The tragic incident of the Chapel Hill shooting has many left in fear. This hit so close to home. Deah, Yusor, and Razan didn’t live in a war torn, impoverished country. They were students who lived right here in the United States, pursuing their dreams just as we are. Let us not honor their death by succumbing to fear. They too were aware of the fear-mongering media that propagated hatred. There’s no need to hide or for that matter even change your Muslim identity. Be proud of this deen, because it is this same religion that has caused such an outpouring of sympathy and kind words for these three. Death is inevitable, whether we are meant to die of natural causes or at the hands of another, Allah swt is All-Knowing. We cannot live our whole lives in fear of what may or may not happen. These three masha’Allah lived their lives as not just Muslims by appearance but also by actions and character. Deah was an active member of UMR’s dental relief team, taking part in a dental relief mission to Palestine that treated children with special needs. Razan was a current officer for UMR triangle where she organized monthly feedings for the homeless in downtown Raleigh. Honor their memory by volunteering in your community, giving charity, and being kind to those around you. Honor their memory by living your life taking advantage of your youth to serve others. Live your life in such a way that those around you will remember you for your character and actions, not for your wealth or status.
“Lead such a life that, when you die, the people may mourn you, and while you are alive they long for your company.” –Ali ibn Abi Talib (RA)