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Rather he tickles from cas or dean?

UMMMM fuck this is hard……. DEAN

Send me two tickle related choices to my ask and without defending my choice, I have to pick one

Cas’ back shines in the candlelight with sweat and oil both. Dean watches Cas sleep while sipping wine from the doorway, just as naked as he was when Cas was riding him. Loudly. Half the den has to be awake.

He smiles when Cas makes a soft noise, nuzzling further into the furs of their bed. After a moment the nuzzling stops, and Cas flails one hand out to his right side blindly.

He picks his head up with a tired frown, then looks over his shoulder, squinting suspiciously. “Why are you over there?”

Dean smirks and downs the rest of his wine in one go, uncaring of the dribbles down his chin and neck. He flops back down in bed next to his mate and smiles. “I’m not over there, I’m right here.”

Cas rolls his eyes and spares a moment to lick the wine Dean spilled on himself. “Don’t waste wine.”

Dean snorts in amusement. “Yes, dear.”

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Oh my god! YOU followed ME :D God must be back in heaven!

Thor: My sincere gratitude to you, friend Sam Winchester, for liberating me from that rectangular prison!

Sam: No probs, Thor.

Thor: ‘Tis great to be out an enjoying the latest line of hair care products for my shining tresses.  But pray!  Did your sibling disentangle himself from his feathered friend?

Sam: Ummmm….

Dean: No, Cas!  You go left, an’ I’ll go right!  Right, left, right….

Dean: There you go, that’s right!

Cas: Right leg, Dean?

Dean: No, left!

Thor: So, perhaps a game of chance?

Sam: I’ll get the card deck.

“Hey daddy.” You quickly said as you and the Winchester walked into the house of Bobby Singer. 

“Hey darling. Nice to see the boy kept you alive.”

“Honestly Bobby, she keeps us alive most days.” Sam said, as he smiled at you. 

“Well of course I didn’t raise some princess.” Bobby chuckled as you made your way to the kitchen, to retrieve several beers.

“She was amazing.” Dean said as he took the beer from you. He smiled in thanks as Sam followed behind, his hand lingering a bit when he grabbed it, but quickly pulled away when he heard Bobby’s boot against the ground. 

“Here Daddy.” You handed him the beer and quickly pulled away from Sam. 

For you both knew if Bobby found out you were dating you would be screwed, especially if he found out just how serious you both were, and what you had already done with each other. 

“So princess you going to make dinner tonight or should I order out?” Bobby answered 

“Oh Daddy don’t worry I’ll fix us up something, how about burgers and fries and rabbit food for Sammy?” 

“Sounds great.” Dean answered as he grabbed another beer.

“Well then everyone out. I’ll call when dinner is done.” You replied as they all filed out, Sam going last so that he could turn and smile at you without Bobby seeing. 

 “Looks great [Y/N].” Dean said as he sat next to you, Sam seated on the other side sod you and Bobby across. As you all dug in your father looked up to see Dean yawning, 

“what’s the matter boy, not get enough sleep last night?”

“Nope I didn’t.” He answered

“Why not I thought you got done with it early last night plus it was an easy salt and burn.” 

“Yea well it is hard to sleep when the walls are paper thin and these two over here decide to fuck until an ungodly time in the morning.” He then realized what he said, but it was too late, for Bobby already heard.

“What did you just say my baby girl and Sam were doing?” 

“Ummmm well dad what Dean meant to say was…”

“No [Y/N]! Dean what did you just say?” Anger was building in his face, for you knew there was one rule in your house which applied to both you and the boys. Singers don’t date or have sex with Winchesters and Winchesters don’t date or have sex with Singers. And here you were breaking that rule.

“Well sir I said that Sam and [y/n] were just…. Ummmmm…… Having sex all night.” 

“That’s what I thought, now is there something you two idjits want to tell me?” He looked at you and Sam now, fear filling your thoughts, waiting for the bomb known as Bobby Singer to go off. 

