ummm * *


messin w colors and brushes w my boy raz

(water hands from the eyes draws is based on a kickass design for possessed raz by my pal wondla) 


“Air is the element of freedom. The air nomads detached themselves from earthly concerns and found peach and  freedom… and they apparently had great sense of humor”  - yet another amazing quote from avatar the last airbender. 

Guess who tried to get out of their comfort zone and do wiccan makeup? Yeah me! @wittyy-name convinced me that doing elemental witch makeup would be a good idea and despite it being 2 am i couldn’t deny it!

@wittyy-name :the element of water
@wolfpainters :the element of fire
@princedeadend :the element of earth
me: the element of surprise(ingly good lighting)