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A Side of Me You Never Found - snowbaz

laST fic :((((((( thank you to @carryon-countdown for doin this amazing event for the fandom. here’s carry on countdown: chapter 61 :)



Is it so hard to believe, that maybe I like you?

The car is quiet on the way back to Baz’s manor.

Baz’s driving is slightly slower, less panicked and angry than before. Sometimes I don’t think he’s concentrating enough on the road, staring out to the horizon with his fingers pinching his bottom lip. I try not to stare, but it’s hard. Baz is so close, so here. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if… if I didn’t…

“Baz?” I ask.

He doesn’t react.

Until he pulls over.

And for the first time tonight, he relaxes.

“When you kissed me, did you mean to?” He interrogates softly.

Did I? Yes.

But…for how long?

I remember in fourth year, when I started to feel my relationship with Agatha slipping away from us both. When I swapped out my time with the girl of my dreams, to watch Baz (to study Baz). It was a pass-time that frustrated myself more than anyone, because there was something about Baz that I needed. Watching him, learning his habits and schedule, essentially obsessing over him for no reason other than my own obliviousness.

This continued through the next few years, even after everything he did to me. I never forget what he’s done, no, and I’m not even sure I forgive him, but I still admire him. For his strength, mostly, but also for his grace. Tonight is no different. He’s danger and chaos, but (paradoxically) I feel safer knowing he’s here.

Crowley, he’s here.

“Of course I meant to,” I answer softly.

“No, but did you mean it, Simon.”

Yes, Baz - I kissed you because I like you and I want to kiss you. Is that so hard to believe?”

He gives me a sorry glance. We stay silent for as long as is needed, until he slowly reaches across his body to un-click his seat-belt.

“Where are you going?” I worry, remember what happened the last time this happened.

“Nowhere, I just-”

“Please, Baz.”

“I need to get out-”


And I grab him by the shirt and kiss him once more.

We don’t part. Even when our lips aren’t touching, our foreheads stay pressed together. I look at him, but his eyes are closed. For what feels like forever, we stay in that moment. Baz doesn’t move at all, but my hands drift   from his chest, to arms, to neck and jaw. He sighs when he opens his eyes, but smiles quietly as he kisses me once more.

“You, somehow, are the only thing that makes sense right now,” he tells me, barely audible. “Which is ironic, because you have never, in your life, made any sense with your mouth before.”

Jealous Kol

Imagine: Being at work and your adviser always flirts with you, Kol notices and gets jealous, resulting in hot sex at home. (Requested)

It was just a slow day at work today, only three people sat at the bar and five people sitting and eating their food. You worked at the Mystic Grill, an employee there for two years. Your adviser, Steven, was always trying to flirt with you and take you home. But sadly enough for him, you were taken. Taken by one of the best guys in Mystic Falls, perhaps one of the scariest. In your opinion, his tough guy act was his way of handling things. But he treated you right and loved you the way you loved him, so it works out anyway. 

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Little Bird - Part 3 - Smut

Originally posted by gabalecki

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader (Mention of Void/Reader)
Words: 2,289
A/N: Here it is! The 3rd and final part of Little Bird. Hope you like it! xoxoxox

Part 1
Part 2
Part 4
Part 5

The rain was coming down in sheets, which you thought was rather fitting for a funeral. You stood under an umbrella, pressed close against Stiles, his arm around your shoulders. His other hand was gripping the umbrella handle so tightly his knuckles were white. You leaned your head on his shoulder, teeth chattering as you listened to the priest drone on about Heaven and Angels and Allison looking down on all of you for the rest of your lives. You wanted to believe it, that your friend would watch out for you. It would be the type of thing she would do anyway. Allison, always trying to protect, to do what was right. That’s why her and Scott had been meant for each other.

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Bruce Wayne Imagine

Request: “could you write something with bruce, inspired by tom odells ‘concrete’ ?”

It’s the reader and Bruce Wayne’s 10 Year anniversary! You two spend the night together whilst embracing the unplanned events of life.

“I’m sorry sir, but we’re full right now.”

Bruce rubbed his chin, and cracked a soft smile,


The woman smiled like a snake, her eyes taunting Bruce,

“There are no tables, Mr. Wayne, so you cannot dine here. I’m very sorry.”

“But i booked a reservation two weeks ago.” Bruce’s voice was rising, and you placed a hand on his arm gently,

“You didn’t turn up on time i’m afraid Mr. Wayne.” She smiled.

“I booked it for 8:00,” Bruce’s voice was hushed, but his mind was racing with frustration, “, and it’s 8:03 now.”

The woman shrugged, tapping her finger on her desk.

“Too late, Mr Wayne.”

“Come on Bruce,” Your hand pulls him gently away, and you led him out of the restaurant.

