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13 Reasons Why Not?
  • Me: I liked 13 Reasons Why
  • Her: Nooooooo, you don't understand!! It's so inaccurate!
  • Me: Well, actually...
  • Her: You've never experienced mental illness yourself!
  • Me: I've been diagnosed with depression and tried to...
  • Me: Actually, it realistically portrays...

the thing that really fucks me up about people defending 50 shades is that even after you shoot down all their arguments of it being a non-abusive relationship, their last argument is that the third book explains why Christian Grey is like that. Like their argument is literally that his backstory excuses his abusive behavior. The fact that people think this is a good argument is fucked up. Fuck this book and fuck this movie.

Ink (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hi guys! This was a cute fluffy smut imagine and I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it 😂 I’m boring I have nothing to say 😂
Warnings: fluffy smut
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: smut where Spencer loves the readers tattoos
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: your pregnant and babysitting Henry…
You and Spencer sat on his bed watching Captain America on his laptop, snuggled next to each other.
You and Spencer have been dating for a year, ever since he laid eyes on you in the coffee shop it was love at first sight.
Spencer loves you a lot and you love him, but one thing that hasn’t happened yet was the big reveal.
Seeing each other naked.
Spencer told you he was ready but you weren’t at the time.
Little does he know, you have a few tattoos that you aren’t ready for him to see.
But you have been thinking; if he loves you so much, the tattoos shouldn’t matter to him.
You smiled to yourself involuntarily, unaware that Spencer was watching you.
“What are you smiling about?” He asked a small smile plastered on his face now.
“I was just thinking… I think I’m ready.” You said looking into his eyes.
He smirked and closed the computer.
“Are you sure? I can wait trust me.” He said softly as his lips were centimeters away from yours.
“I’m positive.” You said biting your lower lips before taking his lips in yours.
He slowly laid you down before lowering himself on top of you, kissing softly at your lips.
Pretty soon it escalated; tongues fought for dominance as you wrapped your legs around his waist.
His hand wandered up your shirt to your unclothed breast.
He broke the kiss, panting. “You aren’t wearing a bra.” He stated being careful to keep things slow.
You bit your bottom lip as you tugged your top over your head, revealing your naked torso.
Spencer’s eyes slowly fell to your chest, making his pupils dilate even more.
“Your so beautiful.” He said kissing the tops of your breasts.
He kissed up your neck but then stopped when something black caught his eye.
“What’s that?” He asked worried.
He’s going to hate them.
“Umm Spencer… the reason why I haven’t been comfortable with you seeing me is because… I have some tattoos and I wasn’t sure what you would have thought about them. I guess I was just nervous.” You said gently playing with his hair.
His eyes were soft and welcoming. “Let me see it.” He said craning his neck to look at your side.
Carved onto your skin was three bird silhouettes, each the size of a quarter.
“They’re beautiful.” He said with a smile as he kissed them softly.
“There’s three of them for each of my siblings, me included.” You said with a smile, noticing how much attention he was giving them.
“You said you have multiple of them. Can I see them all?” He said curiously.
“Woah woah there tiger, let’s even things out a bit first.” You said pulling his shirt over his head.
He giggled as you dramatically chucked his shirt across the room.
“The other ones are… lower.” You said eyeing your shorts.
He gladly slid them off of your legs but before removing your panties, he took off his pants as well.
The thin waistband showed a little bit of the French quote you had tattooed around your hip.
“I like this one too.” He said kissing it and holding your hips down.
“Do you know what it says?” You asked seductively.
He craned his neck and spoke out what it says, “Dream without fear, love without limits.”
You smiled as you watched him scan your body for more permanent markings.
On your left side of your ribs, you had an anchor, that was your favorite.
“Your so beautiful.” He said again paying attention to the tattoos on your body.
“Spencer?” You asked as he kissed the raised ink.
“Can I see the rest of you?” You asked nicely.
He looked down and back up to you before pulling down his boxers, his erection firm as his cheeks grew red.
“Your so gorgeous Spencer.” You said delicately tracing your fingers over his torso.
A spark of confidence fled through him as he pressed his lips against yours.
You pulled him closer down to you, feeling his tip against your thigh.
“I need you. I need you right now.” You said feeling pre cum drip down your thigh.
Spencer quickly grabbed a condom off of his side desk.
He slipped it on and looked back to your for assurance.
“I-I’m not sure what I’m doing so, please tell me if I’m hurting you or doing something you don’t like okay?” He said placing himself at your entrance.
You nodded and he slowly slipped into you, a moan escaping your lips at the feeling of being full.
He stayed there for a second, to let you get used to his length.
You started to buck your hips up to his, signaling him to start thrusting.
He started slow, but eventually picked up his pace.
Spencer started to shake above you as his his fingers circled your bundle of nerves, sending you over the edge with him close behind.
You both rode out your orgasms, panting as he collapsed to the side of you.
“That was amazing.” You said pulling the blanket up over you.
“It was? I mean I agree it’s just… it was my first time so I wasn’t sure how I did.” He said sheepishly.
“You did great. It’s not that often you can make a girl orgasm that quickly.” You said pulling him to lay on your chest.
He smiled and kissed your neck before tracing the outlines of your bird tattoos.
Goosebumps raising on your skin as his fingers delicately traced over the ink.
You kissed his forehead and you both fell into a deep sleep.

