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Touhou 06  (U.N. Owen was Her?)

—English fanlyrics—


10…  9…  8…  7…  6…  5…  4…  3-2-1!


Ready, ready, are you ready?  One more round of hide-and-seek.

Make this match a good match for me.  I don’t need a friend who’s weak.


Oh my soldier, where are you hiding?

Mirrors within mirrors all around, and no reflection cast.

Your misguiding makes it exciting:

I can’t even tell what I’m looking at!


Oh my soldier, where are you going?

I should know that this is the kind of place that can’t be left.

Like fresh blood, once spilt, gets to flowing:

Our little game isn’t over yet!


( “Patterns… The patterns are so pretty!

 Here’s another!  Can you find your way through this maze?

 A maze like this sometimes gets a little tight and scary.  And if you touch the edge, you’ll…

 Well, don’t touch the edge, okay?  That’s part of the game!” )


Seven colors~

          My rainbow misses something still.

          My favorite shade of scarlet will

          Increase until I have my fill–


Lonely, lonely, I’ll be lonely,  if you leave me like before.

All forbidden in name only,  there’s no limit anymore.


Shame, for now, this playtime is ending;

My new toy is broken again, like everything I touch.

If it snaps with such easy bending:

Well, I guess it was never worth that much!


Oh my soldier, where are you going?

Hungering for more, as the number dwindles down to one.

No fear showing, deep in un-knowing:

Glanced again, and then…there were none?



You may be asking yourself why there are scissors next to that violin…




UN Owen Was Her? (StormWolf Remix)

Yay it’s on youtube now~

Made a while ago for Twigi’s birthday~


I still love this video