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Things that are Known and Accepted in the ARMS universe but never Questioned:

  • There are ninjas and a Ninja College/University
  • One ninja decides to join an international sports competition as his Senior Project
  • People aren’t born with ARMS but instead just ‘wake up’ one day and have them
  • One boy decides to join an international sports competition after he wakes up with them and says “I was shocked at first, but they’re pretty rad.”
  • Nobody knows where ARMS originated or why people get them and any attempts at trying to figure it out are thwarted by an invisible force
  • An international corporation accidentally creates a synthetic being while trying to solve this mystery
  • The synthetic being decides to join an international sports competition
  • A long dead man wakes up as a un-dead mummy
  • The un-dead mummy decides to join an international sports competition to try and find his lost (and assumed also dead) family
  • There are security bots that have robot dog companions
  • A security bot and his robot dog companion decide to join an international sports competition as a single fighter and it’s allowed
  • An A-List actress decides to join an international sports competition using her hair as ARMS
  • Snakeboarding
  •  A Snakeboarder decides to join an international sports competition that isn’t Snakeboarding to increase the viewership of his live-streams
  •  Snakeboarding live-streams
  • A young girl genius builds a mech-suit for the purpose of joining an international sports competition like her favorite pop-star idol
  • One of the competitors in an international sports competition is a pop idol singer
  • A girl with noodle ARMS decides join an international sports competition to promote her parents’ ramen shop 

Music video by Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo, Gael García Bernal performing Un Poco Loco. © 2017 Walt Disney Records/Pixar .

Que el cielo no es azul
¡Ay mi amor! ¡Ay mi amor!
Que es rojo dices tú
¡Ay mi amor! ¡Ay mi amor!

Vez todo al revés
¡Ay mi amor! ¡Ay mi amor!
Creo que piensas con los pies
¡Ay mi amor! ¡Ay mi amor!

Tú me traes un poco loco
Un poquititito loco
Estoy adivinando
Que quieres y pa’ cuando

Y así estoy celebrando
Que me he vuelto un poco loco..

( Música ) 

Chiflado tú me vuelves
Y eso está un poco loco
Tu mente que despega
Tú siempre con ideas

Con mi cabeza juegas
Todo es un poco loco..

Con mi cabeza juegas
Todo es un poco loco
Con mi cabeza juegas
Todo es un poco loco

Con mi cabeza juegas
Todo es un poco loco
Con mi cabeza juegas
Todo es un poco loco

Un poquitititi titi titi titi tititito loco…  

Clem has survived all by herself for days after her babysitter died when she was 8.

Clem, after just seeing her un-dead parents, managed to drag a grown ass man to safety at 9 years old.

Clem sewed up her own arm with no assistance while locked up in a shed. Something most adults wouldn’t have the balls to do

Clem took and raised a child that wasn’t even hers like he was her own, and loved him like he was her own. Even though she had no obligation to do so.

Clem, even after losing pretty much everyone close to her, still manages to stay strong and still keeps finding a reason to fight, even when she didn’t want to. If that’s not a strong character then I don’t know what is.

Long story short, Clementine is amazing and I love her.


As we go marching, marching, in the beauty of the day 
A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill lofts gray 
Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses
For the people hear us singing, bread and roses, bread and roses.

As we come marching, marching, we battle too, for men, 
For they are in the struggle and together we shall win. 
Our days shall not be sweated from birth until life closes, 
Hearts starve as well as bodies, give us bread, but give us roses.

As we come marching, marching, un-numbered women dead 
Go crying through our singing their ancient call for bread, 
Small art and love and beauty their trudging spirits knew 
Yes, it is bread we. fight for, but we fight for roses, too.


neronoru-shipper  asked:

Fray x dead un beshito plis uwu


bueno es este caso no sabia el tamaño de Dead  creo que lo hize algo chiquito, mucho no lo conozco a él… no conozco su personalidad U_U xD pero bue….. la cosa es que esta lindo jeje

Fray sensualon, unico, beio, dios, divo, el mejor de todos(? by Me

Dead by: @coffee-stars

Wait a second...

Most people think Will’s face is starting to turn fish-like b/c he is breaking the rules and not ferrying the lost souls like he was supposed to.

However, I believe that Captain Salazar (the new bad guy) is taking the lost souls that Will is supposed be guiding. Salazar is building an un-dead army with them and screwing up Will’s life! 

Will didn’t break the rules!
That’s why his face is messed up and why he looks so angry.

So yah, rest assured Will is still a good guy and their is hope that his face will go back to normal, lol. He’s still my fave, fish face or not!