“Well Daddy Sam and I have been dating for about 6 months now.”

“You are WHAT!” Here comes the boom

“Yea Bobby we are dating and I love her.”


“If I did, would you have said yes?” Sam asked 

“I need some air.” He stormed out the door into the junk yard.

“Nice going Dean.” You hissed 

“Well maybe if you two were quieter I would have been awake enough to realized what I was saying.”

“Well what are we going to do now?” Sam asked 

 "We sit and wait and pray that he doesn’t come back with a shot gun.“ You replied 

 About 5 hours later he found his way back inside, and made his way to the fridge, not noticing that you had made a pie. When he turned he looked up to the ceiling and whispered, "ok sweetie, I know she is smart but I don’t want her to be hurt." 

 He looked at the table and only saw your pie, but he was looking for you, and the Winchester boys. You all weren’t in the living room, library, or any other room downstairs, or the basement. So he made his way upstairs opening the door to the guest bedroom, finding Dean passed out on the bed, a chuckle erupting Bobby’s mouth. The next door was were Sam usually sleep, but the door revealed an empty bed. He turned around and looked at your door, your name hanging on a sign Bobby nailed there. His band graced over it and after standing there and staring at it for a while his hand found its way to the handle. He cracked the door open slowly to reveal Sam cuddling you under your blanket. He smiled seeing the scene and then the thought graced his mind as he shut the door, At least it wasn’t Dean.

Body Swap Part Two!!

Here is part two of Body Swap! I am so excited to see that so many of you liked the first part! I am already writing the next part, and i think at least part of it is going to be written from deans point of view. just for kicks. Message me and tell me what you think! i love to hear feedback! 

You sighed as you rolled over in bed. Not really wanting to get up and face Dean. You kept your eyes closed, and stretched out your body, trying to find a more comfortable position so you could return to sleep. Your legs extended and your toes found the foot of the bed. Huh… that’s odd…. I must of scooted down last night in my sleep. You threw your arms up over your head, and your hands touched the headboard. Okay, there was no way this could be right, you were way too short to be able to touch the bottom of the bed and the headboard at the same time. The boys made fun of you for it all the time. You turned your head and slowly opened your eyes, your gaze falling to a bookshelf in the corner of the room. At first you hadn’t noticed anything different, but the longer you stared, you began to notice a few things were missing. You normally kept a small collection of photographs and trinkets from your life before hunting on the top shelf, replaced now with just another row of lore books. Come to think of it, it was all lore books. This wasn’t right at all. You took pride in your collection of Rowling, Tolkien, and Collins books. Where were you…. because it certainly wasn’t your room. Sitting up, you flung your legs over the side of the bed and stood up. WHAT THE!! Everything was lower to the ground. You felt like you were walking on stilts. Maybe I’m finally cracking from sleep deprivation. Your hands came up to rub your eyes in an effort to alleviate them from the sleep in their corners. You brought the palms of your hands down to your cheeks. You froze. Why in gods name did you feel a beard?!?!?!?!?!?!. You sprinted to the adjoined bathroom and looked back at your face in the mirror. Correction: Sam’s face. Your eyes nearly popped out at your head, when you ran your fingers through your hair, and the reflection did too… this was so freaky. You were still inspecting your reflection when you heard a scream. If you were in Sam’s body, then Sam must be in …. OH MY GOD!

            Sam’s legs carried you down the halls of the bunker towards your room, your newly long limbs getting you there in no time. You forced the door open and ran in, coming to a sudden halt at the sight of your own body standing in front of your mirror. Sam eyes, well your eyes, met yours in the reflection. He looked utterly distraught.

“(Y/N)… What the hell is going on?” Sam chocked out. You thought for a minute trying to remember anything.. Then it clicked. You sighed heavily and buried your face in your hands, mumbling a response.


“THE WITCH!” you shouted, “She must have finished that spell after all” All the color seemed to leave his face, and his eyes widened.