He ran his hands through his gelled hair, not bothering about the disheveled look he would get after. The car horns of Gotham city beeped loudly, and the busy nightlife created a buzz on the streets. The lights were glowing yellows and reds, and the chilly night was brushing past your bodies. Bruce stood on the street, his hands now in his pockets. You watched him, as his head looked for another restaurant to take you two.

“We don’t have to go to another restaurant, Bruce.” You say gently, Bruce almost not able to hear you. But his Bat senses kicked in, and he turned around, watching your red mid length dress float in the wind.

“But it’s our anniversary (y/n),” He says, “I promised to treat you to a night out, and when i make a promise i intend to keep it.”

You chuckled, “I guess that motto in life left the door when you promised you’d save me the last cookie.”

Bruce walked over to you, smiling as he did, “There’s a different motto i go for with foods.”

“And what’s that smart-ass?”

“First in, best dressed.”

“Oh my God, you’re unbelievable.”

He chuckled, “So you’re telling me you would save me the last cookie?” He raises an eyebrow, and you’re left searching for words. You probably would eat that cookie instead. He chuckles and taps your nose,

“Survival of the fittest.”

“You mean survival of the fattest if you eat anymore cookies.”

“That was harsh.“ He smirks, "You’re just saying that because’ i ate the last one.” He laughs, and then pulls you in and beginning to walk down the street, with his arm around your shoulder.

“If you ever want to make more cookies just get Damian to make them. He’s my little protege.”

“He’ll be the next Gordon Ramsey instead of the next Robin.”

You shrug, “I see nothing wrong with that.”

“Of course you don’t, that just means you don’t have to cook anymore”

And you laugh, walking past a group of drunks friends.. They all breach into a wide smile and begin waving extravagantly,

“Hey there Mr. Wayne!” A man yells, smiling like a kid. Bruce smiles and lifts his hand, acknowledging his presence.

“And hey there Mrs. Wayne! Jee wiz, you’re  just a pretty as they say ma'am!” And you laugh, noticing Bruce pulling you in just a little tighter. They run past, their chatting getting quieter as you go by.

“Hey look,” Bruce stops and points to a small pizza shop, the sign glowing neon red.

“Pizza?” He asks, and you nod, smiling.


The wait was ten quick minutes, and you spent that time drawing on the pieces of paper they had laying about for the children. You flipped your piece of paper over, and showed Bruce your masterpiece. He looked up from his drawing and smiled,

“I call it, ‘Bruce steals cookie.’ 2016.” Bruce chuckles at the drawing of a stick figure burglar holding a cookie,

“You’re not going to let that go are you?”

“Not in my lifetime Mr. Wayne.” You say, “Show me yours.”

Bruce turns his paper around, and you laugh. There, Batman was depicted eating a pizza.

“I call this, ‘Batman gets rejected from a restaurant he probably owns some shares of and spends his ten year anniversary eating pizza and drawing with kids crayons.”

You nod, stroking your chin, “Deserves to be placed right next to the Mona Lisa in my opinion.”

The pizza place was beginning to close, so you couldn’t eat inside, leaving you and Bruce to find a spot to eat. The night grew chilly, and soon Bruce’s business jacket found a place on your shoulders. You two walked for around five minutes, keeping an eye out any benches or tables, until you spotted a quiet park surrounding a lake. You and Bruce sat under a tree, which was wrapped in fairy lights, presumably because of market season.

So you two leant on the tree and opened up the hot pizza, digging in. You sat in silence, listening to the chirping of the crickets, and the coo’s of the owls, their sounds a part of the distant humming of cars on the main streets not far from you.

“Sorry our anniversary wasn’t, spectacular.” Bruce says quietly, his hand sitting on his lap, looking out into the lake.

“What are you talking about?” You ask, taking another bite.

He shrugs, “You know, the restaurant reservation not working out.” You smile, leaning your head on his shoulder,

“Whether we’re in a fancy restaurant, or we’re sitting out near a lake eating pizza, it doesn’t matter. As long as i’m spending it with you, then all is fine Bruce. You don’t have to worry, I still love you.” You then smile to yourself, “It’s when i stop loving you that you need to start worrying.”

“And why do i need to start worrying then?” He chuckles, taking another slice,

“Because i don’t think i’d ever stop loving you.”

Bruce halts the bite of pizza he was about to take, and this time, it was him to bush. He was glad it was night time, because his face was turning a funny shade of red-

“You’re blushing.”

“No I’m not.””

“Yes you are.”

“No i’m not.” He turns to you, his face serious and still. He looks into your eyes as you propped off his shoulder.

“See,” He begins, his face then slowly cracking into a smile as you did, “I’m not blushing.”

You begin laughing hard, hitting his shoulder gently, “Yes you are you little ass.” He laughs hard too, pulling you in tighter, his hand around your waist.

