are packed. No complaining now. Daddy has to work this week and said we should take a trip to get away from the city until after the signing ceremony.”

The children fussed slightly before heading to the car. She turned around, her eyes falling upon Titus. He had a look of desperation and sorrow on his face.

“You can try defending yourself, but you betrayed us,” she said quietly, “I’ll make sure the children still think of you as the father they knew.”

“Y/N,” he knew there was no changing her mind; that’s how she’d always been, “Don’t do this. Lucis betrayed us, not Niflheim.”

“Goodbye, Titus.”

She had taken enough. Stepping outside, she pulled the door behind her with a slight slam. Climbing into the car, she wiped her tears on the back of her hand, blaming them on allergies with a soft, forced laugh. Her shaky hands fumbled with putting the key in the ignition, but she made it, the car turning on with a growl. Glancing back at their home, she saw Titus standing in the doorway, watching as his family drove away.

Divergent // Sherlock x Sister!Reader

Words // 1573

Warnings // Mention of drowning (That’s it so consider it none

Summary // ‘Must be something comforting about the number three, people always give up after the number three’

Originally posted by sherlockspeare

Divergent, or just different, that was probably the easiest way to describe you. You had always been different, you grew up in a family of four, and it was a simple life. You had an older sister who was very fond of you and very protective, two parents who worked as hard as they could to support the four of you which they did, you lived somewhat comfortable.

You parents had explained very early on that you had been adopted just like your sister as your mother was unable to get children, they tried it before only it never worked and so they settled with adoption, they never regretted the choices they made.

After a while it became apparent to your parents you were different, after they barely started to teach you words you were reading books, quickly getting the hang of pronunciation. This went on until you were a year shy from ten and reading the thickest volumes they had seen in their lives. Things like this kept happening, language came even easier then reading which made you fluent in quite a handful of them. Eventually your parents and school decided it was best for you to take university courses, them being far more appropriate for your level. 

Your parents were somewhat scared at the intellect you possessed but that didn’t stop them from caring about you or loving you, you loved them for caring about you normally, not as though you were some all-knowing insolent child nor some kind of genius just as if you were average which was nice. You sister also helped along with them, encouraging you to do new things and she helped quite a bit with you emotionally developing, realizing that intellect is far from everything.

Once you had gotten multiple degrees you decided to go overseas to the United Kingdom, your sister stayed and so did your parents as your sister was in a rather active relationship and your parents couldn’t afford being away from their new successful company which was a massive hit, at the peaks of its business. You were quite happy because they chose their lives which seemed to be a thing they kept pushing away for you.

You stayed with a friend you had met at university who acted like you were just any regular person, one of the few people not fazed by your intellect which made you immediate friends.

You were walking back to the apartment you shared when you got a call, hesitantly you took it. “Hello?” There was a silence before a deep voice spoke; it was one you didn’t recognize, very likely belonged to a man. “There’s a car behind you, step in please. There is no danger, the men will tell you the same as they are part of the secret service.” You noticed it was being read from a card, the man struggled with some words and sometimes took quite a long pause, the words seemed rather foreign on his tongue.

You looked at the men; they were standing next to a black car, sleek and quite long. You sent a text to your friend and you checked to see GPS was on, if you were going to be kidnapped at least someone could track your phone. The men greeted you with a polite nod and held the door open for you, once you stepped inside the car immediately started driving.


You arrived at a rather fancy mansion somewhere in the country side, quite a long time away from London but you didn’t track the time which you realized was partially stupid, it was a good precaution to take. You went on ahead inside, once inside there was a man waiting for you, a butler it seemed. He took your coat and gave you directions, at this point you decided you were not being kidnapped but wondered what was going on. A grand mansion, someone wealth, secret service meant extremely influential or government, what could the British government possibly want?

You opened the door of the office and in front of you sat a man; he looked quite a few years older than you. You decided that he must be some part of the government. “Miss Y/L/N, pleasure to see you again. Please, take a seat.” You did, a bit cautious because you were very honestly a bit too paranoid. 

