umm what else can i tag this as

Michael Jones and Sun Wukong (RWBY)! Now that I’ve finished this one I’m slightly compelled to do the entire cast… dammit. And, no, I just didn’t feel like drawing their legs.

So I spent 2 more hours than I needed to on this one, thanks to my laptop crashing once I finished the lineart. As you can see, I still need to work on shading????? how do you do that even (Michael’s face is wonky I’m sorry)

astro-sim  asked:

hey, i just wanted to say that your tumblr is absolutely amazing and one of my favorites! since i'm new to this simblr thing, i wanted to ask if you had any tips for newbies like me.

oh thanks boo! hmm tips.. honestly just keep posting whatever you like! with regards to editing and such, that’s a learnt skill so you’ll get better at it and find your rhythm as you go along.. no one can be amazing at something straight off the bat! id say to tag your stuff but looks like you already do that.. umm what else… just have fun with it?? it’s your blog so do whatever you wanna do!