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Yoongi felt it. He felt the change in the air around them and the presence that was now sitting next to him. He felt it but he didn’t dare to look. He knew he would break, probably cry when he saw her crying or hate himself some more (if it was possible).

It took them more than ten minutes, staring at nothing, without talking, listening to their own hearts. He was about to change position when he heard it. It was so low he thought he imagined it.

This time he was sure he heard it so he turned around, slowly, he didn’t want to break the moment. He was about to answer when she spoke again “don’t talk yea, just please listen to me” there was a soft smile on her lips but it seemed so fake. Everything seemed fake.
“I-” Yoongi nodded licking his lips “okay”

“I’m not going to lie Yoongi, you hurt me” It was starting, the ache in his chest and the headache. It was happening. He hurt the girl he loved.
“I don’t hate you if that’s your worry but I can’t do this. Right now, I can’t be with you, I can’t trust you or let my feelings grow. I just can’t do that to myself Yoongi” there it was, the silence break to calm down and hold back the tears and the hateful words.
“I can’t do it, I can’t trust you. I understand it okay? I get it was a mistake but that’s a lie. A mistake is something that happens once Yoongi. You lied to me, you kept going back to her. I counted all the times the guys excused you, it’s more than ten times Yoongi”
This time Yoongi looked at her, he took in the image. Teary eyes, bags under her eyes, frown eyebrows. He hated himself so much. He didn’t mind being heartbroken because he deserved it but her? She shouldn’t cry or feel bad for someone like him.
$ldquo;I’m sorry” did she even hear that? He should get up and leave. He didn’t even deserve her presence.

“I know you are sorry Yoongi. And I’m sorry too. If I ever did something to push you away or want someone else, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I wasn’t enough”
“No, no, don’t say-” it wasn’t fair, he was the dickhead, he was the bad man of this story. If there was someone to blame, it was him.
“I can’t be with you but I can’t lose you. You’re important to me. You became part of my life and I hate to say this but I love you. I love you so much I can’t just push you away” Yoongi moved closer, slowly, not to break the moment. He wanted to wrap his arms around her, to hold her tight and promise her that he would kill whoever hurt her but he didn’t because he was afraid. He was the one who hurt her, the one who made her cry and the one who broke her heart. “I love you too” Those words weren’t supposed to be out, not now, but he couldn’t stop himself because he loved her. More than anything. Still, his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, the girl he was in love with, kept talking, just like that, ignoring his words.
“I love you but I can’t be with you Yoongi”
“I didn’t expect you to be with me, I just wanted to say sorry before disappearing”
“That’s why I want to start over” Again, his words were ignored. Was she really ignoring him? Or was he that broken that his voice didn’t even come out? “I want us to start over as friends. I know it won’t be easy and we won’t fall back into our friendship just like that but it’s worth the try. I can’t just trust you but I can’t lose you so please let’s start over. Just friends. Maybe, someday, if we still love each other we can try again”
“I like-”
“So nice to meet you, my name is y/n” There was an arm in front of his chest. He looked at it, it was the same hand she always used to play with his hair, to rub his back when he had his attacks. The same arm he kissed so many times. The same arm she always wrapped around his neck when she was about to kiss him. So many memories, so much love, it was blurry and it hurt like a bitch but he wasn’t one to give up an opportunity. It’s not what he wanted, he wanted to take that hand, place it on his neck and lean in to take her lips into his but that’s not what he did. He smiled, probably as fake as hers, to hide the pain and took her hand into his. “I’m Yoongi, pleasure meeting you”
“I really like your pink hair” were her next words. Yoongi chuckled. Pink hair was the color she chose because it was cute and it would match her nails color.
After some talking and a few smiles, they got up, ready to part ways. Yoongi was about to leave when he appeared.
“Umm hello guys” the awkwardness Jungkook carried around was unbelievable.
“Hey Kookie” Yoongi smiled, waving his hand to get him to come closer “This is Jungkook, my best friend”
“I see you know my best friend, Gukk. Because he is my best friend” she smiled and it burnt a little because it wasn’t for him, it was for Jungkook but he didn’t deserve a smile so he nodded. “The best best friend in this universe” she moved slowly and kissed his cheek “thank you so much Gukkie”
“What is going on?” He looked so confused, it was funny. Yoongi only smiled.
“I’m glad to see you already know my best friend, that will make my request less awkward, should we go get some food? I’m starving” she smiled, rubbing her stomach. Yoongi nodded. Jungkook was still confused but he smiled and accepted the request so they waited for her to get ready. When she came out, after closing the door, Yoongi realized that this wasn’t a bad idea. He was still in love and love hurts like a bitch but he still had his best friend around, they could fall in love again but until that happened, until all the magic and the kisses started again, he was going to enjoy this.

