My Flynt Coal cosplay finally made its debut and boy was that a good time
(Headcanon that Flynt had to add one clone at a time : Daring Duet. Triumphant Trio, etc.)

Neon Katt: @cscakes

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Rebel Genos and Guidance Counselor Saitama

Saitama strolls behind the school building, surprised when he sees Genos looming over a bunch of thug-like high schoolers, all cowering in fear.
He frowns, he thought the blonde had changed his ways?
Saitama tip-toes closer, listening to their conversation.
“…and that is why you should never drown the nerds in toilets.”
Ah. He stand corrected, Genos was rehabilitated. Just as reckless as always.
Even so, he had to reprimand the boy for being too rough on the other kids.
The cyborg turns to him excitedly, eyes sparkling in admiration.
The other students look at him in disgust, though he pays them no mind.
“You shouldn’t scream at their faces, that’s my job.” he tries to joke, only wincing when Genos’s shoulder sags.
“I’m sorry sensei.”
The kids behind him chuckle.
“Hey, laughing at other people’s misery is not cool.”
“Yeah, whatcha gonna do about it sensei baldy?”
Genos face contorts almost immediately from kicked puppy to ‘I’ll burn you alive’ as he looks back at the particular brunette who raised his voice.
“Permission to incinerate sensei.”
The gang flinched.
Saitama sighed.

Sam waking up with his head on Dean’s chest and Dean lazily trailing his fingers up and down Sam’s spine, and it’s calm and quiet, until Dean’s fingers don’t stop on the way up and get tangled in Sam’s hair and Dean tugs, gradually stronger, until it becomes painful and Sam groans, doesn’t want to because he knows what Dean is playing at but he can’t help it and then “what’s the matter Sammy?” all innocent like he doesn’t know he’s fucking pulling like a mad man on Sam’s hair and so Sam pushes his index between two of Dean’s ribs and Dean tries to wiggle away but Sam hold him down and teeth bite hands and nails scrapes down soft skin and it ends up in a full wrestling match on the bed and “you’re such a fucking jer-umph” “what was that I didn’t quite catch- NO NOT THE ARMPIT SAM NO”

I had to learn from certain people in my life, one of them was Carl as well he had this kind of ‘umph’, it was kind of attractive and a little bit sort of violence… violent people because I admired the way they could stand up for themselves, that can sometimes turn incredibly wrong but there’s a difference between an aggressor, and someone who wont back down.
—  Peter Doherty, interview before the gig in Bournemouth, 2016

Inspired by @nicoliferd, here are some studies of mine eyes. It’s very hard to draw what you see and not what you think you know about your face from putting on mascara in the morning. 👀👀Umph

(a leetle process on the snappy chatters: @ tootzandco)

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking request, may I ask for an allergic Phoenix from the Ace Attorney series? I really like your art style and the fetishy material I find on your blog is just umph <3

hahaha this one was really cute ^^ look at all those little tears, poor thing. phoenix is my baby, also he just… is kinda a baby in general hehe

hope you like it!!

music and things

Put your playlist on shuffle, write down your favorite lyrics for the first 10 songs, and then tag 10 people.

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 Here we go! 

Welcome to Japan- The Strokes: I didn’t want to notice/Didn’t know the gun was loaded/Didn’t really know this/What kind of asshole drives a Lotus?/I didn’t want to bore you Didn’t wanna pick up your shit for you cuz his voice when he sings that part 10/10

 Morning Bell-Radiohead:  Cut the kids in half cuz it sounds cool idk 

 When the Feeling’s in the Core-Tame Impala:  There’s nothing that I need to say cuz I ripped this song off of YouTube and its shitty quality and it was the only lyric I understood 

 Still Take You Home-Arctic Monkeys:  I fancy you with a passion cuz I love how he much umph he puts in it

Teenage Alien Blue-Foxygen:   I got a head full of acid, I see babies talk and I think you and I are groove, I think that you and I should make a movie cuz I like singing along to those lyrics

 P.S. I Love You-The Beatles:  Treasure these few words till we’re together/ Keep all my love forever cuz I think that part sounds nice 

Dare I Care- Julian Casablancas+ the Voidz:  Our bodies crave a lot of things that end in loss cuz those are the only lyrics I can understand and I think those lyrics are very beautiful  

I Will Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab For Cutie: If there’s no one beside when your soul embarks cuz that lyric has stuck with me since the first time I heard it

Space Oddity-David Bowie: honestly started crying when I heard this. All the lyrics are beautiful but what gets me is the intro when he says ground control to Major Tom 

You Won’t Be Missing That Part of Me-Melody”s Echo Chamber: It won’t be that hard to forget me/ I hope you won’t cuz idk I just like it!