“(Y/N)??” The sound of footprints and Dean’s voice in the hall made you feel sick. He must have heard the scream too. You looked at Sam.

“Not. A. Single. Word.” Sam started to say something but you cut him off, “If he finds out about this he will never let me hunt with you again. We figure this out on our own. We don’t tell Dean.” The door swung open at that moment, preventing Sam from arguing with you. Dean stood there, gun raised, ready for anything. His eyebrows shot up at the sight of you and Sam. You hadn’t thought about what it would look like, both of you standing in your room, in your pajamas, which for Sam wasn’t much…. You don’t like to sleep hot so you only wore a tank top and shorts to bed.  It also didn’t help that you both looked up to something. The room was silent, Dean staring at the two of you, until you heard Sam cough behind you.

“I thought I heard a scream, is everything okay?” Dean asked, looking past you to Sam. Obviously Sam hadn’t realized Dean was asking him a question because another awkward moment of silence had swept the room. Good Lord, he is so smart, and so dumb at the same time. If you were going to play like nothing was going on, Sam was going to have to be a bit flexible. When he still didn’t answer you spoke up.

“Oh she’s okay. She just saw a spider. No big deal.” You cringed; it was the first thing that came to your mind. You looked at Dean and hoped you were convincing. He looked back and forth between you and Sam.

“A spider? Really?” he asked unbelievably. You nudged Sam with your elbow. Finally he put two and two together.

“Oh yeah! It was huge! Totally scary.” Your voice sounded nervous and unstable. You hoped that Dean thought it was because of the spider and wouldn’t suspect anything else. He took a minute before a smile came across his face. Great….

“Huge huh?” Sam nodded, “Well where is this giant spider then?”

“I killed it.” You responded.

“Oh good!” Dean said, his sarcasm easily showing, “I’m so glad that your sasquatch feet finally came in handy!” What would Sam do?? What would Sam do??

“Whatever Dean.” You replied, rolling your eyes “At least my feet aren’t attached to your weird ass bowed legs.” His face fell. You kinda felt bad. You secretly thought they were endearing and a tad bit sexy, but you also knew he was self conscious about them. You held your ground though; Sam wouldn’t play this as a “handle with care” situation.


“Jerk.” Your eyes widened in shock and you turned around to face Sam, who had interjected into your conversation. You could see his expression change to terrified when he realized what he did. That was something between the two brothers. You never got to be a part of that joke. “I ummmm…. “ he started. Dean looked at him expectantly, “Sorry… guess I’ve heard that one to many times.”  He looked at you, and you both stared at each other silently praying that Dean wasn’t catching onto anything. You stared for just a minute too long.

“Well if Big Foot here as taken care of your ‘spider’ situation,” you could tell by his use of air quotes that he was agitated, “I’m gonna go get some coffee.” He turned and walked toward your door. “Sam… you coming?”

“I uhh… Yeah. Just go on ahead. I will be there in a sec.” he gave you a questioning look, “I .. im just gonna flush this spider down the toilet. Can’t be to cautious”

“You guys are so weird” and with that he was gone. You waited until you couldn’t hear him anymore before you turned on Sam.


“ME? WHAT ABOUT YOU?! SPIDERS? SERIOUSLY” he lowered his voice, “(Y/N) why on earth would you be afraid of spiders? Dean called that before you even finished saying it.”

“Well I had to say something! You were zoned out! If we want this to be convincing we have to act like each other.” You crossed your arms, “and that means responding to people when they ask you questions.”

“Well sorry!” Sam retorted, “I’m used to my brother looking at you like a love strung idiot but it’s alittle weird for him to look at me that way!” You were so confused.

“Love strung?”

“Just… forget it.” Sam sighed. He was silent for a moment. “Oh my God. (Y/N) what are we going to do?!?” You watched as Sam started pacing the floor in front of you. You reached out and grabbed his arms.

“It’s going to be fine. I will keep Dean entertained, and you can do some research. Try to find out which spell she used and how to reverse it.”

