umm okay i kinda love her face way too much tbh

Okay??? But??? Beauty and the Beast???

I just got done watching Beauty and the Beast, the new remake, with @icarus-will-rise and… wow… I think there were times I cut off the circulation in his hand I loved it so much

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
As usual, spoilers. This will be tagged as such tho.

• THE. CHOREOGRAPHY. AT. THE. BEGINNING. As a dancer, this was what made me instantly love the movie, like IT’S HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND BEAUTIFUL AND??? WHY??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
• C O S T U M I N G. I especially loved at the end that some of the servants still had face paint on their faces, like “oh yeah, that’s still there, it’s not like they’ve magically had their human faces cleaned while they’re not human or anything”
• speaking of the end, “Turn back into a clock. TURN BACK INTO A CLOCK.”
• and when the piano turned back he had no teeth? I approve
• also speaking of the end, HOT DAMN, Dan Stevens’ growl when Emma Watson asks him to grow a beard… like… damn… even @icarus-will-rise agrees that was hawt
• THE TRANSITIONS FROM THE HUMANIZED OBJECTS INTO NORMAL OBJECTS MADE ME CRY. Cogsworth not being able to talk, Mrs. Potts’ face disappearing, Chip’s dish shattering (I GOT SO SCARED), Lumiere and Plumette, the dog with his legs up, just, AH
• Okay, unpopular opinion here, I didn’t love the songs all THAT much. The originals are better. Emma and Dan definitely did a great job recreating the songs and all, but I think we can all agree the original “Beauty and the Beast” by Angela Lansbury smashes the new one to pieces, right?
• However, on that note, the new songs were pretty good and fit right into the soundtrack in everything from background music to lyrics. Evermore was good, but the one in the movie was def better than the credits one, I mean, come ON, guys.
• Okay, back to the movie–
• LeFou.
• L E F O U.
• Props to the casting director for ALL of his/her choices (Emma Watson could not have made a better Belle if she spent DECADES preparing for this role), but OH MY GOD JOSH GAD AS LEFOU.
• I don’t know WHO saw Olaf in Frozen and went, “This snowman would make a great gay sidekick for Gaston”, but whoever did, I love them.
• Speaking of LeFou, he went through some GREAT character development. From being completely obsessed with Gaston at the beginning (telling the Bimbettes they didn’t have a chance, talking to an imaginary Gaston in the mirror, calming Gaston down with thoughts of the war <which was HILARIOUS btw>, winking during “Gaston”) to actually having a backbone after they tie Maurice up in the woods (you can see him begin to shift his alignment, and lose his love for Gaston, there) to finally being like “yeah, screw this, Gaston wouldn’t save me from a falling talking piano with key teeth missiles, I'mma help the talking teapot spraying my fellow villagers instead”. I LOVED LeFou.
• You know who else loved LeFou? THE DRAG QUEEN. I know he’s either Tom, Dick, or Stanley, and @icarus-will-rise and I think it would be pretty ironic if he was Dick. I’ll have to check when it comes out on DVD since I wasn’t really paying attention, and by GOD I loved that little hint that they ended up together during the dance at the end.
• Anyway, back to the plot
• Those wolves were TERRIFYING
• Also, I don’t know about you guys, but instantly when I saw the beggar lady I was like “she’s gonna be important”. It was when she rescued Maurice I knew she was the enchantress in disguise, don’t ask me how, I just knew. They wouldn’t put a character in there randomly unless she was essential to the storyline, so I guess that’s why I guessed that.
• …did I mention LeFou was by far my favorite?
• But Emma Watson came in as a close second. By GOD, she was a great Belle. Her reaction to that library was tbh exactly how I would’ve reacted.
• Like I said, casting was spot-on amazing.
• You could FEEL the angst radiating off of Beast.
• Maurice was great, not as kooky as the original but I like him better as a sad artist.
• ^By the way, Belle’s parents’ backstory had me in tears. The plague representation was so accurate and answered SO many questions of mine.
• Also, Gaston was really good
• He actually tried to woo Belle a little instead of being like “I’m so great, you should totally marry me just for my looks and charm and hunting skills and my luxurious hair”
• He gave her flowers, sorta kinda pretended to be interested in her books, and seemed genuinely interested in saving her when the townsfolk were being mean so at the beginning I was sorta like “gee, why’s Belle being so rude and shit”, which was the only reason I didn’t like the change in Gaston’s behavior
• Then he started being a dick to her dad and I was like “whoops never mind”
• Umm,,, the fight against the villagers was really great?? Mrs. Potts seeing her husband (who was the citizen with the most sense, let’s be honest here) and falling from the chandelier, the boiling tea, THE DRAG QUEENS, Chip being a badass smol, Lumiere’s fireworks display, Plumette dusting people’s faces and the piano being heroic by trying to cover the door? It was A+
• Also “GRANDMOTHER?!?!?1?????!!??!!”
• Le Fou… the gay is strong with this one…
• Basically, I loved Beauty and the Beast’s live action remake, 10/10 would watch again.

• My only problem is her dress, really. My only GIANT problem, that is.
• They didn’t include the dog in “Beauty and the Beast” (the song), but fine, I’ll forgive that
• My major problem is that dress
• Okay, fine, it’s got the appliqués, but WHERE IS THE NECKLINE
• We demand the truth
• (Side note: what is it with Emma Watson’s dresses being inaccurate in movies because this is now the second one???)

