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So, what is your view on kisa/ita?

Umm, well I used to ship it really hard core, but recently it just doesn’t flow as well as it used to. I see it as a friendship and companion dynamic, but Kisame hates liars and well…Itachi is a professional liar. It’s just not what it used to be.

  • Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuuri and Viktor are shown in context to have more than just a coach-student relationship.
  • Some people: Yeah, but that's probably just queerbaiting
  • Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuuri declared his love for Viktor
  • Some People: It's different love. Not love "love".
  • Yuri!!! on ice: Viktor kissed Yuuri on the lips.
  • Some People: Ok, but that could've been a platonic kiss. maybe it wasn't even a kiss. I mean did you ACTUALLY see their lips touching or...
  • Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuuri and Viktor got engaged
  • Some People: ... [decides to join the fandom]
When someone says you only love Legolas because he is pretty
  • Person: You only love Legolas because he's pretty.
  • Me: Excuse me? I love Legolas because he is always there for his friends, he is ready to do anything for them, he is an awesome fighter and he's so tough but such a sweet cinnamon roll at the same time, he has a father who does not pay so much attention to him, the girl he loves doesn't loves him back so he has a broken heart and he deserves so much better and so much love, he is indenpendent and that is why l love him..and well..umm..he's hot too.
  • White ppl: if u just comply with the cops u won't have to worry about getting shot.
  • Me: Shows them the video of Charles Kinsey (a black male, laying down on the ground with his hands in the air, stating that he nor his autistic patient are weaponized) getting shot.
  • White ppl: Umm . . . well . . . his hands aren't perfectly straight up in the air . . . the police couldn't have been sure obviously . . . why are u making everything a race issue?!

Tamlin: Feyre, I think it’s time we talked about our realationship.

Feyre: Umm…

Tamlin: Well, I want to start with-

Tamlin: Feyre? Are you climbing out the window?



Feyre: *Outside window in Rhysand’s arms* … No ….

The lost dress | New recruits
  • Judy: Where the hell is it? I always have it here, next to the short black one and the long red one. I couldn't have moved it!
  • Judy looks through her wardrobe again
  • Judy: Nick? Have you seen my dress?
  • Nick: *shouting from the bathroom* which one?
  • Judy: the one for Amy's wedding
  • Nick: have you looked properly? I'm sure it's in there somewhere
  • Judy: have I looked? OF COURSE I'VE LOOKED!
  • Nick: ok ok calm down, only asking. Well I wouldn't know where it is Carrots
  • Judy: what am I going to do? The weddings on Sunday and I can't find the dress!
  • Judy: nick you better not be on the toilet I'm coming in
  • Nick: NO DON'T DO TH-
  • Judy walks into the bathroom and finds Nick standing there in Judy's missing dress
  • Nick: I can explain
  • Judy: really? Go on then I can't wait to here this
  • Nick: well umm
  • Judy: well?
  • Nick: I don't know, but I do look cute right?
  • Judy: I can't argue with that
  • Nick smiles and so does Judy
  • Judy: you dumb fox
  • Judy kisses Nick on the cheek
  • Judy: *whispers in Nick's ear* I'm sure everyone at the office will love this
  • Nick: *gulps loudly* shit

So Eliza beat boxing for Phillip is just the best thing ever.
It is the ONLY TIME she does any rap type thing. It is so out of character for Eliza that is soooo not her thing. But she does it for Philip because it makes him feel special and cool and gives him the parent/child connection with her.
Hamilton has a whole song saying he will never let him down, that he will be around, that he wants him to be safe and loved and he promises that he will make sure he is…but his promises are kind of really empty a lot of times. It’s a nice sentiment but it’s hamilton being Hamilton. And umm well look what happened.
Eliza has less than a minute of blowing weird mouth sounds but it is something so opposite of her. She is being someone else completely for him for a little while. She will do anything for him.

He knew. He sent Phillip to the duel. He gave him bad advice. Phillip only wanted his father to be proud that he did what he considered to be the right thing.

