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Happy (Not) Valentines Day

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

A/N: Something fun for Valentines day, for those of you who are celebrating, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! For those who don’t, HAPPY TUESDAY!

→ A Lavender rose, like its color conveys enchantment. It also expresses “love at first sight”, while purple lilac symbolizes first love.

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there’s just something about jin this era that gives him an extra umph..... he’s had that every era but this era it’s slightly different and it’s so... eye catching... he just looks so angelic lately and his jokes are hilarious and i love him.... jin is the real king i!!! love him!!!!!!


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My Flynt Coal cosplay finally made its debut and boy was that a good time
(Headcanon that Flynt had to add one clone at a time : Daring Duet. Triumphant Trio, etc.)

Neon Katt: @cscakes

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Can you write a Jason Todd x POC reader where the reader became Dick's friend and an intern of Bruce's after Jason died. She meets Jason for the first time at one of Bruce's galas and Jason tries to hit on her but she is not having it. But the next time she sees him is when he comes back to the manor to get first aid from Alfred after his patrol but Alfred isnt there so the reader patches him up and they hit it off.

Author’s Note: We should establish ahead of time that I’m a firmly middle-class white woman, which makes me feel a little unqualified to write a POC reader fic, but I gave it a try. I altered the details of the request just a little bit; I hope that’s okay. Obviously I have no ownership of any of the DC characters. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT SHOULDER REDUCTION AT HOME.


Warnings: amateur surgery? Mention of injury, Jason being a bit pushy in the first part.

So it’s true what they say: the best way to get a job is to know someone on the inside.

Executive Assistant to Bruce Wayne. You’re pretty sure what sold it was when you wrote down “Dick Grayson” next to the line on the application asking if you knew anybody currently or previously employed at Wayne Enterprises. You’d known Dick since Gotham Academy, when he’d befriended the new girl who was there on a scholarship, and you’d wavered in and out of touch with him since graduation. You’d been in an out-of-touch portion of your friendship when you’d submitted this application, six weeks out of NYU with a business degree and back in Gotham, desperate for income. Apparently he had fond memories of you, though, because you’d gotten a call back for an interview less than 24 hours later. Two interviews and a shadowing later, you’d landed this job.

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