Wrong chat Yoongi final

Part 1. Part 2. Final.

Jimin Yoongi Taehyung Jeongguk Namjoon

A/N: Its finally here, after all the waiting and all the asks. I did say it would be a happy ending but as I said, a happy ending could be with jungkook, alone or with yoongi. I chose the alone ending because dating your ex’s best friend is petty, getting back with your cheater ex is a bad decision and as some comments said, I do believe in friendship between girls and boys i¡withut romantic feelings so hehe. Hope you enjoy it. 



To be honest, most of the people that hate on Yang Hyun Suk and call him garbage and neglectful, etc, are only doing it because they don’t care to think carefully. They just see something happen that makes them upset and just go off on it without realising that they don’t know the full story. They don’t know all the details, because what you see in the media and on the internet or by second hand from another fan, isn’t all pieced together and has a lot of holes in it, because sometimes it’s hard for the media to get all the details, so instead they just let personal assumptions and theories set them off into hate And because YHS is easier to attack they throw their hate at him. People are way too attached to their faves that if they aren’t having a comeback every month or year or doing something every 5 seconds, they immediately assume that their fave is being neglected, when in reality they are probably just resting or preparing something. It takes Epik High and BigBang a year or more to release an album because they really take their time in making things perfect in their eyes. They are not making “profitable music” they are making something personal and like Ive said in a previous post, that takes time and effort and can’t happen in months time from the last comeback. Not to mention that there are also solo opportunities to deal with and some even have promotions and advertising, etc, that also takes up a lot of time. Oh and also REST AND SELF CARE. This is a career, not a hobby for them and people tend to keep forgetting that.

Sometimes things get delayed or priorities get switched because of money. Having a comeback or debut, etc, costs a lot so of course things will take time until the proper financial stability is there. BlackPink’s debut was basically funded by BigBang and winner along with other things. Doing survival programs, variety shows and other forms of promotions and advertising and even CFs are important to help gain the money for what YG needs. And you know YG wants to go full force and all out on their artists, so they gotta make a lot to spend a lot so your faves can continue to rock their Gucci and Chanel, you know?

When it comes to TOP, how do you know for sure that YHS hasn’t been doing anything for him? How do you know that YG is neglecting him and his situation? Is there definite and physical proof? YHS and YG could be dealing things with TOP in a more private way so that the media and the public/fans aren’t hovering over him and that’s why there isn’t much coverage on it. However, instead of thinking about that, you assume that YG is neglecting him and his situation cause you can’t find any info on it. That’s stupid.

With Lee Hi I do sympathise with the fact that she hadnt had a comeback in a while. But not once has she said the words that you all are assuming that she is feeling or going through. She sings and cry and all of a sudden that is because “she’s sad because YG is not letting her do anything and is ignoring her completely”. Have you guys realised that since her comeback she has been doing concerts and featuring projects with other artists and appearing on shows, etc? YG is not sleeping on her, they are letting her do things to help promote herself. She is not being neglected. Now before you go and say “oh but Envil, what about that time on Party People when she cried and explained what her Song breathe was about and the things she said?” Umm hello! Did you guys even really understand what she meant? She was talking about the past and how she was dealing with personal struggles and the feeling of thinking she needed more practice but because of her worries it took longer then expected and because of her anxiety she couldn’t sing freely like she wanted too. NOT because YG was forbidding her to and NOT because YG was neglecting her. It was because she was struggling with personal issues and feelings. I’m just happy that YG understood enough to give her that time needed to prepare herself for her comeback and because they did she came back with a beautiful album and now she is back to her badassness and even featuring in a badass Epik High Song again. But because she said “I wasn’t able to do it freely” people take it out of context and assume is something it’s not and just go off on it. It’s ridiculous.

