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Greek God Inspired M!As {timing at anon's discretion or 24 hours}
  • requested by anonymous... *note: they aren't all perfect matches to the character in Greek myth, but I tried to make them all workable for a rp and fun.
  • Cronus: Your character is obsessed with eating.
  • Mnemosyne: Your character is having memory troubles.
  • Themis: Your character feels the strong desire to take justice into their own hands!
  • Atlas: Your character feels overwhelmed, like they have the world on their shoulders.
  • Prometheus: Your character keeps rethinking things until they can't make any decisions on their own.
  • Zeus: Your character is feeling promiscuous, flirty, and they won't take no for an answer.
  • Poseidon: Your character has a raging temper and is holding on to grudges, old and new, and acting on them!
  • Hades: Your character can communicate with the dead.
  • Hera: Your character is wildly jealous and suspicious of everyone, especially their lover(s).
  • Athena: Your character is feeling motherly and wants to aid and protect all those they come in contact with.
  • Apollo: Your character knows the truth! They can tell when someone is lying to them and can get vague premonitions about the future.
  • Artemis: Your character feels at one with nature and can make animals do their bidding.
  • Aphrodite: An aura of beauty and love is all around your character, and people in their presence have a sudden lust for them.
  • Hermes: Your character is quick and clever! No riddle can defeat them!
  • Ares: Your character has a sudden thirst for violence and war.
  • Hephaestus: Your character is disfigured and bitterly ugly, but able to create beautiful and powerful things in their field of interest.
  • Hestia: Your character suddenly has a fear of leaving their home. They won't go out at nearly any cost! Fie on the outside world!
  • Eros: Your character is feeling mischievous and conniving.
  • Hebe: Your character is filled with the innocence of a child.
  • Iris: Your character's sexuality is flip-flopped (iris is god of the rainbow, see what i did there?)
  • The Graces: Your character is enchanted with the grace of all things around them, and they too are graceful because of it.
  • The Muses: Your character has a million and one ideas firing around inside their head, and they want to do them all! But their attention span is shorter than that of a three month old puppy.
  • Nemesis: Your character has an overpowering sense of right and wrong, and won't stand for anything short of absolute moral uprightness. Gods help if they're posed with a moral dilemma!
  • Aidos: Your character is feeling charitable, and a lack of charity makes them feel almost physically ill.
  • Demeter: Your character has control over all plant life. Make it grow, die, choke your enemies...
  • Dionysus: Your character is drunk as all hell! Watch out for the hangover of a lifetime when this M!A is over.
  • Pan: Your character just wants to SING! Everything they say is either song lyrics or at the very least rhymes. Life is now a musical.
  • Aeolus: Your character can now control the weather.
  • Gorgons: Your character can now paralyze people just by looking at them (can "un-paralyze" them too, if they concentrate hard enough).
  • Siren: Your character is irresistible in every way, but their intentions are wicked.
Run Away Pt. 1 - Pietro Maximoff

(Sorry the picture isn’t him in The Avengers, I wanted to get a different gif then what everyone has, and because this man is hot af)

Word Count: 1,319

Spoilers: Maybe? Idk sorry

Pairing: Reader X Pietro (but not yet)

Comments: This will have multiple parts and i’m no where near finished. There’s no fluff or love or anything really between the reader and pietro yet. But if yall wanna tell me if you like it or would read more i’d be very grateful. I hope you enjoy it!

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