December 28th, 2012 // “Plunger”

An excellent pro-shot video from Umphrey’s most recent New Year’s Eve run!


went to a pretty stellar umphrey’s/zach deputy show last night at the national for my roommate’s birthday. i’m so lucky that at my first live umphrey’s experience i got to have my closest friends around me as the incredible light show sank up perfectly with the band’s weaving of practically every genre into two sets of jammin, groovin and just plain kickass rock.

the special treat was their dedication to president’s day: an acapella version of the star spangled banner which they jammed into a mind-blowingly awesome cover of the national anthem by radiohead. the ‘band on the run’ cover (above) and 'that’s all’ by genesis cover were pretty great, as well. 

of course their original material sounded great - i’m excited about this new stuff - and the crowd was amazing. at one point, i remember describing the relationship i was noticing between the crowd and band like one between plants and animals’ respiration and photosynthesis, because both groups fed off each other’s positive energy and contributed more back.

you could definitely tell umphrey’s was playing as great as they did in part because of the appreciation and love they were getting from their fans, making the music even more enjoyable because it felt personal, like the band was connecting with us. we weren’t just the audience, we were a part of the music.

(thanks to mattcastaway, an awesome guy who has already put up a bunch of videos from last night’s set, including this one, on the youtube)


Umphrey’s McGee encore at the Jefferson last weekend… Why did I miss this show? And, for that matter, their DC run? I need to stop choosing my friends over Umph, clearly.


Umphrey’s McGee - 1348

one of my favorites, usually they throw in the imperial march from Star Wars. Always makin’ me smile from ear to ear that’s fersure.