un charted

and dennis can’t make himself ask mac to come back to the hotel so he just asks mac, “how long are you in new york for? i’d love to meet up and get lunch sometime” and mac’s like… “oh i… i just came up for the day, i’m catching a megabus back to philly at 4 AM” and dennis is like - he is in un-fucking-charted territory right now, he has never felt anything like this or done anything like this, and when mac says he has to catch a megabus to philadelphia at 4 AM he says, “please don’t do that.” before he can even think about it. and mac’s like. quite taken aback, he’s like, “excuse me?” and dennis is like, “no, sorry, i don’t know what i - it’s late, you know, long day, i’m four beers deep -” and mac goes, “you… don’t want me to go?” and dennis, still trying to cover his ass after that embarrassing outburst of emotionality a moment ago, says, “well, i’m just saying, it’s a shame i finally meet THE famous mac after all these years and he has to go right back to philly” and mac is uhhh blushing like a schoolgirl and he’s like, “well… i… i mean i’d love to hang out and get to know you more better, obviously, but i can’t really afford a hotel or anything” and dennis is like, “we can book you overnight at the plaza, it’s really no trouble” and mac is like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o… kay” and they get bundled up and go out and get in dennis’s limousine and drive up to the plaza and dennis’s personal assistant has already booked mac a suite and dennis walks him to his fucking palatial room and mac opens the door and like, cannot comprehend what he is seeing or what is happening, and he just like, snaps into apology mode, like, “this is so nice of you but i really can’t - i couldn’t possibly” and dennis wants to kiss him he wants to do much more than kiss him but he still can’t make himself do it so he just reaches out and rests a hand on mac’s shoulder and says, “lunch. tomorrow. have a good sleep” and closes the door on mac without another word and then goes up to his own suite and tries to sleep and has an existential crisis for several hours before finally falling asleep out of sheer exhaustion at 7 AM

so, you guys obviously know how a confession blog works - we depend solely on submissions to make our posts. things seem to get, um, repetitive at times. Snape this, sorting that, Cursed Child crap until the sun sets… it just feels like we’re getting the same dozen or so confessions over and over (and over) again. so i made this highly un-scientific chart with no actual mathematical acuity whatsoever. it represents what confession graphics it feels like i make all the time!

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We’re hearing Restoring Force in stereo right now! “Would You Still Be There” is on the Sirius XM Octane Big ‘Uns chart again this week, “Feels Like Forever” is on regular rotation at BBC Radio 1, the biggest radio station in the UK, & there’s over 2 million of you who’ve seen the video for “Bones Exposed” now!!

So what’s your favorite?