He knocked over the pizza, but in all honesty you didn’t care. He rolled on top of you and you two started laughing hard, right until you were blinded by a bright light.

“Uhm.” You two look to the side, where the light was shining. The light then pans down, where a young security guard was revealed. He looked uncomfortable, and then starstruck at the sight of Bruce Wayne.

“I’m uh-sorry sir but you can’t have sex- i mean uh, you can’t do that here sir, yes sir, i mean yes, no i mean no-”

“It’s alright son.” Bruce says, still smiling. “We’ll go now.”

In the car on the way home, you two sat in a comfortable silence, the radio playing some soft music, whilst the hum of the car made you tired and weary.

Bruce soon pulled up in front of the manor, turning off the engine. He looked at you, your eyes tired and your hair slightly messy; But nether the less he still thought you looked as beautiful as ever. He slipped out of his pocket, a bracelet with coloured gems and diamonds on it, and placed it’s cold metal around your wrist. The cold awoke you, and you looked at your wrist. You gasp,

"Bruce..” and Bruce pulled you in for a kiss. You smiled, then pulled out of your bag, a pocket watch. Bruce took it, feeling its shape with a smile. He then turned it, and on the back, it had his fathers initials.

“I was looking in the basement, and i found this. I got it cleaned up and thought tonight would be a good time to give it too you” You say gently. Bruce looks to you, almost a tear in his eye.

“(y/n)…” he whispers. And he then un-clips his seat belt and leans over to you, embracing you in a warm kiss, his hand behind your head.

His forehead then leans on yours.

“Happy anniversary.” he says,

“Happy anniversary.” You say.

Upon entering inside, Bruce notices the kitchen light  on. Bruce ,loosening his shirt ,followed into the kitchen, and then stopped in his tracks. You watch, then walked to where he stopped,

“What Are You-”

You saw Damian in the kitchen, smiling at you two. But it wasn’t just ordinary Damian, oh no, it was Damian…with a leftover cookie.

“oh hey guys, i have a left over-”

And if Damian hadn’t had his training, then he would’ve been crushed. You and Bruce ran towards that cookie, pushing and shoving each other into the counters whilst laughing (but secretly serious).

Bruce distracted you, by kissing your neck when he could, and touching your thigh, whilst you tried your best to resist. But, little did you two know, that Damian had taken the cookie, and left the kitchen shaking his head,

“Animals,” he muttered, eating the last cookie, “the lot of them.”

-Something a little different.

-Hoped you liked! More dialogue heavy this imagine i think. But i hoped you liked it!

-So from the song the premise i got was that it doesn’t’ matter the location, as long as you’re with each other, that’s all that matters.

clairebear322-deactivated201702  asked:

Hi if your still doing prompts will you do either 20 or 3 whichever you prefer

Absolutely  @clairebear322 I hope its okay that I chose prompt 20. I haven’t used it yet😊

#20 “Someone told me once that to create true art you must be willing to bleed and let others watch.”

Your little secret

Spencer x Reader

Word count:1174

Song: Bleeding out by Imagine Dragons 

Originally posted by jevislanuit

One thing you always told yourself you would never do is let anyone find out about your little secret that you kept close to your heart. You did well for a while until you joined the B.A.U and they all found a way to claim pieces of your heart and you worried that if they looked a little deeper they would find out what it was. It wasn’t anything bad but it was something you wanted to keep hidden. You could never let them see your art.

But you couldn’t keep it hidden forever. You guys were on the plane on your way home from a mission and you were sitting far off from the rest of the team pretending to write something when you were actually sketching.

Every time you glanced up from the sketch at your team your eyes would lock with Spencer’s for a moment and then you would quickly look away and back at your paper feeling a little guilty and confused as to why he was staring at you. But you couldn’t help but do it again and again each time longer than before. You’ve had the biggest crush on him ever since you joined the team. You wanted to tell him but it just never felt like the right time.

Spencer kept his eyes on you throughout the flight watching your hands flow over the page. You had told him that you were just working on some paperwork but something didn’t add up to him. The way you moved the pencil wasn’t consistent with writing words. You held the pencil lose and at an angle slightly moving it back and forth almost like you were shading.

Then you kept looking up at him sending his heart racing every time your eyes met he, couldn’t look away, instead he held your gaze until you broke the connection and went back to what he knew you were actually doing which was drawing.

Spencer liked you too but he always felt like there was something he was missing about you, something you weren’t telling him and that wounded him a little because he always told you everything.

So when you guys landed he went home and changed and then made his way over to your place. Along the way he thought about how he hadn’t even known that you liked to draw and how it stung a that you didn’t trust him enough to tell him. He thought that you were closer than that, best friends, or maybe even something more.

He was so worked up by the time he got to your house that he had to physically calm himself down and breath. Once he had his composure back he un-clipped his seat belt got out of the car and walked straight up to your door knocking loudly. He heard a loud crash followed by a few mumbled words which he assumed was you cursing. After a minuet of more shuffling and banging you opened the door.