When it comes to BlackPink everyone is hating on YHS because they still haven’t made a comeback and are singing the same three songs right now. They think he is just ignoring them and not letting them release new songs. But have you guys thought that maybe he’s just letting them get known right now? They are promoting, doing advertising, concerts, variety shows, etc. They are busy trying to establish their fandom so that when they do release a comeback they have stable ground to walk on. This process takes time and patience which yall clearly don’t have. Just reacently YG revealed the trailer for BLACKPINK TV do there is evidence for you that YG is still paying attention to them and helping them get known better with their on TV show. Doing all this will help when they come back. It was the same with Winner and Ikon and every other group in the company and now it’s their turn. Have patience.

I know I have said this in a post already but when it comes to the 2NE1 issue, it’s unfair to put all the blame on YHS for their disbandment. There was proof that he really wanted them to come back and that they were actually preparing for it. But things happened. CL wanted to do her American branching and promotions and Minzy wanted her Album which just wasn’t happening because priorities got mixed up and that led to her leaving. But that is not JUST his fault guys. He was trying. Things happened. It’s life. And sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. This still could have happened to 2NE1 even if everything was the same except they were at JYP instead. It was unfortunate yes and even I was angry for a while. But I understand that sometimes individual dreams get in the way of things and life just happens and not everyone is going to like the result.

You have YG artists that joke around about Yang Hyun Suk and how hard headed he is and such but that’s all they are, jokes. Because right after joking they always say how good of a boss and mentor he is and how he helps them, etc. There has not been one Artist or former Artist of YGE that has said ANY of the things that knetz or the fans say about him at all. Tbh I think this all “let’s hate on YHS” thing started as a joke taken way too far. It’s stupid. No one is even trying to analyse things and give the benefit of the doubt that things in the media is not always what it seems at first glance. It’s like reading the title of an article and basing an opinion without actually reading the article you know? It’s stupid.

The fans are also hating on him because he gives strong and sometimes very straightforward and harsh constructive criticism. He’s like Simon From American Idol. People get so upset when he gives not so positive feedback on their faves and immediately bash him for it and don’t even stop to think that maybe what he is saying is actually true and needs to be said so that the artists or group can fix it and improve themselves. He’s not saying it to just hurt their feelings or bash on them, he’s telling them good advice and giving them good criticism that can help them in their future. He’s not going to surface coat things and baby them. He did not take years creating BigBang and moulding them in the right direction which leads them to becoming the Nations Top Kpop Group by babying them and telling them nice things all the time. No, he told TOP that he needed to practice more on his dancing so that he could keep up, he had GD write songs everyday do it could help him make hits, he was hard on Seungri and Hyunseung because he wanted them to achieve great things in the future, he dropped one because they weren’t ready as the others had been and he kept Seungri cause he saw the best potential and he’s hard on him at times because YG knows that he’s good and talented and wants him to keep it up and not give up. When YHS gives his opinions and advice he is doing it to be honest and to point out things that need to improve, there is nothing ill treated about it. But because it’s your fave, you get upset and want to attack, which is understandable, but you gotta stop to think before you do.

And tbh, if I’m feeling this right, I feel like YG is allowing the fans to hate him, because at least he gets the hate and not the staff members and others. I feel like he’s content with receiving the hate on his SNS and such just as long as no one else is. Which is unfair. I wish he would come out more and try to show more of his true self that YG Family gets to see that we don’t. They all describe a person we rarely get to view and I hope he starts to show that. On the other hand I could be wrong and he actually doesn’t like the hate and wants it to stop but just doesn’t know how to go about it without the public just bashing on him some more. I cant imagine the struggle tbh.

