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William Nylander - Prom

Player: William Nylander (Toronto Maple Leafs)
“But the thing is: I don’t have a date!” You said to your best friend as you two were talking about upcoming prom.

“Why don’t you ask someone?” Your bestie suggested.

“Like who?” You asked. You were more frustrated than you’ve ever been before.

“Umm.. Hello Y/N! Any guy would be thrilled to take you to prom!” Your bestie literally screamed. You didn’t think like that at all. In fact, you knew no boys, you had no friends that are boys and you had never had anything going on between you and a boy, so why would your best friend think someone would be thrilled to take you to prom?

You laughed sarcastically and shook your head. You were ready to bury your dream about going to prom wearing beautiful dress with some boy, like no, not going to happen.

“Come on! You have to be more confident, boys love a confident girl.” Your bestie tried again.

“I was not born to be confident. I was born to be shy and die alone with my 50 cats.” You claimed as you fell down to your bed. Suddenly there was a knock on your room’s door.

“Yeah?” You screamd to whoever knocked. The door opened and your older brothers head popped in. You stared him with raised eyebrow.

“I heard screaming, is someone dying?” Your brother Zach -yeah, Zach Hyman- asked. You casually shook your head, but of course your lovely bestie had to open her mouth.

“Actually yes. Your sister’s social life is dying as she can’t grow some balls and ask a guy to prom!” She screamed as she threw a pillow at you.

“Is there some certain guy?” Zach asked. You shook your head even more frustrated than before. Out of nowhere another head popped in: William Nylander -a friend and a team mate of your brother.

“What is the problem here?” he asked curiously. You shot a death glare at your bestie and Zach, since they both knew you kind of fancied William. Just kind of.

“My babysister doesn’t have a date to prom.” Zach said trying to cover his laugh. You showed him your middle finger because he was finding your misery funny.

“Really? I’ll take you” William said, which made you, your bestie and Zach laugh -hard.

“I’m being serious.” William said very seriously, making the three of you stop laughing as fast as you started it. Zach looked at William like he was some crazy-minded psycho.

“What? Come on. Every girl should have their princess evening, so if Y/N doesn’t have a date I’ll take her and make sure she has her evening as a princess.” William said seriously. Zach whispered something to William which made William nod and smile a little.

“So? Am I good enough date?” he asked smiling. You just nodded your eyes wide and mouth slightly open. You couldn’t believe your date to prom was this absolutely gorgeous swede.
You and William were walking hand in hand to your school’s gym where the prom was being held. You were a little nervous since you didn’t know William that much. And he was quite a bit older than you. You were 18 and he was soon to be 21, so you kinda felt young and childish.

You two stood in a line, waiting to get inside. William looked at you and then leaned closer to your ear.

“You look very beautiful tonight” he whispered to your ear, which sent shivers all over to your body. You could feel your cheeks heating as you turned to smile at him. He had playful smile on his lips. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” you said to him, gathering all of your confidence.

“Oh my god are you flirting with me Y/N?!” he asked looking shocked. Suddenly you felt like all the blood was drained from your body, you almost felt like panicking.

“Yes! I mean.. N-No! Why would you? Why would- Damn I shouldn’t have- GOD NO!” you said almost literally panicking, afraid he would find out you kind of liked him.

“Chill Y/N. I was just joking. No need to panic” William said laughing. You felt the heat on your cheeks again as he laughed. God this prom was a bad idea.

Finally it was you guys turn to show your tickets and go inside. As you got inside you saw your bestie who was motioning for you to go over to her. You told William you would be back soon and as you were about to go to your bestie William grabbed your hand.

“Just so you know. I know you like me -Zach told me. Don’t worry, I kinda like you too.” William said to you, kissed your cheek and left to go get a drink, leaving you there, very shocked and very much alone.
I’m sorry this is kinda crappy and I have no idea how old students are during prom since I’m not american, hope you liked it though.

Jicheol Fanfic Recommendations (2)

Umm… hello guys? Idk I just want to make another jicheol fanfic recommendation bcs…….. why not? ehe 

Here for you! Fluffy fluffy Jicheol~ Bcs we need fluff-Jicheol for life right? ;)

Hey soulmate, it’s me, your soulmate.
Soulmate au where whatever appears on your skin, appears on your soulmates’ too. (or, Jihoon is drunk and uses his skin as a piece of paper to talk to his soulmate.)

Cocoa With a Side of Love
Jihoon works in a cafe. Seungcheol walks into a cafe. It’s not necessarily as dull as it sounds.

Like a Lifetime Movie (Except Not Really)
Seungcheol is an awkward dork who works at an ice cream shop, Jihoon is an angel who has graced this planet, Soonyoung is a little shit, Jeonghan is a gift, and Seungkwan sings too many songs from Rent.

Jihoon shouldn’t have watched that horror movie. Now here he was unable to sleep. What makes it even worse is that there was thunder. He was scared to death. There was only one peron he could rely on: Seungcheol.

Capture the Moment
Five times Seungcheol tried to take a picture of him kissing Jihoon. 

Of Mango Popsicle and Forgotten Notes
jihoon lost one treasure, but he gains back two. 

150% of Fight Me 
Jihoon’s vision was blury and he may or may not have rasped out a, “Fight me.” Handsome nurse though had just let out a chuckle, shaking his head a little as he moved the pillows and blankets, murmuring “You would win, for sure.”

I’m not cute
Jihoon likes to be called lots of things, but in no way, shape or form has he said he would like to be called adorable or cute. Jihoon doesn’t think people like going out with cute people, but Seungcheol begs to differ.

Wandering Mind
Wherein Seungcheol’s mind wanders and Jihoon brings him back to reality.

Jihoon has fallen in love.


Thats for now. Check out another Jicheol fanfic recommendations by me here. And maybe my seventeen fanfic recommendation too! not only jicheol. Here 

Bangtan playing twister

Namjoom: Okay whose crotch am i staring at!?!!?!

Yoongi: Not one goddamn word

Jimin: Taehyung stop gropping my butt!

Taehyung: *still has hand on jm ass* but it’s right in my face, how could I not?

Hoseok: *at the very bottom* This isn’t faiiiir, Jin-hyung is too flexible *arms start to shake.

Yoongi: Yah, Jung Hoseok, you better not fall. If you go down I go down.

Jin: Umm, hello guys, if one of us falls all of us fall.

Jimin: Stop touching meeeee!!!!

Namjoon: Oh shit, guys I’m- *collapses onto Jimin*

Jimin: *squawks* * falls right onto Taehyung’s hand* JFC get away from me

Taehyung: *struggles to pull hand back* Gah! Whose leg is that?!

Jin: Sorry Tae *accudently knees Tae in the crotch* oh man, my bad *tries to hold in a giggle*

Yoongi: *9000% done with everyone* Whose bright idea was this anyways?

Everyone: *stares at Jungkook who’s just spinning the spinner idly*

Jungkook: Hey, don’t look at me! I wanted to play monopoly.

Hoseok: Well I thought it was fun

Yoongi: stfu hoseok

Hoseok: D:

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I'm gay and I use *sin* for any and all my ships and so do plenty of other gay people. It's a bloody joke, dingus. Ya don't speak for us

umm hello as a Gay Guy I’d just like to tell you that that was another way of seeing how problematic that kind of statement could be, and it would be possible to acknowledge it as such without being too overbearing about it

and, uh, I would like to present that as Myself, Speaking For Myself

The Gay, Androphilic Demiguy

Straight as the Contours of the Thicc Pecs I Draw a Lot