un reve

I had this dream the other night. I was laying down, in fact I was sleeping in my dream. And there were dozens of small cities all around me, on top of me, they were everywhere. I knew I couldn’t move or I’d hurt them. I had to protect them. When I woke up, I was so disoriented looking around my sheets for the small cities I thought I had crushed.

tramampoline  asked:

johndave: a love story

first of all, i hate you,

are we lovers or are we friends? - acid house kings
i want you so bad i can’t breathe - ok go
walking in the wind - one direction
heartbeats - the knife
favourite colour - carly rae jepsen
hooked on a feeling - blue swede
kurt vonnegut - born ruffians
i felt your shape - the microphones
un reve plus long que la nuit - the mountain goats

(send me a playlist title and i’ll say some songs that i think would be on it)


Sasuke Hokage


My notebooks.

So I have a lot of them as you can see and I came up with something to do with them all yay.

1) the gold beautiful one is actually dead I’ve used all the pages but it’s just too beautiful to get rid of it, ( i’m weak i know )

2) the abbey rode one is the only one I still dont know what do to with ;;

3) the blue & grey one is my “anything” notebook. Its basicaly where I write anything.

4) the gorgeous ( pink girl ) one + the blue one are where I write stories.

5) then I tear up these pages and stick them on the weird orange one ~ So this one is for my writing ideas and plot and stuffs

6) the “ un reve ne demande qu'a etre realise ” one is for my 365 days writing challenge

7) the “ nothing’s impossible ” is for to do lists

8) the yellow-flower one is to practice my languages

9) the little stars one is for anything twitter related ( because i have a lyrics quote account, a most hated rt account this sort of things :’)) )

10) the two last little ones are for money. I’ve started with one, to keep on track what I spend ( and make sure I still have enough money to pay the electricity bill yeh ) and since this notebook is almost all used I’ve got an other one for when the first’s dead.

Thats it o//
I love notebooks.


c'est un rêve…


BkLeR - Un Reve (Lyric Video)


In honor of me getting over 400 followers I decided to do my first follow forever. If I went in full detail on this,it would take me forever so if you’re mentioned that means I’ll always follow you and you mean a lot to me,I love you all mentioned!.(gif creds to reginasresilience) Thanks for following me and here’s to another 400!


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