Allow me to present to you this headcanon: Shiro as a Japanese Brazilian!

  • Brazil has the most number of Japanese immigrants in the world. This is a result from a large number of Japanese people fleeing from Japan to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century. Bairro da Liberdade (Freedom) is a district in São Paulo (Brazilian State) that is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan. I’ve been there and it’s both huge and amazing! Most people living in there speak both Portuguese and Japanese and there are also some Japanese newsspapers that run in this area. It’s a very welcoming place for anime and manga fans and it’s not hard to find cosplayers meeting in the area. Karaoke contests are famous in the area. There are also a smaller number of Chinese and Korean folks living in Liberdade.
  • Introducing the Voltron team to chimarrão. Coran absolutely falls in love with it, Hunk loves the smell and taste, Pidge and Keith are very reluctant to even try it out and Lance dives right in in one go. Allura is suspicious and finds out it’s not really to her taste but still appreciates the thought.
  • Whenever the panic attacks get bad and he needs to calm down, Shiro likes to isolate himself from the others and listen to bossa nova and Maria Gadú. It really helps him out.
  • Shiro’s father is Japanese, his mother is Brazilian.
  • He’s fluent in Japanese, Portuguese and English, which helps him get that scholarship at the garrison. He learns some Russian as well, though he’s not as good at it, but it’s important for the space program. 
  • Shiro and Lance thinking they can understand each other because Portuguese and Spanish are similar and then realizing how bad an idea that was.

  • Shiro came to fall in love with space while visiting the SONEAR (Southern Observatory for Near Earth Asteroids Research) observatory with his parents as a kid, located in the state of Minas Gerais. It was an experience unlike any other and that’s when he decided he wanted to be an astronaut for real.

Thank you @quotidiandreams for sharing this idea with me and @phospenumbra for translating Lance’s Spanish for me!  ❤


Sakumiya & conger eel ~ Arashi ni Shiyagare


Encuesta de satisfacción de un hotel:

‘Por favor describa los problemas durante su estancia’

‘Me mandasteis esta encuesta y mi mujer la vio. Ya que reservé la habitación para quedar con una pilingui me ocasionó un problema’

'¿Tiene algún comentario respecto de su experiencia en el hotel?’

No, pero mi mujer un montón.


Chicago W7D6 - LONG 10 turned 5


Scott is here this weekend and we are planning a bike ride tomorrow, so I wanted to get my first long run done today. I got up early to try to beat the heat. It was basically pointless though! The low last night was 70 -_-

I got one mile into this run and was already soaked with sweat. I honestly wanted to turn around then. It was so hot and I was just already defeated. This was a complete battle in every sense. I couldn’t breathe or relax at all. It would have been stupid to push to finish all 10 miles. I’m proud that I even did 5 miles.

The only thing that brought me comfort in this disaster of a run, is I know I’m not the only one struggling. I’ve seen a lot of posts from you all that it’s hard for you too. Probably not the nicest way to look at it, but at least we are all battling it together!

There was one high point of this run: I pet a puppy!! She was adorable :)

I need a break from this heat. Cold front please arrive!! I plan on being in lots of a/c today.

Happy Saturday! Stay cool!

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