You had your hair pulled back like you usually did when you were painting which you had been doing before the loud knock made you jump so all your art supplies clattered to the floor. “Fuck” You said bending down quickly to gather up your things and hide them before you went to open the door and saw Spencer standing there with a wounded look on his face.

You were confused at why he looked hurt when he strode past you and into your house without an invitation. This made you even more confused “Spencer what’s wrong. What did I do?” You asked.

“Do you trust me?” He asked ignoring your question and asking one of his one.

Your response was immediate “Of course I do. I trust you with my life every day.”

“Then why have you been hiding things from me?” He asked in a clipped voice.

You felt your heart race in fear “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re starting to scare me.” You said shrinking away from his piercing brown eyes and harsh voice.

He shook his head at you and responded “Oh y/n” He sighed while the anger left his voice “Please stop lying to me. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this.” He said reaching out taking your hand and lifting it to wear you both could see the smudges of green paint that decorated your hand.

Your shoulders hunched and you pulled your hand out of his not knowing what to say as silence fell over the room. You were scared your art was like a piece of your soul you kept hidden from the world in fear of what they would think.

You were interrupted from your thoughts when Spencer reached out and lifted your chin so your eyes stared into his. “Someone told me once that to create true art you must be willing to bleed and let others watch. So I understand why you didn’t show us but you could have at least told us, told me, and the fact that you didn’t hurt. But it’s okay I’m over it now. I can see how scared you are to open up that much to someone so I’m not going to force you to show me although I really wish you would.” He said relinquishing his grasp and moving towards the door.

Watching him walk away with that pained expression on his face just about killed you. For the longest time you had wanted to show him, to open up to him and let him see every single piece of your heart and soul but every time you were about to do it you chickened out, which was exactly the same thing you did when you wanted to kiss him.

But now watching him leave and knowing that it was now or never, you gathered all the courage you had inside you and lifted your arm up to grab his arm and stop him.

He turned around to face you when suddenly you threw your arms around his neck and kissed him. He stood there for a moment in shock then wrapped his arms around you and kissed you back.

You smiled and pulled away from him “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”  You said blushing a little when his hands came up to cup your cheeks and he peered into your eyes.

“So have I.” He said leaning down to press his lips to yours again kissing you deeper this time. One of his hands ran through your hair sending little shivers over your body while the other drifted from your face and down your back to pull you closer to him.

You stood there kissing for minutes or hours, you really didn’t care, holding each other till finally you pulled away and grabbed his hand to lead him towards the small office you had in your one story house where you stored your art. You were ready to bleed and let the world watch.

For a Moment | Taylor & Grant

Hanging out with Taylor after they went to baseball games had become somewhat of a normal thing by now, Grant realized. Sure, most of the time there were at least a couple other people with them, if not a whole group, but it always ended the same way -Grant driving Taylor home, since they lived right next door to each other. Today didn’t seem to be different, the boy already in route from the pizza place they’d all been hanging out at to head back to their houses. It wasn’t a long drive back to their neighborhood, before long his car was pulling up at the curb between their houses. He shut off his car and glanced over at Taylor in the passenger seat with a smile, eyebrows lifted a little. “You down to get breakfast again tomorrow, or?” He asked as he un-clicked his seat belt, intending to walk her up to the door like he’d gotten in the habit of doing.

♔ » @danttyllew cont. from [ x

         HE SCOFFED in faux pride, adopting a nobleman’s accent and puffing out his chest, dramatically looking off into the distance  PAH ! The rabble could never un-seat the mighty and undefeated champion Sir Davenport, my dear Gwyndolyn !!  how ridiculous. Will broke into a soft chuckle and looked to her, squeezing her hand back. 

Dinner for Two

A/N: Hello there jewels! This little one-shot is inspired and based off of this post, because I just couldn’t resist and my mind went wild. So, instead of doing my college work, I wrote this instead, So enjoy, and bon-appetit! 

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 3,000

Rating: T

Summary: Being stood up was the icing on the cake for her old relationship, and being on an empty stomach would suddenly have its perks, like meeting your new designated sexy, pink-haired boyfriend for the night.


The delectable scents of marinara and freshly baked bread wafted through the cheerful air of the restaurant, setting Lucy’s tastebuds ablaze with dire need and desire, her stomach grumbling incessantly as she eyed a child sitting a few tables over as he enjoyed a piece of chicken parmesan. If only she could be so lucky…

She looked to her phone and tapped the screen to bring it to life, the light of her phone reflecting off of the smooth and shining surface of her perfectly manicured nail. The clock on her phone read 7:30, and to her disappointment, no new messages either. 

No new messages, and he was an hour and a half late.