“What if its not reversible?” he whispered.

“You can’t think like that Sam.” You punched him softly in the arm, “Come on, what happened to my tough, kick-ass best friend?” He smiled at that. Then got serious again..

“You need to go, He’ll think something is up if you don’t go soon to get some coffee.”

“Yeah, and as much as I hate to say it Sam… you need to change.” It was awkward, but he couldn’t walk around all day in your sad excuse for pajamas. You watched as your cheeks turned pink. Poor Sam. When he didn’t move, you opened your closet and found an outfit for him to wear. He thanked you before retreating to the bathroom to change. You stood there for a minute, letting yourself take some deep, calming breaths. That didn’t last long though, because the bathroom door flew open and Sam stood in the doorway, face pale as a ghost.

“(Y/N) ummm… I don’t know…” OH SHIT. You forgot you started your period yesterday…

“This is so embarrassing.”

When you wish upon a cursed Babylonian coin, dreams will take you very far

You and Dean sat on the stairs of the local fitness center, you with your coffee and Dean reading the paper. You caught yourself stealing glances at him when he wasn’t looking, you both starting conversation occasionally, until he closed the paper. 

 "You ok Singer?“ He asked as you acted like you were watching the ocean crash against the shore. 

 "Yea why wouldn’t I be?” You took another sip of the cheap coffee and saw his eyes boring into you. 

 "Well ya know just wanna make sure you are on your A game.“ 

 "And why wouldn’t I be?“ 

 "Well you know your dad and Sammy, they said you went a little over the edge, you know once I…" 

 "Dean, I promise I am A Okay.” You smiled remembering how you acted when you thought the unknown love of your life went down to the deepest part of Hell. 

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 “Please tell me you are just calling to see how your Pa is?" 

Bobby said on the other end of the phone as you sat in your car. 

 "I will be, after you tell me where the next case is?” You were sewing your leg up with the phone placed on the dash board. 

 "I have one for ya, but you a'int going to believe me.“ 

 "What is it Pops?" 

 "You should just come see for yourself." 

 "I swear Dad if this is an intervention again trying to say I’m working myself to death…" 

 "No. Just come home." 

 "I’m coming Pops.”

 When you pulled up to the house of Robert Singer, you saw the Impala ‘67 that use to make your heart leap into your throat, now it made it drop into your stomach, and want to cry. 

 "Alright Pops, I saw the Impala, I know you lied so lets just get this over with.“ You called as you closed the door behind you. 

When you turned around though a man you thought you would only see in death was standing there. The tears welling up as you stopped dead, he just stared and smiled. 

 "Hey.” He let out in a raspy voice, and in that moment you let every hunters instinct go and went running towards your best friend, who caught you with open arms. 

 "I missed you too.“ He said burying his face in your hair. 

 "Are you sure? Because everyone I have talked to said after…. they said you worked yourself to death almost. A few times you almost got yourself…" 

 "I said I was fine Dean." 

 "Are you…" 

 "You don’t want to talk about Hell, I don’t want to talk about those 4 months.” You hissed as Sam pulled up,  "Now can we act like we weren’t talking about this?“ 

 "Yea Singer.” He reopened the paper as you just started sipping your coffee. 

As Sam came closer he called, “You two find anything?" 

 "Nope, just a cheap paper and some shitty coffee. Everything is clean” You smiled as you lifted a second cup towards Sam. 

 "Did you get anything from ummmm….“ Dean started, shutting his eyes and snapping as he blanked on the name. 

 "Candace. Pretty sure no ghost pushed her over, it was probably all the crazy that pushed her down the stairs." 

 "Well that sucks, I was looking forward to this case.” Dean whined as he folded up the paper. 

 "Yea because you could have saved naked woman.“ Sam chuckled as you all walked towards the Impala. 

 "Damn right I could have saved naked woman.” He laughed as you walked by the dock, overhearing a dispute happening between a sheriff and a hunter, a real woods hunter. 

