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Let’s talk about Whitney Houston the conduit.

When I say I want to be a conduit of opportunity, Whitney Elizabeth Houston is one of the gold standards to me of creating and opening doors for other performers.

This is the woman who declined performing the role of Cinderella as was originally offered, promoting Brandy for the role in her place. The woman who could have done another fire solo soundtrack for Waiting To Exhale, but brought on over fourteen additional artists to perform tracks (many of which became hits and quiet storm staples). As a filmmaker she produced The Princess Diaries films, the Sparkle remake, and - yes, hunty - Cheetah Girls 1&2. #strutlikeyoumeanit

In 1999 she helped Mary J. Blige’s explosion into the mainstream stratosphere by bringing her onstage as a special guest during Vh1 Divas Live ‘99 - still a record-breaking broadcast that is a large reason Mary became a household name outside of the hip hop and R&B audience. In the studio and on stages she would pass the mic to Monica, Kelly Price, Karen Clark Sheard, and others, an unabashed fan of vocals and technique.

This was a woman who loved being a woman, who loved being Black, and, despite mounting obstacles in her personal life, still promoted quality entertainers and produced quality content that showed positive images of other women and other Black people AND other Black women. Who can forget Raven-Symoné (back when we didn’t have the problems we do now) dropping and posing in heels and skintights while weighing more than her Cheetah peers and the film allowed her to be thought of as driven, desirable and accessible as a contemporary lead who was not Hollywood conventional - something we didn’t really get again until Annalise Keating showed up on our screens two years ago.

Too often she’s been reduced to her voice or her issues. Here’s to just another facet of an American Black Diamond. Here’s to Whitney the conduit. Black history is world history. Salute.

Exo Reaction: Ideal Type ~

could i please request bakehyun, xiumin, sehun, chanyeol, kris (same members) reaction to meeting a foreign fan that fits their ideal type? if you’re not able to do this either i’m sorry!

Sorry that this has taken a while, I kind of forgot that I needed to do it (I don’t put reminders up for myself when they’re reactions, not like I do with scenarios). Anyway, hope that you like this and please let me know what you think!

Also, I tried to make this gender neutral just in case I have some male/nonbinary followers out there (I don’t get requests for male “readers”, but figured it was worth a shot)!


It would be at a fan sign and he would see them walking up the stage - the person that fit his ideal type - and he wouldn’t be able to to keep his eyes off of them. When they got closer, he would be all smiles, trying to get their name and learn more about them in the span of the minute or so they had together. He would want to know absolutely everything about this person and want to get to know them better. Whether there was a language barrier or not, he would try his very hardest to make a good impression on the foreign fan.


I think that Kris would try to act cool to impress this person - which he would fail at. Despite Kris’ outward, cool, calm and collected appearance, he’s really a dork on the inside and incredibly clumsy. Leaning against a wall trying to catch the person’s attention, trying to act cool and impressive, he would end up leaning back only to stumble and/or miss the wall, which would cause his ideal type to laugh and hide a smile, looking away quickly and pretending as if they had not just seen him do that. But Kris would still smile knowing that he had gotten them to smile just a little.


Baekhyun would definitely be the type to be more forward, in my opinion. Whereas the others try to keep a low profile, just try to impress this person, or whether it’s just simply talking to them in general, Baekhyun wouldn’t be like that. He would focus all of his energy and attention on getting this person to laugh or smile, because not only were they his ideal type but they had a beautiful smile as well. If he succeeded in getting them to smile, his own lips would spread wide and his eyes would twinkle as he asked for their name, hoping that it wasn’t too forward to ask to see them again.


Like Baek, he would try to get this person to smile or laugh, but this would include harming himself in the process. Whether it’s falling over or what have you, he would call it a success - even if it hurt - when this person grinned or hid their laughter behind their hand. Rubbing at his elbow that he had knocked on the side of the table or at his head which he had knocked on something, he would feel accomplished over the fact that he had gotten them to smile, hoping that would be enough to convince them to stay for an extra few minutes, or at least give him a name and number.


However vocal and unabashed he is with his hyungs, I think that Sehun would turn into the shy maknae upon seeing his ideal type. He would see them across the room, or waiting in line and like Minseok, wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of them. He would sneak glances over at this person, which would of course catch the others’ eyes, which would only cause the others to tease Sehun. When his ideal type actually came up toward him though, he would become even more shy, not knowing what to say and probably say the bare minimum, like hello, how’s your day, etc. He would regret it when they left, but would then turn to his other members or the staff and ask for their help in tracking this person down and getting their information so he might be able to see them again.