Musical Witchcraft
  • Playing EDM to raise your energy
  • Humming scales upwards for growth spells, downwards to banish things
  • Playlists of all of your fight songs you jam to during protection spells
  • Writing a song as an offering to a deity
  • Incorporating the Song of Storms into weatherworking
  • Using your favorite song lyrics as chants
  • Directing energy through dance
  • Using the associated music notes with different herbs/crystals/planets in their place in a pinch
  • Enchanting a melody with protection or bravery, so you can hum it to call on a little extra umph
  • Musical Witchcraft

Hi fellow Phans!

Sorry I’m late to contribute to this, but it’s been one of those weeks that I’m so glad is over. I kept trying to find time to get out my prized shoe collection, and it simply couldn’t happen until now.

Seeing all of your gorgeous shoes kept my spirits buoyed because even before I “met” Phryne and her Phabulous world, I’ve always been a shoe aficionado. I definitely advocate for comfortable shoes, but they also need that bit of umph and pizzazz as well! These are by designer Irregular Choice, which, as you can see, manages to combine the best in luxury velvet padded soles and gorgeous, creative design to boot (sorry for the pun)!

So, of course, one of the first things I immediately fell in love with in the pilot of MFMM were these adorable blue and white t-bar Mary Janes (included it above since my phone app doesn’t seem to let me add it mid text).

So, I couldn’t really decide which of these were my Phryniest so I’ve added them all (hope that’s OK @foxspirit1928, including the fact I’m late to your grand tally)! I think the “Cinderella-like” pair would have to be my top pick since they have diagonal Mary Jane straps (and pink swans and “glass” heels). The second pair remind me of her because of the grey fluffy pom-poms. And the third are a nod to her English ties, of course.

To reward myself for surviving a few hellish weeks of late, I think I’m going to treat myself to a new pair soon. I’ve got quite a few others that are more 1920s in appearance, but these are my faves. Think Phryne would approve?

Thanks so much again @foxspirit1928 for starting all this! You’re a star! 😘

(Posted on 15 May 2016)
Adagio “Umph,”Man Cave

To preface: I know I prefer tea in general SWEET and MILKY, so I haven’t tried this tea plain.

I brewed it for about 6 minutes at 208F, 2 heaping teaspoons in a 16-ounce IngenuiTEA infuser.  It was a lovely, deep color when I strained it.  About 8 ounces in a mug, with 2 teaspoons white sugar and a splash of whole milk.

While I don’t normally try my tea before both sugar and milk are added, I did take a sip with just sugar.  At that point, the 2 teaspoons seemed like too much, but the milk mellowed out the sweetness a lot.

The listed ingredients are honeybush, oolong tea, pu erh tea, red safflower, hazelnut and almond flavors.  I was a little wary, because pu erh and I have a complicated relationship.  I like flavored pu erhs, and pu erhs in blends, but the plain pu erh I’ve tried (Pu Erh Dante) was too strong, and had too much of the “mushroom” note for my taste.  (I do not like mushrooms, period)  Honeybush is one I don’t actively dislike, and I do like it better than rooibos, but it’s not a favorite.  

The tea in general tastes mainly of almond and hazelnut, with the hazelnut coming out a little stronger.  On the second cup, with the one-and-a-half steep, I didn’t add any extra sugar, just using the carryover from the remains of the first cup, and added more milk.  I think this tea could actually hold up to just milk, and I may try it that way later.

It almost reminds me of the “Nutty Irishman” lattes I used to get, with hazelnut and Irish cream syrups.  

Other witch: So I was wondering what other ingredient I could put into this to give it a little more umph?

Me: Rosemary.

Me: Just throw in a ton of it.

Other witch: But I already have that in there.

Me: Perfect, throw some more in. You can never have enough rosemary.

Adagio “Umph,” Sugar Daddy

To preface: I know I prefer tea in general SWEET and MILKY, so I haven’t tried this tea plain.  Green tea, however, rarely gets milk.

I brewed it for about 3 minutes at 175F, 2 heaping teaspoons in a 16-ounce IngenuiTEA infuser.  It was a pale pink when I strained it.  About 8 ounces in a mug, with 2 teaspoons white sugar.

As soon as I added the water, it started turning pink, thanks to the rose hips and hibiscus.  I decided to skip the milk, just using sugar.  Then I put the mug on my warmer, stepped aside a moment…and stuck a cough drop in my mouth, necessitating a wait for the cherry menthol to leave my palate.

So, first sip impression: not terrible.  The rose and hibiscus didn’t take over, and I didn’t get the bitter, vegetal taste I sometimes get from green tea.  I think the orange is overriding the florals, muting them so I don’t get the diaper/pad association.  The ginger and ginseng are pale; maybe my tongue is still off from the cough drop.

As of now, I’m going to say, not my favorite of the three teas, but drinkable, and the only one of the three I think might work well iced.

anonymous asked:

Umph... Now every time that I see the names Tom Hardy and Cilian Murphy in the same sentence I cry *ugly sobbing*

That’s going to be a hard one to explain to people.

‘Why are you crying?’

‘Because….’ *RUNS AWAY*

Tag, You’re It. The Waiting for Lucille to Get Spoiled Edition:

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1. What is your favorite episode of the series? Consumed. Hands down. I love the Grove, but it is terribly difficult emotionally to rewatch, but the acting is superior to anything I’ve seen on TWD. Now, with Consumed, I got everything I wanted out of that episode. But if I am all about action I would also include No Sanctuary because I like explosions and shit. 

2. What is your least favorite episode? Still, Alone, and Slabtown equally. I know there is a common denominator but its not really her. They just dragged and I felt like all the episodes had more umph and I cared more about what happened in them than those three. Except for Daryl’s backstory. I loved that. Also…everyone else likes it, but Here’s Not Here annoyed the shit out of me in season 6.

3. Squad goals: Name 3 characters, living or dead, to survive with during a real life ZA.  Carol, Michonne, Daryl because I want to live.

4. Pick 3 characters (current cast only) to survive to the end of the series. Carl, Michonne, Judith (because she’s lazy).

5. If you could bring back one character, who would it be? Andrea. I liked her. I know people started not to like her, but she was smart, funny, and sassy. Then Merle, then T-Dog.

6. Whose death made you cry the most? Sophia. When she came out of that barn I screamed. It affected the entire group and shifted the story. Honorable mention to “Glenn dying” because that fucked me up for a minute.

7. What would your signature weapon be in the ZA?  An RPG with unlimited rockets like the always present three bolts of Daryl’s crossbow.

8. If you ship, who’s your otp?

Do I even have to?

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9. Who’s your crackship? I have so many but my main crack ship is…

Daryl and Rosita. I don’t want to, and I don’t see it, but I put them together because I like looking at both of them separately so sure. (But seriously, no).

10. Fuck, marry, kill: Scott Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero.

I can’t kill them all? No? Fuck Gimple (it’d be over quickly and I wouldn’t let him finish), Marry Kirkman, Kill (twice) Nicotero.

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//Anyway guys, please do try to remember that the Fanbase of a video game doesn’t define it! Undertale is actually much, much different than it’s Fanbase.So why does everyone take Five Night’s at Freddy’s like it’s Fanbase?


So can we PLEASE stop hating on the actual games now, and focus on the core of the problem? THE FANBASE. The games had absolutely nothing to do with how the fanbase became this why, Scott hadn’t added fan service, or anything to give it the UMPH for how it is now. The people in the fanbase itself made it this way.