 "Wait guys, lets go check this out.“ You replied, making your way down the dock. 

 ”[Y/N]…. [y/n] come back.“ Dean whispered 

 "No use Dean, once she has her heart set on a job.” Sam whispered 

 "What happened to her dude? She’s not the same girl anymore.“ 

 "And you aren’t the same man.” Sam answered following behind you 

 "Hey is something going on here?“ You asked causing the hunter to turn and look at you, 

"Yea lady Bigfoot is in the woods." 

 "I’m tellin ya Gus it a'int no bigfoot, was probably just a bear.” 

"No bear I’ve seen has made those tracks, they were huge." 

 "Well ya see we are with the FBI, I’m Agent…." 

 "Why would the FBI care about Bigfoot?” The sheriff asked 

 "That is just a technicality, Can you please just tell me everything that happened and where we can find the tracks?“ 

 "Yes Ma'ma.” He smiled and spilled everything. 

 You all sat in a bench outside the broken into liquor store, you were trying to stay as far from Dean as you could. You had always like the Winchester boys, but Dean. Dean was always your favorite. You were a year older then Sammy, and you found yourself falling in serious like with him once you hit 10th grade, but you just got to watch him bounce girl to girl, when he went to hell though you did what you always did when it came to the hurt you felt when it came to the eldest Winchester, bottle it up and dive into your work, which was exactly what you did, hence why you bounced job to job, and never cared about the danger. 

 "Earth to Singer!“ He said waving his hand in front of your face. 

 "Huh sorry, I zoned.” You replied, looking at the two boys. 

 "I asked if you had any clue what this could be?“ Sammy asked 

 "I can’t think of anything?” You whispered just as a little girl rode by, a magazine falling out as she did. 

 Dean was the first to jump up, as you all approached it, you looked at Dean who answered, “She looked a little young to be reading about busty asians." 

Upon following her you found yourself at her house, no cars in the lot and all the lights out. you looked at the bike from her front step and whispered, "So you guys really think a little girl is porning and boozing it up right now?" 

 "Well we are about to find out.” Dean whispered as Sam rang the doorbell, several seconds later a little girl with wide brown eyes and pigtails opened the door. 

 "Hello?“ She asked 

 "Hello, we are ummm…. Are your parents home?” Sam asked as the girls eyes went from the brown eyes, to the green eyes to your eyes. 


 "Well have you seen a really furry thing about her size?” Dean asked, pointing towards you. 

 "He’s not in trouble is he?“ She asked panicked. 

 "Well no. We were just coming to…” Sam paused not knowing what to say 

 "We just wanted to make sure he didn’t get hurt, see these two, they found the scene, and noticed that he might have been hurt so they called me to come check on him.“ 

 "Are you a teddy bear doctor?" 

 "Oh…. I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t catch your name?" 

 "My name is Audrey, and you are?" 

 "My name is Dr. Lilian Dean and I am the best teddy bear doctor in the state." 

"Oh good, see I think my teddy bear is sick." 

 "Oh well good thing these two called me, do you wanna take us to him?” You asked as the little girl took your hand and lead you upstairs. 

Seeing you interact with the little girl made Dean’s heart start to beat faster, he always liked to think about what it would be like to have a family with you, maybe a normal life, but this life, it would never work. So all those feeling he bottled away, but sometimes they leaked out. 

 "Agent, you coming?“ you asked in your fake voice, as the little girl dragged you up. 

 "Yes Dr. Dean.” He smiled as he followed you up. 

 "Audrey do you mind telling me why you think your teddy bear is sick?“ 

 "Well Dr. Dean, Mr. Teddy has been real grumpy lately, after I wished for him to be real, he started acting like he had an ouchy in his head?" 

 "Wait Audrey, what do you mean when you said you wished for him to be real?” Sam asked 

 "Well,“ she opened her door revealing a large, drunk, red eyed teddy bears, "I wished him to be real when I tossed the penny into the wishing well at the Chinese restaurant." 

