umma and son and appa

EXO Reacts To Their Children Running On Stage To Their Mom

A/n: You’re performing and they’re supposed to be watching with the kids from the crowd.

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You were looking for your daughter’s eyes as you sung a very slow and emotional song. Your eyes teared up and a tear fell down your cheek.

All of a sudden you see your daughter running away from your husband, Kai, and him chasing her.

She ran up on stage and clung to your leg.

“She’s so damn fast. Your daughter is cheetah and I am sick of it… Love you.” He said breathlessly from the bottom of the stage before blowing you two a kiss and walking away defeated and tired. 

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Your comeback song was one for the history books. It was catchy and a nice dancing song. Holding the mic and following along to the dance moves, you laughed as you saw your daughter running towards the stage.

She ran up and started dancing in front of you and the crowd.

“Aishh.. why are they both so cute?! I can’t take it!!”

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Your son ran up on the stage during the part of your song where you danced with another guy. 

“AH! NO! UMMA! APPA NO!” Your son pointed to the man behind you and screamed again, “APPA NO!”

“ THAT’S MY BOY! I’m only laughing now because I know that once we get home I’m going to be in sooo much trouble.”

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You had won an award and were going up to to accept it, passing your sleeping daughter to your husband. 

Once you had gotten up there you started to thank everyone until you heard an ear piercing cry from the front row. You watched as your daughter ran with her little legs, poofy dress flapping against her knees, up to you. 

The crowd awe’d and clapped.

“I’m glad you all find this cute.. God, I’m screwed when we get home.” He thought to himself.

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You were dancing to your group’s new song on stage when you noticed your husband running after your son. Your son was too quick and made it up on stage to you before Chen could catch him. 

Chen stood there with a blank look on his face.


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Your daughter had way too much energy today and neither you or Lay had any idea why. So when you had to perform her favorite song off your comeback album you had specifically told him to make sure she didn’t run on stage.

What happened?

She ran on stage.

Lay was breathing heavy with his hands on his waist.

“How the hell did she get so fast?! What have I raised, an animal?!”

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You were accepting an award when your son attached himself to your thigh. Looking down at him you smiled and went to pick him up, but you stopped when you saw your husband stumble up the stairs to the stage.

The man who presented the award to you asked Chanyeol to speak since he was so eager to come up here.

“Ah yes.. I love my jagiya and I am so extremely proud of her!” He said smiling, hiding the fact that he knows he’s gonna get lectured from you.

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Your son apparently didn’t like what you were wearing as you were performing on stage. Running up to the stage your son took off his little tuxedo blazer and held up in front of you, pouting. “Appa say umma clothes no no!”

Suho looked at you from the beginning of the stage and smiled widely.

“Please don’t kill me jagiya.”

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You were singing a duet with a male partner and you two got closer to each other during the performance. That was until your son ran in between the middle of you two, pushing the man away from you. 

You looked at Sehun who was at the bottom the stage, winking at your son.

“Good job son! That’s my boy!!”


Name: “Cuties”

Pairing: Ceo!Oh Sehun ( EXO ) x Mother!Reader

Content: Fourteen ( 14 ) and above

Genre: Comedy, romance, romantic comedy, life ( Ceo / Parenthood Au )

Chapter: Oneshot

Summary: Your son AhBao wonders when Sehun will be coming home.

Inspiration: A request from my drabble game!

Word Count: 993

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donghae x reader (one shot)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Donghae (Super Junior) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I noticed there was no Super Junior on my blog yet, and SuJu is my favourite KPop group, so here’s a short, little thing featuring Donghae.

Summary: You and your son go to visit Donghae just before a stage.

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  • BangHim: Appa and Umma
  • BangDae: Awkwardness level 284901747104883999999999
  • BangLo: Appa and son
  • HimDae: Dumb and dumber
  • HimJae: The sass twins
  • HimUp: Proud mother and her son
  • HimLo: Cutie pies
  • DaeJae: Uneven butt pabos for lyfe
  • DaeJong: *forever manhandling puppy*
  • YoungUp: Derp and derpier
  • YoungLo: Lovely squishy squishies
  • JongLo: BFFs forever