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Jicheol Fanfic Recommendations (2)

Umm… hello guys? Idk I just want to make another jicheol fanfic recommendation bcs…….. why not? ehe 

Here for you! Fluffy fluffy Jicheol~ Bcs we need fluff-Jicheol for life right? ;)

Hey soulmate, it’s me, your soulmate.
Soulmate au where whatever appears on your skin, appears on your soulmates’ too. (or, Jihoon is drunk and uses his skin as a piece of paper to talk to his soulmate.)

Cocoa With a Side of Love
Jihoon works in a cafe. Seungcheol walks into a cafe. It’s not necessarily as dull as it sounds.

Like a Lifetime Movie (Except Not Really)
Seungcheol is an awkward dork who works at an ice cream shop, Jihoon is an angel who has graced this planet, Soonyoung is a little shit, Jeonghan is a gift, and Seungkwan sings too many songs from Rent.

Jihoon shouldn’t have watched that horror movie. Now here he was unable to sleep. What makes it even worse is that there was thunder. He was scared to death. There was only one peron he could rely on: Seungcheol.

Capture the Moment
Five times Seungcheol tried to take a picture of him kissing Jihoon. 

Of Mango Popsicle and Forgotten Notes
jihoon lost one treasure, but he gains back two. 

150% of Fight Me 
Jihoon’s vision was blury and he may or may not have rasped out a, “Fight me.” Handsome nurse though had just let out a chuckle, shaking his head a little as he moved the pillows and blankets, murmuring “You would win, for sure.”

I’m not cute
Jihoon likes to be called lots of things, but in no way, shape or form has he said he would like to be called adorable or cute. Jihoon doesn’t think people like going out with cute people, but Seungcheol begs to differ.

Wandering Mind
Wherein Seungcheol’s mind wanders and Jihoon brings him back to reality.

Jihoon has fallen in love.


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