 Before you could say anything the teddy bear looked at you and talked, "Close the friggin’ door!" 

 Audrey closed the door and looked at you three, "See, grumpy.”

 "Sweetie do you mind if I talk to my friends for a second?“ You asked as she shock her head yes and watched as the three of you turned your back. 

 "So what, you throw a penny into a well and make a wish and boom it comes true?” Dean whispered 

 "Seems like it, but I don’t think a cute little girl would want a teddy bear version of Dean?“ You whispered 

 "Still here.” He said, as you shot him a smile 

 "So what do you suggest Dr. Dean?“ Sam asked with a smile. 

 "Just follow my lead.” You turned towards Audrey, “Sweetie, Mr. Teddy is very, very sick. It is clear that he has Lollipop disease. That means for your own health you have to stay away for a while. When are your parents coming home?" 

 "I don’t know, my mommy wished to go on a beach vacation with just my daddy but didn’t set an end date." 

 "Can you go stay with someone?” Sam asked 

 "I’m sure I can go stay with Mrs. Hurley, who lives down the street.“ 

 "Good, you just have to stay a few days. Can you go pack some clothes?” She ran to her room as you looked at the boys, “So how do we take this thing out? Guns, salt and fire, drown in holy water?" 

 "Well I have no idea but we might as well start at the Chinese restaurant.” Sammy whispered, as Dean’s hand lightly brushed along yours, causing you to look at him. He however wouldn’t look at you. 

 You all peered into the fountain littered with pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. 

 "So how do we know if it works?“ Dean asked 

 "Well why not try it?” You answered as you withdrew a handful of change, allowing yourself and Dean to draw a coin, when you offered your hand to Sam though he shock his head, “If I am getting Lilith’s head on a plate then I want to put it there." 

 "Well how about wish for your old life back, make it so that you are able to be a top notch lawyer, with a fancy car and house, and pretty wife. Maybe a kid or two." 

 "That dream is far too gone, this life has consumed me, made it so I can never go back to normality again." 

 "Well I know what I’m going to wish for.” You looked at Dean who looked at you quickly and smiled before throwing his in. 

 "Me too.“ You looked at your coin and gently dropped it in. 

 "Did someone order a foot-long Italian with Jalapenos!” A fat deliver boy called as Dean raised his hand, “I did." 

 He took the sandwich and sat at a table, Sam went to sit next to him. "No, that is [Y/N]’s spot.” Dean said, as Sam quickly stood up, allowing you to sit next to him, “You wanna bite?" 

 "No thank you Dean." 

 "Ok, your loss.” He took another bite as you looked at Sam, 

“So the well clearly works, if Dean is enjoying that sandwich that much." 

 "Well the question is though how?” Dean asked with his mouth full. 

 "Does it matter how? I mean, the wishes are coming true, why take away the joy of the people?“ Sam said. 

 "Because we specialize in being assholes sometimes.” You whispered as the owner walked up to you three. 

 "Excuse me, I can’t allow you to eat that here, if you want food you order ours.“

 "I’m sorry but we can’t eat the food here, we are the health inspectors,” You and Sam pulled your badges out with ease but Dean had some trouble. 

 "Try your pants pocket.“ You whispered in his ear, which lead him to the correct one, he turned to you with a huge grin on his face 

 "I would be lost without you Singer.” He leaned forward and quickly kissed you, something he had never done before. 

Sam gave you a strange look as you just shrugged it off, and looked at the owner, “We’re gonna have to shut this place down under emergency hazard code 56C." 


 "Sir we have discovered you have a rat problem, so we need to shut you down for a while, properly inspect everything, starting with that fountain.” Sammy said pointing at it. 

 "Can we kindly ask you to dismiss all your customers and drain your fountain?“ Dean asked as he gave your thigh a light squeeze. 

