un titled project


Sam Claflin photographed by Maurizio Bavutti for Un-Titled Project (2016)

I’ve definitely grown in confidence but I’ve always been quite an insecure person, quite afraid and paranoid about what people think. It is one of those things where I wish I had a little bit more self-confidence. I’m sometimes afraid to speak up if I’m unhappy. I think for me, it would be to fight my fight and say what I believe in. At times I’ve always wanted to be perceived as the ‘nice guy’ but you realize that not everybody’s always going to like you, or everything you do, every decision you make. Your identity is changing, you feel like a chameleon because you want me to be like this and you want me to be like that. Now I feel like I’ve found who I am, my identity, and I’m going to go with that.