You all can fight me on this. But I’ll just stand my ground on it. Momma didn’t raise no bitch and I’m not about to let haters who just go off based on feelings and personal frustration derail me. I will continue to look at the bigger picture and not just assume shit and go off because I’m upset that things keep getting delayed or dropped or whatever. Things happen and we all need to calm down before we attack.

Welp sorry for the long rant. I’ll go back in my hole now.

William Nylander - Prom

Player: William Nylander (Toronto Maple Leafs)
“But the thing is: I don’t have a date!” You said to your best friend as you two were talking about upcoming prom.

“Why don’t you ask someone?” Your bestie suggested.

“Like who?” You asked. You were more frustrated than you’ve ever been before.

“Umm.. Hello Y/N! Any guy would be thrilled to take you to prom!” Your bestie literally screamed. You didn’t think like that at all. In fact, you knew no boys, you had no friends that are boys and you had never had anything going on between you and a boy, so why would your best friend think someone would be thrilled to take you to prom?

You laughed sarcastically and shook your head. You were ready to bury your dream about going to prom wearing beautiful dress with some boy, like no, not going to happen.

“Come on! You have to be more confident, boys love a confident girl.” Your bestie tried again.

“I was not born to be confident. I was born to be shy and die alone with my 50 cats.” You claimed as you fell down to your bed. Suddenly there was a knock on your room’s door.

“Yeah?” You screamd to whoever knocked. The door opened and your older brothers head popped in. You stared him with raised eyebrow.

“I heard screaming, is someone dying?” Your brother Zach -yeah, Zach Hyman- asked. You casually shook your head, but of course your lovely bestie had to open her mouth.

“Actually yes. Your sister’s social life is dying as she can’t grow some balls and ask a guy to prom!” She screamed as she threw a pillow at you.

“Is there some certain guy?” Zach asked. You shook your head even more frustrated than before. Out of nowhere another head popped in: William Nylander -a friend and a team mate of your brother.

“What is the problem here?” he asked curiously. You shot a death glare at your bestie and Zach, since they both knew you kind of fancied William. Just kind of.

“My babysister doesn’t have a date to prom.” Zach said trying to cover his laugh. You showed him your middle finger because he was finding your misery funny.

“Really? I’ll take you” William said, which made you, your bestie and Zach laugh -hard.

“I’m being serious.” William said very seriously, making the three of you stop laughing as fast as you started it. Zach looked at William like he was some crazy-minded psycho.

“What? Come on. Every girl should have their princess evening, so if Y/N doesn’t have a date I’ll take her and make sure she has her evening as a princess.” William said seriously. Zach whispered something to William which made William nod and smile a little.

“So? Am I good enough date?” he asked smiling. You just nodded your eyes wide and mouth slightly open. You couldn’t believe your date to prom was this absolutely gorgeous swede.
You and William were walking hand in hand to your school’s gym where the prom was being held. You were a little nervous since you didn’t know William that much. And he was quite a bit older than you. You were 18 and he was soon to be 21, so you kinda felt young and childish.

You two stood in a line, waiting to get inside. William looked at you and then leaned closer to your ear.

“You look very beautiful tonight” he whispered to your ear, which sent shivers all over to your body. You could feel your cheeks heating as you turned to smile at him. He had playful smile on his lips. “You don’t look too bad yourself.” you said to him, gathering all of your confidence.

“Oh my god are you flirting with me Y/N?!” he asked looking shocked. Suddenly you felt like all the blood was drained from your body, you almost felt like panicking.

“Yes! I mean.. N-No! Why would you? Why would- Damn I shouldn’t have- GOD NO!” you said almost literally panicking, afraid he would find out you kind of liked him.

“Chill Y/N. I was just joking. No need to panic” William said laughing. You felt the heat on your cheeks again as he laughed. God this prom was a bad idea.

Finally it was you guys turn to show your tickets and go inside. As you got inside you saw your bestie who was motioning for you to go over to her. You told William you would be back soon and as you were about to go to your bestie William grabbed your hand.

