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First Time

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Request: “Hi! I have a request for a newt x reader where newt is showing her his creatures for the first time and as they go around to all the exhibits he’s nervous about what she’ll think and all the fluffiness!!! Also could there be a cute Bowtruckle ambush?”

Authors Note: Thank you  @oakdragon253 ​ for requesting!!! I’m not sure how I feel about this one, really messy, not as fluffy as I had hoped for but oh well!! P.S thank you so so much for almost 400 followers uMmm???? You are all absolute legends 

Word Count: 1492

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Ummm, is it different to say I'd like a partner with the same education level as me so that we have more to talk about? Like if I had a doctorate and they had an associates or vice versa I'd feel like the one with the high degree would talk down to the other and that doesn't sound healthy. I know people can be smart without degrees but still

What I’m talking about is the fact that I was like “you know, I think if I do really well with my bachelors then I’d like to get a masters as well” and getting the response “then I’ll have to get my masters too because I can’t LET my wife have more education than me” as if it were EMBARRASSING. His tone of voice (this was a verbal conversation) indicated that such was the case.

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Thank you my darling 💜

1. What was a skam moment that taught you something? Sana’s speech about religion not being the reason people hate and oppress but something people who hate use as an excuse to discriminate those who are different. It’s kinda something I knew to an extent but had never put it in those words. I knew not all religious people held ignorant values but until she put it in those words I hadn’t truly understood and believed until then. And now I think I feel less fearful and ignorant about religion. I see it more as something beautiful than a part of a movement that discriminates and oppresses human beings. Thanks to Skam. :) 

54. What is your favorite squad moment? Haaard question. Ummm oh yes when the boys helped Isak text Even haha so cute and so relateable. I loved it so much. and also when the girls all took care of Vilde in season 1 and then Noora in season 2. my angels all looking after their friends. skam is incredible. <3

18. Has your fashion changed because of skam? Well I did just buy a light hoodie that you can kinda wear in wamer weather because it’s summer at the moment haha so yeah definitely changed. and I bought a couple denim skirts that look like one of the skirts Eva wore once haha. and I got a nice white button down shirt like Noora. Oh god I need help. (also wanna get a cute turtle neck) 

44. Who is your NOTP? Noorwhelm (I’m sorry)

74. Who is your most favorite person in the fandom and why? Ahhhhh I can’t answer i’m sorry love. This is going to sound lame but I literally love all of you. Honestly. This fandom is my family. Everyone is so damn beautiful and talented and kind and just makes me feel so loved and happy. I’ve never gotten this involved in a fandom before partly because all fandoms seem so negative and kinda ugly in parts no matter what it is but this fandom is the most pure and safe place I have ever seen. I love you guys. And the beautiful souls who have spoken to me (you know who you are) You are my special jelly beans. 🐼

17. Do you have any friends who are fictionkin? How about the same verse?
Ummm… close friends? I don’t think so. My one close friend is otherkin, and could technically fit into ‘fictionkin’, but it doesn’t really fit at all. My other close friend has had some inklings of things, but nothing concrete and idk how they feel about it or would describe it.

I have been starting to talk more often to other fickin and it’s awesome though!


May: Well, I’ll be honest, I’m a little embarrassed for saying it but didn’t take into thought all the stuff I use to wear doesn’t fit me anymore. I was lucky Kilian had a spare scarf she let me borrow for the meantime.

As for the chest spike can’t really-

Mod: *raises eyebrows* Cause can~

May: Yeah so the evolving ummm I just, I felt the same and I feel the same just more to me I guess. Lots of changes but I’m okay with them just gonna take sometime getting use to the new body size and power.

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What are your feelings towards Commander Cody?

-picks up wrapper of peanut butter cup I just finished, slams it down on couch- UMMM LET ME TELL YOU

Cody is amazing. I love him so much. A lot of this is conjecture I guess and the way Cal and I specifically headcanon him bUT HE IS JUST GREAT OKAY.

Aro Ace of COURSE and a very Good Commander who just notices things about people and is good at utilizing everyone’s talents

some other points:

  • absolutely crushed by order 66 because Obi-wan had, by then, become his friend, so much more than just his General, and Cody doesn’t know where he fits in this new empire but he’s trying his best to carry on without thinking too hard about old loyalties and who was really betraying whom that day, he’s just, not okay but he’s a commander and a soldier of the republic empire and where else is he supposed to fit and people are counting on him so he carries on
  • was a bit more prone to risky behavior and ideas as a cadet than Rex. It’s probably a good thing that he got assigned to Obi-Wan rather than Anakin because his younger self would have bounced off of Anakin’s personality too much aND THEN IF AHSOKA CAME ALONG HOO-WEE THE TRIO OF SPLIT SECOND “GENIUS PLANS” that are ACTUALLY TERRIFYINGLY RISKY
  • he looked at Rex during their first training session together and just decided “I’m gonna be friends with that guy” Now…Cody is friendly with most clones but there’s a certain point of closeness he never lets them get past, even if he likes them a lot. Sometimes he can even come off as cavalier even though he cares, because he knows they all die, and his loyalty to the Republic is huge. But Rex got past that. I think Cody was looking subconsciously for some kind of anchor, and Rex’s sturdiness is such a grounding counterpoint to his own… whatever he was as a kid. -can’t find the right word-
  • I HATE THAT HE IS THE POSTER CHILD OF ORDER 66 he is such a good and never would have betrayed his friends if he had anything to say about it and yet ignorant people hate on him
  • Seriously Cody’s real talent is utilizing/managing people but he can be a bit oblivious about himself or think his own needs don’t count because he’s the CO. He tends to be regularly surprised at how strongly he feels about things and taken off guard by his own impulses if something falls outside of his usual soldier experience. Not to say that he has poor impulse control, because he usually manages himself well… otherwise he couldn’t be a good commander. But it’s more just that he… has an image of himself that doesn’t always match how he really is.. but that he is always trying to live up to. How he perceives himself sometimes is based a lot more on the image he projects in order to be enough than on how he really is
  • He would be a super traditional earthbender in an Avatar au that could kick all the metalbender’s butts with perfect form.
  • I would say more but it’s late and my brain is telling me to sleep ghgjfld

I just saw a post blaming the Fairy Tail fandom for being heteronormative just bc people are shipping Larcade and Dimaria.

Ummm, well, we literally JUST met Larcade. I know I said that I shipped Larcade and Dimaria, but that was based on ONE interaction. Honestly, I ship Dimaria and Brandish WAYYY more than Larcade and her. Hell, I could ship Larcade and Serena, or maybe he doesn’t have a ship??

Just bc someone says they ship a heterosexual relationship doesn’t mean we’re all heteronormative. Like holy shit stop being so aggressive!! People can ship what they want, stop creating problems where there shouldn’t be one. We’ve had a total of TWO (2) T W O chapters with Larcade; people are feeling out his character for fucks sake. Let people have their ideas. There is no need to label the fandom as heteronormative, lord. I’ll ship what I want, I don’t care who it’s with- boy and girl, boy and boy, girl and girl, or maybe a character doesn’t have a ship! STOP BEING SO DAMN ARGUMENTATIVE.

I feel like I’m in a damn nut house.