ummm idk what this coloring is

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H-hi ummm this is a stupid question that I'll probably regret doing and I'm really sorry already but ummm i just need to know y'know? Anyway, I am Mexican but I'm white... ummm my question is... i mean... ummm would I be considered a poc? I know it sounds incredibly stupid and I probably wouldn't suffer the same amount of discrimination that my sister would for example (who has brown skin)... but idk... I still relate to some poc or poc related post and stuff... so what am I?

It isn’t a stupid question! You are still considered poc, you just have to acknowledge you’re white passing privilege and the colorism in your community that caters toward you. That doesn’t mean you don’t experience oppression of your own, you may even experience/relate to some forms of oppression and discrimination your sister goes through.

You are a person of color, albeit white passing, you still are one.

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Um hi! So, I just learned that your tumblr might be fairly recent. Did you have any trouble getting a tumblr? Or any advice on how to get one? I've been trying for a month now even with a Yahoo account and was wondering what the secret was? <3 Sorry for the awkward and out of nowhere question!.DX I love your fics, btw! #Katsudamn was amazing and the ending was really funny!! <3

Making a tumblr? Ummm, Idk I’m still winging it. Can’t even tag the asks. I’ve heard the desktop/mobile version is better? But I use the app

Just make a blog, slap some colors on it and follow a bunch of people like I did? Ahahaha. I’m a mess on here, I don’t know why people even follow me other than to indulge my ego? Like with your #Katsudamn comments. Thank you~~♡

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1. Name: Caylah

2. Nicknames: babygirl, princess, kitten, little one

3. Gender: Female 

4. Star Sign: Aries/Pisces

5. Height: 5'8″

6. Hogwarts House: Ummm… idk. Never seen Harry Potter.

7. Favorite colors: purple, mint green, teal

8. Favorite Animals: dolphins, elephants, puppies, bunnies

9. Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7

10. Favorite Fictional Characters: Tiana, Ariel, Belle

11. Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1

12. Favorite Singer/Band: One Direction, Adele, Demi Lovato, James Bay

13. Dream Trip: Disney World Florida or Barcelona or Venice

14. When was this blog created? 2 years ago

15. What made you decide to get a Tumblr? Heard about it and decided to try it out

I tag: @daddys-bunny @tooturntprincess @nevha @thelittlebluefairygirl

Prefered Name: Momo, Taffy, or Pillo!!
Your pronouns: he/him
Real Age (and regressed age if you age regress): 17, age reg 1-6!!!
What I’m looking for (caringtot, teenietot): Carer!!! 18+ pls i don’t lik when ppl younger thn me r my carers!!
Time Zone: ??? idk and my sorce of internet isn’t reliable sso ill b on randomly!!!! 
Your blog url: pillowp0p!!
Favourite Color: lace pink, powder blue, and blue lavender!!!
Favourite Animal: UMMM probs an orca??? or a penguin??? maybe a swan!!!!

5 Things you like: I lik bubble bobble, glitter, magic, unicorns, and crystals!!!
5 Things you dislike: ICKY N MEAN PPL!!!!! probs also lime crime, jeffree starr, my birth parents, n play dough!!!

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name: kendra i guess but luke or benji works too
nicknames: maya calls me krongo. sign: scorpio sun cancer moon 
height: 5'2" 
orientation: yeah
ethnicity: technically mixed but effectively white
favorite fruit: raspberry? pomegranate. peach?
favorite season: summer prob 
favorite book series: i don’t think ive had a fave series in years 
favorite scent: uhhhh sorry 2 be like this but idk
favorite color: deep earth tones 
favorite animal: lots of them the uglier the better 
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: depends on what’s happening 
average sleep hours: ive been rly trying to get 6-7 lately 
favorite fictional characters: boy oh boy… ben wyatt, the triumvirate from tos, luke danes, jared dunn… ummm there’s a lot more but im too #stressed to continue thinking about this
number of blankets you sleep with: 2
dream trip: idk hella places… this is boring but i’d love to travel the us tbh i haven’t seen much of the middle and this country is so big
blog created: embarrassingly long time
number of followers: 1113

im supposed to tag people but im too low functioning rn pls feel free to do this if u want and cite me as having tagged you

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For the cosmere ask, 2, 4 and 19?

2. radiant order?

Changing appearance sounds pretty fun, but so does flying tbh. Idk, it’s so hard to choose especially when we still don’t know much about them?? I’ll say Windrunner for now because I love to fly lmao

4. if you were a shard, what would that shard be called?

Ummm probably Confusion because I’m always confused af

19. places in cosmere you’d most like to visit?

Roshar and probably Hallandren. Would love to see all those colors in Hallandren