I haven’t been able to sleep in complete darkness for weeks now. My body waits until around 5am when light and daybreak is just starting to grace us with its presence. They are always watching, creeping ever so closely, waiting to pounce and drag me to the dark place. I don’t know what’s scarier; me slowly losing my mind or the fact that what I’m seeing is real.

It started when I was a kid, seeing these…shadow entities. They started out as imaginary friends who turned into nightmares and then night terrors and now “hallucinations”. But I know they’re more than that, I know what I’m seeing is real. Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There are millions of people who believe and know God is real but nobody’s ever seen him. I see them all day, every day.

Their long slender bodies are mangled and contorted, twisted in ways a body can never be bent. Their elongated fingers are sharp, perfect for cutting flesh. Their faces, oh god, their faces are the worst. The skin is a material similiar to burnt meat. Jaws unhinged and filled with rows of jagged, umtamed teeth.

They are worse than nightmares and they’re planning something. Something big. Their appearances have increased as well as their malice, they’ve become incredibly violent. My entire body is littered with bruises and cuts…Oh no! Shit I can hear them coming, I just pray someone finds this and will listen. We have to stop them. Don’t believe any lies they tell you, they are not your friends! They are manipulative and will get inside your head to tear you apart from the inside-out.