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You should do a ghost!Laurens thing.

Philip’s fingers roamed the ivory keys, creating a familiar melody that echoed through the large room. He knew the song well and didn’t need to look at his music to play it, so he let his eyes drift closed. He jumped in shock when he felt a weight over his shoulder, it was almost as if someone was touching him but… not. He stopped playing and looked around. When he found nothing out of the ordinary near by, he brushed his shoulder off and returned his attention to the piano. He felt the weight again. A murmuring, wailing, perhaps even could be described as a moan, in any case it was a sound that penetrated the comfortable melody and it was completely out of the ordinary. 

“What?” He muttered to himself.

“I said, ‘that sounds nice’!” A voice returned, it was hoarse and resembled in sound to when someone blew bubbles into a glass of water through a straw. “I’m sorry,” It spoke again, “I haven’t said anything to anyone in a while.” Philip squinted at a sort of shimmering that had appeared next to him, he began to notice more distinguished features- a freckled nose, a curly ponytail, a military uniform that Philip recognized from the depths of his fathers closet. Philip remembered how his father would tear up whenever he tried to ask about it, something about that uniform would strike a sort of sadness into him that nothing else could. Philip watched as the figure scratched the back of its neck nervously.

“Oh my god.” He jumped up from the piano bench, it’s legs scraping across the floor.

“Don’t be scared!” The human-esque shimmering said urgently. “I’m not going to hurt you… I couldn’t if I wanted to.” Philip scanned the figure, more of its features becoming clear, most prominently a glimmering smile.

“I’m not scared.” Philip said, straightening his posture and puffing out his chest. The figure chuckled,

“You’re just like your father.” It said, “I’m John by the way. John Laurens.”

“Umm… Philip.”

“I’m a ghost. In case you were wondering. I didn’t die in this uniform, but in most of my best memories I was in it, I was shot in a gunfight in South Carolina,” John poked his side where he remembered being shot, “ouch! Anyway, that’s about all you need to know. Questions?”

“You-You knew my dad?” Philip asked,

“He didn’t ever mention me?” John questioned, looking a little hurt. 

“He doesn’t like to tell stories about the war.” Philip said.

“Really? That man thrived on the war when I was with him.” John shook his head sentimentally. “Maybe something happened after I died.” He wondered aloud,

“Or maybe,” Philip started, contemplating the thought himself, “Maybe what happened was that you died… Were you two close?”

“We were closer than close.” John smiled, remembering his best moments with Alexander, “I still can’t believe he never talked about me.”

“I think it makes him too sad.” Philip’s brow furrowed, in deep thought, he was beginning to warm up to this ghost. “I used to ask him about his uniform” Philip pointed to John’s jacket, “when I was younger, but he’d always tear up.” John raised his eyebrows, “Here, come with me.” Philip walked to the door, gesturing for John to follow him. 

Alexander sat at his desk, consumed in his writing, spectacles balanced on his nose. “Dad?” Philip poked his head into the door frame, 

“Yes?” Alexander put down his quill and looked up at his son. Philip waited as John walked into the doorway next to him. Laurens grinned widely, doing nothing to stop the full laughter that bubbled up from his chest,

“Alex!” He said.

“Did you want to speak to me?” Alexander asked, eyes still focused on Philip. 

“You can’t see him?” Philip said, taken aback.

“See who? Philip are you alright?” Alexander said, worry etching into his voice as he got up to press a hand to Philip’s forehead.