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‘Don’t be scared to follow your heart ‘ ~ Cameron Dallas Imagine (Rquested)


An imagine where you and cam are really close and he loves you and you love him but your scared to fall in love so you deny it, but at the same time y'all kinda have this ‘just friends’ thing going on.


You were at home getting ready to go out to dinner with Cameron No you were not dating but the feeling were there and you knew he had them too . It’s just you were scared to give your pure heart up, You didn’t want it to end up being broken or just not capable of love anymore . You knew Cameron would be one of the last people to hurt you but It still scared you , you’ve seen so many people be so in love then the next minute hate each other and that is something you never want to go through .

A lot of your friends find it weird that you two go out to dinner all the time and hang out all the time but you tell them you and Cameron are ‘Just friends they never believe you . 

You received a text from him saying he was outside . You grabbed you belongings and headed out the door .

You opened the car door to see his kind smile ‘hey’ you said sitting in the car . ‘hey beautiful’ He said Making you blush .

After talking in the car caching up you Finally pulled up to a really fancy restaurant You were super excited . But nervous to think of what his true intentions are . 

‘Hi Reservation for Dallas’ Cameron said placing his hand into yours But You weren’t interested You pretended to brush you hair aside Causing a look from Cameron .You smiled at him . 

You both order your drinks and food .

‘what was that ?’ Cameron questioned 

‘what?’ you were trying to play it off ‘pulling you hand away from mine’ He responded his gorgeous brown eyes locked with yours . ‘We aren’t a couple’ You said bluntly .

‘But I always do that ! and I’ve asked you-’ 

You cut him off ‘Cameron I know and I’m sorry I’m just petrified okay to be in a relationship … I don’t want my heart to be broken it’s not something I want to go through and quit frankly I Don’t know what a serious relationship is I’ve never had anything even close to it , What if I’m not good enough fro you and you just leave me for someone better?’ It hurt you to say that but you felt a huge weight lifted from you .

‘Y/n That’s insane … I will never break your heart and you are just perfect for me ‘ He took your hand .

‘I know but what if we are just attracted to each other .. We don’t really love each other we just love the feeling we get from being around each other ‘ You removed your hand from his .

‘y/n I love you and I know you love me ! You can’t be scared to follow your heart .. I mean do I really look like the type of guy to break your heart ?’ He looked offended .

‘No It’s not you it’s me I know you want a serious relationship and I know what goes with that and I’m not ready ‘.

‘y/n we haven’t even kissed yet or gone on ‘our first date’ why are you scared for what’s to come ?’ 

‘I have no Idea Honestly ! can we just enjoy our dinner and talk after pleas’ you begged .

‘okay’ Cameron Nodded in defense ,

The rest of the night You tried to enjoy your dinner but what he said really stuck to you and kept running through your mind .

~After dinner .

You two sat in the car not saying a word on the topic of the night at dinner Just small talk .

‘here you are ‘ Cameron parked in front of your house .

‘thank you ‘ you un-buckeld your seat-belt opening the car door .

You looked over at Cameron who had a very annoyed look on his face . 

you started walking up the long driveway . ‘Y/n Wait !’ You heard Cameron shout you looked back to see him jogging up the Driveway , 

‘I can’t do this anymore ‘ He said looking down ‘do what ?’ you replied .

‘not Have you I love you soo much and I need to know ‘ he said ‘know wh-’ You were cut off by his lips against your’s . You tried to not kiss back but he just made it harder you decided to give in placing your arms around his neck . His hands resting on your back .

‘how’d that feel?’ Cameron asked smiling .

You were at a loss of words .


I hope you enjoyed this I really wanted to make it special since your my girl !


Fandom: Jurassic world
Character(s): Owen Grady and [Diplocous keeper] reader
Warning(s): Swearing
Requested by:Anon-Reader works with the Diplodocus dinos, and calls them her gentle giants. Owen is amazed at the connection she has with them and how they nuzzle their heads to her etc despite their size. She also works with him on the raptors, and they run up to the pen walls to see her when she comes over. She is living with him in his bungalow for whatever reason (and has been there for several months)
She finishes work early one day and decides to cook spag bol for them both. While she is cooking she changes into a big t shirt and shorts because it’s hot. She’s dancing round the kitchen to songs like Get into my car by Billy Ocean and other old songs (queen, Motown, elvis etc)
She doesn’t realise Owen is back and he’s watching her dance and sing. He makes her jump and she gets really embarrassed. Then it ends up with them kissing (smut if possible) lots of fluff and flirting and him teasing her.
Writer: Asteria
Word count: 2,478
A/N: This request just makes me wanna watch the movie all over again! god those 4 times in a row wasn’t good enough for me. Also I didn’t feel like writing smut today, sorry about that.