 "Yes, right away.” The man went running off, as Sam looked at Dean 

 "Dude you feel ok? I mean you were just acting really weird.“ 

 "Yea I feel fine, never better.” He smiled at Sam and then turned to you, “God your eyes are pretty." 

 "Thank you…” You answered as you looked at Sam, who was looking at you weird.

 After trying to remove the coin, and failing you and Dean found your way back to the motel room. About five minutes into research though Dean was throwing up in the bathroom. 

 "You ok Dean?“ 

 "Yea.” *throw up sounds* Don’t worry about me babe.“ 


You texted Sam at that moment. "Don’t know much on the coin yet, but the wishes start going bad. Explains all the wacky shit that is happening because of ‘em.” 

His response was immediate, “So how long until your wish goes bad?" 

 "I don’t know, i’m not even sure it came true." 

 "Oh it did, we both know it. I’m not as naive as Dean, I can see it in your eyes that you like him. You wished that he would love you back, hence why he has been acting weirder then usual." 

 "So what if I did?" 

 "That was stupid, and chances are, the obsession he has for you will end up very very bad." 

 "How bad you thinking?" 

 "Like I wanna wear your skin and make your meat into a delicious pie bad.” You just looked at the phone, and placed it down. 

When Sam walked in Dean was still puking his organs out. 

“He ok?” He asked you as you turned your computer towards him. 

“Yea he’s fine. The coin is…” You were interrupted by Dean exiting the bathroom, “Hey Sam, isn’t Singer so cute when she…." 

"No time for flirting Dean, the coin…." 

"Is making wishes go bad, I’m sure though you already told him that." 

” the coin bares Tiamat the serpent, the Babylonian God of primordial chaos, making the coin Babylonian. I found some fragments of legends but the most consent part I found was that the priest made the coins, and given the amount of power this one coin had, I’m guessing they were playing with some pretty serious mojo.“ 

"So with that mojo just chilling around…" 

"All the wishes go bad…" 

"Which gives us our bipolar, drunk teddy bears.” Dean said before sitting behind you on the bed and saying, “isn’t she so smart.” His arms wrapping around you, and then the coughing started, 

“ Winchester you puke on me and so help me I will end you.” He went running to the bathroom again and slammed the door shut. 

“So when this goes bad….” Sam started 

 "I know either he will become so obsessed with me he’ll never leave me alone or he will become so obsessed he will kill me, that way no one can have me.“ 

You looked down at your hands as Dean reemerged from the bathroom, "I’m good." 

 "I’m glad you are ok,now how do we stop this?” Sam asked 

“Well it’s simple, if we can’t get the damn thing out then maybe the first wished can, you know whoever throw the damn thing in the foundation in the first place.” Dean answered 

 "And we might want to do it before the new of this magic fountain goes viral.“ You said as Dean flopped face down on the bed. 

"Good night sunshine.” You said grabbing his leg and going to get up before he said what you wanted to hear for years, “stay, please?" 

"Yea Dean.” You answered as Sam took your laptop to continue research as you found yourself into the muscular arms of Dean Winchester.

“Nice coin collection.” You said as Dean broke your hand as he held it, and with your good hand you pointed towards the framed coins on Wesley's  wall. 

“Babe, why are you flirting with him?” Dean asked as your head snapped towards him. 

“Ummm honey…” You started before placing a hand on his chest. 

It didn’t stop him though from letting go of your hand and pulling you closer, “you leave her alone.” He growled 

“Dean go outside.” You whispered as he dragged you out the door and into the car, 

“where are we going?" 

"Back to the motel, I don’t want you anywhere near that guy.” His whole demeanor changed, he wouldn’t look at you the whole way to the motel. 

“We have to go to the restaurant.” You said as he parked the car. 

“Why so you can show Wesley your tits?” He snapped 

“Why would I…." 

"Oh nice coin collection.” He tried mimicking you , before jumping out of the car and slamming the door. 