“No. Dad, nevermind. I’m fine.” Philip swatted his father’s hand away and glanced at John, who’s smile was now a heartbroken frown. Philip tried to place a hand on his arm comfortingly but found that it only glided through and caused a shiver to run up his arm. 


“You know I hate it when you call me ‘son’.” Philip rolled his eyes. However heartbroken he was, John couldn’t help from smiling at Philip’s words just like his father.

“You are my son.” Alexander said.

“Nevertheless, did you… did you know a man named John Laurens?” Philip asked. Alexander straightened and frowned. 

“John Laurens?” He prompted for clarification. Philip nodded.

“Yes.” Alexander said, “We fought in the war together… it could be said that um… that I loved him.”

“I love you too.” John whispered from beside Philip.

“He died right after you were born.” Alexander looked to the floor, working to hold back a flood of tears.

“Loved him like…?”

“Yes.” Alexander said after a moment’s contemplation. Philip raised his eyebrows in shock and turned to look at John, who was staring at Alexander with tears in his own eyes. “Well, why do you ask?”

“Umm… no reason, I’m going to go back to the piano.” Philip said quickly.

“Philip, where did you hear that name?” Alexander asked, more insistent.

“Um, mom mentioned him.” Philip lied, “Briefly.”

“Oh.” Alexander added quietly. Philip turned and walked back toward the door down the hall. John took one last look at Alexander before finally following him. 

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 59

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

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Chapter Fifty-Nine: Bowling

After school, Lucy and Levy made their way to their group of friends, gathered in the normal meeting spot. The plan was to hang out today since it was Friday, but the last time Lucy checked, no one knew what they wanted to do. A few ideas were tossed around, but nothing had been decided.

“Hey!” Erza called out when she saw the two girls approaching. Jellal and Gajeel were present, but Gray, Juvia, and Natsu were missing.

“Hey Erza!” Lucy smiled at the redhead before looking around. “Any idea where the others are?”

Shaking her head, Erza sighed. “No, but they better hurry. I want to get to the alley before all the good balls are taken.”

Lucy blinked, confused for a few reasons. “Umm, what?”

“Didn’t you get my message?”

Lucy took out her phone, seeing she had a few texts. “I haven’t checked my phone since lunch. Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” Erza said, lowering her head as if she was disappointed. “I’m to blame. I shouldn’t have texted you during class, but I couldn’t help it.”

“What’s up?” Juvia asked, joining the group.

“Erza texted during class,” Jellal snickered, causing a soft blush to coat Erza’s cheeks.

“It won’t happen again!” she assured, but no one minded.

While Erza continued to berate herself, Lucy checked her messages. She read them out of order so she could figure out what Erza was talking about first.

Erza: We should go bowling! Cana said Quatro Cerberus is doing a promotion for glow bowl tonight! Half price! What do you think?

Erza: Lucy, you and Levy are the only ones who haven’t responded yet. Do you want to go?

Erza: Lucy?

Erza: I will page you over the loud speaker if I have to!

Lucy giggled at the string of messages, casting Erza a glance before saying, “I don’t mind bowling.”

While Erza smiled and asked Levy what she thought, Lucy returned to her messages.

Natsu: Do you want to hang out tomorrow? We could catch a movie?

Natsu: Wait, shit. I forgot your doing that sleepover. Never mind. I’ll ask Gray if he wants to hang out.

Natsu: Or maybe I’ll crash your party. Wouldn’t that be fun? :P

Natsu: JK… Or am I?

Natsu’s messages brought a smile to her face. She guessed he had an easier time texting her than talking to her in person.

Before she could form a reply, she heard the sound of her boyfriend’s voice behind her, causing her smile to grow. Turning around, she went to greet him, only to blanch when she saw his face. “What happened?!”

Natsu, who was walking with Gray, stopped. “Huh?”

“She’s talking about your face,” Gray said, tapping his own cheek as a reference.

“Oh,” Natsu laughed. “I got in a fight.”

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Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Sakamaki Kanato (Chapter 1)

Kanato: Here, this is the castle town where the parade is being held

Yui: It’s really lively, it’s making me kind of excited

(I can’t help but think back to the carnival we went to before)

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i saw the nsfw request asking for voice kink with aomine. cn i have the same kind of prompt, except w/ kagami? tnx!

