ummm idk what this coloring is

Sorry for being very late @petitpoptarts. Thanks for tagging! 

Name: Jana
Nickname: /
Gender: female
Height: 169 cm
Ethnicity: German
Favorite fictional character: ummm…. I don’t know :’D
Favorite fruits: cherries
Favorite season: spring and autumn
Favorite book series: /
Favorite flower: corn flower
Favorite scent: nature, forest, grass…
Favorite color: green
Favorite animal: horses, cats
Coffee/tea/cocoa: tea
Cat or dog person: ummm… not sure xD
Number of blankets: one
Dream trip: there are too many.
Star sign: aries
Time: 6.38pm (GMT+1)
Birthday: in March
Favorite bands: Coldplay, Half Moon Run, OneRepublic, U2, Stone Roses
Favorite solo artists: Adele, Florence + the Machine
The song stuck in my head: atm, surprisingly none
Last movie I watched: don’t remember
Last show I watched: Sherlock Season 4
When did I create my blog: long ago? idk xD
What do I post: Coldplay, random stuff, guitars I like
Do you have any other blogs: art blog @mystrawberrysky
Do you get asks: every now and then. I don’t bite, guys ;)
Why did you choose your URL: becauseee xD no I think it sounds cute
Following: many
Followers: more 
Average hours of sleep: seven
Lucky number: 42 ofc xD or 445
Any instruments: guitar
What am I wearing: a grey/green striped long sleeve and light blue jeans
Dream job: roadie!!! xD no, idk actually
Favorite food: most things xD
Nationality: German
Favorite song right now: none? idk I’m so empty music-wise rn

hiiiii got tagged by @kurosaki224-new-blog <33

Name: Nikki

Nickname: …Nikki

Gender: Cis Female

Star Sign: Libra

Birthday: Oct 4th

Height: 5′ 8″

Age: 2something

Sexual Orientation: bi bi bi

Relationship Status: Single 

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Favorite Color: um. rainbow?

Time Right Now: 4

What Are You Reading: poetry 

Last Movie You Watched: ummm….fuck. eh. I forgot. 

Average Hours of Sleep: hahahahahahahahahahhaha 5 

Lucky Number: no?

Last thing You Googled: “throat kiss gif” for reasons. 

Favorite Fictional Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Eliot Spencer, Alec Hardison, Jessica Jones, Cinderella, Paige Dineen, Sophie Deveraux, Daisy Johnson, Melinda May, Joan Watson, Temperence Brennan, Angela Montenegro, Lance Sweets….goes on and on and on

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one

Favorite Singer/Band: um. idk. *shrugs*

Dream Trip: Europe

Dream Job: doctor/editor/poet/author

Current Job: research

When This Blog Was Created: um. fuck. 20….15?

Current Number of Followers: 287

What Do You Post: intersectional feminist-y things, Marvel, TV shows I like and anything I create for several fandoms.

Who Are Your Most Active Followers: O.O um. @onlysilentawe @oft-goes-awry anddddd @murderonthemattress I think??????

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: *randomly gestures*

What Made You Decide to Get a Tumblr: Marvel.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: because. *evil grins*

Do You Run Any Other Blogs: @imaginethehaus and @imagineclintcoulson

What Are You Doing Tomorrow: going out for a birthday lunch and chilling with some cool peeps

Who I tag: @witchaj @not-close-to-straight @marveling-cg @oft-goes-awry @thebestpersonherelovesbucky @chocobith @murderonthemattress @thegirlinthebyakko @everydaybella @ralkana @tisfan @feministfangirl @alsoknownascharlie @littlegirllostexplores @wackypacky @yeahishipitbitch @courtneyandy86 @embraceyourfandom @onlysilentawe @chaosisorderly

andromedasstars  asked:

cranberry pumpkin and bonfire for the autumn ask if you don't mind :3

mind?? i’m grateful!! 

cranberry - what’s one physical feature that you get complimented on?

ummm idk i don’t really often? hair if anything, that’s what stands out the most usually!! bc i dye it funky colors ^_^

pumpkin - do you think that humans are inherently good or bad?

i don’t, actually. i think we’re each given choices and we make decisions based on our own morality, which develops from our reaction to the society/environment in which we were raised and the events that have effected us in our lives. basically, no one is inherently good or bad. you have the choice to bring good into the world with every action you take. idk that’s my personal philosophy!!

bonfire - describe your dream house.

mmm okay so first of all. lots of plants. if there’s less than 20 in a room then that’s too few. i also want to live in a Big Gay Friendship Cottage in the woods with all my dear ones? and like. be a self contained environment. grow our own food, raise our own animals, make our own clothes… etc. i want a house that feels like home to anyone who seeks it, and i want the walls to sing love. other than that i just really like the boho tumblr aesthetic? draped in tapestries and lots of patterns and color and just. a place that is lived in and warm and beautiful. and at least three (3) rocking chairs. 

thank you!!


