Free At Last || Langel Convo

Lacey:  *Stares at her feet for a long time, trying to decide on her simple sneakers or the heels.  She can wear heels any time, any place and they go with the gift, but until then… they don’t QUITE go with the rest of the outfit.  Maybe if she put on a beret?  Laughs at herself.  Why am I so nervous?  I can trust him and he… cares about me…  She finally put on the heels and threw her stuff into the back pockets of her jeans - actually opting not to bring a bag or a clutch tonight.  She goes to meet up with him*

It's a Celebration, Bitch || Lacey's Birthday Group Para

Tagging:  Lacey Jones, Gabby Cruz, Angelo DeMarcos, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel and Jackson Avery

When:  July 22nd

Notes:  Lacey and her friends celebrate her birthday at a happening night club, where one of Blaine’s fans has plans of her own for the event.

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Rise and Shine, Beautiful!
  • Lacey:(Feels hands rub her arms & smiles a little as she touches them)
  • Angel's Voice:Rise and shine, Beautiful.
  • Lacey:(Giggles slightly & mumbles) Angelo...
  • Quinn:(Excitedly) Huh???
  • Lacey:(Eyes fly open & gasps) Q!
  • Quinn:(Covers her mouth to not laugh at her friend's face) Your phone alarm was going off & you weren't responding...
  • Lacey:(Wipes her face, embarrassed.) Thanks, Quinn. I guess I was sleeping hard.
  • Quinn:Yeah, you were. And having sweet dreams, ay? (Quinn finally allowed herself a giggle at her roommate's expense, as she headed out of the room.)
  • Lacey:Ay...