Kagami was trying hard not to seem affected by your quietness as he tried his hardest to pleasure you. He thrusted harder, faster, slow, deeper, but nothing was working. You weren’t making a sound and Kagami suddenly stopped.

“T-Taiga, why did you stop?” you breathed out, cheeks flushed and eyes filled with lust and confusion.

Kagami just blushed and looked away, not meeting your eyes. He didn’t want you to know about his insecurities and how much he was affected by the fact that it seemed that he couldn’t pleasure you properly.

You stared at him with a soft expression and gently pulled his face to face yours. “What’s wrong?”

He averted his eyes and said, “I- I don’t… I don’t feel like I’m satisfying you enough…”

“What? Why?!” you asked in confusion.

“You’re just so quiet, I don’t know if you actually enjoy being intimate with me. You never make a sound even when I try so hard to get you to moan or to say my name.”

You blushed a deep red and tried to stutter out a response. “U-umm, Taiga, the reason I don’t make sounds in bed is because I want to hear you. Your voice t-turns me on and I want to hear just y-you.”

Kagami’s face flushed and he smiled, gently kissing your cheek as he picked up his speed again. He made sure to vocalize his pleasure, in hopes of turning you on even more. Moans, groans and pants filled the room and your core was burning up as Kagami pleasured you with all he had.

When you both came undone, he flopped next to you and grinned, happy that he had satisfied you.

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Can you do Drabble 61 and 63 with Barry?

WARNING: Smut! Read at your own risk.

61.     Sex In the closet.

63.     My hot new teacher.

‘God he’s so sexy.’

You thought as you tried to make it seem like you were paying attention to his lesson. 

Mr. Allen was your hot new teacher because Mr. Reid quit the job for unknown reasons.

You remembered yesterday’s girl who stopped by and said she ‘cooked too much lasagna’ and even threw out there the fact that her parents were out of town and she was home alone. This happened every day with different girls; even teachers came by to make suggestions at him.

‘Yeah like he cares about that.’ You thought to yourself rolling your eyes. 

“Miss Y/L/N, do you not agree?” Mr. Allen asked you and you were left at a blank because you had no idea what he was asking you. 

“Uhh… I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening.” You admitted and to shake off some of the awkwardness you felt you adjusted your uniform tie. 

“Pay attention next time… as I was saying, tomorrow you will present your…” He continued to explain but once again you got distracted by his green eyes and his big hands. 

Your thoughts stopped when you realized he was standing right in front of you. 

“Bell rang. Time to go home Y/N.” He said closing the book he held open for his own lectures. 

“Okay.” You took at deep breath trying to calm yourself but instead you caught a scent of his cologne and that drove you mad. 

“Is there a reason why you have been so distracted?” He asked and you looked up at him and his eyes widened as if he already knew the reason. 

“Umm I have some problems catching up with homework. Do you think you could help me?” You asked quickly trying to change the subject. 

“Yeah sure. Can you help me put the text books back in the closet then?” He asked dragging his hand through his hair. 

“Okay.” You stood up and fixed your skirt and walked over to pick up some books and put them inside the rather large storage closet.

You turned around and saw that Mr.  Allen was standing only a few inches away from you. 

“Sorry, I was trying to reach for the stethoscope.” He added but didn’t pull away. 

“Your eyes are beautiful.” You said and Mr. Allen’s face flushed red with embarrassment. 

“Thanks.” He laughed a bit and stared down at you leaning to plant a soft kiss on your lips. 

You were in shock but recovered quickly and deepened the kiss before he had any second thoughts. It didn’t seem like he did though because he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to his body. 

“Mr.Allen…” You moaned when his hand found its way passed your skirt and palmed your ass.

He pulled away and looked at you. “Just Barry, you can call me that when we’re alone.”

He kissed down your neck biting that soft spot and ripping a moan off of you.

You began unbuttoning his shirt and he did the same to your white uniform shirt. You pulled it off his shoulders and admired his toned abs.

“Are you sure?” He asked stopping his actions for a brief moment.

“Never been more sure about anything.” You smiled at him and he smiled back at you and trailed kisses from your collarbone down to the valley between your breasts.

He got rid of your shirt and your bra followed right after. He took one of your nipples in his mouth while his fingers played with the hem of your panties and pulled them down.

You moaned out his name when his index finger slid between your wet folds and began to rub adding the perfect amount of pressure to your clit. You reached your hand down and palmed his growing bulge which earned you a small grunt from him.

