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hello hi yes if you blog about the 100 and are not anti-Bellarke (or you know anti-the 100) (I don’t even care if you ship CL tbh I just want my dash to be positive) pls reblog and/or like this so I can follow you 

Written Promises - Act I - One

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This is the prequel to ‘Rewriting the Past

↠ Pairing(s): readerXbaekhyun, readerXkai

 Word count: 8.3k

↠ Summary: When you met the love of your life at sixteen while dating someone else, you didn’t expect to be thrown into the whirlwind that was your first love. While there was love and happiness at first, it quickly turned into the biggest roller coaster of your life. But not only did it affect the two of you, but your whole group of friends.

↠ Notes: This series will contain mature content such as harsh language and smut. If you’ve read any of my stuff, you know the deal.

Act I: One |

“Tell me you feel nothing then. That me touching you is doing nothing.” 

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i was tagged by @nervous—subject​ to do the handwriting challenge and bc im all abt doing challenges, here we are!!!!

what u see is:

game preference
fav sim
fav world
fav ep
least fav ep
gaming style
something you’d like to see!!!

UMMMMMM i tag @tea-sims @peonypyxels @allthingsgrilledcheese @strawberrymark @bratsims @winterbjorn @tinybittoxic and ummm whoever else wants 2 do this can say i tagged them!!! :-)

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-nickname: felix, and uhh whatever else people call me

-gender: sorry who??

-star sign: aquarius 

-height: 4′11

-time: almost 4:20,,

-birthday: jan 31

- favorite bands: uhhhh

- favorite solo artists: uHHHH

- song stuck in my head: uHHH H h

- last movie i watched: uMMM??

-last show i watched: probably voltron 

- when did i create this blog: idk probably a few months ago

- what do i post: a lot of vld?? uhh some things i think are important,, positivity,, and sometimes just stuff i like

- last thing you googled: ,,is it legal to have donkeys as pets

- do you have any other blogs: not really,, but i hoard a lot of urls

- do you get any asks: once in a blue moon, maybe

- why did you choose your username: i love lance, i love stars,, and starrylance was taken so,,

- following: 187, , ,

- followers: 96,, im so close,, to 100

-favorite colors: blue, white, and any pastel color

-average hours of sleep: during school it’s around 6 to 7

-lucky number: 420!!! and sometimes 2

-instruments: sometimes i play guitar

-what am i wearing: a giant hoodie and sweats

-how many blankets i sleep with: depending on how cold it is, 1-2

- dream job: probably smth along the lines of a therapist 

-favorite food: hey man viet food is great

-nationality: vietnamese/chinese american

- favorite song right now:  uHHH??? 

im tagging @grumpymarmora @mermaid-lance and whoever else wants to do it?? idk how many am i supposed to tagsorry ksdhksdjg

I need to find blogs please

while I am loving the abundance of marvel - specifically cap - and sebastian stan on my dash, I’m rather lacking in sherlock and a couple of other things

please reblog if you post:

  • sherlock
  • johnlock
  • tom hiddleston
  • martin freeman
  • lupita nyong'o
  • marvel (more than just cap)
  • pepperony
  • fanart of any of the above

I will check out your blog and probably follow you

thanks a lot nwn

I rarely have the chance to do these things. So since I’ve reached a certain number of followers I figured I’d do one! I always do enjoy doing them when I have the opportunity c: I honestly never expected for Link to get this far and it’s been amazing like seriously you guys have made this such a joy ♥ Even when I feel uncertain about my portrayal or to tired to give good enough replies you guys still stick around and many of you say you really do enjoy my Link. That means so much to me you guys don’t even know. I know I probably don’t say that enough so thank you those I’ve interacted with, rahter it ic or ooc, and those who continue to follow despite no interaction. I have several followers and I can’t possibly follow each of you back as my dash would be much too overwhelming. But just know I do notice each new follower and do appreciate it! As well as likes and reblogs and all that fun stuff. So really just thank each and every one of you, you are all such lovely people ♥

I should note that several people I do follow do have more than one account! I already have quite a few on this list so I tried to choose just one account if I follow multiples. I tried to choose the one you guys are currently most active at or the one I am most familiar/interacted with most! That isn’t to say I don’t love all your blogs I’m probably following the ones I know. Just thought I needed to point htat out.

Also, if you aren’t on this list please don’t thing I don’t appreciate you or anything like that! There is just so many I do follow I couldn’t list every single one of you.

the friends

These are people I consider friends most who I’ve talked to over the months I’ve had Link and some even before that! Some I’ve only talked to ooc on here but several I’ve interacted with ic or plan to at some point! So just thank you to everyone here you guys mean  a lot c: And as stated above please don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t on here! I could and have probably very well missed a few.

ask-twili-stuff | equessium | farmherolink | forlornescort | greeneyeddaughter | hiiraethus | lastxairbender | missdarklink | praeferratus | shadowxdweller | suitespringsprite | sxlemask | tenebriism | theformerprince | yesil-azra

the ones i admire

These are the ones I generally admire from afar. We may have interacted a couple times rather it be ic or ooc. Even those I have interacted with I still may be uncertain about approaching you still!

hyliahergrace | kaprido | krepusko | lady-princess-peach | mladxst | mokuzxi | ofhylians | ofpurisms | ofsandandtime | romaniranching | sxaelida | theduskmonarch | veilled | viridisapientia

the special mentions

And here’s all the people I want on here the ones I really enjoy following as I do with those above. You guys certainly make my dash very enjoyable! We may or may not have interacted but know I do notice each and everyone one of you! 

askteenagenavi | avaliantqueen | bendsbothways | consilixm | dorchanasc | drxgonprince | flynnisms | forgedbyheaven | frostynipper | goddess-guarddog | heroic-dweeb | iliasheart | impiish | invioletble | nixxalba | ofgasmasks | photondebugger | princepsautemnova | prinxessofdestiny | queenaquaandprincessluna | reflectedhero | skysawake | thedawnwalker | the-helmaroc-king1 | transmxw | umbraimposter | usurperofkings| warriorofvalhalla | withintwilight | verydisagreeable  | zackleos