@adorkablephil tagged me… woot!

What is your favorite …

1. color: purple
2. season: fall
3. number: 1,000,002 (don’t ask questions)
4. animal: my cat Apollo! (Also the barn cats Mohawk, Snuggles, Cuddles, Scarlet Cow Movie, Fuzzball, and Scamper)
5. smell: hot chocolate
6. sound: fun music :)
7. flavor: chocolate-chip cookie dough (I apparently decided this question was asking about ice cream)
8. food: pizza or ice cream
9. flower/plant: aloe
10. artist: I have no idea.
11. singer (individual): Melanie Martinez
12. music group:  Panic! At The Disco
13. song: ummm I love so much music idk maybe Girls/Girls/Boys or Girls Like Girls
14. actor/actress:  Robert Downey Jr. because of Iron Man, etc. or Helena Bonham Carter because Alice in Wonderland
15. movie: Iron Man
16. tv show: American Ninja Warrior
17. book: “Asking a bookworm to pick their favorite book is like asking a mother to pick their favorite child.”
18. author (published): Probably Anne McCaffrey?
19. author (fanfic): @adorkablephil (read everything Kimberly has EVER written, it’s all great)
20. fictional character: oh god I could never choose… iron man? Black widow? Wonder Woman? China (sky dragons by Anne mccaffrey)
21. historical figure: idk I know nothing about history???
22. YouTube channel: iiSuperwomanii, Daniel Howell, Amazing Phil, DanAndPhilGames, Grace Helbig, Liza Koshy, The Gabbie Show, Sophina the Diva…. The list goes on.
23. person on YouTube: probably Lilly Singh (iisuperwomanii) because she just works SO HARD and never stops?
24. famous person (non-YouTube): Laurie Hernandez
25. person you know irl: Wasel (Rachel H. for peeps who know me and her irl)
26. person you only know online: @adorkablephil 100%
27. social media website: Tumblr/YouTube
28. other website (not social media): AO3/YouTube
29. place you’ve been: Hawaii
30. item of clothing: my pajamas. I haven’t left them all day today.
31. day of the week: Saturday because I have gymnastics practice but not school
32. time of the day: about 10 to 11 at night.
33. thing to do on a sunny day: be at the lake with Wasel and swim and go tubing and water ski and push Kaitlyn and Mary off the raft (unfortunately this only happens once a year :(…)
34. thing to do on a rainy day: read a book hiding in my room
35. shower/bath/beauty product: ummmm shampoo in general cause my hair gets GREASY
36. class in school: math. I’m doing AP Calc this year and I love it. I would enjoy Spanish, but it’s waaaaay too easy (I should’ve skipped a year but I didn’t and I will forever regret it.) I enjoy Biology but not as much as math because it’s also easy, History and Health are boring, English is interesting but not really my thing. Choir is really fun though.

I tag anyone who sees this because I’m too tired to think of actual humans.

polaroideddie  asked:

hey ummm can i get a blograte? aLso idk what to do for the like interaction thing so i'm just gonna tell u that today in my calculus class one kid got up and started blasting music and was dancing to it and my teacher just stood there for like the whole five minutes of the song and then took his speaker and Threw It Out The Actual Window

Your teacher is my everyday mood. ThAnK yOu for blessing me with this story. My day needed that. 

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I’m blind, so the small font hurts, but the little icon in the corner made my day, and it’s really organized and it’s great, but my eyes are weak

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Beauty in a blog. It’s a mix of the beautiful children, cats, Halloween, and a bunch of other shit I l o v e. Honestly, it’s just a g r e a t balance. 