He moved to kiss you hard on the lips and then pulled away when he noticed you had begun to undue his belt and pull his pants down. He brought the finger he used on your womanhood to his mouth and licked it to put it back on your pussy to pump it inside of you.

“Barry…” You moaned out beginning to feel the burning sensation in the pit of your stomach. You had begun to shake and your knees were growing weak, you were so close and he knew it because before you could finish he pulled out his finger covered in your juices.

“I want to be inside you when you finish.” He said laughing a bit at your frustrated expression.

He set you down on the floor giving you an apologetic look when you flinched at the cold tile floor making contact with your skin. He pulled his boxers off and you caught a glimpse of him and you began to wonder if you would be able to accommodate him inside you.  

He held your thighs and wrapped them around his waist and looked at you for approval to enter you and you nodded biting your lip in anticipation. He pushed the tip of his penis inside and slowly moved in deeper inside until he was fully in.

He waited for you to adjust and then began to move at a slow pace which began to increase after a few thrusts. You moaned out and dug your nails on his back sure you had left scratches.

Barry began to move faster and buried his face on your neck to mark you. You were sure that people would’ve heard you moaning if he hadn’t covered your mouth with one of his hands.

His thrusts became sloppy and you knew he was close as were you. He looked like a masterpiece, covered in sweat and panting to catch his breath and pushing in and out of you as quick as he could.

“Barry I’m so close.” You moaned out.

“Me too baby.” He panted and he gave a few hard thrusts and sent you over the edge. He followed soon after and collapsed on top of you. You both caught your breath and you asked the so very dreaded question.

“Now what?” You asked him a bit afraid of his answer.

“We keep this a secret. I’ll give you my number.” He smiled grabbing your shirt and handing it back to you.

“So… we’re dating?” You asked.

“Yeah, unless you don’t want to.” He answered and you smiled and pulled him in for a tight hug.

Author’s Note:

Sorry , it probably sucked. I’m a bit rusty. Hope you guys liked it though.

Elsword PSA: Clearing up the confusion about the "dark side"

As you all know, you can choose one of three job paths when you hit level 15. Depending on which path you go with, your character’s play style and abilities will change in a certain way. And of course, there’s a backstory to each path. But actually, there are terms to describe each of the three paths in general.

The three paths every character gets are called “Imperial”, “Rebellion”, and “Transform”. Most people know about this already, but if you don’t, here are some quick definitions for these terms:

  • Imperial classes are the ones who take on the “traditional” path. They have an air of elegance, generally using the skills they already had as a base class and improving upon them. They usually stay on the side of grace and embrace calmness.
  • Rebellion classes are essentially the opposite of the Imperial classes. They rely less on their original weapons or teachings and use powers that stray from the traditional. Additionally, they tend to be more aggressive than the Imperial classes.
  • Transform classes choose powers that “transform” them into completely new people with new powers and abilities unlike the others. This transformation can be literal or figurative, sometimes both. Basically, you can guess what types of powers the Imperial and Rebellion classes will have based on their base job, but it’s a little harder to do that for the Transform classes.

These are the terms that fans have created for the three classes, but some people like to call each of them the “normal” path, the “dark” path, and the “different” path. And that’s fine, but ever since the release of Asura, Crimson Avenger, and Diabolic Esper, people have been getting confused as to which path is which. 

People have no problem identifying the “normal” or “good” guys and sticking those terms to the Imperial classes. But when it comes to the Rebellion and Transform classes, people have no idea which is the “dark” side and which is the “different” side. I’ve heard people ask, “Wait, I thought Yama Raja was the dark path. Why are they releasing another dark character (Asura)?” “Aren’t the Rebellion classes supposed to be the dark ones? Why is Crimson Avenger so dark?” “Since when were the Transform classes the darkest ones…?” etc.

So what’s the answer? Which path is supposed to be “dark”? Rebellion or Transform? The answer: neither. Rebellion doesn’t necessarily mean going to the dark side, and neither does transform. Therefore, it’s best not to attribute “dark” to either of these job paths (of course, you can attribute “dark” to your weapons! Dark is a good element).

Additionally, some people have no idea which class is supposed to be the “dark” path for certain characters. For example, Yama Raja and Asura. Some don’t know which one is supposed to be dark and which is supposed to be “different”, and some think that they’re both supposed to be dark.