You had walked through the large field of herbivores, some of them turning their head and then going back to what they were doing, you had been fitted with video recorder, seeing as the some of the park keepers thought it would be a good idea for the visitors to see how you and the Diplodocus’ have a connection, there was a massive TV just above the Geosphere ride, so they can watch while they wait for their turn in the sphere.

You hadn’t been asked about it, you hadn’t even been consulted about it or even let in on the decision, they just decided without you, you just showed up one day and they fitted you with the video recorder and passed you a mic and gave you a very quick explanation. 

You sighed and put the small mic on, you had hulled a massive plastic box full of frozen water that had fruit inside all the way to the other end of the field, mainly because the new keeper took the jeep before you arrived, you were not so happy about that and were going to have a nice little chat with them, this was the exact reason you preferred  to work alone. 

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anonymous asked:

can you do a josh smut where he thinks you like mike but you prove him wrong ?

a/n: I hope you all know you’re sending me to hell and I’m showing Satan the receipts of who’s sending these.

Rating: R??? I don’t know but Josh eats you out hella

Warning: idk really descriptive smut and swearing obviously

Word Count: 1,738

This is hella long so if you have shit to do don’t read this bc you’ll be here for most of ur life mkay.

Originally posted by untildawnislife

“What time is it?”

“7:41AM, the same time it was two seconds ago when you asked Chris” you sigh.

Chris shrugs his shoulders sinking further into his seat, “I’m just asking, just want to make sure I have time to catch some rest”

“All the time in the world, any ways don’t blame me for his you can direct all your complaints to the head of this trip, Mr. Washington”

“Har har” Josh playfully glares, “This was a group trip, if you wanted to sleep in and still remain a virgin that’s your business not mine Chris”

“Aren’t you going to say something?!”

“Sorry Chris, Josh does have those sweet ass comebacks, I think I’m team Josh for this one”

“Hopefully not all day” you hear Mike grumble.

“And the prince rises from slumber, how was dreamland?”

He smirks, popping an eye open to glance at you, “It has it’s downsides”

You see Josh roll his eyes from beside you, he and Chris always seemed to have differences. 

“So, how far are we?”

“I don’t know, navigator Chris?”

You un-buckle your seat belt and turn fully in the passenger seat, Chris reaches deep into his pocket to pull out his mobile, releasing curses under his breath.

“It’s flat, I’m- I’m sure I turned it off earlier to conserve battery and all that”

“Don’t worry I got this, right pocket” Josh nods down toward his jeans, you reach in and pull out the small device. 

“Look like we’ve still got a shitload of time to burn, 7 hours at the most, which means pit stop so I can rest” you sigh, sinking down into your seat, propping your feet up on the dash. “No complaints right?”

Chris agrees with you without even needing to second guess and it seems Mike may have dozed off again.

Everyone else took the other car, sadly Josh’s car wasn’t big enough and everyone got into groups, luckily for you, you ended up in the fun group. Not that no one else was fun it’s just this simple, Josh, Chris and Mike have been your friends for a long time no, longer than anyone else and of course you have your inside jokes and so on, basically, it’s not as awkward trying to make some type of conversation.

“Mind if I put on the radio, for traffic reports and stuff?”

“Knock yourself out, I’m going to try to catch some Z’s against this window here, don’t kill us”

Josh begins to fiddle with knobs and buttons as you make yourself comfy, pulling your feet up onto the seat. “Hey” Josh nudges you.


“Seatbelt, safety first”

You reach up, puling the seatbelt back over yourself and clicking it in, Josh gives you a smile and pinches your thigh. 

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About Charlie Hebdo again

Since yesterday I made a post about Cabu, I wanted to make other informative posts about the other victims of the tragedy.
Once again, even if we must all strive to fight against hate and with the full knowledge that Charlie Hebdo was very far from flawless, I do feel people need background information.

Non-french people should take a moment to educate themselves on the cultural significance of these death to us as a nation.
A nation currently mourning 12 of it’s citizens.

So this is Charb also known as Stéphane Charbonnier

He was the director of Charlie Hebdo at the time of the attack.

Charb was not only an artist but a political activist, with ties to the PC (french communist party) and the Front de Gauche (french leftist alliance)

He was also one of the official artists of the MRPA (Movement against Racism and for the friendship between nations)
Participating in campaigns of sensitization to racism in the workplace.

Let’s break the silence ! Discrimination, lets open our eyes !
“I would love to hire you but I don’t like the color of your..err…cravat !”

Charb was also a vocal defender of the Palestinian state 

“And now ? Can you still recognize Palestine ?”

“Soon ! A Palestinian state !”

A UN seat for Palestine ?”
“That’s all we have left.”

“The Hamas is taking the population hostage !”
“So we kill the hostages.”

“What we produce illegally in Palestine we sell illegally in Europe.”

