Moonlight Wine by me writing something really weird and angsty

@herzspalter and i recently been discussing jojo a lot. (which was super fun, like how we discover this weird and wonderful series and what not) also found out that she ships acdc/kars. i wanted to draw something for her and it was a good excuse to practice drawing acdc, so here it is.

ummmm herzy, i was gonna do like a one page thing but my brain sort of went into overdrive and my hand moved on it’s own. ah-hahaha… *sweats* 

nonetheless, it was fun

In which I desperately need a filter that works much faster
  • Coworker 1: Hey, do you still write fanfiction?
  • Me: ...yes
  • CW1: CW2 and I are starting a writing group to help each other actually finish stuff. Do you want to do it with us?
  • Me: Uhhhh, maybe? I might be too embarrassed.
  • CW1: Why would it be embarrassing? We're really nerdy too.
  • Me: Well, I mean, my fanfiction isn't necessarily what I would consider my greatest writing. There's a lot of tropes in fic and it's got totally different rules. Like, a lot of it is just "what if the Avengers had movie night?"
  • CW2: Oh, that's fine. My wife and I are working on a cheesy YA novel. And we're making it cheesy on purpose.
  • CW1: Yeah, you could totally write about Captain America and Batman watching tv or whatever.
  • CW2: That actually sounds fun - I'd read that.
  • Me: Ummmm, well, I don't know...all of my stuff is also super gay.
  • CW1: What?
  • Me: Not like, as a pejorative! Like, none of my characters are straight...
  • CW1: Well, it's not like it's romance, right?
  • Me: Kinda?
  • CW1: I mean, you don't write sex scenes do you?
  • Me: ...not...all the time...
  • CW1: ...
  • CW2: ...
  • Me: I'm gonna run away now *gets up and leaves lunch table*

anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite blog?

*sweats* ummmm i love so many blogs i literally cant list them all. Off the top of my head:

@organicstunts @princesslouis @peachylouies @petalmikey @louislyrics @scrantonlou @softlarry

This is not even CLOSE to all of them, but I’m at work and these are the ones that dont constantly change their urls on me. (Ps I love everyone please don’t hate me for not including you)

Girly Overload

Between wedding planning and now home remodeling I’m getting sucked into a vortex of things I’ve actively tried to not care about ever.

Today we met with a design/renovation husband and wife team that came recommended by neighbors. I was basically like I have no vision, I just want it function, to flow, and to not be an eyesore like our current outdated kitchen and bath. When asked about our style I was like ummmm we’re going for a beachy vibe, despite not being near a beach or major body of water…

I’ve never been a “girly-girl” and I never spent time dreaming about weddings or homes. So of this upcoming planning is going to test my will for sure!

But at the end of the day I’ll be married to my guy and have a beautiful new kitchen and master bath so it’s worth. Oh and I’ll be broke haha.


Seriously who wants to be my wedding planner and project manage my remodel…

A cool keeper mentality: I want this species but I cannot afford/give this species the correct care or guarantee my personal circumstances. So I will admire, handle and love said species without the need to impulse buy and expose them to my less than ideal husbandry.