To clear up all this confusion, I’ll be going through every character and talking about their Rebellion and Transform classes, explaining which is the dark one and why. It’ll be easier for some characters and harder for others, but I’ll do my best for each class. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Elsword: Rune Slayer vs. Infinity Sword

Dark path: Infinity Sword (Transform)

Reasoning: Infinity Sword’s Conwell absorbs the dark El energy from the demons and then transfer that energy into Elsword. RS just uses runes and some fire techniques. Between the two, IS is definitely the darker path. However, compared to other characters’ dark paths, he isn’t that dark. His backstory explains that he accepts the risks of taking in dark El energy, but it doesn’t show him actually succumbing to it or falling into darkness. Still, his powers are darker than RS’s.

Aisha: Void Princess vs. Dimension Witch

Dark path: Void Princess (Rebellion)

Reasoning: One’s a dark-magic wielder and the other is a magical girl. I think it’s pretty damn obvious as to who the dark one is.

Rena: Wind Sneaker vs. Night Watcher

Dark path: Night Watcher (Transform)

Reasoning: Wind Sneaker just kicks people, while Night Watcher joins a group of elf assassins and secret agents. Sure, kicking people is mean, but this game revolves around fighting things. If you think kicking people is dark, then Elsword is not the game for you. Anyways, between the two, NW is the darker path. However, just like IS, I don’t think NW is that dark. Though her employers are a bit shady, NW herself doesn’t do anything really dark throughout her travels. Many believe that her face indicates that she’s evil, but I don’t think so. She’s just serious when doing her job. Seriousness does not equal evilness. But again, it’s still darker than WS.

Raven: Reckless Fist vs. Veteran Commander

Dark path: Reckless Fist (Rebellion)

Reasoning: Many people have trouble identifying the darker of these two paths. For Raven, his blade represents his calm and controlled side, while his Nasod arm represents his darker side. Because RF and VC both use their mechanical arms, it seems like they’re both dark classes. However, I’d say that Reckless Fist is the darker one. 

RF uses his own rage to power up his attacks and can feel himself getting closer and closer to insanity. VC just adds a new system to his arm (Overheat). Although the Overheat system is dangerous and damages Raven, it’s not exactly an indication of darkness; rather, it’s just a different system. RF embraces the insanity that comes with the arm, while VC modifies his arm so he can deal more damage without going crazy. It’s a close call, but Raven’s dark path is RF.

Eve: Nemesis vs. Battle Seraph

Dark path: Nemesis (Rebellion)

Reasoning: The Exotic and Nemesis codes themselves were designed to create a destructive battle-type Nasod, whereas the Electra and Battle Seraph codes allow Eve to use El energy more efficiently and access a new way of fighting.

Nemesis is described as the “Queen of Destruction”. Also, if you look at Q-PROTO_00, she doesn’t have normal human senses and is purely focused on destroying everything in her path. Sure, CBS also doesn’t have emotions, but CBS isn’t insane. Going back to CN, Eve accepted this code, knowing its risks. That means there is a chance that Eve could end up like Q-PROTO_00 if she isn’t careful.

For CBS, some say that she’s the darker one due to her reliance on the dark El. However, it’s only because Eve required a larger power source that she needed the dark El to power her code. Inherently, the Electra and Battle Seraph codes aren’t “dark”. Furthermore, CBS doesn’t use the dark El alone; it’s combined with a moonstone to stabilize it. And as I said earlier, the fact that CBS lost her emotions doesn’t make her a psycho.

Two other things: Nemesis hugs her black drone during her winning poses instead of the white one, and her clothes are a lot darker than CBS’s (and CEm’s).

Chung: Deadly Chaser vs. Tactical Trooper

Dark path: Deadly Chaser (Rebellion)

Reasoning: DC is described as looking more like an assassin than a guardian. Therefore, it’s a slightly darker path, but only by a teeny bit. DC’s Silver Shooters and his powers aren’t that dark in nature; it’s not like he embraces a truly evil side or has to use a dark power source. 

Ara Haan: Yama Raja vs. Asura

Dark path: Yama Raja (Rebellion)

Reasoning: Yama Raja uses demonic powers, and her first job path was Little Devil. However, Asura’s backstory is also a bit dark. The reason why I think YR is darker is because she outright uses dark powers, whereas we’re not yet sure if Eun’s intentions are good or evil in Asura’s path. I will admit that Asura’s backstory is quite fishy. I don’t know whether Eun should be trusted or not, but comparing this ambiguity to YR’s obvious usage of demonic magic makes YR seem darker to me. However, if you think Asura is the darker of the two, I can certainly see why.

