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El pasado 3 de Junio hicimos una intervención en la concentración de la marcha Ni Una Menos con el objetivo visibilizar el acoso callejero y mostrar la realidad que sufrimos las mujeres todos los días, de la cual la policía es cómplice. Mostrar que pasa en todos lados, en todo momento y como la justicia y el Estado no hacen nada para detener esto.

No es la pollera, no es la hora, no es el lugar, no es su culpa. Es el patriarcado.

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fireyfobbitmedicine  asked:

Group chat between Dio and his kids

sadfasd i’m not taking requests now But i’ll make an exception with yours bc i like the fact that If you line all the group chat things i’ve made (zeppelis - joestars - villains - sbr) you can see how dio has slowly taken over and i think that’s beautiful

i love the idea of the joestars having to escape from their fans in the same way that Dio has to escape from his illegitimate children

–and to add a contribution to part 5 and the collective desire to have it confirmed


In case you guys can’t read my handwriting :

“These are photos of my father in my mother’s possessions.”

“Say… Giorno?”


“Just who is your dad. What’s with these poses?

“I…I don’t know either. What do you guys think?”

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s an actor.”

“Nah, I think he’s a fashion model.”


Amren!  From the A court of Thorns and Roses books  by @sjmaas .