Ghilan'nain, mother of the Halla.

Ghilan'nain followed the hunter, and when they were away from all of her sisters, the hunter turned on Ghilan'nain. He blinded her first, and then bound her as one would bind a kill fresh from the hunt. But because he was cursed, the hunter could not kill her. Instead he left her for dead in the forest.

Lavellan // Photography


For sixpenceee 

Hey sixpenceee! well, I’ve got something here that gave me chills a few moments ago. The first image is an eight-legged goat who was born in Punitaqui, Coquimbo, a northern region in Chile. This news portal (x) reported on September 2nd, 2015 that this goat caused fear among the locals of the zone because when creatures like that are born, they are omens of natural disasters. The last time one of these animals was born in 1997, a 7.1 earthquake occured in the same location weeks after, so they were terrified when they saw this goat. Now, why it gave me the chills? A few hours ago, an 8.3 earthquake hit the city of Coquimbo and its surroundings, causing a tsunami in all of the coast border of Chile and Perú, even Hawaii. I dont know if they’re actually related, the birth of an eight-legged goat and this recent earthquake, but one can’t deny the accuracy of it, even more when they reported the consequences about the birth of the animal weeks before it actually happened what they were afraid of.