Elesis: Blazing Heart vs. Crimson Avenger

Dark path: Crimson Avenger (Transform)

Reasoning: Umm… I don’t think I need to explain this one.

Add: Lunatic Psyker vs. Diabolic Esper

“Wait, LP vs. DE? I thought LP was released first. Wouldn’t that make him the Imperial class and Mastermind the Rebellion class?” Okay, let’s talk about LP vs. MM first. It’s sort of difficult to tell which is Add’s “normal” path because he’s insane right from the start. Is the normal path of a maniac serenity or insanity?

Well, here’s how I think about it: Add is essentially a scientist. He invented his Dynamos to fight for him, and although he posses some combos where he punches or kicks his enemies on his own, his Dynamos do most of the work. Mastermind continues to follow that mentality by creating various drone installations to fight for him. Lunatic Psyker, on the other hand, uses his Nasod Armor to punch and kick people more. He’s a more hands-on class compared to Mastermind. Additionally, amongst Add’s three job paths, LP has the most Nasod Armor combos: 5, as opposed to AT/MM and TTr/DE having 2 each. LP is the Rebellion class because he relies more on his Nasod Armor, punches, and kicks than his Dynamos, whereas MM creates drone installations.

Here’s another way to think about it: Add is meant to be Eve’s pair character. Therefore, his Imperial, Rebellion, and Transform classes should roughly match up with Eve’s (well, his Transform class doesn’t, but that’s because it’s a “transform” class, so he’s bound to go down an unpredictable path). CEm is similar to MM because they both use drones, assistants, and installations in battle. CN is similar to LP due to their aggressive play style and usage of other types of weapons.

Between these two, it’s pretty obvious as to which is the darker one: DE. Although LP is aggressive, DE basically says “you know what, fuck this world, let’s destroy everything and rip apart time and space”. Soo… yeah. End of discussion.

So if we look at all the “dark” classes, 4 of them are Transform classes and 5 are Rebellion classes. If you want to say that Asura is darker than YR, then that’s 5 Transform and 4 Rebellion. Basically, the dark classes are split between the Transform and Rebellion paths. Therefore, one can’t say the Transform path or the Rebellion path is defined as the “dark” path.

But of course, the most important thing is that you choose the characters that you love and want to play the most. Will you play a character’s Imperial, Rebellion, or Transform class? Or will you take on his/her “good”, “dark”, or “different” side? It’s up to you, but…

Remember: The dark side isn’t associated with any of the three paths.

The more you know…

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A - age: gonna be 20 very soon
B - biggest fear: failurie
C - current time: 10pm
D - drink you last had: green tea with mint
E - every day starts with: a sigh
F - favourite song: currently it’s bloody shirt by to kill a king 
G - ghosts, are they real?: i guess they’re
H - home town: Samarkand
I - in love with: this life
J - jealous of: all kind of talented people
K - killed someone: im not answering this question
L - last time you cried: i don’t even remember….
M - middle name: i have a patronymic not a middle name
N - number of siblings: 1
O - one wish: write a book
P - person you last called/texted: mom
Q - question you’re always asked: umm… idk
R - reason to smile: cats and dogs
S - song last sang: where did party the go by fob
T - time you woke up: today at 7:15am
U - underwear colour: black
V - vacation destination: idk??? like my destination is to have a vacation so
W - worst habit: i ckack my fingers A LOT
X - x rays you’ve had: right leg and lungs
Y - your favourite foods: rice, beans, chocolate, oranges and much more
Z - zodiac sign: gemini~

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The devil he wore such a fine, fine shirt
And it stayed so clean while he dragged me through the dirt
- - [insp] ♥ ♥

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Hiiii I want to request a reaction to GOT7 trying to ask you out for a date ! I love your work! I'll try to request more as u wish ^^ PPL SHOULD I MEAN U ROCK THANK U XD

OMG Thank u guuuurl! awww srsly thanks

hope u like this one ^^

*tries to act casually* yoo! are you hungry? let’s go out for lunch *happy maknae*

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Jackson -Kayee-
*dances around because he is nervous* wild & sexy Jackson found out a new amazing park and wants you to *stops and says shyly* g-go with him!

