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It is currently one in the morning, and I have school in approximately six hours. So like any logical human being I am awake and writing. The inspiration for this morning ficlet is this lovely art.

Draco Malfoy strutted into Madam Malkin’s carrying his newly purchased pet. Which he had christened Alexander Sly, because Alexander’s were always great. As Malfoy opened the door to the shop, in no rush despite the fact that they were late for their appointment due to the purchasing of Alex, he caught glimpse of a pair of nervous and wide green eyes. 

Those eyes held the boy frozen in his steps. But as Draco froze Alex decided to take things in to his own hands, despite the fact he had none, and started hissing at the boy with green eyes. For a moment Draco feared that the snake would scare the boy who had captured his interest, but to his surprise the boy hissed something back to Alex. 

Harry had been having a wonderful day in diagon alley so far. His latest surprise was when a very blond boy about his age walked in with a snake curled up around his shoulders. Harry thought he should be intimidated by the boy’s prestige looks. Before he could fully form his thought though the snake started to speak to him.

Who are you, young boy? the snake inquired somehow managing to make the o and y vowels sound hissing in their nature. “I’m Harry Potter.” Harry hissed back and as he did he witnessed the blond boys eyes grow to be huge moons. Harry was surprised their gravity didn’t immediately make him fall into the taller boys arms. 

“You just spoke to my snake.” Draco announced in a astounded tone. He was looking at Harry with the strangest wonder and his eyes somehow managed to grow even larger upon seeing the scar that rested on Harry’s head “Harry bloody Potter just spoke to my snake.” Draco said to himself this time. 

Harry didn’t know what to make of this boy’s expression or how to reply, but he was practically dying of curiosity. So he tried to find the boys name. “Umm.. yes I mean your snake kind of talked to me first. I just replied. What’s you’re name by the way, since you know mine already?” Harry rambled on the way nervous children do. “I am Draco Malfoy and this is Alexander Sly.” Draco said gesturing to Alex. 

Harry smiled at this and offered out a hand. Which Draco took. “Well, Draco I think you and I will be great friends.”

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