umm idk what this is

“You are my Johnshine, my only Johnshine…”


“You make me happy, when skies are grey.”

“Stop it…”

“You’ll never know, John-”


“How much I love you.”


“Please don’t take my Johnshine away.”

“…Okay fine, that was cute.” John admits. “It would’ve been cuter if we weren’t in a morgue.”

“Quite right.” Sherlock clears his throat. “Back to work, then.”

Victon Sejun meeting Kookmin
  • Sejun: OMG, Jimin sunbaenim! I'm a big fan of yours! You are my role model! I lo-
  • Jeongguk: *start hissing while hugging Jimin*
  • Jimin: Jeongguk what are you-
  • Jeongguk: *glares* He. is. MINE
  • Sejun: umm.. *blinks weirdly*
  • Jeongguk: I SAID MINE
  • Jimin: Jeongguk, no!

Bran felt all cold inside. “S h e   l o s t   h e r   w o l f,” he said, weakly, remembering the day when four of his father’s guardsmen had returned from the south with Lady’s bones.

L a d y,” she whimpered softly, wondering if she would meet her wolf again when she was dead.


uhh idk what to say about this video lol i started it in june and just finished it last week so i was iffy on posting it but then if i didnt i just wasted my time so i hope you enjoy it because i didnt haha ha bye

inspire me
do me a favor: kiss me until the sun comes up so i have something to write poems about.

i’m tired of writing about places that don’t exist, homes we built and watched burn. i’m tired of pretending that there were no fires; i’m tired of pretending that it doesn’t hurt.

i’m tired of writing letters that no one reads, i’m tired of giving everything to people who don’t love me.

you see things differently when you don’t have home to go back to. a bed is just a bed, an old piano is just cracked black and white keys, a person is just another body with too much potential to ruin you.

so let me love you now, slowly. i am ready to write about something real, something i can prove; i want to write novels about the way you look at me -and baby i can write until your name is inscribed on walls in foreign cities, until the words you say to me are tattooed on stranger’s hearts - but more than anything i want to be able to say that every word i write about you is true.

just give me some time. give me time to figure out how to come back from years of fiction, years of pretend. give me time and i promise, i’ll learn to hold on to the important things and let go of the rest. i’ll learn to breathe without the memories suffocating me.

and then i’ll write, and write, and write; and we’ll never die. 

Hey guys! I know there’s been a lot of excitement lately following up on the announcement of a few new city stops on next year’s spn convention calendar.. Well, turns out one of those is my hometown of Orlando, Florida! Color me all kinds of shades of ecstatic!

As such, I’ve added OrlandoCon (or whatever the decided title ends up being) in joining NOLA and JAX (’18) on my countdown list of cons that I will be attending with 100% assuredness 👍 

So I know it’s early because they like just announced it, but if you’re going (to Orlando or NOLA or JAX!!), your interest has been piqued, you’re weighing whether you might, leaning towards going, etc., go ahead and slide me a message and say hi! 

Also if you have any questions about Orlando or the area around where the convention will be held (which is at the beginning of Disney property), I’d be happy to help out and answer what I can, because I actually work nearly right across the street!

Me: a 20-year-old adult, living at home to save money for school

My dad: goes through my mail, opens my bank account statement

Me: um???? why??? it’s illegal???? like no???

My dad: I don’t want to invade your privacy 

Me: but like, you did???? 

My dad: nope, just opened your statement and confronted you, but I didn’t invade your privacy, silly :-)

Me: ?????????????????????