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Them realizing they’re in love with you


  • I feel like Nate wouldn’t realize it until a very private moment between you two. Maybe you guys were cuddling on the couch, with his arms draped over you, half asleep. He would look down at you and just stare, admiringly because you’re just so beautiful. And not just in the physical sense. He loves your personality and your heart and he feels safe around you, which is an important part to him because h was always so on edge around his family before.
  • When he realizes the specific emotion he has towards you is love, he blushes a lot, not out of embarrassment though. Just from the warmth of the feeling that you give him cause he’s just so happy around you.
  • Probably wouldn’t even tell you for a long time, he would keep this information to himself for a while because he doesn’t want you to feel like you HAVE to say it back. He would be way too afraid that you aren’t there with him yet, so he’ll more than likely wait a bit longer.
  • When he does tell you though, he’s very nervous but determined. He would hold you close to him and kiss your forehead, and just force himself to say it. “I love you, Candy. So much…” If you return the feeling, he’s going to hug you even tighter with a warm smile on his face.



  • When the realization hits him, it’s going to hit him so hard. Like a punch in the face. He’ll just be on his own somewhere, maybe in the courtyard or in in his room, thinking about you and then he’s just kinda like “Well shit…” He doesn’t know how to react to it at all, cause it really just takes him by surprise. He’s definitely happy about it, but he doesn’t know how to go about it.
  • The love he feels for you is definitely way stronger than anything he ever felt with Deborah. With Deborah, he felt more of an attachment than love. He cared for her yeah, but like compared to you it’s just…. Woah.
  • He’d probably be really scared tbh. He knows you’d never hurt him like Deborah did, but what if he does something to screw things up with you? What if you don’t love him back yet? Lots of ‘what if’ questions going through his head at the moment.
  • As cliché as it sounds, Cas would probably tell you during an argument. After you both calm down, he realizes that he dosnt even remember what it was about in the first place, and he feels horrible about it. He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you so that you can’t go anywhere. “I’m sorry babe… I-I just love you a lot okay?”


  • It would hit Lysander at a really random moment. He’d be doing one of his everyday things, and would start thinking about you. He’d just kinda be like “Oh…” He’d definitely be happy, but he wouldn’t quit know how to react either because I feel like he hasn’t had a first love yet. He liked Rosa a lot but she was just a really big crush.
  • He would spend a lot of time thinking about it after that. He’d definitely write about it in his notebook, and try to get his feelings out into a song but that still wouldn’t even do it justice. He wants to tell you but he just has no idea how to get all of his emotions out.
  • He keeps it to himself, only because he doesn’t want to scare you away and he still isn’t even sure how he should tell you. He’ll become more affectionate towards you in the smallest but sweetest ways. A kiss on your hand or forehead, holding you closer than usual… Small gestures like that.
  • When he tells you, it will definitely be in private. He would just be staring at you and would pretty much just come out and say it. “I love you…” It would be kind of quiet and unexpected so you would be caught off guard for a second, but he would maintain eye contact with you until you responded. He doesn’t care if you don’t return the feeling, he just wants you to know how he feels. When you do though, he’ll just smile. Like an actual grin kind of smile. And then he’ll kiss you.


  • See, Armin is pretty bad with his emotions. Not a bad as Cas, just in the sense that he doesn’t give it much thought until the last minute. So like he honestly wouldn’t even realize he is in love with you until he blurts it out one day.
  • You two were probably playing video games, or maybe even play fighting each other. He lets you win, which pisses you off to no end and he finds it hilarious. After seeing your face look so determined to beat him he just explodes in laughter and hugs you. “This is why I love you, dork.”
  • It takes him a few seconds to process what he just said. And when he does process it he’s honestly just as shocked as you are because WHERE DID THESE FEELINGS COME FROM AND WHY ARE THE JUST NOW RELEASING???
  • Him: “Umm…”
  • You: “…”

  • Him: “…”

  • You: “You love me??”

  • Him: “I… Yeah, I do Candy.”

  • *queue really intense cuddling session*


  • Kentin fell in love hard kinda earlier on in the relationship. He always knew he was in love with you but he just never put a lot of thought into it. And now he IS putting a lot of thought into it. And now he’s mentally screaming because HOW is he supposed to tell you.
  • He’s like, head over heels for you at this point. There’s no turning back after this, you’ve basically entered a black hole and now you cant get out, you’re trapped in his heart forever.

  • He’ll start to act pretty nervous around you after that. You catch him blushing and staring at you like all the time now, and he starts to get very flustered around you. Stutters over his words sometimes too, poor baby. He tries telling you multiple times but he always chickens out, and ends up lecturing himself later because “Why the hell is it so hard??”

  • When he does finally tell you, it’s when he’s at your house getting ready to go back home. He honestly just can not take it anymore and at this point he could care less if you return the feeling or not. He’s willing to wait for you if you aren’t at the same page as him. He kisses and hugs you, but before he lets go he speaks into your ear in a gentle voice. “You know I love you, right?” When you return the feelings he pretty much just refuses to let go, and will probably stay for another few hours or so.