“Just so you know. I know you like me -Zach told me. Don’t worry, I kinda like you too.” William said to you, kissed your cheek and left to go get a drink, leaving you there, very shocked and very much alone.
I’m sorry this is kinda crappy and I have no idea how old students are during prom since I’m not american, hope you liked it though.

Jicheol Fanfic Recommendations (2)

Umm… hello guys? Idk I just want to make another jicheol fanfic recommendation bcs…….. why not? ehe 

Here for you! Fluffy fluffy Jicheol~ Bcs we need fluff-Jicheol for life right? ;)

Hey soulmate, it’s me, your soulmate.
Soulmate au where whatever appears on your skin, appears on your soulmates’ too. (or, Jihoon is drunk and uses his skin as a piece of paper to talk to his soulmate.)

Cocoa With a Side of Love
Jihoon works in a cafe. Seungcheol walks into a cafe. It’s not necessarily as dull as it sounds.

Like a Lifetime Movie (Except Not Really)
Seungcheol is an awkward dork who works at an ice cream shop, Jihoon is an angel who has graced this planet, Soonyoung is a little shit, Jeonghan is a gift, and Seungkwan sings too many songs from Rent.

Jihoon shouldn’t have watched that horror movie. Now here he was unable to sleep. What makes it even worse is that there was thunder. He was scared to death. There was only one peron he could rely on: Seungcheol.

Capture the Moment
Five times Seungcheol tried to take a picture of him kissing Jihoon. 

Of Mango Popsicle and Forgotten Notes
jihoon lost one treasure, but he gains back two. 

150% of Fight Me 
Jihoon’s vision was blury and he may or may not have rasped out a, “Fight me.” Handsome nurse though had just let out a chuckle, shaking his head a little as he moved the pillows and blankets, murmuring “You would win, for sure.”

I’m not cute
Jihoon likes to be called lots of things, but in no way, shape or form has he said he would like to be called adorable or cute. Jihoon doesn’t think people like going out with cute people, but Seungcheol begs to differ.

Wandering Mind
Wherein Seungcheol’s mind wanders and Jihoon brings him back to reality.

Jihoon has fallen in love.


Thats for now. Check out another Jicheol fanfic recommendations by me here. And maybe my seventeen fanfic recommendation too! not only jicheol. Here 

Bangtan playing twister

Namjoom: Okay whose crotch am i staring at!?!!?!

Yoongi: Not one goddamn word

Jimin: Taehyung stop gropping my butt!

Taehyung: *still has hand on jm ass* but it’s right in my face, how could I not?

Hoseok: *at the very bottom* This isn’t faiiiir, Jin-hyung is too flexible *arms start to shake.

Yoongi: Yah, Jung Hoseok, you better not fall. If you go down I go down.

Jin: Umm, hello guys, if one of us falls all of us fall.

Jimin: Stop touching meeeee!!!!

Namjoon: Oh shit, guys I’m- *collapses onto Jimin*

Jimin: *squawks* * falls right onto Taehyung’s hand* JFC get away from me

Taehyung: *struggles to pull hand back* Gah! Whose leg is that?!

Jin: Sorry Tae *accudently knees Tae in the crotch* oh man, my bad *tries to hold in a giggle*

Yoongi: *9000% done with everyone* Whose bright idea was this anyways?

Everyone: *stares at Jungkook who’s just spinning the spinner idly*

Jungkook: Hey, don’t look at me! I wanted to play monopoly.

Hoseok: Well I thought it was fun

Yoongi: stfu hoseok

Hoseok: D:

anonymous asked:

I'm gay and I use *sin* for any and all my ships and so do plenty of other gay people. It's a bloody joke, dingus. Ya don't speak for us

umm hello as a Gay Guy I’d just like to tell you that that was another way of seeing how problematic that kind of statement could be, and it would be possible to acknowledge it as such without being too overbearing about it

and, uh, I would like to present that as Myself, Speaking For Myself

The Gay, Androphilic Demiguy

Straight as the Contours of the Thicc Pecs I Draw a Lot