Ran into my first fellow Google Glass Explorer when I was in Ann Arbor, MI this past weekend for the Art Fair. I saw him walking right past me, and shouted “Google Glass! Hey!” At first he thought I was being another jealous onlooker, and kinda nodded and kept walking. I quickly tapped on his shoulder and got his attention, which is when he noticed that I was wearing Glass too! “Oh, cool!” he said. It was both of our first times seeing someone else with Glass. We chatted for a minute, and then took a picture of each other at the same time :)

Karl Henderson, CS BSE Graduate, celebrates his graduation during the 2015 Winter Commencement by performing a step routine with his fellow brothers of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity outside of the Crisler Center on December 20, 2015.

Photo: Joseph Xu/Michigan Engineering Multimedia Content Producer

by @taubmancollege #next_top_architects Happy birthday to Buckminster Fuller! Here is “Bucky” Fuller at the University of Michigan at Lorch Hall in the early 1950’s inspiring architecture students to build their own geodesic domes out of cardboard. #buckminsterfuller #taubmancollege #architecture #umsocial #geodesicdome Photo from the UM Bentley Library archives.