Eurovision 2017 - Requiem Vocabulary

Originally posted by i-just-live

I already did an Eurovision French vocabulary, it was very general and related to the whole contest production but a lot of people found it quite helpful. I thought I could do another one but related to the French entry of this year, Requiem, the lyrics, synonyms, and related stuff (love and death vocab, or expressions), in order to provide more information than with a total translation of the song. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful. Don’t hesitate to tell me if you’d like another special vocab list about previous french Eurovision entries, or about another subject. I enjoy doing these quite a bit lol. 

(un) amour (n.m) = love
(une) affection (n.f) = affection 
(un) béguin (n.m.)  = a crush
(un) sentiment (n.m.) = feeling
(une) passion (n.f.) = passion
(une) ardeur (n.f) = literally ardor in English, synonym of passion 
(une) étincelle (n.f) = spark
(une) flamme (n.f) = flame
(un) brasier (n.m.) = brazier

(un) bonheur (n.m.) = happiness
(une) félicité (n.f.) = felicity
(une) gaieté (n.f) = cheerfulness
(une) euphorie (n.f) = euphoria
(une) beauté(n.f) = beauty
(une) fleur(n.f) = flower
(une) saison (n.f) = season
(une) femme(n.f) = woman 
(un) homme(n.m.) = man
(une) petite fille(n.f) = little girl
(un) petit garçon (n.m.) =  little boy

(un) mort (n.m.) = a dead person / (une) mort (n.f.) = death
(un) requiem (n.m.) = requiem 
(un) trépas (n.m.) = death (synonym)
décéder (v.) = deceased
éteint (v.) =  literally ”off”, delicate way to say dead
(un) deuil (n.m.) = mourning
(une) extinction (n.f.) = extinction
(le) temps (n.m.) = time 
(un) siècle (n.m.) = century 
(une) décennie (n.f.) = decade
(un) millénaire(n.m.) = millennium

(une) errance (n.f.) = wandering
(un) égarement (n.m.) = misguidance
(une) pérégrination (n.f.) = peregrination
(une) déchirure(n.f.) = tear
(une) déchéance (n.f.) = to decline
(une) misère(n.f.) = misery
(un) chagrin(n.m.) = grief
(se) lassé (v.pr) = to get bored

Mourir (v.) = to pass away
Naître (v.)  = to be born (it’s actually more the action of being given birth)
Renaître (v.)  = to rebirth
Vivre (v.)  = to live
Disparaître (v.)  = to disappear
Survivre (v.)  = to survive
Croire (v.)  = to believe
Sourire (v.)  = to smile
Embrasser (v.)  = to kiss / to hug (outdated)
Aimer (v.)  = to love
Danser (v.)  = to dance
Donner (v.)  = to give
Cueillir (v.)  = to pick up
Se marrer (v.)  = to laugh (jargon)

La vie te cueille comme une fleur : Life picks you like a flower - meaning : death
Conduire à la mort : Death Drive - meaning :  Freudian theory. Just like in English, what you are doing right now might cause your death
La mort rôde : death is prowling - meaning : someone will die soon
Coup de foudre : Thunderbolt - meaning : love at first sight
Conter fleurette : no translation - meaning : to flirt

Se qualcosa è stato bello devi dirlo. Se qualcosa ti piace, se qualcosa ti rende felice devi dirlo. A forza di piangere hai imparato a difenderti e io questo lo capisco. Capisco che pur di smettere di farlo annegheresti nello schifo di una vita ordinata, con i sentimenti spenti e le labbra dipinte, ma se una canzone ti piace devi ascoltarla. Se qualcuno ti sorprende in positivo devi farglielo notare.
Devi ringraziare. Ringrazia, anche se ti fa piangere. Di’ “ti voglio bene” anche se ti fa piangere. Se qualcuno ti ha dato un bacio e da quel momento non fai che pensarci devi dirlo. Di’ “mi manchi”, di’ “ti amo”, di’ “ti aspetto”. Dillo, testa alta e cuore in mano. Non devi donarti tutta intera, devi lasciarti accarezzare. E devi, a tua volta, provare a ballare.
Fai delle cavolate, fanne tante, perché sono quelle che ricorderai più volentieri quando le gambe non saranno più così forti.
Se vuoi far l’amore fallo, non pensare “e se poi?” e “se lui?”. Se vuoi far l’amore dillo: “ti voglio”, “ho voglia di te”. Ci hanno insegnato che quasi tutto si risolve con un vaffanculo, con la forza, con l’arroganza, con la grinta, ma io credo che niente sia più irriverente e più potente della dolcezza, così quando vuoi abbracciare qualcuno abbraccialo e quando vuoi arrabbiarti fallo, ma non diventare mai cattiva solo perché qualcuno lo è stato con te. Mai.

Susanna Casciani (via deadinside3695)


“Non diventare mai cattiva solo perché qualcuno lo è stato con te. Mai.”