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Early-Grape Brows collection in Wildly Miniature Sandwiches pallet!

Here’s my first recolour release! I’ve recoloured allot of stuff for personal use but never released it because it doesn’t always look the best XD. 

In both naturals and un-naturals to match WMS’s hairs and base game/pack recolours! 

This is a swatch addon so you will need to download the original brows from Early-Grape to get EA’s colours!

Uni-Brow found here

Brow with slit and plain brows found here


Sims File Share

There is a combined package with all brows and re-colours together or the separated so if you just want the naturals or un-naturals you can download one or the other!


@early-grape for the original brows!

@wildlyminiaturesandwich for the beautiful pallet.

and a special mention to @weepingsimmer as it was her tutorial that originally inspired me to recolor something and guided me through it!

I was tagged by @experimentalsims for the diverse sim challenge. 

My tags were

4 Chubby
7 Un-Natural Hair Colour
19 A eye colour you never used

I wanted a sim who could join the crowds in the lalbc and i used the genetics of two of my favor poc Sims,  Inis (fairy) and Titus (vampire). I chose pink eyes bc i think that is honestly the only eye color I’ve never used. 

Then this drama started up behind them. 

Omg i love these two already xD

They are 100% hoping for a fight and I’m right there with them 😂

I will probably change her clothing. I’m really not sure what to dress her in right now and i needed to lie down so my simming time got interrupted. Ideas/ suggestions? 

thatreallyrustledmyjimmies  asked:

That anon that said most schools don't allow un-natural hair colors what? I walk into school and their are kids with fucking hot pink hair and green hair what school doesn't allow you to dye your hair? That's like a school banning piercings wtf

Actually, when I was in middle school they didn’t allow unnatural hair colors OR facial piercings.

My mother, being the badass she was, bought me purple dye that was JUST close enough to burgandy. (which is a natural hair color)

It was obviously purple, but when the school office called my mom down to pick me up she brought a burgundy hair dye box with her. They. Couldn’t. Do. Shit.

They also threw a fit about my lip rings, saying that they were a distraction and that it’s school policy that none were allowed. I was wearing a clear plastic retainer in them, so as to keep them open. Most of the cheerleaders had nose rings, and my mother knew of this information.

Once again, my mother was called down to the office. We had this one happen more than once since I refused to take it out and my mother agreed that it was ridiculous.

Finally, we brought up the nose ring clad cheerleading squad, reminding them that a nose ring is a facial piercing.

They had no ammo left.

My mother always taught me to fight for what I believed in, to not submit simply because I’m told to. Just because they’re authority figures doesn’t mean they’re right in everything they say or do.

They have the ability to be wrong.

O2L Preference #5: You Die Your Hair Un-Natural

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Sam: You came home one day with your “new” Hair. He just sat there staring at it. It was something you both loved, and something you could use to hide behind, when you two did some things ;)

External image
Connor: He didn’t love it. But he didn’t care, if you loved it, he would deal with it.

External image
Jc: He loved it. He would just sit there watching you play with your blue hair.

External image
Kian: Thought it was different. And your a very different person, and he loved it. Thought it showed you off.

External image
Trevor: Wow. He thought you were a good girl. Wouldn’t do something this….. wow. He loved it.

External image
Ricky: Loved it. I think he would have loved it even more than every other boy. He just loved it!

Request! REQUEST! Picture Preferences! Yay!