I did another thing.

this is the big thing i’ve been working on, and in the end i rushed so there’s a lot of mistakes but the gist of what I wanted is still there, I hope ya’ll like it, I really thought that this song fit well with Sheith, and really with voltron ships in general since they are fighting an evil alien empire and could literally die any day….

i was going to leave this happy but then I remembered that I love pain and suffering,…. :)

please reblog my gay space nerds….

unraveled (saeran x reader)

summary: saeran’s halloween costume is a little more than problematic.

rating: 13+ (mildly sexual situations, 707 name spoilers)

notes: ah. so i started writing this when i saw @riko-os​ post some mummy Saeran fanart earlier this month. It was originally meant to be longer and shorter at the same time if that makes any sense. LOL. 

Happy Halloween friends, hope you enjoy! (both the holiday and the fic LOL)

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