You just sat there for a while and stared out the windshield. Finally you just opened the door and knocked on the door, before opening it. 

Behind the door was broken glass, lamps, the beds were torn apart and a skew. You saw Dean sitting at the table, the once full bottle of whiskey was empty and laying on its side as Dean held his head.


"What the fuck do you want?” He growled. 

“To talk, to figure out…" 

"Am I just not good enough for you anymore?” He snapped, his eyes going from the table to you, they were rimmed red and bloodshot. 

“Dean don’t say…" 

"Would you much rather be with Wes? Or Sam? Or Cas?" 

"Dean, what are you…" 

"If I can’t have you…. No one can.” He pushed himself up from the table and started towards you, taking you and pinning you to the wall. 

“Dean please don’t do this, I love you." 

"I love you too, and I am terrified to lose you, I love it when you research and your hands won’t stop flipping your hair around, I love when you go out of your way to buy me pie, I love how when I look in my rearview it is your face I see. When I got out, that first thing I wanted to do was find you and make love to you right then and there, but I couldn’t because I could never tell you that you made my heart race a mile a minute, or how just the thought of you sitting on the hood of my car, with a book and a beer makes me smile. You made me happy and now I have you and you are flirting with someone else. What am I just not good enough for you?" 

"Not this version of you and I’m sorry that I did this, I should have wished for a pie, then we both would have had food poisoning together.” He smiled before his face hardened again. 

“I love you."he said, before you felt the sharp pain in your stomach, you gasped and when you looked down you saw the knife. 

"I love you too.” You said, the last thing you heard was him scream, “CAS!”

 When you woke up you were laying on the bed on the motel, when you put your hand on your stomach you felt no wound, no blood, nothing. You sat up and saw that you were alone, swinging your legs around and planting your feet to the floor, weakly you made your way to the door, which upon opening revealed Sam and Dean, Dean’s back to you. 

“I’m sure she is fine Dean." 

 "No you don’t get it, I remember it all, I remember stabbing my best friend, I remember her falling to the ground dead after I let her go." 

"And Cas saved her." 

"Barely!” He screamed, as his fist banged against the hood, Sam’s eyes flickered up and met yours, causing him to rush past Dean to you, wrapping you in a bone crushing hug. 

“Good to see you too.” You gasped as he let you go, and walked away, before you met the teary eyes of Dean Winchester. 

“Are you just going to stand there?” You smiled 

“Why did you wish me to love you? Why make a wish that could…." 

"I didn’t.” You whispered as he stepped closer to you. “What do you mean?” His eyes burrowed into yours 

“I didn’t wish that you would love me, I wished to know your true feelings for me. I was prepared for anything, the hatred to flow through, just you being you but intensived, hell I was even ready for you to love me, but not obsessed with me." 


 "Was everything you said before you…. You know… Was it true?“ 

His hands took your sides and held you for a moment before he whispered, "yes." 

"Then why never tell me?" 

"We are hunters [Y/N], romance is not in our line of work, and I didn’t want to break your heart when I …you know…." 

"You still broke my heart, I know they told you how I acted, you wanna know a secret, I wanted to die. I wanted so badly for a vamp to make me a meal or a djinn to put me in a coma, or a werewolf to turn me into chopped meat, because a world without you was hell to me." 


"I love you Dean and I made the wish to see if you felt the same. As I see it, we feel the same, so the question is…" 

Before you could even finish his lips were on yours,

 they felt perfect against your own, and soon you both found yourself yearning for air. 

 "I want you, and only you.” He whispered as Sam walked out. 

“Ok now if you two are done, Bobby just invited us to dinner.” Sam said, carrying out all three duffles. 

“Oh good, we can tell Pops over mash potatoes and Ham that his little girl finally nailed herself a Winchester.” You smiled as you took his hand. 

“I’m sure he’ll love hearing it.” Dean smiled before kissing your check and climbing into the Impala, you taking your normal place in the back. 

 And everything turned out the way you wished.