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How do you think Sansûkh breaks the mold for fanfic as we know it? I’m curious

Oh, am I glad you asked.

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I should preface this by saying that it’s been a while since I’ve gone back and read the fic through, so this may be missing a few details that it otherwise wouldn’t, but that shouldn’t take away from my explanation about why it’s a game-changer.

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The Martell Criteria

I get this question a lot: How do I know if a character or familial dynamic is Martell-like, and how Martell-like is it? Well, gotgifsandmusings and I have made this handy list to help you out. The more points your fictional character or family hits, the more Martell-like they are. And the more we will probably like them.

It’s a easy as lemon cakes!

  1. Internalized Guilt and Self Deprecation - When something bad happens in a Martell family the only thing that all the members will be sure about is this: it’s all their own fault. If only they were a better father/daughter/son/prince(ss)/husband/girlfriend/brother none of this would have happened! They should have known! It was their responsibility! And because of this, they will NEVER stop beating themselves up for it, to the point where it might seem like a fixation. Yet the second anyone who’s not a Martell dares imply that some other member of the family is in anyway less than always right, they will leap down your throat. No one gets to say mean things about a Martell but a Martell.
  2. Genuine and deep affection for each other - Plenty of families have conflicts because they hate each other, but not Martells. Martells love each other. Nothing is more important to a Martell than family. They don’t always show it because, well…the rest of the list, but when push comes to shove, family comes first.
  3. Creating more conflict by trying to avoid it - Is there ever something you’re so scared to talk to a family member about that you let it sit and fester and before you know it, it all comes tumbling out during Christmas dinner in front of those second cousins you barely know, and your tears just ruined your grandma’s finest tablecloth? That’s the Martell in you. Talking about stuff is scary, so you just don’t. Not until someone gets killed and you have no choice. Then you get to deal with the guilt of getting someone killed because you couldn’t communicate! It’s like a Martell value pack! Hiding behind tapestries as an avoidance strategy is optional.
  4. Shakespearean Flaws - it should be rather obvious from the above point that the Martell’s Shakespearean flaw–that is the flaw that poetically becomes their undoing rather than them being hapless victims of fate–is their communication deficiency. But any Shakespearean flaw will do! Bonus points if they all have the same flaw and it’s the root cause of all their conflict. It could be indecisiveness from weighing options too long (oh wait, they’ve got that too), or a fear of losing people you love causing you to alienate them (shit). Okay, we’re sure some tragic flaws exist that the Martells don’t possess, but we might be here for a bit if we try and figure it out.
  5. Idealization of a parent or of the past - Martells are all born with a pair of rose-tinted goggles, that they like to strap on so tight that they cut of some circulation. Things USED TO be great, until they fucked it up (which was all their fault). There is also the tendency to protect loved ones from actual blame by projecting onto others, thereby giving the family member the benefit of the for much longer than is reasonable. Even when the evidence piles up to the contrary.
  6. Self destructive behaviour - Because Martells run on internalized guilt and the resulting self-deprecation, their external mode of behaviour is often self-damaging. And by often we mean almost always. Sometimes this behaviour is to blow up a really good relationship rather than have an honest conversation; other times it’s to play into exactly the kind of behaviour you think the other person finds so objectionable. And on very rare occasions it’s to risk their life in outright foolhardy missions because they feel their family is on the line. Because dying is okay, but disappointing your family is not.
  7. Difficulty with other relationships - Jobs always come first to Martells, and their jobs are uniquely difficult to separate from their family. When you date a Martell, or gods help you, marry one (or even be close friends), you’re going to have your work cut out for you. Because you will never, EVER come first. Don’t try to compete against the job; you will lose. And don’t you DARE try to offer that pesky emotional support when they’re in the middle of beating themselves up over said job or family strife or something. Remember, it’s always their fault and if you suggest otherwise, you’ll answer for it. However, if you’re lucky, some of the Martells are quite sexually proficient, so it might at least be a bit enjoyable.
  8. Conscious manipulation of public image - Martells are the kinds of people who understand that image is everything. They also are oddly perceptive about how others view them, so long as those others are not also Martells. And they are 100% not above cynical manipulation for their [usually justifiable] ends. Their motives are never transparent. But what matters it what people THINK their motives are. They will achieve their goals by playing up the aspect of their public reputation that suits the situation. And when they carry around rage/pain/fear, their primary mission in life is to make sure no one knows it.
  9. Sass - Martells have above average intelligence, a sense of humour, and strong convictions. That is a recipe for Sass Soup. In your face!                       “Father,” [Arianne] announced as the curtains opened, “Sunspear rejoices at your return.”                                                                                          “Yes, I heard the joy.”                                                                                      *                                                                                                                          "A knight of the Kingsguard… what did you do to him?”                                  “I fucked him, Father. You did command me to entertain our noble visitors, as I recall.”                                                                                         *                                                                                                                      The High Septon began with a prayer, asking the Father Above to guide them to justice. When he was done the father below leaned forward to say, “Tyrion, did you kill King Joffrey?”                                                           He would not waste a heartbeat. “No.”                                                          “Well, that’s a relief,” said Oberyn Martell dryly.                                                                                             

I was sitting here laughing at Miranda’s big, dark, random confession about wanting to implant a control chip in Shepard’s head. I mean, of course someone like Miranda would have wanted to keep control of someone like Shepard, at least in the absence of information about how Shepard was going to behave upon waking up. Miranda had invested two years of her time in the Lazarus project, and she’s not the type of person to leave the future to chance. Why is this confession such a big deal?

And then I realized… yeah, this is a big deal. Not so much that she wanted to do it, but the fact that she has A) the self-awareness to realize that she would have been perpetuating the cycle of control and abuse that she’d been struggling against for her entire life, and B) the honesty to tell Shepard about it. 

Nobody likes to admit that they’ve committed (or even attempted) the very things that they hate the most, but here she is, talking about it even without any external pressure. Especially without any external pressure. And I’m just so… proud of her. For her sincerity and her conscience, and for acknowledging the shadows that hang over her while refusing to let them define her.


Keep in bright constant motion, or the whole illusion will collapse in on itself. Thou shalt not tempt the Lord of thy God. Nor was it wise to tempt angels, even of the fallen sort. - Magnus Bane, The Bane Chronicles.

Dedicated to my good pal, partner-in-meta and unabashed Magnus fangirl, @hikaru9