This is Charb’s life partner

Jeanette Bougrab

She is a French doctor of Law,  was junior minister for Youth and Community Life  and former president of the HALDE,

 The French High Authority of action against discrimination and for the promotion of equality. 

Charb was a human person, and in such, flawed and problematic, but I hope this bit of additional information and context will help the in the understanding of who he was, why he was important and why he will be missed. We do not excuse of condone his offensive positions, but this is a time of mourning, and it is the french people who should be the ones to discuss internal problems.

Compendium Of Pitti Uomo 85 Live Coverage

Pitti News: Europeans of every size are abuzz today at Pitti with the news that the Men’s Wearhouse/Jos. A. Bank merger is back on.  Said Brunello Cucinelli, “The Jos. A. Bank/Men’s Wearhouse merger is great news since I’ve been trying to break into the 4-for-the-price-of-1 business for ages.”  Said Luciano Barbera, “The JAB/Wearhouse merger creates a brand with one retail outlet for each American who still wears a tie.”

Pitti Happenings: Allen Edmonds has a big presence at this years’s Pitti with a large, blobby, oblong booth.

Pitti Uomo Vendor Report: Barges have been tethered at the Arno to accommodate this year’s overflow crowd of artisanal tie makers.

Pitti Personalities: Greg Lellouche of No Man Walks Alone was spotted walking alone.

Tommy Ton Overheard At Giacosa: “I’m only photographing nuns and priests this round, with the caption ‘Trending.’”

Breaking Pitti News: Scott Schuman rushed to hospital after Tommy Ton drops lens cap, hitting Schuman on the head.

Pitti Celebrity News: Kanye West’s publicist leaked that Yeezus will stun Pitti by bursting through Botticelli’s masterpiece The Birth of Venus on arrival.

Pitti Vendor Update: The Armoury stated that they are skipping this Pitti Uomo because Pitti “is played out” and ” the butt of relentless vox jokes.”

Pitti Surprises: Tom Ford and Thom Browne high-fived each other at the announcement of their F/W 15 collab, which they designed together to “confuse people.”

Uomos In Da News: Brunello Cucinelli introduced 14 new shades of beige today at Pitti and “even softer lux cashmeres” that can only be worn “once.”

Purred Cucinelli, “Our new cashmere is not even woven, it’s just wads of cashmere that cling to you with static electricity.”

Pitti Politics: Banana Republic announced that effective today, it is the newest member of the UN, with a seat on the Security Council.

Noted Banana Republic, “We will ally with China, where most of our workers are, but will support our colonies in US malls.”

Pitti Trends: Trending down? Smoking cigarettes. Trending up? Smoking Meerschaum pipes and wearing capes with Meerschaum pipe pockets.

Tumblr At Pitti: Tumblr’s Big Top circus tent in which the Eldridge Tie Knot is being taught mobbed by Spaniards.

Trending at Pitti: Artisanal pocket squares tied in an Eldridge knot and stuffed into cape lapel buttonholes.

Pitti Vendor News: Crocs announced this afternoon that it would launch a new range of “double monk Crocs” for “lazy, off-trendy dudes.”

Pitti Uomo Tips: Attendees seeking a quiet refuge from Pitti Uomo cacophony are advised to seek out the tent “Ask the StyleForum Experts.”

Pitti Polar Vortex Report: The most comfortable attendees in sub-freezing Pitti today are those who brought several sweaters but flew RyanAir.

Personal Pitti Reflections: Everyone at Pitti is fascinated by the martini that I’m drinking now. I’ve told them that it’s a “white espresso,” but they don’t really get it.

Pitti Uomo Obamacare Update: There’s a mood of anger at about the Obamacare website, particularly its lack of Affiliate Vendor Threads and AdSense ads for Men’s Wearhouse.

Pitti Uomo Retraction: Our earlier reportage that the Armoury will not be at Pitti was in error as they have purchased Pitti Uomo today.

Another Day At Pitti: Sunrise is six hours later than usual, but we will still proceed with coverage.

Wednesday Pitti Uomo Roundup: Internet here is marginal, so only a couple tweets went through today. My apologies. But I can report…

…that Scott Schuman is out of the emergency ward after the lens cap incident yesterday with Tommy Ton.

It took the Italian ER doctors several hours to notice The Sartorialist through their cigarette smoke, but he is now out.

Schuman has a cast covering the top of his head, both for recovery and for protective reasons.

Pitti Uomo War Update: Because of the concurrent scheduling of London Collections AW14 and Pitti Uomo 85, a formal state of war now exists between the two nations.

RyanAir flights in both directions were filled with more refugees than usual as tensions between Italy and the UK mounted.

Angela Merkel, clad in lederhosen despite her shattered hip, urged London Collection and Pitti Uomo attendees keep calm as other intermediaries and she seek a peaceful solution.