“See me again? I’ve never been in Britain before and I certainly don’t recollect meeting you.” You said a bit bluntly, you were curious more than cautious and decided if you were this important or you were needed for something they wouldn’t do anything if you were rude, all considered it was logical to be rude, most people would be extremely confused and most of them then stop caring about manners.

“I suppose it’s a stupid thing to say, last time I saw you…You were less than two years old.” He said and took a breath. “I suppose you know you’re adopted.” You gave a nod, the man seemed somewhat alike you, not completely but somewhat.

“I’m Mycroft Holmes, possess a minor position in the British government and I’m one of your bothers.” You didn’t think about the whole minor thing, which was a very petty lie as someone like him likely owned the British government.

“One of, there’s another one?” You asked completing half of what he said which took him by slight surprise. “Yes, there’s another one. Sherlock.” He explained and you were quite grateful he seemed to be rather patient with you.

“Why was I the only one?” You asked your voice stoic. You were rather curious about the story but also feared it would be quite extreme, at least you had gotten an explanation for your intellect which was more than you would likely ever had gotten hadn’t you gone here, for that you were already quite grateful.

“It’s… I suppose I should try to keep it short, it isn’t exactly pleasant. There was- is another one, a sister. You’re the youngest, when she was five she had tried to… Drown you. No one to this day knows why but she tried on multiple occasions, everyone decided it was safest to send you away to prevent it becoming fatal.” You gave a stiff nod, it was far from what you expected but had heard weirder things in your life

.“On a brighter note, I see you have multiple university degrees, master mind you.” He said and managed a small smile; you nodded and slightly smiled in return. It was something you were proud of, it wasn’t extremely hard to get them but you did have to put some effort in.


You spent the whole afternoon talking to Mycroft which was quite nice; it was nice to know about your biological family although you cared just as much as the one you had grown up in all these years. It was a week later when you decided to seek out Sherlock, ever since meeting Mycroft you also noticed the habit of men in suits following you because he occupied a ‘minor’ position in the British government.

You only decided on a week later because you had remembered Mycroft telling you that for a very vague reason he wouldn’t mention Sherlock had forgotten about Eurus and took a week to come up with something believable, at least something normal which Mycroft could confirm with fake files he made up. Your parents just weren’t ready and decided that would be the best, it was as simple as that.

You got out of the car Mycroft kindly had provided and noticed the door was open, once inside you were met by an elderly woman you assumed was Mrs. Hudson, their landlady. Mycroft being Mycroft decided he should inform you on every single detail.

“Oh, hello! Are you a client?” She asked, you gave a small nod as you weren’t sure how to quickly explain you were Sherlock’s sister who had lived most of her life in America and only recently found out they were related, you couldn’t exactly cut that short. “Well, you can go ahead upstairs. John’s not in yet though so you might need to wait a while.” You simply nodded before heading up stairs and opening the door.

Your eyes caught notice of the book shelves and scanned them immediately, you always wanted to read something new or more, most of the time you did want it to be in the few subjects you were interested in as those were the things you cared about most but you were open to a few new ones. “Hello.” You weren’t startled by Sherlock which he imagined you would be as you were fully focused on the books.

You turned your eyes to the man itself. “Hello. Nice to meet you I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You decided to introduce yourself and he looked at you, doing his famous deductions before frowning. You knew you never quite had the intuition and powers of deduction that Mycroft and Sherlock had as you never actively knew or sought them out but you did have some of the skill. “Y/N.” He said, as though he was trying the name out on his tongue.

“Yes, now can we start? John doesn’t need to be here, it’s rather personal.” Intrigued, he did and sat down, his attention fully focused onto you and you sat down as well.

“I’m your sister.”

From a pot of wine among the flowers
I drank alone. There was no one with me –
Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon
To bring me my shadow and make us three.
Alas, the moon was unable to drink
And my shadow tagged me vacantly;
But still for a while I had these friends
To cheer me through the end of spring….
I sang. The moon encouraged me.
I danced. My shadow tumbled after.
As long as I knew, we were boon companions.
And then I was drunk, and we lost one another.
…Shall goodwill ever be secure?
I watch the long road of the River of Stars.