elsewhat999  asked:

I found this blog while working an over night shift at an assisted living facility and my dude, my guy, I have Regrets. And I wanted to ask, whats the scariest event you personally have ever experienced?

It might not sound scary now, but when I was living with my parents in our old house, we always had odd things happening. Sometimes food would disappear, pictures in my room would be turned upside down, we had a workshop in the back where I had my music equipment set up and would often go play there at night. You could see into the workshop from our kitchen window. This one night I walked into the kitchen and my mom looked at me like she had seen a ghost. She said that about 20 seconds ago she looked into the shop and saw me in there. That really spooked me because my mom would never make something like that up. She doesn’t even believe in this kind of stuff.

Creepy stuff like this happened off and on for months. I eventually moved up to NYC and my parents put the house up for rent and moved to ATL. Maybe one day I’ll ask our current tenant if she’s experienced anything unusual

Thanks for asking!