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Pls come talk to me and we can be friends and talk more about your teacher


@giraffe1994, @guitargoat, and probably some other people tagged me in this long ass survey. If you read all this and you still want to know more about my ass just send me a message lovelies. <333 


1. Drink: Sweet tea

2. Phone Call: The last one I got was from CVS Pharmacy to pick up my drugs… the last person I called was my boyfriend Jason

3. Text Message: Jason once again

4. Song you listened to: Devil’s Dance  - Metallica

5. Time you cried: Yesterday at work reading @cinnamon-toast-cliff‘s fic on Rockfic called Mine. 


6. Dated someone twice: Sadly yes… never again though… 

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: Unfortunately

8. Been cheated on: Yes….the same person goes with questions 6 and 7..

9. Lost someone special: Yes, too many :(

10. Been depressed: Yes, currently taking an anti-depressant 

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: I have only thrown up from drinking one time… and I can’t drink that type of alcohol anymore


12. Black 

13. The color of Lars Ulrich’s eyes

14. Hot Pink


15. Made new friends: Yes

16. Fallen out of love: No

17. Laughed until you cried: Every day

18. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes

19. Met someone who changed you: Tons of amazing people! Especially my Min Kaere @giraffe1994

20. Found out who your friends are: Yes

21. Kissed someone on your facebook list: Yes


22. How many Facebook friends do you know in real life: Shit.. ummm idk… 75% probably

23. Do you have any pets: Two kitties! Bootsie Marie and Moe Joseph

24. Do you want to change your name: Yes

25. What did you do for your last birthday: I worked 

26. What time did you wake up: 8:45ish this morning

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: I was on a date with my bed

28. What is one thing you can’t wait for: I have VIP tickets to Chicago Open Air next weekend!!!

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: Yesterday at work (we work at the same place)

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: I wish @giraffe1994 lived closer to me :)

31. What are you listening to right now: The washing machine and dryer running, Mike Rowe talking about dirty jobs, and the sound of the keys when I type on the keyboard.

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Yes

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: Jesus where do I start?

34. Most visited website: Tumblr


35. Birthmark: Three on my left leg

36. Scars: I would be here until I’m on my death bed if I named them all… so I will just name a few… I had two c-sections, I have scars from self harm on my legs an arms, I have scars on my knees from track, and I have a scar underneath my right eye from shrapnel from a grenade when I was in the Marines. 

37. Childhood dreams: I wanted to be married to Lars Ulrich… y’all think I’m kidding but I am dead serious… 

38. Haircolor: Brown with red tint to it. 

39. Long or short hair: Longish

40. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes

41. What do you like about yourself: My taste in music, my taste in men/women

42: Piercings: my ears

43. Blood type: A positive

44. Nickname: Jessy, 

45. Relationship status: Taken

46: Zodiac: Libra 

47: Pronouns: She/Her

48: Favorite TV show: Supernatural

49. Tattoos: 12 of them… if you want to know what they are message me because that’s a lot of typing and I am lazy af right now lmao

50. Right or Left hand: I write with my left and eat with my left… everything else right handed. 

51. Surgery: 2 c-sections, tubes in ears, and wisdom teeth

52. Hair dyed a different color: I have dyed it red, black, and blonde before

53. Sport: Football

54. Vacation: France, England, Denmark, Canada, Lars Ulrich’s bedroom

55. Secret Hobby: Collecting old magazine clippings of Metallica… I have like 6 binders full

56: Pair of trainers: Tennis Shoes?  Yeah I have pink and grey ones… 


57. Eating: I had a toaster strudel… 

58. Drinking: Sweet Tea

59. I’m about to: Type the answer to this question… 

60. In need of: Some food, sleep, and a hug

61. Waiting for: The day I will finally be happy with myself

62. Want: To be pretty

63. Get married: Been there, done that, got divorced… 

64. Career: Right now I am a customer service agent for a company called Lafayette Interior Fashions


65. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses 

66. Lips or Eyes: Eyes 

67. Shorter or Taller: Both

68. Older or Younger: Older 

69. Indoor or Outdoor: Both

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: Stomach because I’d love to wear a bikini

71. Sensitive or Loud: Both

72. Hook up or Relationship: Well I am taken so… 

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker


74. Kissed a stranger: No

75. Drank hard liquor: Squillions of times

76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: Yep

77. Turned someone down: Often

78. Sex on first date: No

79. Broken someones heart: Yes

80. Had your heart broken: Yes

81. Been arrested: No

82. Cried when someone died: So many times…


83. Yourself: Meh

84. Love at first sight: Definitely

85. Miracles: Yes

86. Aliens and Ghosts: YUP

87. Santa Claus: Nope

88. Kiss on the first date: Yes

89. Angels: Yes


90. Current best friend name: Brittany Lynn @giraffe1994

91. Eye color: Brown

92: Favorite movie: The Notebook

I tag anyone who wants to do this because I don’t know how many of y’all have already been tagged <3333