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*calls you* I was thinking maybe you can go with me to walk coco *happy the excuse worked*
Wh-hy you?? umm n-n-no reason *blow it up in the end* *internally dying*

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Mark -YiEun-
I-I heard the amusement p-park are doing a sale t-this weekend wanna go? *doesn’t mention it is a couples sale* I won

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Jr. -Jinyoung-
*confident af* hey let’s go out for lunch
When?? Now

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JB -Jaebum-
*totally nervous but acts cool* l-let’s take a break tomorrow 

You: to do what?

JB: *forgets everything he wanted to say*… OH yeah! Let’s go out for a nice fa-ancy dinner hmm?

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BamBam -Bhuwakul-
*all shy because he liked you for a while* *waves* h-hey umm i was thinking…let’s go out for di-iner *smiles shyly*

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A version of the missing ahoge prompt, but with smooth/unsmooth Izuru, in the AU where Hinata's personality remains. (It could even be that some only recognise him when smooth, and others only when unsmooth)

A/N Ack, so I just realized that I wrote it down differently. Hope you still like it though. I don’t know why I wrote this, I blame you and the rest of the fandom.

PS This is set in this au where izuru retains hinata’s personality

Team Smooth or Team Unsmooth?

“SMOOTH!” One side yelled.

“UNSMOOTH!” The other side continued.

And in the middle of the room was Izuru Kamukura.

“What the hell are you guys fighting over this time?”

It was a war between factions of extremes. And just like any war, there were no winners only casualties and among those was Izuru who was caught in the crossfire.

“SET HIM FREE! Don’t tame his beauty! Let it loose! UNSMOOTH and natural all the way!” Ibuki screamed.

“Non, non, non. There’s a reason why the smoothie was discovered even though there’s already the shake. Everyone likes it better smoothed.” Teruteru reasoned.

“Umm… It’s really hard to m-maintain long hair so m-maybe it’s more convenient for him to go unsmooth.” Mikan stuttered her opinion on the matter.

“Shut up! Who cares if it’s convenient or not for him? We’re talking about looks! You’ve got to have pig barf tastes to like him unsmoothed!” Hiyoko sneered back.

“Well they do use ‘smooth’ as a compliment. You don’t hear anyone being happy over getting called ‘unsmooth’.” Mahiru reasonably added.

“Fools! To judge him by his mortal shell was already your downfall. His untamed mane is just proof of his power coursing through them!” Gundam bellowed.

“I don’t wanna hear that from the person who wears makeup and gels his hair. Face it, the dude’s cooler as a smooth criminal.” Souda argued back.

“I do not wish for him to be a criminal though. Therefore I will side with him as unsmooth.” Sonia said in concern.

“It’s called a figure of speech. But you gotta admit that the guy has more style with him smoothed.” Kuzuryuu smirked.

“Style won’t affect performance though. However, I like the fighting spirit I get from him unsmooth!” Nidai laughed.

“Fight? If I can fight him then I’m with unsmooth too!” Akane seconded.

“I will side with smooth… for reasons as well.” Pekoyama calmly admitted.

All the while, Izuru was at a lost as to what they were talking about.

“Why is everyone fighting over smooth or unsmooth? What does it even mean?” He asked out loud but most of the class was still absorbed in their own arguments that he thought he’d never get an answer.

Until finally, Ryotwo decided to shed some light on the topic as he calmly looked up from his work and mouthed, “Your hair.”


“Seriously?” Izuru asked him incredulously.

Ryotwo nodded solemnly.

All this discourse just over his goddamn hair??

“Oh, come on!” He yelled in exasperation.

They were all fighting over something so petty and no one even bothered to ask HIM on his opion of HIS hair!!

“By the way, I’m “Team I’m cool with both” in case you were wondering.“ Nanami nonchalantly pointed out.

"Isn’t this exciting? I wonder which hope will shine brighter at the end?” Komaeda commented mostly to himself.

This was not what he signed up for when he became the SHSL Hope.

Izuru was just so fucking done with this.

“Nope. No way.” He said and as he walked out on them he was muttering, “I’m not taking any more of your bullshit.”

The next day, Izuru came to class with his hair braided. 

And that was the end of the smooth or unsmooth war.

Unfortunately for Izuru though, that wasn’t the last stupid war.