un monstre paris

I feel alive when I’m beside
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
From this angle like an angel
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine


2 hr practice paint based on my favorite scene from A Monster in Paris :)

no but Un Monstre a Paris/A Monster in Paris is literally such a good and important movie and you can get it on Netflix

  • it’s a French CGI film that is, in my opinion, a lot better than anything Disney’s produced lately as far as animation is concerned (this movie is from 2011 and the animation is better than what I’ve seen in Frozen and Tangled) and the movements are so fluid and just WOW this is a beautiful piece of animation
  • it’s essentially Phantom of the Opera meets Beauty and the Beast so it’s a musical and it’s awesome and the voices are just wow
  • the protagonist is a mutated flea with a heart of gold and the voice of an angel and his name is Francœur and they animate his hands to play the correct guitar chords in time with the music how many animated films do that
  • it takes place in early 20th-century France
  • there’s a monkey named Charles who is an assistant botanist like do I need to say any more (i’m totally going to anyway)
  • the antagonist is literally named Mayor Maynott and there’s tons of puns and cute characters last but not least
  • Lucille is the female lead and a cabaret singer and her voice actress is the same in both the French and English versions (also for you Frozen fans her Spanish VA is the same as Anna’s) and the singing is just. magical.
  • it’s on Netflix you have literally no excuse

everyone needs to watch this

did I mention it’s on Netflix

La seine (Extrait de la bande originale « Un monstre à Paris »)
Vanessa Paradis & M
La seine (Extrait de la bande originale « Un monstre à Paris »)

La Seine (Extrait de la Bande Ori) by Vanessa Paradis & M.

From A Monster in Paris’ soundtrack. I love the English version as well, but there’s just something about the French version that really gets me. Ugh I love this song (well the whole soundtrack, really) beyond words.