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Do you have any proof? Like a screenshot or something? Because right now, this is just talk and no evidence, and sounds like you're jealous of him.

This was sent to me 30 seconds after I posted on a private network chat about reporting him to tumblr, then after I hadn’t replied but simply deleted the post I had made on the chat, he sent another message immediately afterwards saying “I see you deleted the post, lmk how it goes”
To me, the words “I see” implies he was able to see it (duh) and so tumblr is now looking into the matter, they take security very seriously. If indeed it is someone who was just showing him the chats, then this is all that person’s fault and they are a coward for not standing up for their friend, neither person has even attempted to explain to me.
And no, I have nothing to be jealous of, I value my privacy is all. Everyone I know thinks he is an asshole anyway so why would I be jealous of that, I do the right thing and I will do/say something when I see wrongdoing.
As I have said before, it’s a matter of principle and I just want to see this dealt with.

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More people need to be reporting umq for harassment and abuse of the featured system. And he's almost driven better blogs than his off of Tumblr because he's a huge cry baby with a over-inflated ego. Seriously, I urge everyone to report him.

joel  asked:

can't hack tumblr dude that's all there is to it.


  • Compromised a private chat thread
  • Told me about it
  • Have had blue tags put onto your posts without them being featured
  • No editor is doing what you, yourself is doing
  • No editor gives a crap about your magazine
  • Or your friends
  • Or your side blogs
  • Or your ex-side blogs
  • Or however many dicks you are sucking rn

So, there are many reasons I, and many people like me, know full well that you are manipulating tumblr for your own ends. Does that make you feel like a big man?