Eliza starts singing with him. She doesn’t focus on what is happening NOW she reminds him about good times. He wants to make her smile and be happy.

Steven you adorable fluff.

I’m sure you could break his spine but Greg is a better man than that, I know he’ll try to forgive Marty.

“It’s okay, I’ve got a hose.”


Umm… well at least he’s trying to be nice to Steven if not to Greg. 

Have you changed in all these years Marty? I mean your fashion hasn’t but then again I could see that just by the fucking bus you’re driving.

Seriously, you look like if Dave’s brother got old and never quit the “cool” aesthetic.

How the fuck are you doing that with your face.

Please stop.


MYSME Headcannon: SaeyoungxMC ‘The Talk’

A/N: I felt like I haven’t posted a headcannon in a while…So how would Saeyoung & MC explain the birds & the bees to their kid? Well, I imagine it would go a little something like this! 

  • It was a joke. Saeyoung swore by it. And if MC ever asked that was exactly what he was going to say.
  • But the thing that he did not anticipate was that was that their kid would overhear said joke.
  • ~ “How do you make kids?”~
  • “What?”
  • ~ “What?”~
  • Of course he panicked b/c sh*t their kid shouldn’t have been asking these questions yet. They were only 5. & MC –Oh god, MC! If she knew that he let this slip in a sex joke he made toward Saeran… Nononono… SHE WAS GONNA KILL HIM!
  • ~ “Daddy?”~
  • Abort.abort.abort. Error_7-0-7, you done f*ck up.
  • “Umm…ah…well…mmm…”
  • ‘Come on, think!’ If Saeyoung wasn’t standing in a spotlight between his kid & Saeran, (The latter of which was laughing into his fist instead of helping him, the bastard!) he’d start banging his head against the wall for his utter stupidity. 
  • Never before had he so desperately wished for a time machine.
  • & suddenly an idea struck. A brilliant idea befitting a genius such as himself…
  • “What’s that?!” He yelled & pointed his finger behind his kid.
  • ~ “Huh?”~ The kid stops & turns to where their father was pointing.
  • Which is when Saeyoung took the opportunity to hightail it the hell out of there. (He could’ve left a smoke trail behind him, he left so fast.)


  • ~ “Mommy, how do you make kids?”~
  • It was the spit-take of year really. Phd. Pepper sprayed at across the table & hit Saeran in the face. Hilarious! & Saeyoung would’ve snapped a picture of it if MC hadn’t fixed him w/ the deadliest glare he’d ever received.
  • “Honey…” MC smiled from beside him. “What have you been telling our child?”
  • “N-Nothing, nothing at all.”
  • ~ “That’s not true. Daddy said that beating the main boss in LOLOL took less time than it did to make a kid…”~
  • “Did he now?”
  • (internal screaming)
  • (RIP Saeyoung.)
How the signs would react to their crush saying “I love you”

Aries: “haha umm well i might like you too ;)”
Taurus: “haha yeah um that’s really funny” 
Gemini: “woah! are you for real? YES hahahahahahahahthisisthebestdayofmylifehahahahha”
Cancer: “i love you too! i’m so happy omg :)”
Leo: “oh, well i think we might be able to arrange something ;)”
Virgo: “since when? how long for? why? are you serious? like are you actually serious??”
Libra: “really!? wait, did you know i love you too??”
Scorpio: “get in my bed now???”
Sagittarius: “oh serious? well i might feel the same way ;)”
Capricorn: “oh haha that’s cool”
*13 minutes later*
“maybe i love you too”
Aquarius: “oh, do you want to come over later for some netflix and chill?”
Pisces: “oh my god you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting for this moment! i love you too omg!”


SHINee Reaction || Being Dragged Along to Shop With Their Girlfriend
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“Me? But isn’t there… I don’t know… a friend you can go with?“


“Okay! Let’s go!”
/ I’m such a fantastic boyfriend /


“Do you have a lot to buy? Because if not then I’m staying. I’m lazy for some things”


“Well, I guess I should go help”


“Well… umm… But can I buy myself something?”