The Pitti Reaction: As news of the impending shuttering of J. Press in NYC reached Pitti attendees, reactions were confined to, “J. What?”

Puzzled Pitti attendees were shown photos of Shaggy Dog sweaters, eliciting the reaction, “J. Press sold defective sweaters?”

Pitti Shoe Report: Shoe manufacturer Alden unveiled its new slogan today: “A Little Bit Nicer, A Little More Expensive Than Allen Edmonds.”

Pitti Trend Cliff Notes: Inis Meáin Cape.

Pitti Research: A good retrospective of Pitti Uomo SS ‘11 is a website called “Yoox.”

Pitti Tonight: The discos and YMCAs of Florence’s famous nightlife scene are packed to the brim with Pitti Uomo attendees letting off steam.

Said one dancing, caped Pitti attendee at Disco Lino, “My right arm is friggin fried from holding up a cell phone all day!”

Said another twerking Pitti attendee, also caped, “The 2016 Nordstrom Rack and Gilt Groupe collections are almost finalized.”

Menswear In Da News: LVMH announced a surprise hostile takeover bid for American tailored clothing giant Men’s Wearhouse.

LVMH’s Bernard Arnault stated, “Acquiring Men’s Wearhouse aligns with our global competition with Senegalese street vendors.”

Added Arnault, “The Senegalese produce exactly the same product at the same quality level that we do, so Men’s Wearhouse will be a key strategic piece of our worldwide strategy.”

LVMH also plans on distributing diffusion line cognac and sparkling wines through Men’s Wearhouse in “single serving bottles.”

If the takeover is successful, it is expected that LVMH will change its name to LVMHMW.

Pitti Announcements: At a press conference today, LVMH revealed plans to open its first factory in the US.

The new LVMH factory in Alabama will make “Made in France” labels for LVMH’s Chinese manufacturing operations.

Pitti Personalities: Pitti Uomo was all abuzz today with the surprise visit of a caped Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Governor Christie wowed street photographers when he twirled, showing that he was wearing not one, but two capes.

Said Governor Christie to the Pitti crowd, “I need two capes, one for each side. Yeah, I’m a big guy, what of it?”

Pitti Techno News: 3D printing technology emerged at Pitti today as objects that look like real mobile phones were churned out on demand.

The most popular 3D printed object at Pitti Uomo that is almost lifelike in its resemblance to a real cell phone is called a “Blackberry.”

Noted one menswear industry observer, “These revolutionary 3D printers can already produce mewelry like bead bracelets. The future is incredible.”

Pitti Exhibitor Update: The largest contingent at Pitti Uomo 85 is Jos. A. Bank, which sent four employees for each admission pass.

Pitti News: Only the sound of fluttering capes could be heard over the silence as it was announced that Pitti would be extended two months.

Said Pitti organizers, “Look, we’re going to keep doing this thing until you dudes get it right.”

Reaction to the news that Pitti would be extended two months was greeted positively by artisanal tie makers.

Said one artisinal tie maker, “The extra two months will allow me to make three, maybe four, new ties.”

The news that Pitti will be extended two months has sparked a mass exodus of native Florentines from the city.

Attendees from Jos. A. Bank, who number in the hundreds at Pitti, were observed squatting in abandoned Florence homes.

Said one Jos. A. Bank attendee, “Actually, we sleep four to a bed, so we need less space than you would think.”

Pitti Brand Reports: As we settle into the 2-month extension of Pitti Uomo 85, we can take a break and start looking at specific brands.

First up will be the brand with the largest presence at Pitti Uomo, which is of course, Jos. A. Bank.

JAB seemed to be everywhere at Pitti this year, perhaps because JAB attendees always traveled in groups of four.

Jos. A. Bank arrived at Pitti Uomo cape-less…but, it will not leave cape-less.

At a hastily organized show yesterday, Jos. A Bank presented its new line of capes for next year.

The new JAB capes are white and approximately bed-sized, with some having elastic at the corners.

The Jos. A. Bank capes are held together at the neck with one’s own hand, leaving the other hand completely free to do stuff.

Said the JAB spokesman, “Our capes will also come in patterns and colors, depending on sourcing from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.”

Cuccinelli Report: This Pitti Uomo marked another season during which Brunello Cuccinelli added another zero at the end of all his retail prices.

Said Cuccinelli, “Our brand strategy of annually increasing our prices by a factor of ten has paid off handsomely.”

“My hope,” continued Cucinelli, “is that by 2021, I can sell a single sweater each year and be done with it.”

Cucinelli added, “At this Pitti, we are pleased to introduce our beige cotton ‘chino’ pant for next year.”

“Our chino,” said Cucinelli, “is unremarkable in every way except price, which is stratospheric.”

Pitti Update: On this Day 2 of the two month extension of Pitti Uomo 85, the mood is tense because of the 2:00 PM curfew imposed on cape-wearers.